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Mission name: A Call for help (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: help the smaller village
Location: anywhere
Reward: 300
Mission description: A raven arrived early in the morning from a small village within our boarders requesting some help with a group of bandits raiding their village, you are charged with finding these bandits and dealing with them however you see fit.
Mission details: The Village is located near to the border of the country and is raided almost every other day by a group of 5 bandits all are low level to where a genin can handle them in a fight and only wield a kunai. mission is repeatable due to multiple bandit groups being able to raid the small village and the small village can be different. when confronted the leader will send in the first to fight when he loses he will send in the second, after which the last two will jump in and the leader will try to escape while you're distracted, do not let him get away for he will go get another group of bandits and come back resulting in a failure. if he is captured the leader will attempt to cut you in on a deal, whether they are all caught or all killed mission will be complete, if one gets away mission failure.

Name: Bandits
Age: N/A
General Appearance: they all wear tan colored clothing with a bandana wrapped around their face hiding what they look like, the leader's bandana is red as opposed to the black the others wear
Personality: self interested
Motivations: gold and all things shiny
Fears: not having shinies
Abilities: basic Taijutsu D-Rank Boxing, and 2 kunai each. The four bandits all have D-Rank Stats while the leader of the bandits have C-Rank stats
Other: only the leader of the bandits actually talks all the others only make noises like whooping and hollering.

Gattsu awoke from his dreams to find the sunlight already making its way into the window of the attic he now slept in. He had a mission today, and was supposed to meet at a rally point near the front gate at noon. He quickly managed to stumble his way to his trunk of clothes, picking out his all black getup, and a long cloak to match. He quickly got in line for the bath, and once he had waited by making small talk with a few of the residents, he had his chance to bathe.

After cleaning up and getting dressed, Gattsu went to the common area for some breakfast before his mission. The old lady running the place was estatic when she heard, and quickly foraged around in the cabinets before producing a letter in a red sealed envelope.

"My sister lives in town, should you be able to locate her, please give her this letter."

Hmm. Says her name is Futaba Tatsumakura. Must be why they didn't go with the last name for the inn. It probably wouldn't fit on the sign.

"Yes ma'am, Should i find her whilst im there, i will make sure she recieves it."

Relieved after hearing the young man's words, she made him a heaping plate of breakfast, which was gone in a matter of seconds.

"I also made these for you, I figure four meals should help offset the taste of that crud you carry around to eat."

She was smiling as she said this, her tone only one of concern for the man who did so much for their business.

"Thank you. I'll be safe, so you guys just worry about taking care of customers here. If im not back before the wood's on its last day, ask a customer to help and ill pay you back for his room that night."

She cleaned up the mess and left four neatly wrapped boxed meals, before offering a hug and retreating back into the kitchen.

That old lady is really something else. How can they do this every day? Still, I suppose it's not like wouldn't like a more permanent stay.

As he packed the food and made his way to go wait at the gate, Gattsu slowly began making his pace through the town.

The day was pretty slow, with only a light mist draping over the vision of  its beauty. Gattsu appreached his rally point, having arrived a few hours early, and found a fine tree branch to nap on. Listening to the chirping of birds and the chatter of the city, Gattsu slowly dozed back into a semi-concious state, to wait out whoever else they were sending him with.

I wonder if its a squad, or just a guy or two. oh well, ill find out when i get up.

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A quick breakfast of eggs and rice had been quickly scarfed down to provide him the bare minimum of nutrients to keep him going, and he would be out the door a scant half an hour after waking. Given that the meet up time was at noon, Chigetsu was given several hours to himself. At least, that was what he had assumed. Little did he know that Gattsu had already arrived, and was camping out in a nearby tree. Arriving so early was hardly necessary. He hadn’t been so keen as to assume his partner would arrive just as early, and it wasn’t as though he was trying to impress anyone. It was just something that had become automatic. He spent as little time in his apartment as possible now, prefering to only sleep there and nothing else. There was something in his veins that called him back to his nomadic heritage, wanting to be out and about rather than nailed into one place. Of course, leaving Kirigakure again so soon wasn’t in his plans. While traveling to see the world was definitely entertaining, there was something peaceful and calming about being back where you were born. It was like he was a salmon, driven back to where he came from through instinct.

“Although, maybe I shouldn't be comparing myself to a salmon.” He thought aloud, muttering a quietly to himself and almost laughing at his own mental processes now. It seemed so silly now.

“Why did I even bother with this?” His conversation with himself continued. It was a bad habit dating back to when he was a child. He was starting to wonder why he had even signed up for this mission. It wasn’t as if he particularly needed the money anymore, after what had happened regarding the Land of Snow. Not that he particularly wanted to think about that. Signing up for this felt entirely automatic. Back when missions were the only things keeping food in his stomach and the rent paid, going on them as often as possible was part of his daily routine. Even these mundane, lower ranked missions became common and familiar for him up until recently. Perhaps as a jonin he was wasting his talents, but it was nice to have something familiar.

The front gate of the village was a normal meeting point, but it wasn’t designed for anyone to stay there for long periods of time. There were no benches or places for him to rest, and so he would simply lean back against the gate. Without any other plans for the day, he would be forced to wait for whoever his partner was to show up. Of course, since they already had, it would be up until one of them noticed the other. Of course, Chigetsu would obliviously end up closing their eyes as they rested their head against the gate. The sunlight’s pleasant warmth was still able to reach him through the village’s layers of mist and fog. It was comfortable, and it would only take a few moments of serenity for the pinkette to doze off into sleep.



A Call for Help [Mission] [Gattsu/Chigetsu] GSmttz8

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