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Hina didn’t have much planned this morning aside from working on some training. There were many aspects of her performance that she didn’t think were quite adequate so she would be working on those while she had a bit of free time. She was exceptionally happy with the weather today as it was warming up and sunny. Rain was never on her list of things to hope for so the clear skies were a blessing. There were quite a few people in this area. Training dummies were set up for people to practice on and there were spars happening every which way.

Hina didn’t have much of a mind for sparring in this kind of environment, having been mostly a boxer for the past few years. When the rules were lifted she certainly struggled especially against people who took advantage of her lack of kicking ability. She couldn’t turn to her teacher for help, since he was the one who had gotten her into the boxing sport, so she was here practicing on her own. She raised her foot and kicked at a wooden dummy a couple of times and quickly realized that her clothing was not very suitable for making kicks. She needed a more flexible fabric or just looser clothes in general if she was going to be making these kinds of movements. She thought to how a kick was supposed to look. At face value it was simple: just hit the damn thing with your foot. In practice, she didn’t know how to stand and even lifting her feet too high felt like a taboo since she’d always wanted to keep her balance on both feet. Through lots of trial and error she was able to make a passable side and back kick against the wooden dummy although each time she made contact she wobbled and often fell.

“What’s a girl to do,” she asked the skies. She wondered how flyers were supposed to fight. She’d seen them use shortbows mainly but wasn’t there some accepted martial combat method in midair? It would be delightful to watch such a spectacle and even more incredible if she was able to do something like that herself. She doubted it would ever happen, but it was a nice little thing to daydream about to distract her from how much work she was putting in. She’d let the nice breeze dry away her sweat and prepare for round two.

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“I will be out of town for the next few days. I trust you will continue to progress in your ninja training while I’m gone. We shall look to advancing your training if I see you’ve improved enough on your own.” Yukino read aloud to herself as she put the note back on the table. “It would be just like him to just disappear with so little notice.” she said to herself as she made her way to the bathroom. Using a flexible mirror that was attached to the wall, she was able to maneuver it all around her head. With this, she able to easily fix her hair in however way she wanted. Lately however, she favored the single long braid look. More so than just looks, she enjoyed the convenience it enabled. She no longer had to deal with stray hairs flying into her mouth from her training.

Yukino put her usual garb on. A long, long sleeve shirt that extended past her waist. Athletic pants that enabled her to move freely, and the standard ninja sandals that chose to make black instead of blue. While she realized that all these thing were the kinds of gear that would be recommended for the field, it suited her needs as of right now. As she continued to move up the ranks, she would acquire such items over time. Since her missions weren’t deadly by any means, she had no worry to upgrade her gear at this point in time.

Leaving her house, she turned to see her clan symbol proudly sitting in the front. Looking at it, she could feel a mixture of determination and motivation that simply came with being a Sarutobi. She carried this in mind as she made her way down to one of the training grounds that were available to ninja. While she didn’t have a clear training schedule or regimen, she knew her own defaults. While her father tried to implement a more hybrid style of taijutsu, she found herself leaning on her legs more for attacks. Using her natural speed and flexibility, it was always easy for her to simply evade. This would of course set up an opportunity to use her powerful kicks. That was her overall strategy, but it went against the traditional Sarutobi way.

While balance had always been preached, most prefered to stand up close to the enemy and using a boxing style that simply overpowered the foe. While Yukino didn’t have the natural strength or physicality to stand in place and deal shot for shot, her goal was to implement these tactics into her moveset. “Maybe I can find someone who specialized in these sort of attacks…” Yukino thought to herself. She found herself at one of the training grounds, noticing it was quite busy. “It seemed everyone is off today.” Yukino thought to herself as she took note of all the ninja around her. No one really stood out to her at first until she noticed a familiar face. “Hina? Hina!” Yukino shouted to help her voice carry over the noises of the training ground.

Coming upon the girl once again, she smiled. “Fancy seeing you here, getting some training in?” Yukino would wait for the girl to reply before continuing. “Mind if I join you?” Yukino said, her competitive flare easily noticeable in her blue eyes.

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Hina had mostly cooled off by the time Yukino arrived. The dull ache in her legs hadn’t gone away so she had resorted to stretching. She placed her legs straight out in front of her and touched them gently with her fingertips, noting how less flexible she was than she should have been. She then spread out and reached from side to side and finally she ended by doing the butterfly stretch. She wrapped up by bringing her heel back to touch her thigh, but that’s when she heard her name being called.

“Oh hi there,” Hina said as she wracked her brain for the girl’s name. She associated her face to the time she had gotten chased by the dog and ultimately to saving a pink cat from a tree. The name was on the tip of her tongue, “Yu… yukino right? How’ve you been?” Hina got to her feet to face her guest and felt that her legs were pretty warmed up and ready to go again.

“Yes I’m trying a bit of training, just leg work mostly. Want to spar a bit? I want to try fighting without using my hands for once.” Hina got a good look at Yukino’s braided hair and wondered if that was the best way to go. Hina liked to keep her hair free for beauty purposes but that might have to change if she was going to fight more.

If Yukino agreed to the spar, Hina would come at her with a couple of side kicks that would be way off mark and would leave many openings. It would be painfully obvious that she didn’t know what she as doing or know how to balance out her weight in the slightest. At the very least her legs stopped hurting so much with every extension due to the stretching. She could go at it for quite a while without tiring mainly because she didn’t even know how to kick powerfully. Should Yukino prefer to fight against a wooden dummy instead, Hina would simply attack that instead.

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It would seem as though the young, blue eyed girl had caught her future sparring partner in the middle of stretching. It had occurred to her that she hadn’t done the same, though she figured she was warmed up enough from the walk to get here. While it was hardly noticeable, Yukino caught on the possibility that Hina had forgotten her name. Her eyes narrowed for the brief moment that looked as though she had been forgotten, though her partner was able to recollect quickly enough. “How could someone have forgotten about me that quick?” Yukino thought, though the circumstances as to how they met were strange to begin with.

She watched as the woman stood up before answering her question. Yukino listened as Hina explained that she was going to attempt to use her legs for this instead of her hands, something that the young Sarutobi found interesting. “I would love to spar with you.” Yukino said cheerfully. While she smiled, the embers that were her Will of Fire were starting to rise, without the blue eyed girl even noticing.

Hina met her the young Sarutobi’s question by agreeing through actions. This action took the form of kicks that took her by surprise initially. Her first dodge was exaggerated as she was expecting a follow up of some kind. What she didn’t expect was to see Hina looking as though she struggling to continue her actions. Not because she was tired, but because it looked like she didn’t know how to balance properly on one leg. Yukino had that same problem, when she was much younger than she was now, but it took her by surprise to see someone older than her struggling. “What is her story?” Yukino thought to herself as she continued to dodge her partner’s strikes.

Having focused on striking with her legs, Yukino couldn’t help but spot the deficiencies in her partner’s form. “Is she just trying to go easy on me?” the blue eyed girl thought before the fire within her ignited against her will. “If that’s the case then..” she said aloud for Hina to hear her. Dodging another leg strike, Yukino used her speed and dexterity to flip over her partner. Landing on her other side, she placed both of her hands on the ground, and effectively pushed her whole body feet first towards Hina. If Hina was indeed holding back for Yukino’s sake, she would have to get serious fast if she wanted to avoid a double kick aimed for her torso.

This action would leave Yukino easily exposed to a counter attack, though in her own competitive spirit failed to account for that. “Come at me seriously!” Yukino would shout as her attack was executed. While she didn’t necessarily mean to the death or anything like that, she took sparring seriously. Her father had essentially made her a machine to react as if everyone was trying to hurt her, always inflicting real damage to his daughter. Due to this, Yukino didn’t know how to lightly spar, it went against the programming that was drilled into her as a child. Of course, there was no real way for Hina to know or understand all the inner working of her mind. Hopefully the woman would understand later that this is simply how things were for Yukino.

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Hina was struggling to kick properly, this was no secret. All those years of just punching were enough to condition her not to use her legs at all. That was the purpose of this workout, wasn’t it? She was just happy to have a moving target to practice on. However a moving target meant that she had to move herself. Moving and kicking was not a simple as staying stationary. A moving target meant that she could miss. Missing while kicking powerfully was a good way to send her body twisting every which way since she hadn’t learned to properly stabilize herself. These were the kinds of things that she enjoyed about having a partner to learn with. Being all on her own meant that she would miss out on these key little details.

The long haired woman kept kicking and eventually it looked like her opponent was through playing games. She twisted in such a way that ended up with Hina being kicked in the torso and being sent back a couple feet. She ended up losing her balance and having to scramble to her feet, all while being told to take this fight seriously. The baby in Hina wanted to start crying and run off after being kicked like this. She had to suppress her instincts to give up and power through. She raised her fists and decided to put her kicking practice aside for now.

Hina came at her opponent with a flurry of well thrown punches. She jabbed twice, followed up with a cross and then a left hook. Her technique was impeccable, the only limitations being her strength and speed. She had the mind of a boxer in the body of someone who wasn’t quite built for physical combat. With any luck she would actually land a couple of blows as she switched up the combo into a couple of body jabs followed by a cross aimed at the chest. She was getting so worked up that she wasn’t sure if she could keep this up for much longer. She wasn’t yet at the point where she could do any sort of sustained combat so she hoped it wouldn’t last all that long. She wasn’t above throwing in the white towel to avoid getting pummeled senselessly.

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The moment her blow landed, Yukino noticed the immediate change in her opponents style. Yukino collected herself and readied herself for Hina’s answer to her call for a serious fight. While the young Sarutobi wasn’t one to be confrontational, it was within her to take sparring matches as if they were life or death. Her father embedded that within her, so it was the only way Yukino knew to respond. These thoughts were far from the blue eyed girls mind as her focus was entirely on Hina. Yukino noticed how Hina’s stance changed to be more of a boxer. It was recognizable to her as the Sarutobi were traditionally boxers, or at the very least preferred to use a similar in a fight. Her father even used the style, though he rarely employed it against his daughter, never seeing reason enough to take it that far.

Her mind clear, and training kicking in, she was able to see Hina’s strikes as she started her attack. Yukino lowered her stance slightly, hinting at the fact that she favored the use the of her legs over her hands. The lowering of her center of gravity allowed her own strikes to be swift without opening herself up to counter attacks as easily. Even with this however, Hina’s own strikes came too close together, and didn’t allow much room for Yukino to sneak in a counter. Perhaps if the young Sarutobi was more experienced, she would be able to create an opening for herself, or simply dodge without much cause for concern. This wasn’t the case as a punch grazed her cheek. Yukino wasn’t able to account for the combo that landed across her body however, falling right into Hina’s trap.

Despite how she may have looked, Hina was still formidable. Maybe that was her game, to appear weak and clumsy in order to more easily trap her opponents. Yukino had no proof of the this, so it would more than likely remain a mystery for quite a bit longer. Even though the attack landed, Yukino was able to recover quickly from it. Her body having been honed from recent events, she wasn’t as weak as she used to be. She leaped away from Hina, putting some distance between the two fighters. The fire within her burned ablaze, she was now ready to take this fight to the next level. An angry look could be easily distinguishable from anybody who seen the match. She breathed out of her mouth, relaxing her tensed muscles before looking at Hina once again.

While Yukino wanted nothing more than to show Hina what she was made of, her mother’s voice rang in her head. The fire within her seemed to quell itself as the blue eyed girl raised herself into an upright position. “Sorry about that! It seems as though I took it too far!” Yukino said as she raised a hand. While her competitive spirit wanted to cry with Yukino’s submission, her logical mind was too strong. Rather, it was more like she was scared of her mother’s wrath. She shook with the thought of what her mother would do if she found out her daughter was causing trouble for others once again. “We should do this again though!” Yukino started, a more serious expression taking over. “We’ll go all out next time.” she said simply, though anyone could feel the heat of her competitive spirit permeating from the words she spoke. She wouldn’t wait for Hina to reply, instead choosing to disengage herself from the situation before she found herself steaming once again.

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Although Hina had kicked it up a notch, she would have never expected to win the fight. After her punch landed it looked like her opponent was ready to bust out some really impressive moves. Just the look on the woman’s face was enough to make Hina fear some kind of repercussion for actually landing a punch or two. Hina had gone all out with her combos but there was only so much some boxing could do against a well rounded and trained opponent. Hina crossed her arms and braced for some sort of impact, but her opponent opted to end the fight right then and there. Hina looked confused and the expression matched what she was thinking. Why would someone who clearly had the advantage just give up? It didn’t even look like her opponent had been injured by the punches.

Hina wanted to stop her opponent from leaving though it wasn’t possible when people around her kept pulling her to congratulate her. It was probably her first win in this neck of the woods, even if it had been a pity win at that. Hina wondered if she should follow her opponent home so that she could talk to her. She felt like the woman had something to talk about if she was willing to give up so easily. Lots of searching didn’t help Hina track the woman down. One might think that someone in her line of work would be capable of tracking someone down, but that was hardly the case. Oh well, Hina was content with going out to eat some food to celebrate the victory, even if it would be alone.

When Hina went home she worked on the yard a little bit. She was doing some work with a fire pit. Once all the stones were removed she retrieved her spade and proceeded to dig out the old ashes of the pit to dig a new hole. The job was quite messy as ash brushed into the air caking the girl in soot. She paused to cough away the particles she inhaled and gave a long sigh of frustration and she blew up on her face to push her hair to the side that had fallen over her eyes. She was too tired to continue, so she would have to put the rest of this monotonous chore work on hold for now.

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