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Mission name: Help out a farmer
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help a gardener with labor.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission Description: Your job is simple. Help a gardener harvest an acre of flowers.
Mission Details: Tools will be provided and you only have one day to finish

“Ah, how good it feels to be free.” Hina announced this at the top of her lungs as she jumped from rooftop to rooftop. Her legs had been itching for some good running. She ran until she reached a plot of land by a lake and the next thing she knew she was looking at a garden full of flowers. It was wonderful how amazing they had turned out, given that she had been the one to plant them. She dropped down to the edge of the garden and let out a massive yawn that betrayed just how excited she was to get started. She took a couple of steps towards the garden, but the grass beneath her feet felt so inviting that she couldn’t help but lay down and soak in the feel of it. She laid there with a big ol smile on her face which turned to shock when the farmer towered over her.

“You’re not going to get anything done if you laze around all day,” he commented as he chewed a piece of straw in his mouth. “Where have you been anyways? I haven’t seen you out here for quite some time. Sometimes I saw someone pulling weeds but other than that the garden hasn’t received any attention!”

“Sorry,” Hina said as she sat up. The farmer walked off and Hina was left to get to work. He was kind of a jerk. Here Hina was without much gardening experience at all and now she was being left to do all this harvesting on her own. He could have at least given her a little bit of advice before leaving her to all this hard labor.

Since this was Hina’s first time doing anything like this, it was obvious that she was going to have some difficulties. She had enough sense to bring scissors since she didn’t want to be snapping flowers in half or pulling them by the roots. She practiced cutting some of her fully grown tulips and looked to see if she was doing a good job. At first she thought just cutting them horizontally was okay, but when she thought to all the flowers she’d seen before they were always cut at an angle. Surely there was a reason for why this was. She thought about it and let the wind cool off her sweat. Flowers were put into water as soon as they were brought home, so having them cut at an angle must have had something to do with sucking up more water. She couldn’t really test this theory, but now she really wished she had a bucket of water to put the flowers in. She had to make a trip to the lake with one of her buckets and partially fill it.

Back at the garden, Hina cut each flower one by one and put them into the bucket. It didn’t take long for her to perfect cutting at an angle and this let her mind focus on other things. For one, her tilling hadn’t been all that great and certain areas of the garden yielded absolutely nothing. When she stepped on those areas she felt like she was walking through very mushy mud. It was enough to make her be thankful that she didn’t bring her best shoes. She hadn’t paid any mind to irrigation when she had started this garden and now she knew that how the water flowed through the garden actually mattered. It’d be a big hassle to learn how to do irrigation now though, so she would have to put that off for another day. Her goal was to harvest the whole garden by sunsdown so she had to keep her mind on harvesting.

It took several hours to make her way through the garden and several more hours to make sure she had gotten every flower. It was very labor intensive to a point where she thought that she’d be more efficient if she crawled around to do all this work rather than bending over or squatting down so often. In the end, she had many buckets full of flowers and a lack of a way to easily transport them back to the farmer. She made several trips back and forth to the dusty home with the flowers, carrying two buckets for each trip. When she finally finished she was absolutely wiped out. It was a successful mission, though she wished she didn’t have to work so hard for this little pay.

WC: 750

+150 ryo for mission completion

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