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As a member of the Sarutobi clan, Yukino’s family was afforded a special section of the village that was granted to them from the village’s inception. This allowed them to live on the lands without paying taxes or rents. This inevitably led to the Sarutobi clan being named as one of the great noble houses of the Leaf. While this fact isn’t necessarily recognized officially, it was known to be the truth throughout the village.

Another benefit to this was the tremendous amount of wealth that the Sarutobi clan inherited from those before them. Unlike other clans however, they didn’t flaunt this wealth, and still worked hard as if they had nothing. This work ethic was instilled from an early age to every Sarutobi, Yukino being no exception. The young Sarutobi was familiar with some of her cousins as her father and mother decided to distance themselves after a major event that occured while Yukino was still small. She was never told what happened, though she wasn’t ever really curious about the situation, as it wasn’t important to her. Rather than that, she was too distracted with training and her school work to worry about past events. Her only job at this point was to prove herself within the village as capable.

Yukino had already done this in her own way as she graduated at the top of her academy class with little issue. In fact, the gap was so wide that it was mentioned that it wouldn’t be an outlandish idea to let her graduate early. Her father didn’t allow this, so she stayed with her classmates all the way through. Still, up until that point, Yukino had been training hard. She found herself practising more and more with the ninjato that was given to her upon her completion of her first lesson with Ai. She trained daily with her new weapon, getting used to it’s reach and finding out what she could do with it. Yukino was more than confident in her taijutsu, and didn’t understand why her father demanded to pick up a weapon. Once she got used to handling it however, she quickly saw his reasoning.

Having another, more direct means of injury in the form of cuts would allow her to have more tactical opportunities in a fight. Born right handed, she learned how to use her weapon of choice with her left hand. She saw this as a more elaborate feint, knowing that more than likely her opponents would assume that her left hand was her dominant. When they would try to maneuver to her “weak side” they would be in for a surprise. That was the idea anyway, though she had yet had the chance to see if her little idea would work. In her training, she had been finding that it was becoming easier to move her body. Being able to contour and twist her body in ways that she hadn’t yet achieved.

As it stood right now, she felt as though this was about as good as she could get without having a mentor full time or being assigned to more challenging missions. She didn’t know when she’d get that chance, but something told her that she would be given the opportunity soon enough. “It's a matter of patience Yukino. I’ve been in your same shoes.” her mother said to her from across the short table. “ If anything, you should enjoy this while you can. You’ll be going on real deployments soon enough.” the elder Sarutobi told her daughter, tea in hand. “I know mother, but how long must I do such petty missions?” the younger Sarutobi whined. “How can I get any better than I am now without a real challenge.” she said, resting her head on her hand as she slinked down on the table. Her expression alone could tell anyone what the mood of the blue eyed girl was. Her mother simply sighed and took a sip of her tea before responding. “As I said Yukino, it'll all come in good time.

You shouldn’t rush things along any how, this is the time to train and figure out your own style.” the elder Sarutobi, her wisdom shining through despite her relatively young age. Looking at her daughter, she could tell her answers weren’t enough to warrant a picking up in her mood. Her mother smiled as she looked at her daughter. “She still has a lot of growing to do.” the elder Sarutobi thought to herself before speaking. “Say, since we aren’t doing anything in particular, why don’t we spar?” her mother said, a smile still on her face. Yukino straightened her back and the look of surprise washed across her face. “Mo-mother, I think I can train by my-” Yukino tried to say before being cut off. “Now now, we must take you to the next level! No time argue back now.” her mother replied simply.

“Oh no.”

~Exits Thread~

TWC: 843

Training Breakdown:

Training Reductions:
10% (Sarutobi Clan benefit)

DEX from D-1 to D-2 (750-10%= 675)

675wc towards stat training
168 wc discarded

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