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The morning came slowly, bearing through a night with no sleep, Gattsu did nothing more than stare at the roof as he listened to the storm beat down upon the roof. He had recently changed rooms into the attic, taking a spare bed and dresser kept there for emergencies.

For hours seemingly, Gattsu stared and wondered, pondering the day that stood before him. It was sunday, and he did as usual when he had no weekend plans, taking over the innkeepers duties, so that they wouldnt have to work all the time. A day of rest would do them good, and if the rain stopped, he may not have to run any errands tommorow.

At the first streak of sunlight across the sky, Gattsu slowly arose from bed and got dressed into his favourite outfit, A set of black commoner clothing.
He went down to the kitchen, grabbing some wood from under the counter for starting the fire under the pot. Gattsu rummaged through the cupboard, finally finding all the ingredients, as well as a bucket of leftover chicken stock and some premade and wrapped noodles.

That old lady is always so thoughtful. She even set me up for today to make it easy. I should do something special for them in return, as soon as I have a chance.

It took the better part of an hour to finish cooking, and by then he had already donned his apron and begun making bread to go with it, stopping occasionally to wash his hands and stir the soup.

The smell of the bread usually wakes people up, but almost no-one is stirring. I know were full up right now, so it must be the storm keeping them asleep, or at least preventing me from hearing them.

As if he had thought it into existence, Gattsu glanced over to the stairs to hear a set of footsteps approaching this way.

I hope they like soup and bread, i'm not a great cook.

As the footsteps made it to the top of the stairs, Gattsu turned to stir the pot, and offered a warm greeting to the visitor.

"Good morning, Would you like some breakfast?"

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Kichiemon was just passing through town. It had been a long night and his mission was a relatively safe one, he could afford to stop and rest for just a moment. As he arrived the night before he sat the package he was delivering down onto the floor of the room he'd rented, locking the windows and door, and undressing. He'd traveled incredibly far and for what? His gaze would occasionally wander over to the case that he was tasked with transporting. The money was good and he hadn't asked a lot of questions, but what he couldn't figure out was how his client expected to open the case if it was locked from the inside. As the storm continued to rage outside though he found himself slowly being lulled to sleep as the shits he gave were washed away in the rain gently tapping on the window pane.

Yasu had hunted Kichiemon down over the course of the last year. When he'd found that his target was back in the land of Wind on a mission, he'd asked one of his contacts to set up a transport meeting, and like clockwork all had gone according to plan, that is until the transporting started. Yasu had spent the last few days stuck in this case motionless as he waited to for his chance to escape his ebony prison. When they finally came to a stop, everything all the environment sounds seemed muted, and Yasu swore he heard someone welcome him. He'd spent a little over 1000 ryo on this mission, there was no way this chunin had stopped at an inn. The sound of a creaking bed was all the confirmation he needed as his courier fell asleep.

A few hours in Yasu was greeted with the sound of a light snore, his cue to exit his willful coffin. A quiet click would occur from him locking the door from the inside. A crack of lightning would flash and he'd be standing above the other ninja with his war fan, a weapon that originated in Suna, on his back. A hand would fall on the Kichiemon's face, and another would hold his neck. Yasu draped in night would wait for the chunin to awaken. "This is for the Fall of Inabayama." No more words were spoken as the Yasu's teeth would be plunged into his neck and his smothered voice drowned out in blood and rain.

After hours had passed and Yasu had cleaned up his clothes and puppet body, Yasu would make his way out of the room, locking it behind him with Kichiemon's own key and putting a do not disturb sign on the door handle. He was transformed to make his puppet body look human, meaning no visible chakra core, no puppet joints, and his skin looked normal, but otherwise his combat form was the same. He wore the deceased chunin's Kiri headband and his war fan was still strapped to his back. Calm and collected he headed down the stairs greeted by the smell delicious food.

Someone called down from below, "Good morning, Would you like some breakfast?"

"That depends, what's on the menu?" Yasu would make his way to the bar, sitting as close to the one who'd spoken as possible. "Top of the morning." Yasu said imitating a thing he thought people said. "Name's Yasubei, pleasure to meet you." Yasu would take note of the physique of the boy before him. A warm toothless smile would spread across his face as he greeted the other ninja.

[WC= 607]

Minor Bookkeeping:

Chakra Used
-5 for Henge
Stats = C-Rank

Name: Falling Petals
Type Of Weapon: Giant Fan [Requires Giant War Fan Sub-spec]
Rank: C-Rank
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: This item isn’t made to deal damage directly instead it blows powerful gusts of wind that smell faintly of camellias. These gusts are one meter in diameter spheres, with distortion that is easily visible to the eyes, and they can go up to 25 meters with the speed of the spheres depending on the user’s reaction time. These winds are capable of knocking away projectiles, thrown items, and people, and they are C-Rank projectiles (a D-Rank piece of heavy armor reduces this fan’s effect). Any armor that would reduce the impact/bludgeoning of a C-Rank weapon by any amount can reduce the effects of the wind (see below). Instead of doing damage on an impact, the impact does up to three meter knockback causing very light bruising.

The metal edges on the fan are bladed and capable of 3/4 inch cuts.

Drawback: This weapon requires at least D-3 strength to create projectiles with it.

This weapon is unable to inhibit or interrupt chakra enhanced projectiles.

If the target is able to get an anchor point (such as a wall, another shinobi, or a tree) they can ignore the effects of the projectiles used by this weapon if their Strength is equal to or higher than a projectiles interaction rate after any reductions from armor or jutsu ( Typically C-Rank or higher armor).
Appearance: This two meter long fan is effectively a rusty, once-golden iron bo-staff with a frame shaped like a gourd or a butterfly down most of length. At its widest it is a meter wide, and it is filled in with a thin sheet of metal.
A Shift at the Inn [Open] D5969310
History: This fan is but a lingering mockery of the Mikaboshi’s Giant Folding Fans as it is incapable of comparing to them in any way shape or form, and this is mostly due to Yasu’s need to make it compatible with his puppets.


Current Body:
Name: Myself [Close Combat Form]
Rank: C-Rank
Primary Use: Offensive
Cost: 700 ryo
Description: This Puppet was modeled after Yasubei's on body. Though it doesn't have a chakra circulatory system that would make it viable for being a Human Puppet, it remains highly viable in specific situations. There is a three inch diameter hole in its chest that securely holds his chakra core. This body is barefoot with the words "Property of Semi" written on the bottom of his right foot, and "Return to owner promptly" on his left foot.

On the left side of the puppet’s face there is a helmet like protrusion that with a 12 inch bull like horn. The fingers and toes on this body end in sharp talon like claws that can rip or pierce 3/4 of an inch into flesh. The teeth in this bad boy’s maw are all pointed like that of a carnivore’s and can each pierce up to 1.5 inches into flesh.

This form is the same height and weight as Yasubei’s D-Rank puppet body. This forms other pigment based differences include his right eye, which has a black sclera and a yellow iris, as well as his hair which is the same alabaster as his skin.
A Shift at the Inn [Open] Zanget12
Modifications and Weapons:


A Shift at the Inn [Open] Siggy10
”Oh, Guest, will You show me something aesthetic?”

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Gattsu turned to see a small man stepping down from the rooms. He sat particularly close, but offered a warm smile with his greetings.

"That depends, what's on the menu?"

He had mentioned it whilst walking, but it was only when Gattsu had heard the mans voice a second time that his words begun to process.

"Top of the morning."

Gattsu offered back a nod, still unsure of how exactly to reply.

"Name's Yasubei, pleasure to meet you."

"My name is Gattsu, and the pleasure is mine. We've got a chicken stock soup, and some fresh bread."

Well, he seems friendly enough. Hope the bread tastes alright.

"Weve got other seasonings i can toss into personal bowls, but thats about as much as i can do for picky eaters."

Gattsu patiently waited, standing straight with the pink apron for the kitchen as he awaited the mans request for food.

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"My name is Gattsu, and the pleasure is mine. We've got a chicken stock soup, and some fresh bread. We've got other seasonings i can toss into personal bowls, but that's about as much as i can do for picky eaters." Yasu would pause for a moment briefly considering the option presented to him.

"The pleasure is mine. As for the food, I think I'll eat it as it was made. I'll judge it by its own merit. If it is good as it was prepared, wonderful, if not." Yasu would simply shrug at the end of this sentence. He'd take in the atmosphere of the place as he patiently waited for Gattsu. The tapping of the rain set the mood for the warm meal.

"So tell me," Yasu would start once the promised morsels were placed before him. He would turn  the bowl as if that would cool the food. He couldn't tell the temperature by touch, so he would wait for it to stop steaming if it was doing so. "How long have you been working here Gattsu? A year, maybe two?"

He would tap his fingers rhythmically as he would listen closely to Gattsu's response. If there was a natural pause in the conversation Yasu would raise a finger as if he had an idea or had forgotten something. "Actually. Do you have any fruit?"

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”Oh, Guest, will You show me something aesthetic?”

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The man paused only for a brief moment before beginning his response.

"The pleasure is mine. As for the food, I think I'll eat it as it was made. I'll judge it by its own merit. If it is good as it was prepared, wonderful, if not."

Yasu shrugged as he finished his thought, and Gattsu thought about what he had been told.

Judge it off It's own merit, huh? At least his method is fair, but I know this is nothing impressive.

"So tell me, how long have you been working here Gattsu? A year, maybe two?"

The man was turning his bowl around, but hadn't yet eaten any of it. He was tapping his fingers on the table, as if think of something to add, so Gattsu paused for a moment before the man spoke again.

"Actually. Do you have any fruit?"

The question didn't process when it was asked, so Gattsu responded to them each in turn, doing his best to avoid stumbling his words.

"I've only been here a month or two now, I help out for a warm bed and three square meals a day. Pretty good deal, and the owners are as kind as they could be."

"We've got a few apples in the pantry, but not much else, tomorrow is grocery day. I'll go be you one, but first let me fix your food so you can eat it. I'd guess It's still too hot for you?"

Gattsu lightly touched the outside of the bowl, leaving but a faint mist around the mans bowl, careful not to let the mist spill into his food. It held for long enough for Gattsu to grab an apple from the pantry before returning.

"Here you go, enjoy your meal, sir."

As Gattsu set the apple onto a napkin, he dissipated the mist he was using to cool the customers food for comfort, then walked back behind the bar and began washing the excess dishes from preperation. The storm outside was very audibly getting louder, but still no one seemed to be coming down.

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