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Mission name: Unload The Ship
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help the crew of a merchant ship unload the cargo.
Location: Village Dock
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Meet with the captain of the ship and aide the crew with the unloading of the cargo. Just be sure to avoid the mazes of ropes and such on deck.
Mission details: Anti-nausea pills would be helpful. Any damage to the ship is deducted from the award.


Today’s mission was an odd one. It was probably the oddest one she’d ever had to deal with. She was supposed to help some guy with anything he wanted taken care of. Officially they were supposed to be helping unload cargo but Hina had a feeling that she was in for a real doosie. “When I snap my fingers I want you to do whatever I say.” Hina wasn’t exactly an expert but hey if it was good enough to earn that dough she was willing to give it a try. She didn’t understand why the finger snap was necessary. It wasn’t like she would do something she wouldn’t regularly do just because of a finger snap. What the man wanted soon became clear once they arrived at the docks. He snapped his fingers and said, “You will address me as Master.” This guy had some kind of slave fetish. It could have also been a hypnotism fantasy. Hina shrugged and followed along as they passed by many men that were hard at work. They went to the captain’s quarters and took a seat. Hina could tell that her customer was getting excited and thinking about all the things he could get his shinobi to do for him.

A snap of the fingers and the man said, “fetch me some food from the kitchen.” “Yes Master.” Hina got up and got some sweets from the kitchen and came back to hand feed them to the “master.” This was pretty easy for the amount of money she was promised… but she could only assume that it would only get worse as the time passed. The next several minutes were filled with various tasks such as opening curtains and making the atmosphere more pleasing for the captain. He seemed to like tasks that required Hina to get on her knees so that he could get a good look at what the village had sent him. He snapped his fingers and said “Strip off your clothes and work in your undergarments.” Hina frowned at first then smiled and did so, happy to get out of her dress clothes for all this bending. She let her clothing slither down her thighs and slipped them off along with her shoes. She stood there in only her undergarments, showing off as she worked. She paid good money for these clothes and she’d be damned if she didn’t get to show them off!

Eventually the whole cabin was clean and he waved Hina off to go do what she was actually brought here to do. She exited, still in her undergarments and started helping the crew unload cates of all different sizes. She wasn’t very physically adept so she really wasn’t much help. Perhaps the captain had picked up on this and that was why he had assigned her different duties for a time. She didn’t really mind though. Work was work and money was money. If he’d paid her to sleep with him it’d all be the same for her. She didn’t have any jutsu to help out with the task so it was all pure manual labor. She tired after only a couple trips on and off the ship and during her “breaks” all the men on the ship oogled her mostly naked body. She gave them a couple poses to commit to memory then put her original clothes back on.

Hina worked a little more and realized that there must be some way to make a difference other than lifting peanuts every trip. She thought about maybe motivating the men to work harder. That would count wouldn’t it? She thought about what exactly she wanted to say then tried to get everyone’s attention.

“Whichever one of you unloads the fastest gets to go on a date with me!” she called out and the men all went back to work. Most of them were fueled by the date alone and they worked much harder than they would have if she hadn’t been there. Being a thot had its uses from time to time. She still helped from time to time, namely whenever she got the urget to get off her ass and do something. She carried much less weight than everyone else but she was still technically helping. After the work day passed, she felt as tired as if she had actually been laboring the whole time. Being pretty was tiring! She welcomed the most productive shiphand on a date and they spent a wonderful evening together.

750wc - mission completion
+150 ryo reward

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