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Mission name: Stop that Thief! (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Stop the thief.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300
Mission description: You're walking down the Market when you hear someone shouting for you to catch the thief; which you then see running away. Your job is to chase down and stop the thief, bring back the stolen goods, and then hand the thief off to the proper authorities.
Mission details: The thief is an Academy wash out who will absolutely refuse to give you his name. He has no skill minus basic Taijutsu knowledge and E3 stats, though he'll be more worried about running away and trying to escape than actually fighting you. However, if you do physically restrain him then he will likely attempt to fight you off, though it will be a pathetic attempt. Retrieve the stolen goods from his pockets so you can return them after he is handed over to the proper authorities and your job will be done.

“But you know very well that he will come back, it's important for him you know? Marking a light pose to lay the woven basket she had in her arms. It's only been a month, it's not long, and then ... did you just do the exercises he told you to do? I strongly doubt, you know if one day you want to look like him, you'll have to fight now and you train every day” Abathor has befriended this lady who gives him good advice.

Abathor says “oh” he was astonished at a revelation that was pointing the tip of his nose and began to sprout in his mind a flawless plan. But yes! You are right! You're not that stupid!” On these last words he made his way to the outside of their house.

A few moments later, on the oak ledge of the window overlooking the village, a small blue bird came to rest and chirped five times. The breeze was light, caressing the face and the hair of the old man whose dumbfounded eyes watched with a great calm benefactor, the little bird. The bird seemed to have flown for countless days, it squeaked in a strident voice as if panicked, the bird had a message of the utmost importance. A few hours earlier, the dawn had ended up giving way to the day, while a pirogue was returning from several days of fishing, in the sky was flying a blue chick, announcing a message.

In this azure sky, stained by great laceration flamboyant. Against strong seasonal winds, caressing the clouds and twirling. A little being waved his little wings frantically, sometimes up, sometimes down, he walked in the tumult without complaining, this little bird with brown plumage made this round every morning. He passed over this long river, and saluted the salmon, which swept up the stream, touching with its wings the splashes produced by the scales.

So frail, his endurance did not allow him to accustom him to support such important journeys, indeed from his cozy nest made in a clearing, he went to the great forest. Zigzagging through the pines and sequoias, who with the help of their big white green and strong greeted him.

He who ran in the heavens and danced in the air currents would then awaken the whole forest. Today he took the same route, saw the salmon and headed straight where the greenery reigned mistress. The sun rose as the meters traveled, the feeling that the heat gave him was nice and made his trip a more pleasant. After having done a cabriole, the traveling chick then went again to the destination he was so fond of. Entered the forest, he chirped a song, which did not leave indifferent.

The sun rose as the meters traveled, the feeling that the heat gave him was nice and made his trip a more pleasant. Abathor keeps going and going and soon he arrives back in his town. He sees a thief making trouble and he knows he has to chase him.

WC: 511

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Hina sat cross legged and was meditating in deep peace. She couldn’t believe that she was actually promoted now. The promotion had made it so that she didn’t have to patrol all over the place like and wear her legs out all day. She was in a supervisory role of some of the newbies, at least some of the time. Her age certainly helped her nab the position so that she could look over the very young members of the law force. Her meditation was broken from time to time because she was always available to help. She couldn’t justify sitting around and sleeping on the job, even if she was actually focusing really hard with her hearing to pick up on trouble. There was an old lady that wanted her to help cut some wood because her husband was feeling ill. Hina was known for completing favors and she didn’t have it in her to turn her down. How long could this possibly take?

By the fifth log, her body began to ache to feel the fatigue of the work finally taking hold. It would have been a good idea to rest before trying to perform household chores around the old place. But she viewed it as a challenge and another way to toughen her body. Find herself overheating from excess work, she removed her outer layer tossing it to the side. Placing another piece of wood onto the stump, she quickly rose the axe into the air only to quickly drop it down onto the stump. However, due to her fatigue, she missed her target slicing the edge of the wood and logging the axe into the stump once again. This time she found it a bit difficult to remove the axe from the stump using her whole body weight to remove the axe this time. Resetting once again she took careful aim to hit the center of the stomp by taking practice swings at it. The more she performed the motion to chop the wood, the more her body tensed up, screaming in pain to rest. But she fought through the pain and managed to split the log in two. She had no skill with using an axe which explained the poor cuts but at least she could do something useful. When she had cut enough, Hina cursed the waste of her thirty minutes and she went back to her post.

There was a woman who was complaining about one of the people Hina was supposed to be watching over. It sounded like they had hassled the woman for something that was completely legal. Hina assured her that she would take care of yelling at the kid and then was interrupted by someone shouting that a thief had stolen something. Hina took off after the thief and recognized Abathor who was coming around the corner as fast as his old body would let him. What was someone like him doing chasing a criminal? Wasn’t he a bit too old for that kind of thing?

WC: 507

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Even though Abathor runs after the thief his mind is stuck in the forest. He pretends all the obstacles of the city are in the forest. In his head he is looking at the sun rose as it rises, the feeling that the heat gave him was nice and made his trip a more pleasant. There is no reason to be stressed out about a thief so he relaxes himself.

He was in the heart of the wildest nature, a waterfall that overlooked a small pond whose rustling sounds of beautiful waters gave an even more consistent charm to this unspoilt and beautiful place. The grass was green, and the innumerable species of flower would make anyone's heart sway, which would try to moisten its sweet scent.

Bees were foraging, deer were drinking, and rodents, rabbits and others were coming out of their burrows. The Owl, the patriarch, watched over things before going to sleep and leaving room for young people. The various animals that populated the forest then went in the direction of an immense and old tree, whose skeleton was imposing, its branches were long and knotted, and its pale bark must surely have seen the first ages of this world, and its foliage shone in the light of the sun, made the curve facing the mighty star. He does not know why he thinks of the sun like this. He loves the warmth it brings.

Abathor runs and runs and accidentally runs over the thief. He doesn’t know how he managed to catch up so fast. Most people can easily out run him. He sees that Hina is here to save the day and that’s why the thief stops. Nobody wants to mess with that lady. The thief gets up and runs at Abathor. He wants to leave through the weakest obstacle. Abathor is very weak but he does not give up for no reason. He puts his hands up and tries to work his old man powers except nothing really happens. Who is going to stop for an old man who has no strength to do anything.

“Don’t do anything crazy”

Abathor does not want this to get violent but he still wants to keep himself looking intimidating even though he is not. He knows if he gets attacked he is useless and will get hurt. He knows hina can help him out so he is not that worried. He feels his tummy rumble and wants to go grab the yummy smelling corndogs that are right next to them. He pulls out some money and goes to buy one to break the tension.

“Give yourself up and I will give you one corndog”

Abathor thinks back to when he was a bad person. He would have done anything for a corndog. They were so yummy and bready and they were never dry. The thief looks at the corndog with hungry eyes. Will he fall for this ultimate trick of Abathor’s playbook? He waits for Hina to make her move.

WC: 503/1014

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The thief stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Hina in all her magnificence standing in front of him. He seemed to have forgotten all about the old man chasing after him and for whatever reason Abathor had run right into him and brought him to the floor. Hina had to hold back a laugh and looked to see more people running down the street. “You there! Arrest that man, he stole from our shop!” Hina was a little bit wiser than she used to be and wasn’t going to be taking someone in without having enough proof. “What did he steal,” she asked as the thief got up and started looking for a way out. “He stole a bag of fruits. You can see it in his hand.” They wheezed between every couple of words which wasn’t helping because the thief tried running only for Hina to intercept his escape path. “Do you have anything to say in your defense?” Hina asked the thief. She was being a lot more formal than she usually was. There were other ways of taking down a thief that didn’t need her to talk to him a lot.

“Okay, if you don’t have anything to say I’m going to have to take you in.” Hina wished he had an excuse because she hated having to do this part of the job. The good news was that the thief was now looking right at a corn dog that Abathor had snuck off to buy. Hina couldn’t deny that it looked and smelled absolutely delicious. She had to hold in her laughter because if Abathor’s plan actually worked this would save her a potentially dangerous round of fighting. The thief dropped the bag of fruits and walked over to Abathor who was holding out the corndog and tried to snatch it from his grasp. Whether he succeeded or not he would start running again as fast as he could in an attempt to escape. Now that it was clear that the thief wasn’t going to come peacefully, Hina had no choice but to engage in combat. She was nowhere near as fast as the thief but he had a number of people intentionally blocking his path. Hina came up behind him and tackled his legs. This made his upper body slam into the hard ground but he braced for impact. The thief kicked his way out of Hina’s poor hold and took off again.

“If you don’t stop then I’m going to have to take this seriously!” Hina shouted after him. A couple more people started grappling onto him and Hina wondered what Abathor was going to do next. He had just had one of his corndogs stolen. She would have been furious, in his situation. She still couldn’t believe that he had it in him to chase a dangerous criminal around town like that. Every time she had met Abathor he had surprised her with his mannerisms. Was he going to surprise her again?

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Abathor thinks that his plan will work. He holds out the corn dog and the thief turns his attention to only him. He hoped Hina will come get him when he is distracted. He thinks why does everyone think he is being nice and giving his corn dog away this is not being nice this is a distraction. Thn the corn dog is taken.

He is angry that nobody notices and feels the fire inside him grow. He wants to attack the thief when he takes his corn dog and runs. He jumps and falls because he does not have mad hops. Abathor takes off his shoe and throws it and surprisingly hits the thief with it by just a hair. He threw it out of anger but he did not expect it to hit.

Abathor watches hina tackle and comes to give the thief a couple kicks to show his anger. He is an old man ready to throw down like he was twenty. He picks up his shoe when the thief escapes and when people block him from moving any more Abathor starts hitting him with his shoe over and over again. The thief knows he has to give up now because nobody gets hit by this shoe and lives to tell the tale.

The thief is on the ground now and holding his hands up to block the shoe. Abathor has no mercy and keeps dropping the sole down onto the thief. It is not very hard because Abathor is very weak.

“I will teach you the ways of pain and despair”

Abathor wanted to be like a grandfather who affectionately took his children in his arms, watching them love each other and grow up, have fun and become in their turn old folks. It was the cycle of life, each loved one was placed so as to form a circle around his heart. In his center, posed cross-legged, he stood there, eyes closed, breathing calmly, he raised his left arm, and then came to rest on his unfolded forefinger a small brown chick, who chirped twice, to greet him.

The man was backless, bare-chested, covered with multiple scars, his hair was long and tied, his muscles were moving slowly. made the curve facing the mighty star. He wanted to be like a grandfather who affectionately took his children in his arms, watching them love each other and grow up, have fun and become in their turn old folks.

The thief made it very hard for Abathor to be the peaceful man he wanted to be. He wanted to punish him right here right now no mercy. He kept going at it until even he might be acused of being too violent. He wanted to have someone stop him because he wants to cause harm now. Being peaceful means he has to be aggressive to make balance. Balance is hard to reach without going to extermees. After getting his fill Abathor leaves.

WC: 489 / 1509

+300 ryo


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With the criminal being taken care of, Hina could finally take a breather. Running did not suit her at all. She would have kept on catching her breath if things didn’t seem to be getting worse by the second. Abathor was beating the thief relentlessly. Even an old man had the capability of causing a lot of damage so she had to tackle Abathor to the ground and say, “calm down or I’m going to have to take you in too.” She didn’t want to arrest anyone, let alone someone who had helped her in the past. She would keep Abathor from the thief at all costs and would haul the thief away. She knew that Abathor had some kind of problem and she knew they shared something in common. That was the only reason she wanted to protect him so much. She hoped that he would find some peace and stop these strange tendencies of his. She made sure that the fruit shop people got their bag of fruit back and she was ready to head off and wrap this part of her day up.

Hina hauled the thief all the way back to the keep and gave her report. “This man was accused of stealing a bag of fruits and I apprehended him with the bag in hand. He tried to flee but others helped stop his progression. The fruit was returned.” This wasn’t so bad. When she was a lowly beginner she always had a higher up come and do the actual arrest. Then, she started getting drilled for more information. They wanted the names of witnesses and the names of the people who reported the incident. Hina hadn’t obtained any of that information so she had to run all the way back and start getting names. Now she realized why her superiors would always give a deep sigh when they were supposed to gather up all the details. This was by far the most tedious part of the job but it was necessary. It wasn’t enough to have one person’s word to describe what happened. She thought about what kind of punishment the thief would receive. She doubted he would be put in jail, but maybe a fine would be appropriate.  Nobody had gotten hurt anyway.

Hina returned to report all the details and also threw in the detail that Abathor had had his corndog stolen. It was such a small addition but she wanted him to get compensated for it because it was only fair. She wanted to go check up on Abathor when she was all done but it looked like he was already gone. She still didn’t know where he lived so she would have to wait before seeing him again. It was a shame that she was depended on chance for them to meet up. Two people with similar interests should have an easier time getting together. Maybe he was just a little nervous after what had happened last time they had met?

WC: 501
Total: 1509

Requesting 300 ryo


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