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There existed in this world an unknown land, a village that had never known war, nor the degradation of the evils that the feudal context and the stormy ages of that era could bring. It was not a land like the ones mentioned in the tales and legends, not fantastic animals, nor extraordinary power. None of this was present here. It was really an insignificant plot, a lambda place where no human wanted to come, did humans live there?

The question was legitimate, although no one here could answer it. So much on a map nobody would have managed to place this coveted point to locate this anonymous region in the eyes of the world. The grass was green there, most of the pines and other conifers that grew there grew large and strong, taking advantage, once spring came, a gentle breeze to spread their spores and at the same time contribute to the durability of this fabulous landscape which in its center saw a large lake reign, don the arms were real river of azure color. The animals lived in this holy universe in a very peaceful way, having for concern only to give their heart to the cycle of life.

On the light fluvial current, was a canoe, it split the floods of water-plates thanks to its triangular shaped head. Made from wood dug the rather stable craft was decorated with several pastel-colored patterns ranging from blue to represent waves to pink that represented something else that no doubt came from local customs, the means of shipping sailed down the river at a steady pace , but there is no doubt that his ability to accelerate had to be rather good when it came to ascending those same rivers described earlier. On the boat stood two men and a woman, all three of them lined up, while the others followed.

Abathor had with him a wicker basket which contained in its bottom of large sheets which then served, to protect the fish freshly sins by the two others who constituted the crew. After a few hours paddling they reached the shore. On which and after a small folding seat of varnished wood, was the entrance of a kind of village. The entrance was signified by a sort of halo made of wood where a plaque in the same material bore, descriptions unreadable except for an archaeologist.

The village was rather of rustic type so were confused traditional feudal houses in the rural landscape and some huts. By traversing the roads made of clay, it was easy to distinguish local shops where were sold utensils made of clay is necessary, which villagers needed for everyday life. In the fourth house, three paths after the entrance of the village, towards the east. Abathor was here as a visitor. He was not special in strength or power. But by the fact that this village, was a key, not to open a secret passage and bring back anything that would give the world a different impetus from the one it currently has, not a key to bring back the dead to life, or give the missing the chance to take revenge. No, at least, it was simply the narrative key, which would open the doors giving views on the continuation of the story that will flow before your eyes. This is the story of how Abathor and Hina meet by chance.

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A long time ago, when the Lord Wind blew and the Mother Earth of its green fur, shone with a thousand lights, under the burning gaze of the Sun Prince. All under the control and will that governs everything in this world... Nature. In this world lived the first men, they lived mainly on agriculture and hunting, then hunting what nature offered them to be able to feed themselves by respecting the ceremony to thank the one who had created them of his kindness and his offerings. They hunted only what they ate and lived in harmony with fauna and flora.

The first men knew no conflict, no war and very little illness. They were called the Companions, the Uta civilization. It is useless today to want to find one of their descendants, they live reclusively far from the ephemeral thing that is the present society, which has lost its nature by granting itself the merit and seeking the evolution of the unnatural evolution of the human race. The people of the multiple-believing companions had a great deal of strength and admiration for the animal kind, so some guardian animals were represented by totems.

The most powerful figure was the bear, which meant courage, strength, love and bravery. Qualities that have certainly disappeared... But one day they were driven from their land by the first armies, the first conquerors who establish their culture of the weapon and iron before themselves to be swept by the arts who now dominate art and battle on the Yulk. It is therefore in an inaccessible place that they took refuge, waiting here for a man to give a chance to the human race and to remind him of the main reason for his existence.

An old prophecy or legend, the name depends on the point of view of each, said, that the gods bear, one day will accompany the one who will love. So they waited patiently out of sight and away from the lusts that this thing or person come against them. Where he lived, in this immense forest was a tree, old and robust, a fig tree they called it. They said of him that he was the representation of nature, the throne where this man would come to birth. That's why every year, during the animal festival. They come to deposit local dishes and offerings of all kinds.

Abathor was there listening to the tales of the stories of this land in a pub. He could understand snippets of the language for he was a wise old man. His face lit up when he saw Hina at the door. He waves to Hina and tells her to come over. He feels like he has never seen this girl before and has seen her before at the same time. He welcomes her to listen with him to the tales of what this city is about. They have such a rich culture and he thinks they should spread it to the world and bring technology to this place.

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Abathor pays no attention to Hina. He is too busy listening to the many tales of the villagers. She can wait until the end of the stories, he thinks. So here, sure her land that brought together the rare wonders of the world she lived with his little brother the young woman was the one who ran the home. One thing that happened when they lost their parents, gone hunting and fishing a rainy day is swept away by the fluvial currents.

Of course she had trouble managing this fast passage to adulthood, but it was not counting on the mutual help and family spirit that reigned in this lost village in the heart of nature. And then there were also local beliefs, nature had a strong place, not her epicenter, a culture based on love, exchange and simplicity. So the earth gave and resumed it was the normal path that knew the cycle of life. The mother nature of everything had decided that way, she had resumed, through the long arm of the river, two of her children to snuggle them against her heart.

There, they would wait for their children to join them. Although this information may seem unnecessary, it is important to mention that it was called autumn leaf, the youngest was called spring sun, both born in different seasons. The story teller was tall for her age, thin and almost brown hair. while his brother was plump and possessed two small pink spots on the top of his cheeks, on the top of his head, enthroned ears and a long ponytail, tied by a ribbon of silk blue-sky, he was missing a tooth to his mischievous smile.

A little agitator the young man was not cold in the eyes and did not balk at the idea of going on an adventure. Wishing to become like the greatest hunter of his country and was lucky to have counted on the wisdom and the calm of his sister who hid no doubt a great shyness. The kid was waiting for the man he called big brother to come back, it had been a month since he had gone on a trip. It was therefore in their house made of ebony that the following scene took place.

They were just getting to the best part of the story but Hina gets up and runs. Abathor runs after her but he is old. He cannot catch up and loses her. He asks around and people point where she has gone to. He desperately wants to find her because this place is truly dangerous. There is a reason why they keep separate and Hina needs to know the reason. He finds her looking at boats and trying to escape. He sees how terrified she is and he tells Hina the secret to getting off the island. He talks to a boat person and they will help her leave. Abathor will stay here for a while and he will leave too.


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