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Yojo stood there a fair distance away from the large warehouse in question with Enlil and the guide by his side. They'd been walking for who knew how long now, and after all that time, it was finally night. Perhaps not the most ideal time to be going around confronting people with interrogation tactics, but it was all the time they had. The moon was high in the sky, with not a cloud to obscure it. The flames of the small village they'd entered did little comapred to the white light that shined down from above. It was eerie, but not as much as the strangeness of this whole scenario.

"They're in there?" Yojo asked, eyes still ahead as he looked at the half-opened door to the barnhouse-turned-shelter. The guide nodded vigorously, waiting to see what his two escorts would do next. "That's where the locals put us up to sleep while we figured out what to do next!" the guide exclaimed. There were lit torches inside the warehouse, some late night-owls were still awake playing cards, but most seemed to be asleep. They'd arrived a tad later than Yojo would've wanted to. Waking people up in the middle of the night might garner some ill will towards himself and Enlil.

He looked to his partner to see what they thought. They had talked things over a great deal while they'd walked back to town. They'd agreed on splitting up. "Can you still point out the witnesses?" Yojo asked, looking down to the guide who turned and nodded. "-good, then let's get to it" he said, walking ahead and keeping his gaze fixed on the warehouse ahead of them both. The quiet street seemed sparsely populated, save for the odd cricket chirping or bird. Some people were still up at this hour, but most of the families and tourists who had come to visit the hot springs had gone home to rest.

Once Yojo reached the entrance of the warehouse, he stopped to make sure that Enlil was watching his back. Once he sensed the other shinobi's presence, he blinked rapidly to coax his sharingan to awaken. With his one Tomoe spinning idly, he looked over the sleeping forms of refugees. He still had the vision of the chakra signature from the ruins in his mind's eye. He was looking for that first, ideally to guide them. He frowned when that easy-way-out tactic didn't bear fruit. Sighing, he nudged the guide forwards. "All right, you're up. Point them out" Yojo instructed.

The guide yelped silently, making an 'o' shape with his mouth before looking over the prone or half-asleep forms of the refugees. They looked solemn, depressed, and with little hop left in their bones. Finally, the guide pointed at an old man with a salt-and-pepper beard playing Solitaire in the corner. "Hi-Him, he's the old blacksmith who saw the Leaf ninja" he said, pausing to look over the rows of staggered sleeping bags and cots. "-and him, the merchant, he said he saw a Cloud-nin the night of the festival" he said, looking back to the two shinobi expectantly.

Yojo looked to Enlil, "I'll talk to the merchant, you talk to the blacksmith. Sound good?" he asked, making sure that he and his partner were on the same page before they split. They were in the same room obviously, but the barn was still big, certainly big enough to take notice of how far apart they'd be even if they could see each other.



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The sun had set along the makeshift group’s long travel towards the village. Now the night sky was lit with bright shimmering stars, though in contrast the lands under were nearly pitch black dark. To the Hatake’s surprise, the village that he and his partner had been led to was a far cry from his imagination. More befitting the description of a small outpost, than an actual bustling village. The entire area was dimly lit with small torches along the roads to help the passing civilian. The duo, led by their guide, made their way towards a large warehouse that seemed to house the refugees from the Bamboo Village.

"They're in there?" Enlil’s Uchiha companion asked. prodding a small nod from the guide that confirmed the genin’s earlier assumptions. "That's where the locals put us up to sleep while we figured out what to do next!" The man said said, looking onward to the warehouse with a discouraged stare. "-good, then let's get to it" Yojo responded. The two shinobi entered and immediately the cause for the guide’s saddened gaze became apparent. Just from a glancing view one could already tell that the living quarters of the refugees were far from the once comfortable beds that had once been so available to them in their vanished homes.

The Hatake’s partner, seeking to try his luck, surged chakra into his eyes, activating the reddish hue of the sharingan. Yojo began to scan the area, in what Enlil could only guess was an attempt to locate a match for the faint chakra signature that he had claimed to see back at the crater of Take no Mura. Unable to do anything but watch, both the Hatake and his guide simply stood back and allowed for the Uchiha to do his thing. After a short moment of silence, the chunin’s eyes returned to normal. From the disgruntled look on his partner’s face, Enlil could already tell that lady luck had refused to take their side. Yojo sighed, and then gestured for the guide to once again help out. "All right, you're up. Point them out" He instructed.

Somehow startled by the Uchiha’s voice, the guide nearly jumped in place before proceeding to do as the chunin requested. The man looked to the surrounding area, searching for the specific individuals that had claim to have seen the strange figure upon the night of Take no Mura’s disappearance. Eventually the man pointed to an older fellow that seemed content to spend the rest of the night playing cards. "Hi-Him, he's the old blacksmith who saw the Leaf ninja" The guide paused, looking at the two shinobi. His finger then moved to point to another. "-and him, the merchant, he said he saw a Cloud-nin the night of the festival" He said.

Enlil’s brown eyes moved towards the two people that the man had pointed out. "I'll talk to the merchant, you talk to the blacksmith. Sound good?” The voice of his partner resounding in his ears. In response, the Hatake would simply nod silently. Already he had planned on talking to the blacksmith before his fellow shinobi had spoken. A curious flamed sparked within him, the question, had a shinobi of the Leaf played a part in this strange situation?

Flames of crude torches lit the narrow path that he walked. Careful, the Hatake made certain that his footsteps did not wake any of the slumbering villagers, or worse that he would step on them accidentally. Upon reaching the old man, he coughed twice, grasping the stranger’s attention. The blacksmith’s eyes locked on to the young genin, with greed. “Care ta gamble?” The man asked, seeking to test his luck and gain some entertainment for the night. Along the man's words, his hand moved to gesture a pillowed seat at his front. Taking the offer, Enlil sat and exhaled a tired sigh. After a long travel, he couldn't deny a much needed rest, even if it was just in the form of sitting.

“I'm not here for that.” The Hatake spoke, pointing his finger to the cards laid on the makeshift table. “I heard that you saw something at the night that the village vanished… Would you mind sharing the details?” He asked politely. The older man's hand moved to scratch his grayed out hair, in thought. “So you're the shinobi they hired, huh?” The man paused. Though he wasn't exactly hired to do anything, Enlil simply nodded in order to save time. The blacksmith looked to the rooftop, slowly drifting into his memory of the night.

“Like everyone I was drunk outta my mind… it was the festival, so why wouldn't I be, ya know? Eventually though, I went out the bar I was drinking in and got some fresh air. Suddenly I see this fellow wearing one of your leaf headbands limping, and I figured he was just drunk like everyone else, but then he looked at me and I saw his teeth… they were gone! He was like a ghoul. Rightfully so, I was creeped out. After that I went back to the bar and passed out, so that’s about all I can give ya.” The man said.

A ghoul? Enlil asked in his mind. It was a surprising turn of events, one that he had not expected. Not a believer of the supernatural, he sunk himself in deep thought, trying to give reason to the limping shinobi’s actions. It was highly possible that the man had been in a fight where he had lost all teeth, it would have certainly explained the limping as well. If that was the case, then perhaps the shinobi was fighting the one responsible for this whole ordeal? He came up with blanks. The Hatake’s eyes searched for his partner, hopefully the Uchiha had learned something useful that could piece together the small information that he had managed to gather.


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Yojo left his partner to interrogate the blacksmith, instead focusing his attention on the stranger that their guide had pointed out. It was a merchant of middling age and height, stooped on a stool counting what coins he had left to his name. He grumbled as the shadow of the Uchiha fell over his small stack of counted coins. "Hey! Move it would ya? I need the light!" he snapped, looking up at the tall form of Yojo. At seeing the Konoha emblem on his arm, he swiftly clammed up, changing his tune to something close to a sleazy cart salesman. "O-OH! Why mister shinobi-sama, it's so good to see you! How can I help you today? Perhaps lend you some money? I can cut you a good deal with low interest!" he said, rubbing his fingers together. A moneylender, yikes.

"No, no. I'm not here for any of that. I'm here for you. For what you saw the night before the village disappeared" Yojo said, crossing his arms as he saw the merchant's smile falter a bit. He looked down and hastily scooped up his coins, dumping them in a small satchel he had with him. "Alright, fine. Just don't say it so loud! I don't want people thinking I was up to anything suspicious" the merchant hissed, removing his mask again and looking around to see if anyone had been snooping in on their short conversation. He looked back up to Yojo again, "I was closing up my stall once the festival was winding down. It was late, I was tired. I was on my way home when I saw someone leaning against the wall of the alleyway looking at me. I couldn't get a good look at them, they were wearing a black cloak, but they had a Cloud village headband hanging loosely around their neck- just like this, ya see?" the merchant explained, wrapping a handkerchief around his neck to replicate the look.

Yojo puckered his lips in thought, taking the info in as the merchant went on. "They said something I couldn't hear, but I won't never forget their mouth. They didn't have any teeth! They looked all old and wrinkly too, like a dried up prune. I was so terrified that I ran home and hopped into bed!" he added, causing Yojo's look of thought to simmer into one of confusion. That was a very specific description, something that seemed far more likely to be a real thing than any hallucination. Still, while he was a somewhat spiritual man himself, the idea of things like demons invading the physical world was bizzare to him. He needed to find the next witness and try to go from there, maybe he'd learn something new that could flesh out this strange story. Yojo nodded to the merchant, who had been eyeing him warily, "Thank you for your time" he said, before turning and walking back to the entrance of the warehouse where the guide had been anxiously watching events unfold.

"Well well well, what do we got here-poyo? A couple of Leaf-nin?" a loud male voice boomed suddenly, filling the interior of the warehouse with sound.

Yojo froze, his body seizing up as he instantly tried to reel with the change in atmosphere and assume a combative mindset. Where had that voice come from? From the movement all around him, he could tell that he wasn't crazy. It seemed that the refugees had heard the strange announcement too. The guide yelped and scampered over to where Enlil was, cowering behind him and looking all about. "I'm hungry-poyo. I thought eating that town would help, but boy I am just starving. So here's what I'm gonna' do" the voice announced. Yojo felt his hand slowly and instinctively reaching into his bag for a kunai. "-Whoever walks out the front door and steps into the daylight is gonna get eaten by me. Every 2 minutes, I'm gonna eat someone in this warehouse... But, if you good people kill these tow leaf-nin, i'll spare you all and just eat them instead for all that tasty chakra. Sound good-poyo?" the voice announced, causing Yojo's blood to run cold.

He saw the tired, desperate, and terrified eyes burning into him and Enlil. They had witnessed this voice's power firsthand, it had eaten an entire village after all. That kind of fear, it was dominating their minds, it was making them weak, and right now, it was making them contemplate the voice's offer very carefully... However, in a room where all eyes were on him and Enlil, there was one figure who caught Yojo's eye. It looked like a woman sitting in the corner of the warehouse, sitting with a blanket pulled over her lap, her head lazily looking down at a book in her hands. She wore a white hood, and had abnormally pale fingers gently thumbing through her pages. She seemed stuck in her own world entirely, devoid of the fear the commoners had- and that alone made Yojo suspicious.

"Don't be foolish!" Yojo yelled, looking around at the slowly standing mob of people in the warehouse looking at him, enlil, and their guide with a silent desperation. The way things were going, this whole situation was about to erupt violently!


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