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Nova Makato

Nova Makato

Nova strode down the slightly sloped sand before her with her signature limp. Below her feet was soft sand, grains so fine that it held a perfect imprint of the path behind her. Even the most inexperienced of trackers would have no problem identifying her from those prints. Every right print bore the slightly treaded mark of a simple flat, and the left was more of an approximation of a footprint. It had sharper corners than a normal shoe would, and a perfectly smooth sole. Down to the distance between each step, her physical abnormality was clear. The steps were that of the one-legged puppeteer who had imposed upon herself the responsibility of building a city. It was early in the day and she had come here with a goal. She intended to build a city from nothing on this very spot, a goal so lofty perhaps it was a mistake to take on alone. Alone she had come, nothing more than a girl of nineteen armed with only her chakra. No weapons carried or strength her skill, from her fingers would spring her power when summoned. Without lumber or brick to lay, there was no indication that this one individual had any ability to build anything at all. Even the way she presented herself did not lend to an appearance of strength. A curvy, soft form covered by a light sundress of different shades of grey, Waves of lavender hair loosely falling over her shoulders and reaching down to the small of her back, neatly manicured and lacquered nails that likely had never had a hard day of work, and above all the presence of her leg carefully crafted from carved timber.

The spot she had chosen was an unlikely location for a potential replacement for the Village Hidden in the Sand. Still it would stand in the land of wind, but much further southwest. What made the spot so peculiar was its proximity to the sea. Near the land of Dunes sit what used to be a beach. The slope that Nova now strode down was that very beach. No longer did it lead to the open water of the sea. Her slow pace would bring her to a slight change in terrain. Water smoothed stones and bits of millions of sea shells now littered the sand. If it had not appeared so before, their presence made it clear that what Nova walked upon was the skeleton of a dead sea. Just beyond where she stood now the earth appeared to fall away. Taking a number of careful steps further, Nova would look down from the ledge. Had Nova been more knowledgeable about the sea and its topography she would have known that the overhang she had come upon was once the end of the sandbar where it would have dropped down to deeper water. Looking down upon it she would be in awe of the sight presented; the massive skeleton of an ancient reef. Pillars of rock with sun-bleached coral growths sprawled in front of her, down to where it met actual sea.

It was peculiar to Nova, a strange mix of her experience in life. Where she stood it was dry and aird like the deserts that she had called her home for the majority of her life, but the salty mist on her skin from the ocean beyond and the shells embedded in the crags were reminiscent of the village hidden in the mist. It felt like a place that represented who she had become as well as who she had been, an embodiment of the strange path her travels encompassed. Here, on the edge where sea and sand met, was the place that she had sought for so long.

Scenery this impressive was only made more so by the the time of day. It was daybreak, the sun just peeking over the horizon and illuminating the world with a warm glow. Those crawling bones of coral that stretched down to meet the water left long streaks of darkness across the dead seabed. She knew that here was where her new home ought to be but could not yet see what form in would take, perhaps a view from another perspective would spark some inspiration in her mind. Still at her side, Nova's left hand would open itself palm-down as she gathered chakra into the tips of her fingers. Slowly her fingers started tapping in a pattern, as if she were playing a piano in the air. Usually this would be accompanied by a number of thin threads trailing from her hands, but rather than a marionette her control was focused on the earth below her. It was fine sand, built up all the way to the edge of the dropoff that she would manipulate, its separate grains bonding together and forming a platform of sandstone. Tilting her fingers downward, the platform would slide forward and out until there was nothing but air below. The back edge still held deep in the face of the rock, chakra ensuring it would not break. Down it would slide, clutching itself to the wall while Nova stand motionless on top of it. It had been hard at first, to move across the desert with a clumsy prosthetic, but now she could shape the sand beneath her feet and slide it along. An acute sense of understanding on how to manipulate earth to her bidding, forming it with doton chakra then making it dance with the power from her kugutsu trainings.

To the bottom of the valley she would descend, the plate of sandstone sliding easily down until her feet rested on what used to be the seafloor. Not a footprint was seen around her, flawlessly smooth sand marred only by half buried shells. She would not take a step forward, instead that platform she stood upon of manipulated sandstone would seem to glide across the surface of the sand. As she moved her neck would crane upwards as she took in the steep shelves of earth above her and how it hid her from the sun. From pillar to pillar she could picture bridges now, and lofty towers with pointed canopies above. Down between the rising bodies of earth her imagination filled in a bustling market filled with boisterous crowds. In her mind she would paint the image of a dock stretching out over the water, but far more fine than those she had seen in Kiri. Rather than old logs and sodden wood bound together, here it would be made of solid stone. No constant veil of fog clinging to a village on an island.

A major concern of Nova's had been the lack of supplies needed to build a village, and unlike the land of fire there were no trees to cut and turn to lumber. Solid stone was another option, but even that would be hard to accumulate the vast supply needed for the task at hand. Not to mention the logistics of actually transporting that stone to the construction site. Traditional ninjutsu had never been Nova's forte, her strengths and advantages coming solely from the things she had crafted. Her skill at manipulating chakra itself in powerful ways were lacking, but instead was more suited to using the chakra to manipulate other things. Alone her chakra was weak and ineffective, but it easily moulded and shaped earth when the thought had come to her mind. It was not so much different from her use of puppets, though the earth proved more malleable and wild. Whereas with her puppets she moved their joints and limbs, the earth she could shape and change. Not only could she move it as she wished, she could change its consistency, its colour, its entire structure. As here from sand to marble. She could turn slate to pourous basalt at a whim. It was as though her medium was willing and wanting to obey, the change she caused welcome and with no resistance. To build a city now, all that was required was the monumental desire to create something and the chakra she carried in her body. Flexing her fingers in preparation, her chakra would begin to flow. Before her sand flowed together to the shape of steps reaching upwards. Moments after it took shape, it would harden and solidify to matte white marble with threads of black reaching through it. And so the new home of the Village hidden in the Sand would begin to take form.

1424 WC


Name: Earth Release: Creation of a Forgotten Land | 土遁・界再建 Doton - Kaisaiken
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S-rank
Type: Defensive
Element: Doton
Range: 15 meter radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: duration+2 posts
Description: This jutsu is used to mold and shape earth to the user's will, able to effect any and all earth in the radius of the jutsu around the user. In addition, the manipulation is able to alter the consistency of the matter; for example it could alter sand into marble while maintaining the same “size” though the weight and hardness may change. There is no limit to this change in substance, and could change sand to an equivalent area of bedrock should the user desire. As long as the jutsu is maintained, the user can continue to mold it at their will and can move the doton chakra at a speed of 25 meters a second. The area of effect follows the user if they move, so if they change their position the earth effected is still the radius around the user. Any earth that is altered maintains that shape/consistency/form until broken, even after leaving the effects of the jutsu. While used often out of combat, this can be used as an effective defensive technique, as the the earth under the user's control is able to block, deflect, and end jutsu that try to pass through it that is not the user's own technique. It is able to effect two technique of S-rank, three of A-rank, and unlimited B-rank or below. The defensive properties against jutsu only last as long as the earth is still under control of the user. In addition, the earth effected is able to block all basic attacks.


Nova Makato|Jutsu|Locker
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regardless of time, place, or circumstance.
The thread may stretch or tangle,
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Aisha Kurosawa

Aisha Kurosawa

Gathering junk. That was the job the priestess' daughter had been downgraded to. A much needed necessity if the girl wanted to earn the coin to improve upon her own puppet. A harsh lesson her mother wanted to impart her - even the privileged in life have to stoop low once in a lifetime. The junk she gathered today would teach her that not everyone was as fortunate as her. It would teach her many others were consigned to poor jobs in an attempt to scrape by. Aisha knew. She had seen the poverty that had struck those remaining within the ruins of Sunagakure. She had seen firsthand how they fought for the smallest of objects that could make a difference between life or death. Aisha had walked through the ruins and the debris, through the ill-struck survivors. It had not been a pretty sight but trained to preserve dignity she had shown none of the sorrow, worry and disgust she had felt.

A black mark on history at the hands of criminals. Then a first attempt to have the Village rebuilt in their image. Even if their leader associated themselves with snakes, Aisha felt a pang of disappointment in how they had approached that project. Kebechet, one of the three 'Tomb Kings' revered by the Cult, the aspect of purity, healing, beauty, would have desired a different approach on the matter. The dead would have to be put to rest, their bodies balmed and preserved. The living would have to be tended too, their wounds restored. Their minds purified. Not poisoned with fear for tyrannic powers. The puppet at her side, Nagini, who was crafted in Kebechet's image, laid its eyes upon Aisha as if she had sensed her master's distress. And was promptly gifted with a heap of junk to hold onto.

Aisha had heard about the stories of a large battlefield as well, since the Cult had brought in the most preserved dead to embalm them. Add them to an army of silent watchers put to rest within the subterranean tomb that formed the Temple of the Tomb Kings. Stories about four nations, the crazy amount of people that had flooded the sands and the unbelievable amount of blood and death that had followed in their wake. Aisha could only wonder to what purpose a dead land had to be desecrated even more. The sands of the Land of Wind were not theirs to begin with; they had no reason to be here. Their meddling in the affairs of others had triggered the proud Kurosawa, the vast destruction and turmoil shaping her prejudice against strangers. Nothing good ever came from outsiders; their arrogance blinding them for the wishes of the native inhabitants. All the more reason for Aisha to be happy they were no longer around. No more of their stinky feet soiling the sacred lands.

Having seen, heard and being taught all of that, this little pampered 'princess' had no need for the harsh lessons of reality imposed by her mother. She already knew all of this, as much as she knew how expensive the Tomb's guardians were to create and maintain. She wouldn't take Nagini for granted. Only... Well... It was easier when she didn't have to work so hard for it?

"Think that's all there is to it, Nagini. Better wrap up and move on before that merchant sells off our request."

The massive puppet standing at a 9 feet height thanks to the even greater tail that supported her humanoid body. Six arms held tight onto bags filled with junk of all sorts. Cogs, rusted metal, broken weaponry. The sort that might, probably, serve some purpose when melted and shaped into something new for one or another person. One person's junk was another man's treasure, or something along that sort of wisdom. Moving next to the slithering puppet with her arms folded in her neck, eyes peering at the horizon as her thoughts further drifted into the future, chakra strings subtly guided the actions of the Guardian as the two walked across the sand of former Sunagakure. Until the sand shifted in the distance and moved up to grant existence to something new.

A white marble building.

Obviously, Aisha had heard of the supernatural feats some people were capable off. But to see those in action would have been mind-boggling if she had not been aware of its existence. Still, seeing how sand was turned to marble basically went against all rules reality could enforce upon mortal kind. This was not simply shaping sand or controlling it like some old clan or so could do. This was some sort of act of transmutation. Turning lead to gold. Or sand to marble, in this case. Her amazement didn't remain for long, remembering the stories she had been told at the Temple. The foreigners of the 'four nations' had brought with them such powers too. They had brought domination and destruction. Was the woman playing with Suna's sand just another of those intruders? She'd soon find out, as puppeteer and puppet moved closer with certain determination.


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