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1 Record Transport[Konoha D] on Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:04 am



Alucard was on already at the Administration Building ; for the mission that he took to add alittle money in his pocket aiming to add a new weapon to his locker. Yeah taking D- Rank missions for extra money, some ninja life he had. Thinking it to himself; while smiling on the outside. Coming to the top of the stairs he makes a sharp left reporting to the room that was in the mission info. *Knock Knock* The door opens and a middle age , tall , slim bodied , white haired lady opened the door. "Your on time, well since your here to work lets get started right away. I'm sure you'll finish this task in no time." She smiled then pointed at the boxes. At first glance it looked like a lot of boxes, it was just another moving job. He didn't really care he just wanted to get this over with. "The room that you'll be moving the boxes is out two doors down to the left. Big boxes in the back and small boxes stacked on top." The lady grabbed a stack of papers and left the room swiftly. "........" He wasn't completely on earth his mind was somewhere else. He started to move the boxes ten in total, five small, five big. Alucard decided to tackle the big boxes first, moving one out in the hallway, the second box he moved out into the hallway. Walking two doors down, he opened the door. He saw a spot in the right corner where the boxes fit perfectly; he turned around to retrieve the first box. Lifted the boxes from the floor in a perfect squat motion, box now secured in his hands he walked back to the room and placed down in the corner then headed for the second box. Finished with the second big box, he walks back into the first room where the boxes are, picked up two smaller boxes and headed over the the storage room placing the smaller boxes on top of the larger boxes. That was four down and six to go. Returning to the main room grabbing two more smaller boxes, they where light as a feather and it made the transport hella easy. Picking up his pace he reached the room a little quicker than before, stacking these two boxes on top of the other two. "Almost finished." He said with a grunt. Going back for another box, he reached for a big box; this one a bit heavier than the others. Not spending to much time he was already out the headed to the storage room. Reaching the room he lined this one up with others of it's own size. There was three more boxes left, two large, one small. Before he left the room he took a quick pause to figure out how to get the last of these's boxes into the storage room with one trip. Making it back to the room with the three boxes, and idea had popped in his head. Putting both the bigger boxes on the bottom, he would push those and syack the smaller box on top. That's just what he did , pushing the boxes out the first door headed toward the storage room. Reaching the storage room he placed pushed the two bigger boxes with the other same size boxes, just fitting in the corner. Placed the last small box on top of the the others, made sure it was neat, left and closed the door behind him and left. "Whew; finally it's over." He said with a deep breath. "Now it's time to report to the Hokage so that I can receive my reward."


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