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Hina ran through the streets at top speed. She’d gotten wind that there was an old man who was being kind of a creep. Something about staring at kids and looking like he was sickly. She didn’t think anything of it until they described a long beard and hair. She had gotten acquainted with an extremely long beard just yesterday. She had a feeling it was the same person she had met just the other day. If it was the same old geezer, then she wanted to be the one to handle the situation. She spotted the old man in a small crowd of people and descended upon them.

“Okay, nothing to see here. Shinobi on duty I’ll handle things here.” Hina wanted to get him out of there before this became a big deal.

“He’s a crook!” someone in the crowd cried. He was practicing jutsu on the children!”

“What manner of jutsu did he perform,” Hina asked curiously, “out with it.” She was met with silence. “Does anyone here have proof that he was performing a jutsu? You, child, did you see this man perform magic?” The kid shook his head. “Right, so unless anyone has proof, I’ll be taking him to a place where he won’t bother you with his presence.”

“This is bologna! You’re protecting him because you’re a shinobi!”

“And I have to deal with this kind of fake allegation bullshit on a regular basis,” Hina snapped back. She had to refrain from arguing further. Just keep calm and get out of here. She would assist the old man to his feet and walk him down the streets.

“Come on old man, you can’t be doing this. What’s going on with you? What can I do to help? What's your name by the way?”

She listened to the man's tale of how he was just enjoying his day when all of a sudden he'd gotten yelled at for being a creep. Hina sighed and set him off on his way. She really was too nice at times but what did she ever get out of it? Now she was clear across town in an area she wasn't that familiar with. She might as well make the best of it and meet someone or another...

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He knew the Hidden Leaf's streets best, better than stuffy offices, better than meeting rooms filled with stingy nobles trying to get the best shinobi to work for the cheapest prices. The streets were raw, unfiltered compared to the façade of cordiality that politics wore like a mask, and he partook in the former whenever possible. They were, after all, the meat of what it was he wanted to protect.

More often than not, it was uninteresting. Strolls throughout the village that lead into small-talk he cared little for but engaged in all the same, if only to keep up with familiar faces, those interactions dominated the typical soirée on the village. But, on rare occasions, he was graced with a treat. Truly, they were seldom, but he savoured the excitement of altercations at any level, triggering some primal desire to observe drama from a distance.

This time around, it was a unique scenario. An elderly villager had been accused of 'being a creep'. He hardly considered it an offense, but as his trained ears picked up on more of the conversation, it revealed new facets of the equation. The accusations went beyond that of merely being unpleasant, and instead laid claim to the idea that he had been practicing techniques on children. He had half a mind to step in and see what the commotion was about, but his opportunity to do so was seized by another; a young girl, or so she seemed to be. She helped the elderly man to his feet and walked him away from his accusers, bombarding him with a line of questioning that he answered in stride. Takao lingered, not too close that he would be spotted and not too far that he would strain himself to overhear. Eventually, she would send the man on his way, and Takao was interested enough to approach.

"Don't you think you let him off a little easy?" Takao said, the deep resonance in his voice carried effortlessly over other sounds. Donning the traditional garb of a Hidden Leaf Jōnin, his six-foot-three frame towered over the girl nearly a foot shorter than he, black eyes cold like lumps of coal fixated on her. His monotonous voice, matching the blasé expression built upon his features, would continue right after.

"Using jutsu on children-- That's a pretty serious accusation, isn't it?"



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When Hina had thought about meeting someone, she would have never thought it would have been the Hokage himself. She had dreamed of what her first meeting with the Hokage would be like. Sometimes it ended up with her returning from a valiant mission and getting honored by him. Other times her dreams ended with them going on a hot date and being the talk of the town. This was nothing like that though.

She heard his voice carry above the everyday sounds of the town and suddenly she got really nervous. She turned around and stood face to face with the man in charge, though he didn’t seem to be wearing the kage garb. Her face went white and for a moment she thought her heart was going to stop beating. This was like being a lowly private in a military and the commander in chief himself had come to question your actions. So many thoughts went through her mind. Was she in trouble? Was she going to jail? Was he ever going to stop staring at her?

Hina went light headed and she half feinted only to catch herself mid fall and stumble to the side. She stood straight except her eyes were keenly focused on her toes. “I didn’t… I didn’t… You see… I had met him the other day and he was saying how much he envied shinobi for being able to use chakra and he told me that he couldn’t use chakra but he still tried and he told me about how he had been told by his teachers that he would probably never learn how so that’s when I heard that he was in trouble I didn’t think it was possible for him to use chakra and none of them could prove that he was using any jutsu so that’s why I wanted to move him along and now the Hokage is scolding me and now I’m going to jail!” Her incredibly rushed and extremely drawn out explanation ended with her drawing out the word jail for several seconds and wiping tears from her eyes. After a rather long pause, Hina would peek up with great difficulty.

A tiny voice inside Hina’s head told her that she was over reacting but she didn’t listen to it. She was not actually sad, but the manipulative side in her told her that seeming as innocent as possible was her only way out of getting her headband taken away. Perhaps the kage would be able to see through her crocodile tears, but her story was true enough. It wouldn’t be very difficult to buy her story especially since the old man could be seen lying on the grass, staring creepily at butterflies. He definitely had some issues.

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On occasion, and rarely did he display it openly, Takao liked to act playfully with the shinobi of the village. His demeanor, cold, stoic, and resolute austere made it the perfect 'bait and switch' tactic. He had found that, more often than not, it was a great way to break the ice with new faces. Making himself difficult to read was an added benefit as well, at least for those he dubbed to be more acquaintances at first rather than trusted friends. This was one of such occasions.

He noted her nervousness without so much as a twitch in expression of his own, nearly stumbling over but catching herself at the last minute. She stood, straight in posture but her gaze wavered, settling on the ground, refusing to return the eye contact he threatened. Then, her lips parted, and she began to speak, and he let her do so, remaining wholly quiet for the duration of her explanation, but never once letting his gaze wander from her form. When she finished, he allowed a brief, fleeting few seconds of silence to overtake them, ensuring that there was nothing more left to follow before he spoke.

"Right." He began, tone stern, deep voice resonating in his chest. His hand rose from its leisurely spot in his pocket and hovered over her head.

"It sounds like you did the right thing then." He admitted, believing the tale she spun to be true. His hand dropped, lightly, onto the top of her head, patting it in an attempt at reassurance.

Had he the desire to, he could have used the Eye of Cinder to watch the slightest changes of temperature in her body, but with how nervous she seemed to be and given the nature of the situation, he thought it best to forgo the traditional methods of interrogation. It might have been just a bit inappropriate, and on top of that, the Eye of Cinder was far too intrusive to justify.

"Well done." He said as his hand lifted from her head and tucked itself back away in the pockets of his shinobi slacks.

"My name is Takao. You are?" Introducing himself first, as was the polite and 'proper' thing to do, Takao decided to use the opportunity to springboard into a conversation.


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Hina looked up into those piercing eyes. Something about them told her that no matter how hard she tried to fool them she’d never succeed. They struck such a serious tone with her that her tears stopped and she was lost within them. She wondered what kind of things her kage must have seen to have such an unnerving gaze. Did she really want to know?

She was broken out of her trance when he put his hand on her head. All of a sudden, the spell was broken and her tears stopped flowing. It was a kind gesture and it reminded Hina that no matter how powerful he was, he was still just as much a human as she was. She didn’t know how he did it but he’d suddenly made her feel happy after feeling like the end was coming. Then, just as abruptly as it had started, the patting was over. How she wished he would have kept going for a little longer…

She’d gotten so overwhelmed with emotions that she had to rethink on what he was saying. She’d just been told well done by her kage! A different sort of tear wanted to come out but she held back the urge. Now that she knew she wasn’t going to be punished it was time to show a little dignity!

“Thank you Hokage!” she said with a partial bow. She stood upright and looked back at him, choosing to focus on his other facial features rather than those eyes.

“My name is Hina. I’m a genin!” she pointed to the headband that she had around her neck and grinned.

“What brings you to this part of town? If you’re not too busy do you think we could spend some time together?” She immediately regretted her choice of words. Yes, she was always on the hunt for important men to be with but this time she didn’t mean it in ‘that’ way. She just wanted to get some insight into what his life was like. Heavens forbid the leader of her village to think of her like some bottom tier harlot. She was middle tier at least!

“I mean!” she corrected with a blush, “what’s it like being a kage? I’ve always wondered what kind of adventures you get to go on and stuff like that.” She motioned for them to walk together so that they wouldn’t be blocking the path.

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Hand retreated, Takao's gaze finally broke, and he cast a sweeping gaze around. Habitual, not necessarily practical, and ultimately it settled back onto Hina, still piercing and cold, accentuated by the perfectly neutral expression swept across his visage. His posture straightened and fell into a practiced, drilled militant stance, sans the hands dug deep into his pockets. She introduced herself, he listened, and when she finished, he bobbed his head back and forth, nodding sluggishly.

"You have good judgment for a genin," He mused aloud, uttering the compliment in his usual monotone. Next, she inquired about his purpose in being out, and his expression melted into comical 'disgust', not so much at her nor the question, but rather the realization of what it was that had brought him here, and what it was that he would eventually, albeit reluctantly, have to return to.

"I've been stuck in that office all day." He admitted.

"Makes me feel like a... bird trapped in a cage, you know? So, every chance I get, I leave and enjoy the village."

She asked if they might spend some time together and Takao, thinking nothing more of the inquiry he deemed innocent from the start, nodded.

"Sure. Slacking off of work is always a lot more enjoyable with company." He said, offering her a warm, albeit lopsided smile, contrasting heavily against the until-now clinically cold mien.

The line of questioning she thrust his way ended, perhaps only temporarily, by inquiring about what it was 'like' to be Hokage. He could go on and on about the pointless squabbles he solved, the frustration of listening to people that believed so unconditionally that they were correct despite not being so, how the mountainous paperwork was soul-crushing even with the utilization of clones which, in reality, only multiplied the unnerving sensation of tedious repetition that he despised. He mused, and opted to not answer as truthfully as he could have. They were not her troubles, thus he would not subject her to them.

"It's a big responsibility. Unfortunately, I don't get to go on many adventures anymore. My duty is to protect the village, which I can't necessarily do if I'm not near it, mm?" He said, his smile fading back into resting neutrality. "But I've had more than my share of them."

Clearing his throat, he gestured with his hand down the road, still quite full of people going about their lives.

"Walk with me?" He suggested, taking a few steps forward, waiting for her to follow suit or respond before continuing. Regardless, he would continue his end of the conversation.

"How has your time as a genin been treating you? Are you looking to rank up at all?"


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As Takao’s body took on a more militant stance, Hina thought for a split second that she had messed up. His expression and, more specifically, his eyes made a chill run down her spine. In the end though, it looked like that was just his natural look. Hina did her best to hold back a sigh of relief. Upon getting complimented she blushed even harder. It didn’t do her any good especially when she had to constantly force back ‘those’ kinds of thoughts.
Takao revealed a relatable side of himself with his next words. He’d been bored and felt cooped up in the office. Hina could sympathize with that feeling even if she’d only ever experienced a fraction of what her kage experienced on a day to day basis. He also talked about slacking off and Hina grinned. Even the kage took breaks now and then it seemed.
The description of kage job struck a heroic vibe with Hina. A shinobi that had such great power but who was forced to stay at home should he be needed. It made her want to fangirl even harder than she already wanted to. She allowed herself to let out a genuine, “whoah” as she thought about what kinds of adventures had led up to him taking the job. She was only broken out of her imagination when her kage motioned for them to start walking.
Hina walked beside her kage and tried to fight the urge to fall a step or two behind. It was the natural instinct of a human to follow the leader but it certainly would make it harder to maintain a conversation. She would occasionally veer a bit closer than she would with a friend and have to force her hands not to come up to grab his. She could stop her words from tipping off how she actually was but muscle memory and habits were hard to disguise.
“I’ve been a Genin for a couple of years and I do hope to become a chuunin soon. I’ve been meeting more shinobi and I’ve been spending time training. I’ve even gone on missions!” She would leave out that she had largely neglected doing all of the above until the last couple months. In truth she was more of a friendly neighborhood helper than a soldier of war. Then there was the whole side of her that walked the streets at night looking for sources of ‘extra income’. Yeah, the kage didn’t need to know any of that.
“I want to be better but I struggle with fighting. I really don’t like it… I wish I could solve every problem without violence so nobody has to get hurt. What do you think? Is there a place in this world for a shinobi that avoids fighting?” Hina’s words showed her naivety but they were genuine. She sought guidance and hoped her kage could offer her advice.

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Each step Takao took was heavy, and his boots hit the ground with a thud, creating a monotonous symphony of a march. He had no destination in mind but did not make such clear; even as he wandered aimlessly, the way he carried himself made it seem as though each step taken was done so with purpose. Noting both her penchant to wander closer as well as her hesitation to walk beside him, his progress would halt or slow if she started to fall a step or two behind, making his intention of her walking at his side clear.

"That's good," He responded.

"At a glance, I can tell that you have the judgment for it, and perhaps the temperament as well. You'll get there in no time." He nodded, voicing his observations thus far, though they were far from thorough or complete. Merely, as he had just said, 'at a glance'.

"Making friends is important as well. Boiled down, that's what being a shinobi is about. Protecting the people you love. You fight the hardest and endure the most when it's for others." Imparting an unprovoked nugget of wisdom, he mused that perhaps not everybody followed such a belief, but he surely did.

Hina inquired about alternatives to the classic 'combat' oriented shinobi, and his cold exterior cracked for a moment, allowing a warm smile to wash over his features.

"Of course there is." Takao said. He stopped walking and turned to face her.

"There isn't just a 'place' for them. The shinobi world can't function without them. Medical Shinobi, researchers, intelligence agents, investigators and detectives, academy teachers, maintenance workers, innovators, even shinobi specialized for recreational things or shinobi that fight natural disasters. They're the corner stones of the village. Shinobi that fight are abundant, surely, but not every waking hour of their lives are dedicated to the defense of the village, because the village isn't under constant attack." Takao explained.

"Shinobi that fall under a different category than combat are the ones keep the village running. My mother and sister, for instance, are both medical shinobi. My mother is the Director of Konoha General, and my sister is a Toxicologist and Pharmacist. Day to day, they do more to protect the village than I do, you know?" He admitted, singing their praises. Everybody played their role, it was merely at different points in time and during certain scenarios that they found themselves most useful.

"What are you interested in? If you don't mind me asking, that is." He asked.


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As Hina listened to the things Takao had to say, she was overcome with his wisdom. He had told her everything she wanted to hear. She could be a shinobi and not be some militaristic drone. It didn’t mean she could suddenly slack off and never focus on improving herself, but he mentioned many paths she could choose that wouldn’t end up in her committing bloodshed. It was so comforting to hear these words, from the kage no less. He even admitted that some non combat shinobi did more than he did to keep the village safe.

It was Hina’s turn to speak and she had to think about why they had stopped walking. Was it her who stopped? She couldn’t remember. “Like I said before, I want to help people… but that’s pretty general. I’m interested in genjutsu. I want to discover genjutsu to make people feel good. That way if they feel good and don’t want to fight, then you I avoid violence.” In her mind, the perfect mission would result in her catching an enemy by surprise and slipping past them or binding them up in restraints so that they couldn’t move anymore. Then there was the other plans she had for her genjutsu… like becoming the most powerful seductress the shinobi world had ever seen. She’d keep that one to herself for now.

“I don’t know how you did it, but you really motivated me to work hard!” she said with a confident smile. She visibly wanted to run off and go practice some genjutsu right now, but she was willing to stay with her kage as long as he wished. This short walk alone was enough for her to want to see him again and maybe work directly with him in the future. Wasn’t there an opening for an assistant? She would have to put in an application sometime so she could kickstart her career.

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Takao mulled over what Hina said interested her. Genjutsu, his weakest area and most despised facet of the shinobi world, yet an invaluable tool when wielded by the right mind. The Hidden Leaf had only just begun to tap into such things, urging his response.

"Konoha General recently started a new therapy project using genjutsu," Takao explained, his gaze unwaveringly set on Hina.

"Delving into the minds of the tortured and providing them with a desperate sense of relief. It's a very noble endeavour. More-over, they're still exploring practical applications for genjutsu in medicine. Placebo studies are a part of it, but it's mainly centered around mental disease, especially post-traumatic disorders for combat-centric military." Explaining in as much detail as he could, perhaps saying too much without saying enough even, Takao did his best to reassure her that her specialty and preference undoubtedly had a growing place in the village.

A faint, lopsided smile grew upon his features as she admitted her motivation and smiled. Whenever the daunting task of his responsibilities grew to the point of being unbearable, situations like these would arise where he was given reason for why it was worth it. His hand rose, he gave Hina another pat on the head.

"I'm happy to help. I'd look into helping out at the hospital if I were you. Even if it isn't something you want to get directly involved with later on, there's a lot you could still learn from the experience." Takao added. He could tell that she was eager to get started, and the faint smile warmed considerably, showing in the folds of his eyes.

"I'll let you get started then. If you need anything, I trust you'll know where to find me." Taking a pair of steps back after his hand retreated from her head, both extremities dug deep into his pockets.

"Until next time!" He said as plumes of orange flame mixed with wisps of blue and violet built at his feet, erupting around him only a second later, enveloping him in his entirety. As they faded, only a faint trail of smoke was visible, and Takao had disappeared, his body flicker having taken him back in the direction of the Administration Building.



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Hina's words visibly touched her hokage, probably a lot less than his had touched her though. He gave her the suggestion to head to the hospital and think about putting genjutsu to benevolent use by helping out mental trauma. It was an idea that Hina had never thought of before. Now that she thought about it, it was a pretty darn good idea. Leave it to the hokage to find a place in this village for everyone!

"Thank you Hokage!" she said with a bow, "I hope to see you again soon!" She would run off to the hospital to check it out and put checking out the open positions at the hokage's office as one of her top priorities.


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