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Hina was sitting on a fairly solid branch of a rather gigantic tree. She did not know what wood it was made of, but the bark was some of the hardest she had ever felt. She had to resist the temptation to see how tough it was else she might blow the whole day away. She sat and marveled at the leaves that were as green as could be. Though it was windy, Hina left her face uncovered to let the sweet air wash over her. She passed her hand over the green leaves, breathing in the intoxicating smell of nature. She thought of the season and how she might spend her day. She could only imagine how much work she had to do if she would be one day responsible for a whole squad of ninja.

As she thought about all this, she remembered precisely the few discussions she had had with her senseis. She felt that there was a power that slumbered in her, which could only be her bloodline. She had no idea what it was though. She had even heard of some bloodlined individuals becoming immortal. If everyone were like that, there would be no more wars, because no one would die. It was beautiful as an idea, although crazy and utopian. She could only assume that the only reason the powerful still waged war on each other was because they figured out that the lowly foot soldiers could further their goals. They likely would have just stopped if there was no way to accomplish their objective. Was there anything Hina could do to stop people from dying? She didn’t think it was even possible especially with how weak she was.

It was then that perched on her branch, the relatively new Genin heard a crackling below her. She thought she was hallucinating at first. She saw a silhouette she recognized. A slim silhouette, and red hair recognizable among a couple others. It was a shinobi out of uniform that she had worked with during her training who stood with a couple others that Hina didn’t recognizable. None of them were notable enough to spark a name in Hina’s mind though and she was content with that. She didn’t have many pleasant memories of her training. Hina donned on her gloves as insurance that nothing bad was going to happen then hopped down from the tree. Something about their expressions told Hina that they weren’t here to gossip.

“What are you doing here,” Hina asked defensively. She hadn’t committed a crime as far as she knew. If she had these people would probably be dressed for an arrest.

“We need your help,” the red head said, “you’re a shinobi from the academy aren’t you? There’s someone we want you to look at.” She sounded very determined and not at all shy to ask for help from a ninja. Hina remembered how valiantly this lady had fought during sparring and doubted she really feared anything.

Hina dropped her guard and let out a sigh. At least now she understood why they looked so serious. “Sure, I can do my best,” she said with a forced smile, “who is it and what’s wrong with them?” If this was a patient that needed actual medical attention then there was probably little Hina would be able to do. She wasn’t even capable of using medical ninjutsu but it was against her nature to flat out turn down helping someone.

“It’s my mom,” the read head said as she teared up. She leaned on the shoulder of a much larger man who Hina guessed was her family member, “she got hit by a wagon yesterday. There’s so much wrong with her and the doctors couldn’t do much. If you can do anything at all it would mean so much to us.”

Hina frowned. This didn’t sound like something she could fix but she didn’t have the heart to turn her away. “Okay, let’s see what I can do. I’ll give you fair warning that I use genjutsu not medical jutsu. Don’t get your hopes up too much.” The red head didn’t seem to care and she ran over to give Hina a big hug. She then grabbed the ninja by the wrist and guided her to a house.

The four of them went into a nearby home and made their way to the bedroom. Laying on the bed was a woman who stared blankly up at the ceiling and took shallow breaths. The red head pulled off the blanket to point out where the injuries seemed to be. Hina could see where the doctors had tried to correct the woman’s back that had been violently twisted. There were plenty of stitches where she had presumably been drug by the wagon. None of that really concerned Hina though. The woman didn’t even seem to notice they were in the room. She just kept staring up, barely blinking all the while.

“Okay,” Hina was going to think out loud so that she wouldn’t have to explain everything later, “this is way more than I can deal with. I don’t think the wounds will be much of an issue. The real problem I fear is the back injury. It looks like her back has been twisted and I know I can’t do anything about that. I’ve seen back injuries before and even after healing her that woman was barely able to walk. Then there’s the whole other issue of your mother not responding to any of this.”

Hina clapped next to the old lady’s ears and the lady didn’t move an inch. Same for her eyes judging by how her pupils aren’t changing at all. “Sorry there’s nothing else I could do,” Hina now thought that the old lady was more or less dead already.

Something inside Hina told her that there was a way to heal this woman with her chakra, if only she knew how. Sadly she just didn’t have the power. There were plenty of medical ninja though… why didn’t they just ask them? For now though, she had to be content with hugging the red haired girl goodbye who’s face looked even more deprived of hope than before. “Sorry,” Hina said with a frown.

“It’s okay, at least you did your best,” the red haired girl said. The other two she was with didn’t say anything at all though they looked just as sad now. They were probably on the fence about letting a ninja help to begin with. It was pretty strange to be against ninjas when your whole village was a big military headquarters. Hina hung around for a little and tried to think of something else she could do to improve the mom’s situation but came up blank.

“At least I didn’t make things worse,” Hina thought as she felt tears form in her own eyes. The inability to help was painful for not only her but her pride. She soon departed from the sad household. She wasn’t going to mope around all day. There was plenty to do and the day had only just begun. Maybe she could do something happy and cheery to lift this sour mood!


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