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As Hina walked around Konoha, she spotted what could only be described as a park. It was a space set apart from the surrounding areas by a lack of buildings and, in the middle of it, kids were running around and playing. There was more fighting going on than playing, truth be told. Unlike in what she was used to, where people would fight for the fun of it, the kids didn’t seem to be fighting for the same reasons. They practiced with wooden weapons and their intention looked to be to win, not to have a good time. “The winning must be the enjoyment,” Hina commented as she looked at what the park had to offer. If adults were fighting instead of kids, she would have thought this was a combat training area instead of a park. “Is that what this place is?” Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw a teenager with a blade striking a dummy like it had just murdered his father. It was amusing to see such vibrant displays of violence from someone so young and it explained part of why everyone in Konoha seemed to be ready to fight at any given moment.

Hina gave her arms a good stretch and decided that she would go punch something. She wasn’t going to work up too much of a sweat but there was time to burn so she was going to go over to some combat dummies and see what they were made of. Hina curled her fingers and focusing her chakra into a jutsu but stopped short. Was she crazy? She didn’t need to go obliterating this dummy that she assumed someone had paid for. It was scary how natural it was to apply the jutsu before going for her first punch. With her fist clenched into a punch she gave the dummy a test punch and realized that it was made out of metal. That explained how it was able to take so much punishment. She slipped into her upright stance and punched at the metal a couple of times to get a feel of whether or not she really wanted to be hitting something so hard with her unprotected fists. The metal resounded upon impact and left Hina wishing she hadn’t tried. She would have put her gauntlets on if she wasn’t trying to avoid getting all sweaty again. Instead, she decided that she would practice a different style.

Hina stepped back and gave the metal dummy a solid kick to its center with her boot. Yes, this was much more manageable. Earlier in the season Hina had realized how shitty she was at performing kicks. Now, she had a better understanding of how to properly perform those kinds of strikes. She was naturally physically gifted due to her years as a boxer and that had helped her catapult through the beginner steps of learning kicks. She had kept her kicking training a secret from her boxing teacher and had learned a thing or two by watching taekwondo practitioners sparring. Now that she had the basic kicks down, she felt like she could start trying out some harder ones. She side kicked the dummy and then stepped backwards to try again. She wasn’t used to hitting something so hard and the impact was jarring to say the least. It was sort of like punching, where she had to adjust her stance to deal a powerful blow. With kicking it was the same way except she only had one foot to stabilize on. She really had to dig into the ground with her grounded foot to brace her body for the powerful impact against the metal.

A taekwondo practitioner might have said that this was a waste of time, but Hina knew that the chances of her kicking someone that wasn’t armored was pretty low. If she was going to be kicking at all it was going to be to get some range on them. It was easy to notice how much further she could strike using her kicks and after she had built up her leg muscles it was obvious just how much power powerful they were than punches, too. Hina closed her eyes for a moment to regain her composure then began a flurry of side kicks. She shouted out as she added even more power behind the attack and felt her muscles strain under the impact. She had forgotten about how hard she had used them during the run and panted from the burst of aerobics that she had just performed. “That’s enough striking for now,” she said. She wasn’t done kicking but she was done hitting metal with her boot. It would be more manageable if she was kicking with some greaves on, which was something she sorely wanted to try now.

The wind was generous enough to cool her off while she let the suns’ rays dry her sweat. She didn’t start off wanting to work up a sweat but she always got this way once she started hitting things. It was enjoyable and above all, difficult to stop once she’d started. She was drawing attention to herself again. Hina transitioned to kicking in the air, working on her range of motion and following through with her kicks. There was a time where missing a kick meant she would stumble and lose balance; not anymore. She was able to kick with confidence without caring whether she was going to hit anything or not. It allowed her to put as much force into the attack as she wanted, although she inadvertently discovered that it was possible to kick so hard that it was impossible to remain stationary. If she put all her energy into a kick, her whole body would follow through with the attack and she would be lifted up into the air or carried across the ground a short distance. This was a lesson in learning not to overdo it with her kicks, but it was also a method of changing her body’s momentum and positioning. Hina pictured someone coming at her and kicked to dodge a vertical strike by dodging by just an inch. She doubted it would be very useful in real combat or if she would even choose that option.

Another facet of taekwondo that Hina liked was that its punches didn’t have to be real punches. She’d seen people strike with their palms, side of their hands, and even their fingertips. She didn’t think any of them could come close to comparing to a punch in power, but if an entire discipline used these kinds of strikes then there must have been some merit to them. Hina squared back up to the dummy and gently touched it with her fingertips, pressing on it as she added more force. It didn’t feel pleasant and she didn’t see how building up some muscle in her hands would help. She struck the dummy lightly with her fingers and decided that this wasn’t a technique to be used on armor. She would have to aim for something soft and mushy, like the eyeballs or the neck. Then there was the knifehand strike which was essentially the same thing as a karate chop. This didn’t hurt her to strike at the metal dummy, but again why would she do it if she could just punch them? She had learned to do these strikes but using them appropriately would have to come with time.

More sweat came down Hina’s face and she wished that there was a way she could go back home and wash off. She knew that there was no time for her to do that if she wanted to make much else out of her day. Having practiced her taijutsu on a dummy, she really could have used a sparring partner……………

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It wasn't often that Enlil found himself looking to spend time in any of Konoha’s public training grounds, but for the moment he had no other choice. Having accidentally burned down a small part of his family's own private dojo while refining his skill with katon, repairs were currently being made within the building; while he could have always done his practice in the outdoor training grounds within the gates of his home, it proved impossible for the young shinobi to focus on his training with the hammering of nails and sawing of wood that polluted his usually serene household with so much unwanted noise. And so he found himself outside looking for a suitable area wherein he could train peacefully. It was a surprisingly chilly afternoon even with the sun in full force. To battle the cold winds Enlil wore a purple and white tracksuit with a matching pair of fighting gloves. Already he had managed to work up a small sweat as he jogged towards the closest training area around his home. Upon arriving though, he quickly realized it would have been far better if he had just stayed home. Note to self: don't practice katon indoors.

In his mind the ideal training grounds he had hoped to come upon was one completely devoid of people, allowing him to purely focus on the skills he had fully intended to sharpen, but if one or two young shinobi were there as well then he would have always managed to suck it up and just share the training grounds, it was public property after all. The sight that came upon his eyes, however, was nothing that the young Hatake could have ever in a million years expect. From every inch of the fenced training grounds was another shinobi hoping to get some much needed sweat in. There were hundreds… maybe even thousands, it was as if some large scale event had taken place within the training grounds and everybody in the damn village decided it would be a perfect time to train outdoors. He cursed under his breath, but prevented himself from wasting any further emotions on the situation. He thought hard on his peculiar situation and eventually came up with a solution; if everyone and their damned mothers had decided to go out of their way to train in this particular field, then every other training area in the village would surely be empty.

He drew up a map of the village within his head, trying to piece together the route to a second training grounds that he had, on occasion, visited as a child to spar with other shinobi. He walked for a bit, then jogged deciding that he would at least work up his cardiovascular muscles whilst he searched for the place. Stopping around other civilians, he asked around for directions and eventually making his way to the second training fields he would visit for the day. Now in the forests of Konoha, he inched his way closer to privacy he longed for. If his memory had served him correctly, the area would be completely secluded and only known to a few genin within what was at that time his batch of academy students… now though with five years passed, things might have been different, but no matter what he was certain that he would find enough peace to train.

Finally he had arrived and just as he had predicted there was not but a soul aside from him in the training field. He looked around the area comparing its current form to that of his memories, it was barren unlike how it once was in his childhood. While before it was filled with dummy logs and shuriken targets hung on trees, now it was just a blank patch of dirt not even something worth considering as a training field. Nonetheless he was here to train not to mope around about one spot in the village that had changed in the few years that he was away. The shinobi took to the patch of dirt, centering himself within the wide area and distancing himself from any trees. H set his feet aside with the same distance of his broad shoulders and lowered himself with a slight bend of his knees. He took a deep breath inhaling the cool air and clenched his fists, lowering them to the side of his hips to chamber his knuckles. Slowly he extended his left hand forward, using the blade of his palm to ease through the wind as he exhaled his a hot breathe. Suddenly he recracted his palm, returning it to the side of his hip and replacing it with the sharp thrust of his right fist. A spew of fire bellowed out from the tips of his knuckles, disappearing into the air only to leave a faint feeling of heat.

His eyes were shut, lost into the art that overtook his body. His fists danced once more exchanging blows, yet this time his feet moved along with him. Forward, his left foot marched, driving a powerful blow that came along with a blast of fire into the air. His right fist moved atop his shoulder at the exact time as his left shifted to the opposite hip. He pivoted, turning with his back leg and reversing his stance. His right arm cut down atop his knee and with it a more concentrated burst of fire. He followed up with a snapping left front kick, only this time cracks of electricity began to build up. He sped up the tempo of his movements, alternating from ferocious strikes to sturdy blocks. The electricity raged throughout his body, intensifying and slowly changing from the common blue to a powerful crimson red. Swiftly his eyes burst open setting brown pupils on a lonesome tree; his arms crossed and lowered to his sides, he chambered his right fist with the other focused on his target. The raw and unbridled force of crimson raiton coursed through the body of the Hatake with the eye of its red storm focusing on his balled right fist.

“Raiton: Raijinke-..”

Unexpectedly a voice called out to him, snapping his concentration for just the briefest of moments enough for the powerful surge of crimson to abandon his body. “Sir,” The voice called out. “Sir,... Sir?” The man repeated. Spiteful brown eyes locked on towards the foreign man, the sharp curve of his eyebrows expressed his emotions clearly. “What?!” The Hatake exclaimed, flaring his nostrils. The stranger, too far or too stupid to read the shinobi’s emotions pointed to a bright orange sight nonchalantly. “This area is private property sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Enlil cursed under his breath, almost radiating with anger. With no quarrel, he turned his back on the man and abruptly stormed off before he could hear another word that might have truly ended his patience.

Now again with no place to allow himself some training, he wandered off to the streets of Konoha. One part because he had nowhere else to go and one part just to calm himself from the just recent event. He clenched his fists as he passed through the streets, still unable to shake the rage that filled him. He was close, so close to finally generating crimson raiton on purpose and harnessing it towards his taijutsu, but somehow the world found a way to mess with his moment. He needed to let off some steam and luckily he had stumbled unto the perfect place. He had wandered into what looked like a makeshift training area within the city, built in the backbones of what used to be a park. Something, or rather someone, in particular piqued his interest, it was a woman, one that he had met a few days prior. She had mentioned to him that she was a shinobi in their brief meeting, but he hadn’t really gotten around to asking her specialities. Now though, upon observing her training for a short while, it seemed as if she was a practitioner of taijutsu, much like him. “Hina,” He called, waving a hand to grab her attention. “You move well, but boards don’t really hit back… Why don’t we spar for a bit?” He said, fixing the fighting gloves mounted on his fists.


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“Enlil! It’s good to see you. How have you been?” She was always happy to see a familiar face, especially when there were fond memories to attach to the experience. She was taken aback a little when she was asked to spar by someone much more fit than she was but she said, “Sure thing, shall we get started?” Hina didn’t want to waste too much time chit chatting when there was fighting to be done. She knew that winning fights was key to growing as a shinobi so she would be fighting as much as possible. Surely she could win a fight or two… eventually.

So the time came where Hina finally had someone to face off against. It was a boy she had met a while back when she had learned how to fish for the first time. She had come to think of this guy as a protector of the weak but now they were going to fight. Hina dropped into her boxer’s stance and wished that she had some fancy moves to show off. Sadly, she didn’t so she was going to have to keep it pretty basic. She didn’t have any clue what kind of capabilities her opponent had but judging by his body type he was probably good at physical combat. That didn’t mean much though, because most people in this line or work had a decent body. Even Hina was starting to show signs of improving. Pretty soon she too would have a body worth bragging about.

Hina would be trying to make the first move in the fight. She came at her opponent with a couple of jabs to establish her strike range and show that getting within that zone was probably going to hurt. She didn’t even intend to hit with the jabs since they were more for her reference than to look menacing. She would follow up with two combos. One would start with a series of four jabs, each step taking her closer to her opponent and then a right hook to finish off the combo. Without any pause Hina would swing her body into a left hook and follow up with a right uppercut. She had the fluid motions of a trained boxer but her strength and speed left something to be desired. She wouldn’t have been surprised if she ended up flat on her face after getting her butt kicked from one side of town to the other.

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Having grabbed her attention, the girl looked at him evidently surprised by the young shinobi’s sudden appearance. “Enlil! It’s good to see you. How have you been?” She said in a cheerful tone, as if it had been so long since the two had last seen each other. Returning the kind words, the Hatake nodded. “It’s good to see you as well, Hina.” He said, attempting to match her tone though falling flat. To his surprise, and amusement the girl would cut the small talk short and agree to his challenge. “Sure thing, shall we get started?” She said, seemingly eager to get started. Enlil approached the girl, walking closer towards her and stopping once only a ten meter distance separated the two. He looked towards his opponent, his face turning from the carefree look of just seconds ago to a blank expressionless page. Though at first glance it would seem to the average person that he was the clear favorite based from physiques alone, yet Enlil watched the girl with caution. Having not known a single thing about her, save for the small display of strikes she had shown earlier ago, there wasn’t much he knew about Hina and that meant that the Hatake wouldn’t dare to underestimate his opponent.

As the two eyed each other down, a small pool of shinobi began to circle around them. Spectators gathered from the surrounding training area and began to place bets on the two genin. The girl took into an orthodox boxing stance, something that surprised Enlil who had only seen the girl kick and strike with karate chops. The Hatake spread himself in a wide stance opposite to her orthodox stance, seeking to utilize the range that he held over his opponent. His held his right arm in front of him to gauge the distance between the two and tucked his left fist underneath his chin. Enlil, with his lead hand, gestured for his opponent to come at him.

Making the first move, Hina attempted to close the distance between the two with jabs that sought to distract Enlil from her movement. The crowd roared in excitement as the two began their bout. Expertly, he weaved his way through the string of left fists, using his footwork to prevent the girl from cornering him and keeping his lead hand close to hers to prevent her from fully entering his range. Suddenly the girl began to speed up her jabs, stepping closer each time he threw her left fist. It was predictable, a move that he would have immediately countered with a straight left hand had this not been a simple sparring match. Suddenly she wound her shoulders back, seeking to throw a right hook from a mile away with no set up aside from a jab. He pulled back, ever so slightly, making the right hook miss just inches shy of its target. Immediately he launched his left fist, throwing it over the top of his opponent’s arm and seeking to land it flush on her chin. Immediately, he pushed off with his right leg, once again creating distance between them and making his opponent’s follow up strikes miss once more if she had managed to continue her strike and not been staggered by his shot.

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One hit. That’s all it had taken to defeat Hina. See, her boxing training hadn’t come from fighting shinobi, it had come from fighting regular people in her weight class. She thought everything was going alright because her attacks were coming out so fluidly. Still, she had a feeling that something was going wrong when she missed literally every punch. How was that possible? She didn’t think it was, unless she was outclassed. It seemed that she was outclassed because she got countered hard. The looping counter of her opponent had sought out her chin by weaving over her own arm. He had the advantage of range and that already meant that he had a huge advantage. Hina felt her teeth clench together and was glad that she had braced for the impact, or else she might have lost some bones.

Hina staggered backwards and fell onto the ground with tears welling in her eyes. She was very clearly not someone who could take a hit. She didn’t have the protection that she would typically wear in a boxing spar and this was a rude awakening as to what a real fight was like against someone stronger than her. She got to her feet and bowed to her opponent respectfully and then ran off through the crowd that had formed around her. She didn’t even say anything, clearly upset that she had bene struck, even though that was exactly what she had intended for her opponent. She wouldn’t stop running until she got home and when she got there she would openly wail out her tears until her eyes were red. She was definitely overreacting, but what could she say? Today she was feeling like a delicate angel.


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The Hatake’s left hand shot landed flush on his opponent’s chin… perhaps even too well as he felt his knuckles land stiff on his target. His fist clattered to the girl’s chin, and she was sent staggering backwards, eventually crashing to the hard ground. Immediately, tears began building up within the eyes of the girl, likewise guilt began to fill the Hatake’s every fiber. For certain he had gone too far with his strike. Used to the brutal training forced upon him by his mother as a child, and the equally gruelling fights under the tutelage of his mentor, Kiryu, Enlil was used to extreme methods of sparring and knew very little about the meaning of restraint.

Almost reacting immediately, the young genin’s arms reached out to the girl. “I-...” He spoke, seeking to apologize, yet unsure if he should. It was a spar afterall and the last thing he wanted was to offend someone by apologizing in a fight. “Are you okay?” He asked instead, unable to contain the worry that had built up within him.

Slowly, the girl rose to her feet and it seemed as if she was none the worse for wear. Unexpectedly, though, the girl bowed and instantly sprinted off the other way without no words or complaints. Enlil reached out once more, even chasing Hina for a few steps, yet she had managed to bolt of in such speeds that didn’t allow him to correctly track her. “I’m sorry…” The boy said silently.


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