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Symbol:Put your clan symbol here. Small images only.

Tenshi[W.I.P] FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Tenshi Clan
Location: Kumogakure no Sato
Specialization: What specializations does your clan known for?
Elements: What elements does your clan known for?

Tenshi[W.I.P] HhU72Pp
Clan History: What is your clan's history?
Members: Prominent members of the clan both presently & historically.

Tenshi[W.I.P] Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name:
Kekkei Genkai Description:
The Tenshi clan was once one of the much smaller clans who have been known to operate out of Amegakure, but ever since the fame of their progenitor Konan, the small school in which taught her devastating art-form gained international renown. Called Shikigami, the art that the students of the Tenshi clan learn from a young age allows them to turn their body mass into incredibly fine yet strong sheets of chakra infused paper (Chiyogami) at varying sizes shapes and colors, manipulating their Chiyogami with a plethora of potentially devastating techniques or simply using them as a means to create paper seals for Fuuinjutsu. Without the use of a chakra based technique to give them form, a Tenshi Student can create a number of basic paper sheets the size of a standard paper seal depending on their rank at the cost of 5 charka.

Blank Seal Creation:
Name: Blank Seals
Type Of Weapon: Shikigami Created Paper Seal
Rank: E
Elemental Alignment: N/A
Quantity: Rank Dependent per 5 chakra
Appearance: Blank paper seals that are 20cm long by 5cm wide of a color that can be decided upon their creation by the user. These seals work well as catalysts for Fuuinjutsu, Shikigami techniques in the future or as throwing weapons.
Ability/Function: The Tenshi School member, without the use of a jutsu, is able to create a number of these seals based on their ninja rank at the cost of 5 chakra once per turn. They are capable of delivering 1/2 inch paper cuts thrown like a playing card and are considered E rank items for the purposes of destruction.

No. Per Rank

  • D Rank: 3 Blank Seals
  • C Rank: 5 Blank Seals
  • B Rank: 10 Blank Seals
  • A Rank: 15 Blank Seals
  • S Rank: 25 Blank Seals
  • SS Rank: 50 Blank Seals

Shikigami Techniques: utilize the art of folding and combining the paper created from the user's body in order to manifest exceedingly sharp origami constructs that have a wicked edge to them, then controlling them at the user's whim. Constructs made via the Shikigami technique are maintained with the user's chakra and can assume almost any size, from mobile constructs in animal shape to swords and spears. If destroyed or no longer maintained Shikigami techniques erode into the separate paper pieces that they were made from. However, the Shikigami art is, in nature extremely versatile, with the ability to use chakra to transform ones body into paper almost entirely, there is almost a never ending supply of potential uses for the art.

  • Swift Foil: Shikigami Techniques while normally N/A in element have their strengths. By and large water tends to drain off the slick foiled paper of the Tenshi's Chiyogami, meaning that the paper cannot be made wet or soggy. Additionally, due to the emphasis on the quick bladed nature of the techniques, Shikigami techniques are often good against the lucid and non-solid nature of Suiton as they're able to cut through their liquid form with relative ease as if they were 1 rank higher.

  • Advanced Edge: Shikigami Techniques penetrate through 1/2 an inch deeper than techniques of their own rank due to the thinness yet rigid nature of the chakra imbued paper used by their art.

General: While the Shikigami release has ample strengths, the paper they create does not come from nowhere. Due to high ranking techniques requiring a lot of Chiyogami paper from the users' mass folded over each other to either better define a sharp edge or reinforce its frame... use of a lot of Shikigami techniques can have the user feeling drained quickly until they reconstitute themselves with a technique to return their paper to them. It's because of this that with each Shikigami technique used above B rank, the user receives an accumulative -1 tier to either their speed or strength stat (Though these disadvantages cannot exceed -1 rank on each.)

  • Flammable: The Shikigami technique leaves the user's body drier than normal and more susceptible to flame in ways that somewhat cripple their body, increasing the degree of any burns they receive by a point of severity (Ie, minor burns would become moderate, and major would become minor of the next degree up). While Shikigami techniques themselves are naturally weak to Katon sources, interacting as if they were 1 rank lower than normal when faced against them as the heat devours the flammable Chiyogami.

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