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Clan Name: 語和健, lit. "Serene Solemn Word"
Location: Sunagakure no Sato.
Specializations: Fūinjutsu.

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Clan History: What is your clan's history?


  • Gowa-Ken Hodaka

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Kekkei Genkai Name: Self-Authoring | 律自成 Norijiden
Kekkei Genkai Description: Gowa-Ken are not possessed of a Chakra Circulatory System they can access normally. They have the chakra, yet they require a set of 'instructions' to command their chakra where hand seals are ineffective. They have created a method in which others' skills become their own.

  • Empty Vessel. A Gowa-Ken can train Specialization Ranks in Fūinjutsu and Senjutsu specifically, or train Specialization Slots (using the normal progression from D through Legendary). These slots are not reserved for any particular specialization, but until they are filled, the Gowa-Ken is considered to not have any spec assigned to it. Likewise, a Gowa-Ken cannot learn any elements except the Empty element, though they can obtain three multiples of this as any other ninja could obtain normal elements.

  • Word Soul. The clan has devised a unique seal contained within scrolls and bound tomes that allows the one who inscribed it to mentally access their informational contents. Events that occur around these constantly self-scribing items are automatically recorded, functioning as an extension of the Gowa-Ken's senses projected 360 degrees from the location of the item. The process is encrypted in a sort of shorthand only the clan can decipher, but they can receive a real-time feed of the information at-will. The scroll or tome only stops self-scribing if it is damaged or if the clansman that made its seal dies.

    A scroll or tome item used this way costs the same as any other of its rank. It gains an extra Ability Slot to account for the above seal. They can create weapons with an Item Ability that, once per post, allows a Gowa-Ken wielder to gain a rank in a specialization or element possessed by an individual hit by the blade.

  • World Hegemony. For each post a Gowa-Ken spends within X meters of another person they know to be a ninja, their seals gather information on that person(s). They can gain 1 Specialization Rank and 1 Element Rank from among those a subject ninja knows, if they so choose. These spec and element ranks cannot be obtained past the maximum rank of Spec Slots and Empty Element ranks they've trained.

    When they hit a being that knows specs or elements with any physical attack using their tomes or scrolls, they can gain an additional rank. They can also gain ranks by creating jutsu specifically for the purpose; the effect is always a max effect, and allows the Gowa-Ken to learn two spec or element ranks at D-rank, plus two for every rank higher the jutsu is.

  • 狸映 Tanukiei. Gowa-Ken who are versed in collecting information on others can attain intimate knowledge of how jutsu work, as well. Once a clansman has filled any of their empty spec/element slots with any rank of spec/element, they can begin to osmose jutsu from others. Each time after they've obtained specs/elements that they would fill another Spec Slot or Empty Element rank, they can also choose a jutsu from that individual's Jutsu List that they would be able to know. They temporarily add that technique to their own Jutsu List.

    Once a Gowa-Ken reaches B-rank, their desire for learning becomes a literal hunger, devouring the knowledge they acquire. Once a jutsu is learned via this ability, the person it was learned from is unable to activate it while the Gowa-Ken possesses it.

Drawbacks: At the start of each thread, a Gowa-Ken loses any ranks in specializations and elements, as well as any jutsu, they may have learned through World Hegemony or Tanukiei.


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