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The birds that sat in the trees sang a beautiful song that rang through the Mountain Pass. Their melody always paired well with the rising sun, and the orange, indigo, and blue hues that were outstretched across the sky. Today was a little different from one of his normal excursions. This morning felt far calmer than any other he'd experienced before. The normal press from the mountain winds were calmer. The tone of the birds melody was calming even the predators, causing them to sleep longer instead of roaming the valleys and mountain range. Yammy couldn't put his finger on it, yet he knew today would be a good one.

He wore his normal attire. Yellow buffs, black jacket, pants, and boots, and his scarf which was knitted by Rena his Grandmother.  The only thing different was the large book bag Yammy was carrying. It was full of different vegetables, seeds, various farm animal meats, and fruits. He normally didn't carry this much with him, however he wasn't sure when he would get a chance to do this again. He was on a strict training regime, which he and his grandfather both decided it would be best for him. This was the first week, so the schedule was a tad more relaxed.

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As the sun climbed over the highest mountain peak, Yammy had reached his normal resting point. The melody of the bird eventually woke the mountains predators. From his view point Yammy could see the first of them begin to move. He unstrapped his bag and carefully placed it on the ground. The fox on the next ridge saw Yammy, who was a familiar sight. While Yammy was removing the contents of his bag waiting for his usual 'customers' the skulk of foxes were making their way to Yammy. Once all the contents of his bag were removed the Fox family was staring him in the face.

"There you all are. I was expecting to see you all." He said to the skulk. The pups came flooding him, caring more about playing with Yammy. Than the food he had brought. Yammy began laughing as the three pups tried tackling, he had been sitting before the family of foxes arrived. The vixen and tod both sat patiently. "Hold on you all." Yammy said with a smile. Few minutes passed and more mountain creatures began appearing. Only small mammals and birds approached. Most of the larger animals approached Yammy one by one later in the morning; only if they couldn't find prey.

Prey and predator alike group around Yammy. He was like the watering hole in the Sahara. A neutral zone, every animal new they would be fed as long as the remained patient. At least for the morning. When all the familiar beasts arrived Yammy began feeding them. He spread the seeds for the birds, while leaving the  fruits and vegetables in one pile. This allowed the omnivores and herbivores to pick through what they wanted. The meat however was a different story; some of the animals have fought over it so Yammy had to implore different methods. He waited for the carnivores to gather in whatever group they arrived in, separate from the others. Once they had done that Yammy  began tossing the meat to each group or pack of carnivores.

Feed them all took until noon, when he had arrived at around 5:30 am. Of course his time wasn't spent only feeding the animals. He actually would groom some of them, checking for injuries or to see if any were sick. Eventually they all cleared out. Leaving only a few slabs of meat in their wake. Yams let out a sigh of relief. He was tired, smelled of the wild, yet he felt fulfilled. He began packing the rest of meat back into his bag. A single rock rolled ricocheting off another rock. Yams lifted his head and raised a eyebrow. The noise came from behind him. When he turned to see what had made the sound he saw a unfamiliar sight. A large tiger that looked as if it had been throw many battles, and had traveled a long distance from its old territory.

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"He must've smelled the meat." Yams said to himself. The tiger was blind in one eye. It seemed like a old injury had led to that. Yams made sure to move slowly; any sudden movements could cause the tiger to attack him. "It;s alright big fella." Yammy said cautiously reach for  slab of meat. The tiger began glowing at a low tone when he did. "Oh boy.." Yammy thought. He firmly grabbed the largest slab of meat. Slowly bringing it in front of him, he showed the Tiger. He took a slow step towards him. "Here you go..." He held out the meat, while moving slowly towards the growling tiger. Yammy only had taken five steps before the tiger lunged. He threw slab he'd be holding in his hand. The tiger caught it, while gliding through the air. The tigers claw managed to scrap Yammys hand, as it loomed over him. Hand bleeding, Yams stumbled backwards, falling to the ground. Yammy closed hi eyes as he fell. Not noticing the seal that appeared as his hand touched the earth.

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Splash! "What the...?" Yammy was sitting in a small pond. The pond sat in the middle of  clearing in a thicket of trees. "Where..." He said aloud while placing both hands on the ground to help himself stand. Yammy looked around partially frantic, partially confused. This area didn't look like any in the territory of Kumogakure. He stepped out of the pond unto the grassy plain. He could feel the softness of it through his boots. "Konohagakure, Maybe?" That made sense in his mind. They were the only territories with this sort of foliage. There was a auspicious clearing through the thicket. Hesitantly Yammy walked down the path. He slowly traversed down the path that looked to be man made. Little did he know, the young shinobi was being watched by a hidden presence.

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This was very strange. Yammy surmounted that this occurrence had something to do with his father. The images of that day flooded his mind once more. Everything appeared to replay in slow motion. Every detail of what he saw magnified. The door wasn't forced into, but opened as if Lagos had been let in. A struggle at the door? Maybe, the shoes at the door were sprawled in a unusual manner. Blood stained the floor. His Grandmother must've opened the door, gotten injured, and proceeded to to living room. The drops of blood on the floor appeared as smudged footprints. Why allow her to make it that far, if Lagos had intentions of killing them. Something didn't make sense. Even if Rena had opened the door and let Lagos in, the positioning did not add up.

Yammy walked into the living room, through the images of that day. His body halted mid stride. His dazed looked switch to one of shock. His head went back and his eyes widened. "The door...the screen door was open!" Yammy blinked and the world around him changed. The sound of a wind chime, triggering the transition. What was once the sky now replaced by a back porch. The light blue hue of the sky, now grey and full of clouds. Yammy a little less surprised looked around lowly. What he saw would energize his amazement. "I'm home?"

It hadn't dawned on the boy what this was, but a mere mirage of his home. This was the image of his home from the garden door. He saw himself walk into the home and attack his Father. What he hadn't noticed before was the hooded figure standing to his right, just outside of the screen door. He couldn't see the mans face, however he could make out his clothing. The man bore no headband. His affiliation a mystery. The mans gaze appeared to be focused on Aoi, Yammys Grandfather, who was holding something in his hand he'd never seen before. That wasn't a accurate assumption. He'd seen something similar, however not in the household. It was a small scroll with gold trim. From what Yammy could see it had some sort of embroidery lining its sheet.

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Yammy reached out towards the hand of Aoi that held the scroll. A single drop of water landed on his hand. It was far cooler than his body. Yammy looked up just as the grey clouds began releasing their contents. The rain drops began falling, creating a almost natural melody. It could be heard tapping against the buckets in the yard. It sounded like the rain trickled into the small pond to the corner of the yard. The fresh aroma of the rain mixed with the earthy smell of gardens plants. Yammy 's gaze came back to rest where it should, only to see everyone gone. "Why am I seeing these images?" He wondered. Feeling as if his body was speaking to him, Yammy stepped into his home. Once he did it was as if he'd stepped into another world.

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The sun was once again shining. He could smell the sweet aroma of Magnolia's and Tulips carried by the wind. He could hear birds singing beautifully from the trees.  He knew something was amiss, however he did not care. He closed his eyes and smiled. The fear he had once felt in his heart faded away. "We are alive. I am Thankful for that." It felt like he was just stuck in a nightmare and had stepped into a dream. The wind felt warm, yet cooled his body. The sun warmed his faced. The grass felt fluffy, as soft as a freshly purchased pillow. The young shinobi opened his eyes. for as far as he could see was a field of tall grass. In the middle sat a small mound. A top that mound sat a small shrine. A low growling voice called out to him from the shrine. "Come here boy." Yammy tilted his head in confusion. This wasn't the most surprising thing he'd experienced today. "What would happened if I declined?" The growl of the voice became deeper. "That was not a request." Yammy laughed at the voice. "Something's telling me you're the reason I'm here in the first place. You called me here in a way, right?" Yammy shrugged as he spoke. "Ha! That's the reaction I was hoping for! I knew it was wise to call you here. However, I sense a great fear in you. I now know why. Something as foolish as that should be, but a mere stepping stone in your progression as a man. This is not a kind world, even if there are some who seem to not experience such hardships." Yammy rubbed his chin, giving a sort of smug look. "Now that you mention it. You're right."

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Yammy walked closer to the small shrine. Once he did a light as bright as the sun blinded him. Thanks to his buffs his eyes weren't damaged, however the light didn't make them feel good. "Blind me why don't yah." He said jokingly, while rubbing his eyes. Once his vision returned what he saw made him burst into laughter. There was a small Tiger standing a top the ledge of the small shrine. "What's so funny pipsqueak?!" The small Tiger roared. "Oh nothing Mr.Pomsky Tiger." Yammy said laughing, "I am Gato. However you can call me Big Boss Gato! Don't let my appearance fool you boy. I could take off your head in a instant!" Yammy had'nt stopped laughing, until he felt like he'd done a full ab workout. Of course Gato was slightly annoyed by Yams reaction. "I'm Yammy. All my friends call me Yams or Buddha." Gato jumped at the face of Yammy clawing at his face. "Ah!" He hollered as Gato lightly scratched at him. Gato detached from the face of Yammy and returned to the shrine.

Yammy started to pout, as he used his scarf to wipe his face. "I am not of your world boy. I am what's known as a Summon. A mighty being from another space and time. I called you here because of the potential I see in you. I can grant you a power not many have. The ability to summon me and my kind." Yammy was shocked. Tons of questions began flooding to him, however he bit his tongue. He needed to sort through his thoughts before he asked any questions.

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Ultimately the only question Yammy could think of was a simple one. "How do I gain the ability to summon you all, if you are as powerful as you say." Gato let out a small chuckle. "Although I have taking a liking to you, you must now converse with my four sons to gain their approval." Determination and excitement made themselves noticeable by the look in Yamy's eyes and face. "How do I go about doing that Boss Gato?"

"Just like this." The sound of a wind chime echoed through the ears of Yammy. He would blink once and find himself in a entirely new place, much like when he first arrived. He stood in the middle of a forest clearing, with different paths leading in different directions. This time instead of there being a pond there was a cave entrance. There was a ire feeling coming from the entrance. Yammy could hear the howls on the wind that escaped.

"Yeah that's not creepy at all." He said walking up to the mouth of the cave. There were jagged rocks that almost appeared to be teeth lining the top of the entrance. Condensation dripped from them mimicking drool. Yammy stepped into the cave. Once his foot touched the inside everything around him seemed to fast forward. He staggered a bit from the sudden rush. "Whoa, that was a head rush." Yammy said aloud while rubbing his forehead and temples.

"Rararara who's this now?" A low bellowing growl asked. "I am Yammy. Boss Gato told me to come talk with you." He replied clearly. "Rarara, Is that right Boyo?" Exiting the shadows was a large black tiger with golden stripes, which weren't noticeable until the light shined upon them. The footsteps of the Tiger were heavy enough for Yammy to feel the vibrations through the solid rock of the floor. "What must I do to gain your trust?" Yammy asked sternly. "Graa? Sounds like Gato gave you the run around to speak with such a tone."

"Yes, yes he did. Can't say that it was for not. He actually helped me see some thing that were blind to me before. Really I'm just glad he did what he did." The son of Gato stared at Yammy in silence. Yams could hear his heavy breaths overtake the sound of the breeze entering the cave. "Okay then Boyo. good answer. I will agree in lending you my strength and the strength of my regiment. My name is Shadow. A fair warning about one of my little brothers. He is sly and conniving. You must handle him properly of this all will be for naught." Yammy nodded and once again heard the sound of a wind chime. Before he was transferred to a different location, shadow vanished back into the darkness.

Yammy was getting use to this. It was way more convenient than walking was in all honesty. That thought made him feel more at ease with his surroundings. He wasn't worried about where he was, but more so in the amount of time that had passed in his world. As apposed to this one. Lagos was on the prowl for whatever information Aoi and Rena had been keeping from him. I guess you could say he was worried if they were worried about where he was. This new location that appeared before Yammy was nothing but tall grass as far as he could see.

"Well now, what should I be expecting this time." He said calmly, while looking in every direction. Little did he know, hidden in the tall grass, there was a cub was watching his every movement. The cub slowly crept towards Yammy. He made sure only to move when Yammy wasn't looking in his direction. "I have a weird feeling, about this. Almost like I'm being watched." That would be the natural reaction to anyone in this situation. However instead of standing or trying to find Gato's son; Yammy sat down. He crossed his legs chieftain style. Yammy wasn't rushing the appearance of Gato's son. This go round he chose to enjoy what peace there was at this location.

The breeze was warm and calming. It gave him a sense of hospitality. Similar to the welcoming nature of a mother. This feeling reminded him of his Grandmother, but deeper than that it made him reminisce of his own Mother. At least what memories he could recollect. He hadn't seen her in so long so some of them had become fuzzy. Yammy closed his eyes; taking this as a chance to meditate. Gato's son lowered his body as low as he could, while approaching Yammy.

The young cub got as close as he could without alerting Yams. He prepared to pounce. Something told Yammy to open his eyes. Just as he did the cub was flying through the air towards him. "Holy...!" Not knowing what to do besides catch the cub, Yammy, he held out his arms. this caused him to fall backwards landing on his back. "Gotcha!" yelled the cub. "Haha! You didn't even see me coming. Mwhahaha! My streak remains intacted." said the cub hopping off of Yammy and running around. "I think you mean intact." Yammy responded with a smile. He sat up and chose to remain sitting.

"I'm Yammy little one." The cub continued running around listening to Yammy. "Yeah what you just said. I'm Koba!" He yelled jumping on the back of Yammy. "Nice to meet you Koba." Koba jumped hopped off of Yams. "Father sent you here I'm assuming?" Yammy nodded. Koba settled down after confirming what was going on. He calmly sat in front Yammy. Tilting his head to the left, as he looked at Yammy. "Well...hmmm." he walked up to Yammy and began smelling him. "Looks like you've already ran into Big brother Shadow and Big Brother Roku." Yammy raised a eyebrow. "Roku...?"

Koba began jumping up and down. The cub began singing what sounded like a self made rhyme. "Big brother Roku. Might just wanna eat you. You might wanna feed him or he might kill you. Munch, Munch, Gobble, Crunch." Koba began running around Yammy signing the song once again. Yammy began thinking of what other tigers he's seen. He suddenly remembered the one that landed him here in the first place.  "The one that I fed the meat to must've been him." Koba stopped singing his song. "Yep Yep Yep."

"Hey Koba? You gonna help me out?" Koba stopped running around Yammy and stopped in front of him. Koba stood on his hind legs and placed his paw on the forehead of Yams. "Of course. You already passed my trial. All I wanted to do was play. My big brothers are always to busy and I get tired of playing with Father." Yammy laughed. "Well Koba I'm going to come here and play with you whenever you get bored." Koba began jumping up and down. "Really?!" Koba asked excitedly. "Of course."

"Yay!" Koba hollered out. The sound of a wind chime echoed once again. "Looks like it's time for you to see Brother's Twin." Yammy stood up. "See ya later Koba."

"See ya later Yammy!" The world around him changed. This time Yammy stood at the base of a shrine. The stone staircase in front of him was lined with a red railing. There were small balls of fire floating randomly within the hair. They took the place of lanterns. "Looks like a shrine for a Deity. You'd think Gato would be the one with something like this." Yammy began making his way up the steps towards the shrine.

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The tree line reminded him greatly of the one behind his home. It was slightly colder than all the other locations Yammy had been too. Yams let out a sigh. The air so frigid that he could see his own breath. A slight chill ran down his spine. The air of kumogakure was sometimes this cold. Purely due to the altitude of the Mountain range. He shifted his scarf, covering the bottom portion of his face. "Brrr..." Yammy let out from the chill he'd felt. He looked into the sky to see green,purple, and light blue hues dancing in the sky. Stars stretched across the sky as far as the tree line would allow him to see. "Beautiful..."

Yammy returned his gaze to the proper position, not before looking up the staircase to see how closed he'd gotten to the top. Surprisingly, it didn't seem like he had gotten any closer too reaching the shrine. Yammy stopped his progression and looked behind himself. He could no longer see his starting point. All he saw were the lanterns that lit his way. "Well, what is you challenge then?" Yammy said aloud as he turned back and continued his progression. Since it seemed he wasn't going to be getting to the shrine that easily, Yammy, began thinking.

"Hmm, Koba did mention them being twins." By them he meant Shadow and this currently nameless twin of his. Considering only Koba and Roku had names that didn't describe something about them, perhaps that was the clue he needed. Assuming he could be heard, Yammy began talking aloud. "I know your brothers name is shadow. your name must be light?" Obviously that was the wrong answer, causing one of the lanterns ahead of him to go dark. Yammy of course noticed this, but wasn't sure if it had anything to do with his guess.

"Let's try another one shall we?" Yammy stopped his progression. "Might as well get this right before trying to get up there huh?" He stood there and began thinking of any characteristics of the environment, as well as something he may have missed from Gato. Yammy looked into the sky again. "It's cold. There are a sky full of stars. The Northern Lights dance across the sky. Lanterns light my path. There is progression. however I cannot reach the top. The stair case leads up and has no other path diverting from it." Despite his intelligence, Yammy, he was stumped by this one.

Yammy sat down on the steps. "Maybe my thinking is not broad enough." He began thinking of not what he currently saw, but what was different about the other locations. One thing stood out above all else. "It's cold here, yet these lanterns are the only source of heat." He attention was drew to the closest one to him. Yammy almost feel into a trance as he stared at it. He shook his head and blinked a few times. Placing his hands on the steps as leverage, Yammy stood up. He turned back towards the shrine and looked at the top of the steps. There was a small smirk on his face, hidden behind his scarf, but seen in his eyes.

"At first I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from you." Yammy began his progression up the stairs once more. "Now I think I may know what your name is. Of course your realm seems far more complex than the others, yet you have a twin. At first I thought Shadow must have some kind of resentment towards you. Considering the only other one of you to pose a shrine is Gato himself. Then again I thought to myself, Koba seems to be the closest to him." A semi serious look replaced his smirk. "I now see that you are simply in place of Koba until he enters maturity." Yammy shrugged as he continued his movement up the steps.

"That however does not explain your name to me in any manner. Besides Roku, the rest of your kin have told me their names, or even talked to me. You seem to be completely different in that aspect." The lantern lights began changing colors, they turned from red to blue. "Looks like I either said something right, or struck a nerve. Either way I made you react." As the lights changed colors the shrine got closer and closer, yet remained unreachable. "After everything I've been through and have seen. The only thing I can think that your name would be is..." he paused simply to mess with the head of the shrine.

"Is your name Aurora?" Yammy asked, sounding as if he was smiling when he said it. All of the lanterns dispersed. The lights in the sky vanished and the sun began to rise. Yammy was shocked to see the sudden change. He thought he'd gotten the name wrong, until he heard a calming voice sound out. "Now I understand why you were chose by those two." Yammy was allowed to reach the top of the stairs. However, when he'd tried to reach the shrine the visage of Aurora appeared in front of him. he was a much larger beast than the others. However Yammy felt the same pressure from Shadow that he did now.

The image of Aurora vanished in a wisp , as if he was a a ghost. Yammy looked to the shrine; it now looked like the Dojo he was so use to seeing. A single lantern approached the dojo and set it ablaze. Yammy calmly watched it happen and began walking towards the fire. He felt the heat from the inferno, however felt no pain. Once he stepped through the doors the fire vanished and there paced Aurora with a bloodied face. "I see what you're attempting to do Aurora. You wish to see how I will react. However, all of you kin up to now were to prepare me for your trail. Was it not?"

Aurora stopped pacing and showed his true image to Yammy. "Well, you truly are a perfect match for us. You're keen eyesight and knowledge is just want Father expected of you. Of course we all had our doubts about you." Aurora had eyes similar to that of Shadow, however his marking looked like veins transporting blood through its body. On his forehead sat a marking; only comparable to the outline of a spoon, with antlers of a buck on his head. "The three eldest thought you far to weak and in all honest we still have our doubts about your strength." Aurora slowly approached Yammy. His size shrinking as he got closer. "However your mind is strong and that in itself is enough for us to agree to help you for now. In time you must prove your strength to us." A bright light began to shine, blinding Yammy.

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Once Yammy opened his eyes he was standing on the very peak where he'd seen Roku. Wondering what came of his bag and the slabs of meat' Yammy quickly turned his torso and head. What he came to see was Roku sitting comfortably with a grin on his face. A snarl came from the large war ridden looking tiger. Roku licked his chops at Yammy. It looked like he was waiting for something. Yammy blankly stared at him. "Umm.. "Big Brother Roku. Might just wanna eat you. You might wanna feed him or he might kill you. Munch, Munch, Gobble, Crunch." He clapped along rhythmically and awkwardly.

"Ha!" Roku shifted his body staring deep into the eyes of Yammy. "Alright, you do remember things well then. As long as I am fed I will have no qualms with you. See you around kid." Roku got up and began walking towards Yammy. "Don't forget your promise to Koba, or I'm going to come back and eat you." The closer he got to the Kumogakure genin the more Roku's image began to fade. Once he'd reached Yammy he'd become nothing more than a gust of wind. The genin was felt standing there with a confused smile. He looked to the sky to see what time it was. The sun had barely shifted from the position he'd seen before facing the trails of Boss Gato. The sun would indicated 2:30. "Well the last few hours have been interesting. I wonder if I should tell Gramps and Grandma."

Yammy pondered the thought for a brief moment. Maybe, just maybe some things were better left unsaid. His Grandfather had plenty of secret techniques, so Yammy would do the same. The Tiger Family would only be called as a last resort. The card up his sleeve, so to speak. Yammy took a deep breath and calmly exhaled. He could taste the fresh and familiar air of the Kaminari no Kuni range. "Yeah, this is home alright." He felt glad to be back. It felt as if he's been gone for a few days with all traveling he'd done in Boss Gato's realm. Yammy collected his things, mainly just empty bags. It appeared Roku wasn't playing about what being hungry. He'd eaten every slab of meat Yammy had left in his bag. There were even a few stalks of vegetables that he'd eaten.

After finishing collecting his bags, Yammy made his way down the Mountain and back home. It was time for him to start his training, with Aoi. He'd have to train with the Tiger Family in secret. Yammy stretched. "This is going to be some grueling training, but after it's done it'll be worth it."

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