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It had only been one whole day since his return to his hometown and already the teen found himself in a myriad of troubles. After graduating from the academy at the young age of ten, his promising career as a shinobi would be put on hold whilst he left the village and country to travel around the world. Five years later and here he was, back in Konohagakure no Sato and while he had always intended on returning when the time had come, he was now technically labeled a missing nin. Upon his return home, he was apprehended by one of the anbu squads that patrolled the village and surrendered willingly. And now here he was, cuffed to a dimly lit interrogation room being interviewed by an equally dim chunin. He sighed with an audible frustration present in his voice. “Like I said, for the umpteenth time… I am Enlil Hatake a genin of Konoha, I left the village after graduating from the shinobi academy.” His interviewer looked at him with the same look of disbelief that had been present for two hours. Chewing bubblegum, the man flipped through pages upon pages of documents in his hand. “Yeah kiddo, here’s the thing. I don’t believe ya.” The man pointed to the list of recent graduates in his hand, specifically on the section of students that had the letter ‘H’ at the start of their surnames. “Your name ain’t here kiddo, so how ‘bout you cut to the chase and get to the answers before I beat ya with a stick.” The man tested his patience, and frankly the young shinobi was at his limit. Stay calm.

He took a deep slow breath and exhaled his frustrations away. “Sir,-” He began by swallowing his pride and feigning respect to hopefully end this god forsaken interview. “-like I again pointed out earlier ago, that list that you’ve been showing me is the list of this year’s graduates. I graduated five years ago.” As he expected the man simply looked at him dumbfounded with his explanation. The interviewer blinked twice, chewed his bubblegum, and then spoke. “Yea that still don’t explain why you ain’t on my list kiddo.” Seething with a jolt of renewed rage the young shinobi had finally had enough of this bullshit, he was busting out of here and that was final.

He funeled chakra through his cuffed hands, but before he could  proceed further with his plans the door opened. The scrumptious aroma of freshly cooked meat flowed throughout the interrogation room. Enlil felt his body go weak as his stomach grumbled. A beautiful young woman in her mid twenties entered the room with a bowl of food and a pair of chopsticks in her hand. “Sorry to keep you waiting, Enlil. Here, have some lunch.” Laying the bowl of food on the table, the teen immediately reached out to the lid only to be hindered by the pair of cuffs that attached him to the table. The lady sighed and looked at the interviewer. “I told you to stop cuffing him, he isn’t a criminal.” The man froze with red cheeks, fumbling his hands on the keys. “Y-yes ma’am.” As the man uncuffed him, Enlil made sure to give a smug look of victory. “Thanks, lady.” With a faint smile on his face the young shinobi would open the lid that covered his food. Steam rushed forth from the bowl of fried pork cutlet and Enlil couldn’t help but dig in. “Well, I’ll get back to work now. You two just wait, I called over the Hokage to help figure the situation out.” Stuffing his face with food, the genin simply raised one thumb up to acknowledge the kunoichi.


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Katsudon Confessions [Takao] D6ehE4O

Paperwork. Petty arguments. The intricacies of leadership plagued him so thoroughly. It seemed as if every second of his life as of late was claimed-- for better or for worse. As he sat in his chair, still as a statue or a corpse, his coal-eyed gaze rose to the ceiling, mulling over how busy his day had been thus far, and how busy it had yet to be. This stack of papers needed to be sorted through, responded to, and filed accordingly by morning. That scroll stand needed its contents to be brought to his attention, responded to, and filed accordingly within the hour. The two stacks just over there and the three opposite of them that he hadn't even thought about touching yet needed to be addressed, responded, filed before morning. A ceaseless revolving door of work did indeed plague him so.

Then, a knock happened upon the door. Was it to be more paperwork sat in front of him, daring the request to be done before morning? His gaze fell earthward, to the door. Perhaps it was his saving grace, something, anything to help him escape the mind-numbing monotony that chipped away at his already fragile sanity.

"Come in," He answered.

A man stepped in, dressed in unsaturated dark-blue underclothing and a black-ops grey vest overtop, his face shrouded by a white porcelain mask coloured and styled vaguely like a bear. Approaching the desk, he dropped to a single knee, his head lowered.

"Sir, there's an issue in the Horiuchi Questioning Chambers. An unregistered shinobi was apprehended attempting to enter the village and claims that he's a citizen, but we're unable to verify his story. Captain Yagi requested your assistance." The man explained.

Scarred eyebrow raising, Takao's head tilted. This was an interestingly unique issue whose timing could not be more perfect. Takao mulled over the information for a moment, letting silence overtake the office before he finally rose from his seat behind the desk, marred digits curling around the collar of his vest, and he stepped toward the door.

"Let Tomita-chan know that I'll be back soon." Takao said, announcing his departure as he swung the vest over his shoulders and slipped his arms through, flashing the kanji for 'Thirteenth' embroidered in the back.

Heavy footsteps pounded against the cement tiles lining a long, cold, empty hallway. Colder yet, black eyes were locked on their destination; Horiuchi Questioning Chambers, third floor, room three-oh-seven. Perhaps the occupants of that particular room might have felt the overbearing demeanor that he carried before they heard or saw him, residual wisps of the Black Origin Threshold spilling out unconsciously en route, creating a noticeably oppressive pressure in the air.

His hand gripped the handle and he pulled the door open. Two steps carried him inside, and the door was closed behind him. His eyes were greeted by the sight of three individuals. One person was seated, eating, and presumably the subject of the interrogations. Two others also occupied the room alongside him, a man and a woman, the former identified immediately as 'Captain Yagi', the man mentioned earlier by the Black-Ops Operative. Captain Yagi shot to his feet then bent at the waist, bowing to Takao.

"Lord Hokage!" Yagi said.

His frigid gaze set upon Enlil, examining him closely. At first, Takao said nothing, merely committing the teenager's appearance to memory. Finally, after mere seconds had come to pass, he turned, posture straight and militant, facing Captain Yagi.

"Captain," He addressed the man.

"I understand that this is the unregistered individual?" Takao said, gesturing to Enlil.

"Y-Yes Sir, this is him!" Yagi said, turning with Takao to face Enlil.

"He claims to have graduated five years ago, and that he left the village shortly after graduating!" Far too energetic for Takao's contrasting calm demeanor, the raven-haired shinobi stepped forward, his hands held behind his back as he addressed Enlil.

"Your name." Spoken more like a demand than a question, Takao's scrupulous gaze once more fell onto Enlil.



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As the Hatake sat quietly in his steel chair busy with consuming the meal that had been allowed to him, he felt a sudden shift, as if the surrounding atmosphere began to thin out. He craved for air, taking deep slow breaths. It was a near tangible aura that resonated throughout what felt like the entire room, if not the whole building. Though he wasn’t one to be considered a sensory type of shinobi and nor did he possess dojutsu that allowed him to visibly see what he felt, he could see from the reaction of his interrogator that it was not just him who had felt the sudden shift in tone. He set the lid back on top of his rice bowl and neatly placed aside his pair of wooden chopsticks. Something told him that this wasn’t the proper time to gobble down on some pork. Enlil looked towards the man in his front who had once been so talkative. Now he looked as if a ghost was on its way, with beads of sweat coursing down his forehead and running down his face. The man looked towards the door, as if preparing himself for something or someone. Though unknown to the young shinobi what awaited, he found himself in anticipation.

As if time had slowed down each fine detail of the moment, the door gradually crept open and with it the sound of wood creaking spread throughout the room. The dark interrogation room was wrapped in dead silence, until the echoing sounds of two small footsteps broke the quiet. The Hatake’s interrogator immediately jutted upwards, sending the steel chair that he had sat upon crashing towards the floor and resounding in a large thud. Enlil’s brown eyes locked swiftly to the tall man that had entered, scanning each aspect of him and searching for any clues that would have given away his identity. The interrogator bowed down, eyes staring dead at the floor. "Lord Hokage!" The man said, greeting the newly arrived stranger and answering the questions that popped within the Hatake’s mind. Briefly their two eyes met, the man looking at him before focusing back on the other shinobi. The young Enlil sat quietly, allowing things to play out before him and simply listening in as the two spoke. "Captain," The raven haired Hokage spoke. "I understand that this is the unregistered individual?" The man said, gesturing a hand towards the Hatake. The captain fumbled his words, still seemingly nervous about the sudden presence of the Hokage. "Y-Yes Sir, this is him!" The man would say, now facing Enlil with the same look of contempt that he had given the child earlier ago. "He claims to have graduated five years ago, and that he left the village shortly after graduating!" The man turned towards the Hokage, awaiting his response.

The Kage stepped forward, hiding his hands behind his back. “Your name." The man spoke. The child, maintained a calm demeanor showing no hint of emotion on his face. “Hatake, Enlil.” He spoke proudly. The captain scoffed, seemingly uncontent with what he had heard. “Sir.” The man said, looking at Enlil. “Call him sir.” The eyes of the two clashed, and though Enlil showed no emotion on the outside he only barely controlled the rage within. It wasn’t the time, not with the Hokage in his presence. He closed his eyes and exhaled a controlled breath, his eyes opened once more and latched on towards the Hokage. “Like the captain said… sir, I graduated five years ago, before leaving the village for my own reasons. Nonetheless I am a proud genin of Konohagakure no Sato, like I was before I left.” Again the captain scoffed at his words, seemingly convinced that the Hokage held the same doubts as him. “Listen kiddo, even if what you say is true there’s no way you’ll be considered one of our genin. Heck’ you’ve been gone so long that you probably can’t even throw a shuriken ten feet away from you.” The Hatake’s brow furrowed,  eyes yet again piercing the captain. He had reached the limit of his patience. “Then test me. Bring me to one of your training fields, and I’ll make sure you know that I am what I say I am.” His words were aimed towards the captain, seeking to humiliate the man in combat, yet he had spoken in a way that would have allowed anyone to accept his challenge.

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Standing stiff like a statue, there wasn't a single twitch or observable movement about him. Black eyes bore into Enlil unforgivingly with their harshly scrupulous gaze. It quickly became evident that the holding Captain and the individual subject to question would continue to butt heads in a manner that he deemed inane, thus he was urged to turn to the Captain.

"Captain," Takao said, his deep voice carrying cold words.

"I'll take care of things from here. You're dismissed."

It may have come off more harsh than intended, but it solved the issue of his building headache as a result of their bickering. The Captain hesitated, thought it better than to question the towering effigy of a man before him, and reluctantly bowed his head before departing from the room. Takao turned his attention back to Enlil and approached the table. He pulled the metal chair out by lifting it off the ground, preventing the feet from scraping across the cement floor, and seated himself adjacent.

"Your skill is of little interest to me presently." Takao admitted, responding to the quip that Enlil had made to the Captain.

"My issue lies in your claim that you left the village after graduation. Were you given permission to do so?" Hands folded on the table as he leaned in.

"I'm sure that you're aware of what defection is. When an individual graduates from the academy, he enters an agreement with the Village. The Country has made an investment in that individual, paid for and trained them, and in return, that individual is entered into a contract with the Country to protect and serve it until death or relief from duty. Regardless of the reason, personal issues or wanderlust for example, simply 'leaving' on one's own accord is not an explicitly legal action."

Hoping to articulate that his issue was not with the idea that Enlil was lying about his nationality, but rather pressing the legality of his departure, Takao's eyes rested on Enlil without moving.

"Five years is a long time. Plenty of time to lose loyalty, or pledge it to somebody else. An enemy, perhaps. The Leaf has a lot of them lurking in the shadows, looking for even the smallest crack to exploit." Indirectly voicing his concerns with little interest in being inconspicuous, Takao reclined against the back of his chair.

"To be perfectly clear, I'm expecting an explanation, and a reason for me to entertain the idea that you aren't a threat to the village. You were very eager to fight one of my Captains, after all. Why is it you left the village? What did you do in that time?"

His eyelids dared to close for a second, and in that instant, chakra flooded his black orbs. When they reopened, the onyx hues were set alight with brilliant shades of red and orange, shimmering brightly like fire, casting a warm glow as if they themselves emit light from within. Down to the cellular level, Takao watched the heat in Enlil's face, noting even the most minute of changes.

"I would advise against speaking anything but the whole, absolute truth."

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