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The village was as lively as ever, and it was only expected to become even more alive as the sun set a few hours later. As it was right now, it was just past midday and those who worked normally worked throughout the week hadn’t yet clocked out. That left only certain kinds of people to wander the streets. Some of these people were ninja who either hadn’t been on a mission for the day, or was in between them. Yukino was one of these people, though she wasn’t wandering around the village as of yet.

The young Sarutobi had spent her afternoon with the Hokage, the leader of the village hidden in the leaves. Her father had set up their meeting and had expected his daughter to learn as much as she could from the great leader. While she couldn’t be a proper judge of something like that herself, she could say with certainty that she had grown as a kunoichi. It was her job now to take the some of the skills that he imparted to her and perfect them in her own way.  

Yukino made her way out of the administration after her training session with the Lord Hokage Takao. While at first, she had been extremely nervous to not mess up, or make herself look like a fool, it became apparent to her that he wasn’t as scary as she initially thought. In fact, he almost seemed to be more human than some of the other higher ranked ninja she’s had to deal with in her short time as a ninja herself.

As she didn’t have any mission in particular that she had to accomplish, she decided that it would be a good opportunity to just walk about the village and enjoy her time off. While she hadn’t been a ninja for long, she found everything seem to be happening quickly. Her time in the academy didn’t seem like it was so long ago, and yet she had grown so much already. She had found herself changing and meeting new people more often now.

The blue eyed girl didn’t know if it was because her mother was more serious about making sure that Yukino didn’t do something to damage her career; or if it was because of herself just maturing with each event that come to pass. The look on her face was that of someone who appeared to be in deep thought. Yukino touched the forehead protector that she tied around her neck like a necklace.

“What am I going to do?” she said to herself aloud, though not loud enough to catch anyone’s attention. The question she posed to herself spoke more towards her questions about her own future. “What is my final destination?” she said to herself again, angling her head up towards the sky. “And why am I even thinking about this?” she said to herself once again in a more sarcastic tone. She must’ve looked crazy walking around and talking to herself like she was. She could only hope it didn’t look as bad as she thought.

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