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Growling through his gritted teeth, Kirei's advance left no mercy in its wake, the bolas failing to find its mark entirely but digging into her right ankle, the wires would do their job of weighing Izumi down long enough for the Uchiha to attack. Bounding from his right leg, the volley of shurikens met with a blaze of sparks that coupled a vibrant purple flash from Konoha's resounding celebration, the second of the pair hurling past the first and slicing through the skin of Izumi's forearm, gripping tight enough to carry through with spiraling streamers of blood to the floor beyond. Feeling the momentum of the duel shift into his favor, Kirei's rumbling anger unleashed into a ferocious cry as he let loose what he was sure would be the final blow. Twirling on the axis of his left leg and dashing past his foe, Kirei's slash dug into Izumi's thigh, rattling through her flesh and cauterizing it with strands of dancing lightning, leaving a deep trench of smoldering flesh behind it.

The pair revolved around one another, eyes trained on every movement, elite shinobi once master and apprentice, parting away in the hallway stained black with ash and flame. Gathering his chakra, the Uchiha redied Kuon, igniting pillars of fire across the surface of the coiled lightning, forcing with the breadth of his will, each spiral of flame into itself, condensing layer upon layer of Katon chakra. Radiating heat enough to raise the folds of Kirei's clothing, causing them to billow in the quivering air, the young Uchiha's face ablaze with white light as he began the charge toward her. Drifting, slivers of pure heat ignited the air in Kuon's wake, scorching the oxygen raw and crackling off into red and white shapes. Rising the blade above his head, Kirei's will unshackled the bonds that held together his masterpiece, fire exiting the edge as if thrown from the string of a drawn arrow stretched dangerously taut. And then, as quickly as the brightness came, with a flash of light from the distant sky, it was gone, bled away through the cracks in reality where it seeped back to nothing, leaving the Uchiha's blade crashing down with its shimmering edge alone.

Deftly, Izumi's parry came too fast for the stunned Uchiha, who's Sharingan twitched as he reversed the grip on Kuon and plunged his body to the left, following the dojutsu's orders. As he made his move, the Uchiha's face froze, mouth widening, as the warm steel of Izumi's blade slipped beneath the flak jacket he wore across his chest, tearing through the armor with ease and ripping through flesh and muscle. Coughing to expel the rising blood in his gullet, Kirei would exhale sharply, wheezing and struggling to inhale, slumping toward Izumi. As his foe stepped away, relinquishing the sword's leverage on his collapsing form, the Uchiha's legs gave out, trembling as he felt the floor, still warm from the swathe of flame and ash that bathed it seconds ago, slap against his cheek. Vision waning, Kirei's left arm gripped at blackened wood, digging into the softened surface and pushing against it as he tried feebly to stand before toppling with a fading groan, muffled by blood and shock.

Entrenched in the swelling black, Kirei felt the heat drain from his extremities, replaced by a chill he remembered faintly from the Hidden Mist when in Hansha, he had been within an inch of death at the hands of those monsters that dwelled in Sero's heart. Is this how Watsuji had felt before meeting his untimely end? Kirei's eyes welled wet with tears, eyes clenching as he fought to move his body and carry on, but trembling muscles yearned to be released, and all the Uchiha could do was open his eyes, impotently staring at the silhouette of his master as he watched her, a living monument to his own eternal failure.

"Forgive me.."




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Izumi's ploy had worked, Kirei had come at Izumi with everything he had. Izumi could feel the heat emanating from the intense flames. If Izumi hadn't used the seal she'd have surely met her end when her student came crashing down on her. Finally Kirei had extended too far, his katon chakra having been dispersed completely Izumi easily swept the blade aside and her riposte found its home in the flesh of the young Uchiha. Izumi took a step back retracting the blade and the boy slumped to the floor choking on his own blood. In his state there was no way Kirei could make it out but Izumi was crying as she watched the light fade from the eyes of the boy she loved like a brother. She didn't regret making the choice to live and complete her mission. She only regretted the cost. The sight of Kirei's life fading away would haunt her dreams for a good time to come.

Kirei's flames had set the hallway ablaze and Izumi had to get out before it collapsed, she put his sword in its sheath and carried his body into the courtyard her tears evaporating as they hit the floor, laying him on the ground sword in hand with a note of remembrance explaining that he had fought well and died with sword in hand in the note she also included his honorable last words which spoke of his dedication to duty. Although she could muster a moment of silence and a prayer over his body she still wished she could say much more not only in the note but also to the boy himself. Unfortunately, she had more pressing matters. Izumi gathered Katon chakra in her hand took a deep breath and then pressed the searing energy to the wound on her shoulder burning it shut and staunching the bleeding. Izumi grunted in pain as she did it while gritting her teeth. Examining her other wounds the only other one that needed immediate treatment so again she repeated the painful treatment. Izumi would give herself a few minutes rest chest heaving as she cried and gasped for breath. She could not let her emotions control her for much longer, the true task would upon her quickly.

Yosei and Izumi would surprise the soon to be late Hokage, Rippa Chi. They would use the long lost jutsu of the Fourth Hokage to infiltrate his chambers and kill him while he's completely off guard. Izumi had killed every last ANBU in the compound. As Izumi stood the adrenaline had slowed down and she could start to feel every ache and pain from the battle with Kirei. The Karisuma woman was unsure how much longer she had before she could no longer continue. The battered and somewhat exhausted woman dropped to a kneeling position and closed her eyes, even if she couldn't fix the damage to her body immediately she could refocus her mind through meditation as she awaited her enigmatic master. Her Electromagnetic Radiance would alert her to him when he arrived but until then it was time for whatever precious seconds of peace she could achieve.

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6395 kirei wc before i deleted the topic by mistake.
951 yosei wc.
5895 izumi wc

Along a path strewn with bodies, pillars of flame rose high with deafening, thunderous bellows, the frigid peaks of insurmountable ranges grasping at the storm clouds gathering above where Yōsei had cut his bloody swathe of death and lightning across the ninja world on his journey home. Now that he stood atop Shinwato's most celebrated monument, gaze panning through the dark ocean of orange trees, where the wind plucked leaves and carried them towards the mountain foothills, painting them amber with autumn debris, the Sealer felt as if he stood on alien shores. Over a decade had passed, and the ghosts of battles that he had fought as Konoha's vicious hound of war had faded away, those who stood as his contemporaries, piece by piece, eroded into memory. What remained of Konoha was a shell, driven under the thumb of Kirigakure's tyrant shadow, whos legend had, even now, begun to crumble beneath the weight of Yōsei's endless war.

High above, rolling clouds darkened the edges of Shinwato's outer temples, descending from the west as if a curse had followed the Sealer from the arid horizon of his quest through the Land of Wind. But this hex brought with it rain in lieu of heat, which began to patter against the awnings and paths in a chorus of rhythmic pebbles clacking and bursting to cover Shinwato in a sheen of water. From on high, the Sealer watched as Izumi's duel unfolded below him, and as they vanished into the building below, Yōsei's eyes drew closed and he took the time to steady himself for the deeds that would be done. From the rank and file of the Hidden Leaf's army to the commander of its ANBU, and ruler of the Leaf as Hokage, the man who towered over Konohagakure now returned as an omen of betrayal, who would shoulder what he must in order to ensure his homeland's survival. Appearing from the bowels of the temple with her foe's limp body, the Sealer's pupil placed the head of the Hokage's detail carefully down in the building rain. Thrumming his fingers against the hilt of Kyoki at his hip, Yōsei took his final moment to breathe in Fire Country.

Standing now within the Hokage's chamber, Yōsei's hands thumbed through sheets of papers, trade deals, and notes taken in meetings with foreign dignitaries. In times of peace, a man such as Rippa Chi was a boon for Konoha, but with unknown forces poised to strike from beyond the world, and the looming threat of war between nations, this time called for men of cruelty. It was here, in the chamber, where Yōsei would await his pupil, who he trusted to ascend through the tower on her own merits, and when she arrived she would be greeted by the stern face of her master, shrouded in black robes, who would acknowledge her briefly before he spoke, tone low and severe as the grave.

"Soon, the Hokage's delegation will arrive, and we will remain here lying in wait. This man is not like other shinobi you have fought, he is a man chosen to lead the Hidden Leaf, surrounded by elite shinobi. I fear if we let this contest linger, then all that we have done will be for nothing."

Raising his right arm, Yōsei would pull the folds of his cloak away to reveal tanned skin run black with ink, with his left palm, the Sealer parted the tattoos, which quivered and shifted at his whim, leaving a space of bare flesh which he bore toward his student.

"Upon you, I have placed my mark, and now you will take the knowledge I have shown you, and thusly, on my flesh, you will bind yourself to me. Between us, this bond will allow the power to move two bodies as one, revolve around the world, be everywhere as the ninja world collapses into war. Through this power, we will absolve our contract, in time."

Whatever words they shared between them would become lost in anticipation of their missive. Through the doors to the temple, the Hokage's delegation made its way heavenward, guards from the retinue of soldiers flaking off in layers to cover each floor of the temple while the Fire Shadow pushed through into the antechamber beyond the twin assassins. Guards taking their stations either side of the door, Yōsei's eyes would flicker past the turning door handle, and toward Izumi for the fraction between his firing synapses before he was off. In time with the door cracking open, and light from candles breaching the pitch black hideaway the two had chosen for their grand upheaval, the Sealer streaked across the room like a bolt of black lightning, drawing a sharp inhale from the man who called himself Hokage. Upon Rippa in an instant, the seal would slip between Yōsei's fingers as he darted past, the black scripture burning into his targets shoulder as the Sealer's chakra tore away the ribbons of blood that already poured from Rippa's hands as he summoned the power of his ninjutsu. Guards turned inward, and a wreath of golden chains accompanied Yōsei's arrival, barreling behind him to ensnare the Hokage's limbs, but finding purchase on only his left shoulder as Rippa spun to face the assassin now behind him, turning his eyes away from the still unknown pupil in his chambers.

Withdrawing Seisakata, Yōsei's eyes met the dashing shapes of elite ANBU operatives, and he stepped forward, blade flourishing in his grip, to do what must be done.




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Her own personal ceremony for her student having ending and her tears finally having run their course Izumi finally had sensed a new figure in the Hokage's chamber and knowing the likely identity she set off towards the ultimate goal of her incursion into the Village Hidden in the Leaf. The rain had made a mess of her hair but had washed away much of the blood and ash as she ran through it. By the time Izumi reached the Hokage's chambers she was soaked, the water quickly evaporated off her skin giving her a somewhat devilish aspect as she entered the decadent chamber of a man she despised. Rippa would not be subject to the same mercies as Kirei. Izumi planned to slaughter the man before he was even aware of what was happening. It would have to be quick, Kirei had caused quite the commotion and reinforcements were surely on their way thanks to the great blaze he'd set in the temple. The stony gaze of her master and his dismissive greeting was to be expected. Yosei was many things but affectionate was not one of them, Izumi preferred this in a teacher it helped both focus on the true goal of training in their world. Besides, the student should mirror the master and to say Izumi was known to many as a kind woman would be a lie.

Izumi was prideful but she also was realistic, her master was likely correct in that Izumi would likely perish against the Hokage and his personal retinue should the contest take an extended period. In her current condition she'd have a very hard time having another long battle she was already wounded and her chakra had been greatly diminished. Yosei always had a surprise for her, and this one was more welcome than most. The tattoo Izumi now bore on her left forearm was apparently an advancement of their contract. Izumi's lust for power was insatiable but this was definitely a great step. Izumi and Yosei shared rare words together the pair often not interacting for long periods talked little normally. They shared a deeper bond than a mere contract however, the master and his student shared a common purpose in the world one that transcended being a ruler. They were the shadows that wrote history or at least they would be if they succeed. Although it would be difficult to say how far Yosei's influence has been sown and for how long his masterpiece had been in the works.

Yosei was the first to spring into action, the blade which had removed Ayakashi's arm in hand and challenged the delegation first causing a distraction and exposing the Hokage's back to her. The Karisuma woman created two clones of herself. Izumi surged chakra through her own body and by touching her clones she bestowed the same chakra to them. This chakra would raise adrenaline in their body and increase their speed to incredible levels.The trio wasted no time charging forward with blades extended each crackling with the same void that she'd used against her student. Their blades should they strike would likely kill the Hokage instantly and Izumi's long mission would finally be complete. Not only would this satisfy her master it would satisfy a small portion of her desire for revenge against a man whom she saw as partially responsible for the destruction of her home.

578 words.

Shadow Clones have 40 chakra remaining each.

Electromagnetic Radiance ended.

Name: Shadow Doppelganger Technique (影分身の術 ~ Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Element: None
Range: The clone can be created up to 6 meters away from the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Until all clones are dispersed
Cooldown: Three posts after clones are dispersed.
Description: Shadow Doppelganger Technique creates up to 4 clones of the user. Unlike the regular Bunshin, these clones are actual copies, not illusions. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each one an equal fraction of the user's overall power. Because they are created this way, even the Sharingan and Byakugan can't distinguish them from the original. The user of this technique must form a hand sign to create the clones, they cannot form them simply by will. The clones will be created in roughly the same physical condition as the original (wounds and buffs/debuffs/special effects present on the user are copied over upon creation); also, the user must equally divide their chakra among the clones, potentially using up all their chakra quickly if the user is low on chakra or makes too many clones. The clones are capable of performing techniques on their own and can even bleed. They can also disperse on the user's whim. A characteristic that is unique to the Shadow Clone Technique is that any experience the clones gain during their existence is transferred to the user once they are dispersed. This makes the technique ideal for spying, since the user can simply send a clone to spy on a target, then have the clone disperse itself without returning to pass the information back to the user. Anomalistically, Kagebunshin are immune to the paralytic effects of Genjutsu B-rank and below. The user regains the chakra the clone had if and only if s/he disperses it of his/her own will; it takes a 1 post prep to disperse.

When you create a shadow clone, your chakra is divided among it/them. For example, let's say you're a Chuunin with max chakra. Your current chakra, 200, would be reduced by 20 for the cost of the jutsu; you want to make 4 clones, so your chakra is divided by 5 (you + 4 clones). This gives each clone a fifth of your chakra. So, each clone would have 36 chakra. Being that they are shadow clones, they are each able to perform jutsu themselves; they have their own separate chakra pool, and also follow their own cooldowns for jutsu. Each Shadow Clone has a reserve of stamina; their individual chakra is reduced by an amount appropriate amount to the damage done (E-10, D-15, C-20, B-25, A-30, S-35). The clone automatically disperses when it runs out of chakra, or when hit by any attack that can cause a noteworthy level of physical damage [second/third degree burns, broken bones, stab wounds, etc] If the original uses a technique before creating the shadow clones, the remaining cooldown on the technique applies to all clones created.

Name:  War Against All Reason | 理駄武る
Canon/Custom:  Custom
Rank:  B
Type:  Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Up to 3 allies touched
Specialty: Karisuma | Medical
Duration:  3 posts
Cooldown:  5 posts
Description: Izumi touches up to 3 willing targets who receive a burst of adrenaline and saratonin, numbing their senses to pain and giving them a boost to their minimum running speed of 25 m/s. After the duration is up they paralyzed, their systems in shock from the hormonal burst for the same amount of time.

Name: Chidori: Gekkabijin (千鳥 悔過飛刃|)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Offensive | Supplementary
Element: Raiton
Range: 15m radius | touch
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 3 posts

  • Ability: Chidori - This jutsu is able to cut through, effectively ignoring the first Jutsu / armor they come into contact with of the technique's rank or lower. This ability is only expended when piercing a technique or armor equal to the technique's rank.

Furthering the concept of focusing raiton chakra on a single point, this jutsu makes the focus something as small as the edge of a razor sharp blade or the users fingernail. Flowing chakra into one of these points creates a pocket where light is extinguished due to the interference from the focused electricity. People within the radius of this technique are effectively blinded thanks to the total darkness in addition chakra detection methods are suppressed from the interference.  

The volatile chakra can be used in one of two ways, first the charge can be dispersed across the radius traveling at a speed of 45 mps, alternatively it can be used as a traditional chidori I’m touch attack form. While this jutsu has greater flexability than a normal chidori it does no more damage than a normal one would do, upon impact with an opponent the Raiton chakra cuts 3" deep almost impaling the victim on the user's hand with a direct hit, cauterizing the wound and delivering minor 3rd degree electrical burns to the point of impact and severe second degree burns both internally and across the surface of the hit portion of the body (arm, torso, etc.) in long streaks.

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Barking loudly, Seisakata threw itself in the path of knives and shuriken that sought to do its master harm, thrashing at the errant projectiles and sending them astray. Darting in between the pair, who struck together their hands in a string of seals, Yōsei spun, unleashing a barrage of bolts as, from the space between his fingers, the Eight-tails plunged into reality, shredding the air with rhythmic drums bursting. A rain of silver nails cascaded from the Sealer, each strung with the Will of Fire, and Yōsei would be gone. From above, a sword came crashing, Sairin's whistling accompanying the thrum of raindrops pouring from the skies above Shinwato that finally rose into a crescendo, roaring behind the clash of steel and flourish of chakra that struck this desecrated monument.

Sliding back on his feet, the ANBU captain's eyes widened beneath his mask as he felt the supernal winds of Yōsei's weapon tug at his back, slowing his retreat enough for him to falter. Between a heartbeat was all it took for the man in black to barrel forward, right arm tapping the opposite of his opponent toward the ceiling while Sairin dove beneath his shoulder, ejecting from the back of the man's neck before the Sealer carried on. Twisting away from the falling body, Yōsei brought his right arm backward, summoning forth Kyoki in his fingers and rising it in a tight spin as his forward foot became the axis of his second disappearance. With a series of thuds, kunai and shuriken hit the wall en masse, and the second of the Hokage's guards found himself beset upon by the scourge of Inabayama, who struck first with Kyoki, meeting the guard of a withdrawn blade that sought to best him. Sairin followed, feinting a low strike before spinning and being replaced by Seisakata, whose reach and heft would allow the Sealer to advance, striking upward into the stumbling Leaf shinobi.

Breaking through the guard of his prey, Yōsei found the opening enough for Seisakata's fury to emerge, passing through the cracks in his opponent's walls, the odachi bit deeply in the ANBU's abdomen. Wrist clenching, the Sealer drew his blade to the side and twisted back, withdrawing it in time to hear the slap of unnecessary victims sprawled along the floor. At his flank, the deed was done, chains whipping from the Sealer's back had found their way across the Hokage's arm while his student charged, a trio of clones becoming the firing squad for Rippa's execution. Blades dug deep, slicing through the Hokage's flesh and causing him to come apart, chains tugging at his body unleashing a gory display of blood and organs which spilled across the chamber entrance. Hands clenching in clouds of smoke, the swords which guarded the Sealer's path vanished into nothing, and Yōsei turned toward Izumi, who doubtless, would be covered in the Hokage's blood. Far below, trained ears could hear the clattering sound of doors and shutters, shinobi shouting codewords that echoed into whispers so high above the entrance. Nodding to his apprentice, the Sealer bolted past her, the shadow of his ebony shroud disappearing from the window on the far side of Rippa's chamber.

Back atop the temple's peak, Yōsei would linger long enough for Izumi to join him, and baritone singing through the storm, rain pelting every tile, the Sealer spoke. At their junction, the two stood on the storm's edge, between opposing horizons of thunder and fireworks that flashed and hissed, bellows and crackling sparks mixing into a cacophony of discordant noise.

"Wear not, this night's grave missive as a badge of honor. What we have done here will linger through history, but we have achieved no great triumph. These violent errands in which we indulge will bring about our ruin, but you must remember our contract - through this, we will save the world."

"Never forget this moment, pay reverence to these blasphemous acts."





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In the time it took Izumi to charge and kill the Hokage, Yosei had slain each of the ANBU his blade easily slicing through the men and bringing them to an untimely end. His chain had caught Rippa at the same time as Izumi and her clone’s blades. His death was not only quite bloody, but it was quick. Rippa scarce had time to cry out in pain before his life ended. Thus the end of the good Hokage Rippa Chi had come. Their mission completed Izumi dismissed her clones and left to meet her master atop the tower. The storm had reached a howling climax but Izumi could still hear her master’s deep voice booming a debrief towards her. Izumi bowed at her master at the end of his short speech, silently showing her acknowledgement and respect for his power and tutelage. Izumi sat down again after he left disappearing to who knows where until one of them called upon the other again. The blonde woman reflected on the night’s events considering the gravity of the situation and the implications of what they’d done. Who would be Hokage? Would her painstaking planning pay off? Would the war truly begin in earnest?

Izumi made a half tiger hand seal and created a disk of flame above her head giving her a respite from the rain so that she could take out her journal and begin to transcribe the events she played a large part in on this night. The woman could write quickly and dexterously filling pages in seconds she wrote of the death of Rippa, the slaughter of his ANBU and the burning of the temple in the Shinwato District. By the time the reinforcements arrived Izumi would be long gone sharing Nova’s chambers for some much needed care and rest. They had fought recently but on a night like tonight she hoped they could put aside their quarrel. Sealing her journal back away Izumi sat on the edge of the tower watching the fireworks and the celebrations below. It seemed the Sand genin had lost given the vigor of the chorus of celebrants. The people of this village deserved this last night of happiness. The road ahead would be much less enjoyable.

Izumi laid back crossing her arms behind her head and closed her eyes letting the raindrops hit her face. The woman wanted nothing more than to be alone for a little while longer. Surely with the fires of war approaching Izumi would have much less of these moments alone instead needing to help lead her recovering village through the storms of war. He people of the Sand Village were no strangers to violence surely but they still hadn’t been properly trained in years. Some of them must have kept up some sort of regimen but not enough to be a force to be reckoned with just yet. Izumi’s ranging would have settle down for the time being. Having her fill of the rain Izumi rose and turned to leave.

510 words.

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"Kirei, get up."

Turning in the frigid abyss, the Uchiha expected to lay eyes on his father, who doubtless, was the source of the rattling voice that rung out in the blackness. He had been here before, in Hansha, lulled from the edge of death by the vice grip of his father's expectations. In his earliest memories, Kirei could hear the rough baritone barking across the Uchiha compound as students came and went beneath his storied tutelage. As was the way of things, the master's son received the harshest lessons, and the young boy's broken spirit drew him to silent chambers where he would cry alone and curse the name shinobi. Pushed away from the life of a ninja, it was no surprise the young Uchiha found himself behind the curve of his peers, even through the rigors of Yara's training regime. It had been in the freezing north, when finally the frustrated master sent his boy abroad, hoping to sharpen the dull edge of his son's skill in a nation known for its brutality. Out of place, Kirei made a home among his friends, rejecting the ways of his host nation, will reinforced by the atrocities and sorrow of the Hidden Mist. It had been Izumi, a shinobi so much like his father, who had inspired the young Uchiha's path toward Shinwato.

Eyes squinting through the dark, Kirei's vision focused and his head tilted, transfixing his gaze on another self who stood glaring back with Sharingan ablaze. Identical down to every detail, even the gaping abdomen awash with blood and rain, burned clothing and mane of blonde hair stained red and black. Confusion setting in, Kirei's hands rushed to his hip, remembering his other selves in Hansha, those who set upon him and saw him almost dead beneath their assault. There, he had fought himself atop a mountain in the space between memory and death and stolen the three tomoe Sharingan as his prize. But here, the other him made no move to attack, his eyes trained on Kirei but posture neutral, no effort expended in preparing for the real Kirei's attack, or reacting to his sudden movement. Stopping dead, Kirei returned his doppelganger's icy stare, voice low, he spoke.

"What's going on here? Who are you?"

"We're really dumb, ya know? I'm you."

"I know you're me, that's not what I'm talking about! Where did you come from? Why are you here? Why do I keep seeing you?"

"Because you know the truth, even though you've spent your whole life trying to run from it."

"Look, I don't get it! What are you talking about?"

"The Curse of Hatred."


"Uchiha. We're destined to suffer, and as our suffering grows, we become consumed by hatred. It's the shared tragedy of all Uchiha, a lineage of inescapable ruin."

"You sound just like everybody else."

"I'm not here to make you give up, Kirei."

"Then why the hell are you here?! I don't understand any of this!"

Screaming into the abyss, Kirei's voice reverberated from nothing, resounding through endless halls of expanding black before retreating into distant chimes and finally silence again.

"It's okay, Kirei. Wake up now, there's still something you have to do tonight. After you're done, we'll have all the time in the world to figure out how we're gonna save them."

"Save who?"

"The Uchiha."

Gasping for air, Kirei's eyes shot open to the sound of pouring rain and howling wind, droplets slapping against his cheek like razors dicing at his flesh. Inhaling weakly through blue lips, the young Uchiha groaned, left arm raising to the wound in his gut, eliciting a wince and cry from the ANBU as he felt the blow had been no mere dream. Mind catching up to body, he thought of Izumi, and his body clenched, rolling on the strength of his shoulder face down in the mud and water. Letting loose a shrill yell, the Uchiha pushed against the dirt, forcing his body to stand on trembling legs, his body run pale with blood loss and adrenaline. Discarding his ruined flak jacket, Kirei tore from his sleeve a length of black cloth and took the hilt of Kuon to his mouth. Biting down hard while securing a makeshift bandage on his mid-section, the Uchiha finally released his breath, with tears and blood streaked across his face. Unwilling to relent, the boy's body found will unspent, and one foot in front of the other, he was gone.

Each step recoiled through his body like a barrage of slings and arrows, but the bounding leaps between pagodas running waterfalls of torrential rain brought him closer to the apex. Broaching the final story of the monument, where he could gaze toward the roof, eyes focusing through blurred vision on a pair of silhouettes before one was gone, blown away in the hurricane. Hands clasping at the rooftop's edge, Kirei pulled his body skyward, hoisting himself with the leverage of ornamental filigree. When finally he summoned the strength to stand, his Sharingan drew its ire straight toward Izumi's flank. Withdrawing Kuon from his side, holding the tanto impotently in his weakening digits, the Uchiha screamed, voice hoarse, half choked with blood and ash, breaking into a run toward his former master.


Kuons strike would come toward Izumi's wounded shoulder, seeking to plunge itself into her flesh as she turned and ride her to the ground. Desperation overtook anxiety and logic, Kirei's mind raced with thoughts of vengeance and redemption, watching the figures of his closest friends fade away into nothing piece by piece. Kuon crashed down, the Uchiha's final plea to a world which he saw crumbling at the edges.



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Izumi would take her time making her way down the tower, the time for exertion was over and Izumi needed all the energy she had just to stumble off to Nova and take the pair out of the city before the searches and interrogations began. Izumi was foolish to have visited her lover while posing as Zhi, surely they'd question anyone who she'd interacted with while she was there hopefully that poor young thing from the Sound fared well but either way she was on her own. All Izumi was concerned with currently was her slow limp to freedom. If it hadn't been for Kirei Izumi would have left unscathed. The wounds would be healed fully by Hika, her shoulder might scar but the rest should heal just fine. Izumi was satisfied with the fight, it had been a long time since she'd fought so hard it was a welcome obstacle in an otherwise perfect mission. The unfortunate part of it was the death of Kirei, Izumi would pay respects one last time on the way out.

Izumi's eyes widened when she walked to the edge of the tower looking over the courtyard to find Kirei's corpse missing and she drew her sword off her shoulder exposing her wound once again to the air. When she heard Kirei's voice screaming her name Izumi turned to see him thrusting forth, after turning his blade was aimed for her heart and she hadn't the strength to raise her sword quickly. Izumi's left hand reactive shot up and she aimed to parry the blade with her own attached to her wrist unfortunately the woman was too exhausted to extend the blade in time and instead felt it sink into her arm. Time froze for a moment as she looked at the sanguine dipped blade sticking out of her arm. Thankfully the parry had been successful even if it was made with bone and flesh instead of steel and leather. Moments passed before she looked up to Kirei. “You damned fool. You should have left while you had the chance.” 'This is going to hurt' thought the woman to herself having decided the best course of action. Izumi pivoted away from the razor sharp blade protruding from her wrist although in the process this removed her hand she was able to use the momentum to bring the sword in her right hand around in swift arc removing Kirei's left arm at the shoulder causing him to drop the sword. Izumi aimed a kick at Kirei's thigh that brought him down to one knee before she threw a knee at his chin sending him off the edge of the tower and into the burning abyss.

Izumi had acted so swiftly she had to take a moment to fully realize she no longer had a left hand. It was almost like she was out of her own body observing herself look at the stump that was left where her dominant hand once was. Izumi didn't even remember how she ended up in Nova's room but there she was, looking down at the woman she loved who lie sleeping her violet hair shining in the moonlight. Izumi shook the woman awake who looked startled up at her before her eyes widened at the sight of her left arm. Izumi gently bade her to take her arm as she made the seal of confrontation and made a clear picture in her mind of the chest full of scrolls in Izumi's tent at the site of the new Sunagakure. As soon as Nova took her arm the pair disappeared into the night not to be seen in the Leaf for the indefinite future. Izumi would explain the nights events to her lover as she tended to her wounds as best she could.

647 words. Total word count: 7,630.

Using EP Prizes to reduce training costs by 70%


  • Flying Thunder God: 2700/2700

  • Fuinjutsu from S to Legendary: 1800/1800

  • Taijutsu from Nothing to B: 1500/1500

  • Ninjutsu Trained from S to Legendary: 1800/1800 (Using words from this thread to make up difference)


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Fangs bared, the young Uchiha's scream reverberated over the storm, catching the woman's attention as she twirled toward him, mouth agape, eyes flaring at the sight of Kirei's reappearance. Drawing a bead above Izumi's heart, the vehement charge of the young ANBU manifested from an abyss of desperation, Kirei frantically clawing at distant ribbons of hope and courage to find purchase and pull himself from its clutches. Wells of light burst around as the pair enclosed, the function of their Katon chakra warring in the tempest as the consequences of their battle burned away the floors of the tower below. In the distance, a deep heave followed deafening cracks, and the tower rumbled. Agents from across the land of fire, a menagerie of animal facades, descended toward Shinwato, distress calls sounding far as the city walls of Konohagakure. Drowning beneath the weight of their history, the world was stripped away, and left only the rain and thunder behind.

Sparks flourished, impossibly resilient to the blithering torrent of water unleashed from the heavens, and bloomed outward from the brief clash of Kuon and Izumi's hidden blade, the latter giving way to Kirei's determination as, trajectory altered, it sunk deep into the skin below Izumi's wrist. Crying out, Kirei's jaw gnashed, and he pushed forward, torn muscles and broken bones grinding agony in their wake. Kirei felt his vision shake, blood dripping from his teeth and forehead, stomach throbbing in time with his heartbeat, but refused to relent. Eye to eye, the duo slid across the rooftop, slick with running water, transfixed on the moment that drew to hours between them, it seemed inevitable, the path of master and student, for things to end like this. Pained words left Izumi's lips, omens of a road not taken, one that Kirei had not seen, there was no retreat from the blasphemy of Shinwato's new legacy, the Uchiha could not have left, even if the Sharingan had chosen to show him how.

Drawing her body away from Kirei, Izumi's wrist met the pivot of the Uchiha's blade, which snapped through flesh and bone, eviscerating the veins and ligaments of her hand, causing the errant limb to drop unceremoniously to the ground. Summoning the last of his strength, Kirei inverted the grip on his tanto, raising his left arm, fingers poised to form the shape of a hand seal, and he felt Izumi's blade slide past him. Not yet registered, the Uchiha's arm dropped limp, drawing Kirei's eyes toward his shoulder, and the sensation of searing pain that radiated from nowhere. Kuon falling between his fingers, the young ANBU's hand rose to clutch, instinctively, at the gaping wound that poured blood from his shoulder. Before he could find his bearings, the boy felt his master's knee topple him, snapping into the side of his leg where he felt bones crack beneath the pressure of her blow, and he fell. Clattering to his knees, Kirei barely had time to clutch his shoulder and peer skyward before he felt the swipe of Izumi's strike across his chin and felt himself propelled, streaming jets of water either side of his body as he slipped from the temple's edge, vision fading.

Trails of blood streaming from the Uchiha's shoulder, he plummeted toward the earth, swirling, blurry images draining of color and light, as Kirei saw the strands of his bloodstained hair frame the picture of his final moments, useless, and alone. Consciousness faded before the Uchiha's bones shattered, body skipping across the front courtyard before losing momentum and falling completely limp, breath stalled, heartbeat quieting. Somewhere betwixt life and death, the Uchiha saw himself, sympathetic smile plastered across his face, arm rent to nothing even in his fevered imagination. Embracing himself, the Uchiha sobbed, sniffling through a mask of tears. The reply came from the doppelganger, whos Sharingan saw through Kirei's eyes toward a future that together they would pave.

"Welcome home."


10% prodigy
20% genius
10% uchiha
10% combat
20% sensei bonus
= 70% cap
+20% toward fire

1200 wc trains genjutsu A-rank to S-rank
2100 wc trains doton B-rank to S-rank
750 wc trains an s-rank jutsu
200 wc trains an a-rank katon jutsu
200 wc trains an a-rank katon jutsu
200 wc trains an a-rank katon jutsu
600 wc trains an a-rank jutsu
600 wc trains an a-rank jutsu
600 wc trains an a-rank jutsu
600 wc trains an a-rank jutsu
600 wc trains an a-rank jutsu
300 wc trains archery weapon style

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Due to the plot of this thread and the implications, it has on the world this thread is marked as a Major Plot thread. Participants of this thread are awarded 10 ep.


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