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This thread is just for Takao, people can ask to join if they want but consider it invite only. If anyone wants to make supplementary threads taking place simultaneously to join in on the story, link back to this OP in your thread's OP and I'll keep track of them.

Night of the Chunin Exams Grand Final, Shinwato.

Fire burst at the horizon, colors drifting with the winds of a distant hurricane, into the shape of crests and flags, and beneath, shinobi scrambled through a burning temple, struts collapsing into the inferno. Circling through the storm, the Sealer's grasp found Izumi's shoulder, and with him, she was gone, spirited away to the dusty floors of the Daimyo's palace, long pillaged by the wars in Suna, where the still air was warm with the heat which radiated from the dunes. Collapsing in a heap of blood and rainwater, the Sealer's student fought to catch her breath. Kneeling to place his hand upon her shoulder, Yōsei exhaled, drawing the breath out to center himself. Minutes past before calm set in, sweeping through a cloud of panic and adrenaline that subsided in the waning hours of the Wind Country night.

"Master Yōsei, what happens now?"

"For now, you return home, the Kazekage needs you, and I suspect you are feeling weary."

"And the war?"

"That depends on what comes next. Our allies are few and far between, so we should savor the peace we've got for now. At night, keep your gaze cast toward the Hidden Leaf, our work is not yet finished."

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Konohagakure, Early Winter.

A brutal war of blue and amber came at the juncture of autumn and winter, as branches thrusting high clinging to the troops who fought to linger in summer's end. Along a path of these desolate battlefields, the Sealer made his route through Fire Country, clipping between the moonless nightfall, stride carrying the Uzumaki on the road beneath the trees. The forest heaved, restlessly succumbing to the cold which trailed mist in between each breath, rattling away through early winter winds. Heel kicking from the dirt, Yōsei lept to branches stretched low and jagged to propel himself through the shoal of densely knotted twigs which bore the last of their autumn foliage as badges of honor. Through a gap between fall's starlight, the Sealer found purchase and ascended to a vantage atop Fire Country's endless ocean of forests. A flurry of birds dispersed behind as Yōsei made his first bound forward, initial signs of civilization scraping black brush strokes on the distant horizon, where the legion of amber soldiers pounded on the drums of war, a defiant wage that sung the Will of Fire as the Sealer marked it with that very script.

Grim reminders of their blasphemy within Shinwato's walls rose high in the Sealer's vision, temples with their silhouettes bleeding into inky skies bloated thick with dark clouds. From the walls of Konoha, the dark skies clung desperately to the edges of perception, but beneath them, the Sealer made his silent pilgrimage toward his homeland, dipping through the paths which led through foothill villages, scattered farms before the holy city's gates. Silent footsteps carried the man in black through sacred shrines built into mountain paths, each one bearing the face of Buddha peering toward the Hidden Leaf. Walls at the mountain's apex gave way to the Sealer's path toward Konoha, and the scaffolding which arched heavenward surrounding Shinwato's oldest temple belied the restoration efforts. Slowly, the temple's walls had been reconstructed along the bottom floors, but scorched stone and statues shattered into pieces remained as the renovations halted while the Hidden Leaf's balance of power teetered in the balance. At the ridge of Shinwato's tallest monument, the descent toward Konohagakure was clear, sparse scattering of dimly lit windows bobbing like lanterns lost at sea.

Gaze dropping to the skip between dimensions, the Sealer's thoughts lept forward. The Leaf had grown strong already, thriving with the next generation of shinobi, but questions in its leadership tore valleys through the military ranks and broke them down. Yōsei's feet touched down above the Hidden Leaf's eastern gate, shaking free the thoughts of his home's fate, and gritted his teeth for the crucible to come. If Konohagakure were to survive the coming storm, it would be unity from which they would draw that resolve. Heart heavy, straightening fingers produced a myriad of ninja tools strung with paper tags, smoke rising from between the Sealer's digits as his arms rose high above his head, sending scripture into frenzy to pierce the silent evening. In the flash of light, the Uzumaki could see his life stretch out before him, the Hidden Leaf had not changed at all. Howling caterwaul of explosive resonance, boom and bust echoing out across the rooftops came as gales of force whipped rushing currents through the air. Scouts who prowled the dead of night whipped heads toward the east, fire in the sky trailing pillars of smoke while balls of flame collapsed with fuel exhausted into nothing.

Right hand already weaving through hand seals, the Sealer produced, in time with the formation of each sign, a talisman which he cast into the wind. Orbiting his body, the seals each spun in sequence, symbols flaring into the blank canvases with every formation of his hand. By now, the hurried forms of first responders shouted through the darkness, deafened by the flow of chakra and ash. With a flourish, Yōsei's energy ignited the air around him, paper talismans thrown heavenward by heat streaming from the Sealer's body, causing rivulets of flame to burst through the air. Masterful fuinjutsu guided immeasurable fire as brightness grew, casting impossible shadows across the veins that wove between Konoha's streets. From their beds, shinobi and citizen alike awoke to the shimmering gold and pink of dawn's awakening blistering untimely daylight through the cracks in curtains.

From the crowd of gaping mouths, a shinobi summoned the will to wrench his gaze away, feet stumbling over one another before instinct overtook inexperience and he thrust into a glide across the rooftops. Above the Sealer's perch, the seven talismans strung high across the sky, balls of flame cultivating and expanding as the bubbling Katon found itself unraveled, fetters smashed, set upon by Yōsei's tireless script. From the pit of the spiraling seven suns, a wreath of flame began to grow, threatening within seconds to engulf its predecessors, flares of white chakra crashing against the sealing tags that held between them Naraka's sweltering torments. Curse washed away by the heat above him, the Sealer's eyes cast down upon the growing retinue of shinobi who gathered on the rooftops down below. Plunging his right hand forward, Yōsei passed his fingers through Kyoki's breeze, which routed his body as a shoal, and felt Konoha's Legacy treat him with cold indifference. Inhaling slowly, the Sealer's lips cracked, opening to speak.

"Someone get the Hokage!"

Crashing through the second story window of the Konohagakure administration building, a kunai preceded the desperate form of a chunin scout, screaming through the halls as he made his way to the chambers of the Fire Shadow.


Baritone bellowed from lips lit by summoned stars, carried through the wind by the Sealer's Senjutsu chakra, syllables lifted from the air and flame.

"We're under attack!"

White-knuckled fury met the office doors, scout barreling and spluttering, whether the Hokage was in or not, to whoever would listen among the jonin council, or division captains, whatever authority he could grasp would hear his frenzied exclamation.

"Summon your strength!"

Hands rose, clapping before the Sealer's silhouette, drowned out by the waves of heat that came with his talismans' withdrawal. Scripture eroded, barriers shattering as swathes of heat cast down across the Hidden Leaf, singing dry leaves into plumes of smoke and scorching the tips of readied kunai red-hot.

"It's the rogue ninja who attacked the Mizukage!"

Teeth gnashed between harried proclamation to the Hokage's office and all who dwelled within. Jonin responded with callsigns, flickering from the room through windows leaving trails of fluttering paper in their wake.

"Let the world see your power."

Beneath his breath, the Sealer's words awash with roaring accompaniment were swept into the ether. Breath steady as sakura blossoms brushed on canvas strung high through Fire Country's paintings, Yōsei looked toward his homecoming.




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Something was amiss. He didn't know what, but it had woken him from his slumber. He sat, slowly, and cast a wandering gaze across the room. Fuyuko slept peacefully beside him, and everything was in its place, yet still, something felt off. The air felt tense, if only the slightest bit, yet it was enough to wrest him from the warm clutches of sleep. He rose, reluctantly, and set the covers in his place, sluggishly making his way to the window on the far side of the bedroom. Drawn curtains revealed the sleeping village, quiet and still, with an ominous, moonless night looming above.

He turned, wrote it off as false paranoia, and took a mere two steps back toward the inviting warmth of his bed before the night sky behind him was set alight with wisps of illumination, bleeding through the open curtains as if day had come suddenly and unexpectedly. Whipping his head back around, scar-ridden hands gripped the sill, and cold black eyes stared at the burning night sky. Several streets away, bounding leaps and strides carried shinobi toward the Administration Building, the cornerstone of order within the village, and distant cries only barely whispered into his ears.

"Get the Hokage!" He heard, and with heavy, hurried footsteps, Takao bound for his dresser.

"Fuyuko! Something's happened!" He said, snatching a length of ink-laden cloth from within the furniture drawer. He tightened it around his right forearm and flooded chakra to the formulae written into the fabric. His nightly garb was shed as a cloud of smoke erupted around him, clearing in an instant, and revealing the Jōnin regalia once sealed within. Flown proudly on his flank, embroidered in red thread, kanji lettering for '13' denoted his place in the village hierarchy.

"I think--" He choked, panic lacing his interrupted words as the light in the sky grew brighter, as though the sun had suddenly risen and chased away the night's tenebrosity. Brought pause by the advancing threat, Takao's eyes widened as he approached the window, and the tension holding his jaw tight fell lax. Descending upon the village, bright and burning like the sun itself, Yōsei's flames tore night from the Hidden Leaf Village. As far as he was from the eastern gate, he could feel the heat building on his skin, threatening to singe the hairs off his arm. Struck with sudden resolve, Takao's jaw tightened once more.

"We're under attack," He said, the bass monotone of his voice returning. Now was the time for action, not panic.

"Get somewhere safe."

Nothing more needed to be said, not from him and not now. There was more he wanted to say, to ask her to help, but he couldn't risk it. He couldn't fight with others at his side, not at his fullest potential. Without another word, the flames of Burning Ambition built upon his back, growing from a faint ember to hissing jets of flame. Despite opening the window, the glass shattered regardless as he burst from the sill, launching onto the adjacent rooftop.

Clay tiles shattered under the might of his bounds as he made mockery of the village's breadth, plumes of flame at his back vaulting him forward each time the leather soles of his boots made contact with the Hidden Leaf's abundant rooftops. The heat was worse here, closer to the east gate, where the most damage would be done. His gaze rose to the burning night sky, every fraction of a second that passed dared that sect of the village and those dwelling within closer to destruction. Civilians had taken to fleeing on foot, shinobi prepared for the worst below, but while breath filled Takao's lungs, such damage would never come to pass.

Along the way, he picked up cues to the perpetrator's identity. It was the one who attacked the Mizukage at Inabayama. He had been there, watched the start of the fight, caught a glimpse of the shape of the man's face with the Eye of Cinder, but hadn't recognized him. It did little for him now besides provide some semblance of a gauge to determine the power of the Leaf's assailant.

Launching into an arc from a lower rooftop put him at the highest vantage point short of the wall itself. The thick metal surface of the water tank he perched upon dented under the might of his landing, if only slightly. His eyes shot upward and his jaw clenched.

"Summon your strength!" Bellowed a distance voice, but there was a more pressing threat that demanded his attention.

Takao braced himself, tensed his back, legs, and shoulders, and turned his chin up. Air flooded his lungs until no more could be inhaled, and chakra rushed forth, igniting the flames in his lungs.

"Let the world see your power."

Takao exhaled, and with his breath came a spark, then a massive plume. Into the illuminated night sky his flames rose, growing and growing until one hundred fifty meters of the Leaf's sky was consumed by a smoldering ball of fire. The village was lit proper, long shadows cast in every direction. The roar of his fire was deafening as it tore through the air, its path set to collide with the second sun that threatened his home. The water tank buckled under the sheer force of exhaling the Immaculate Sun, but Takao stood through it.

A moment of silence prefaced the collision, and when both orbs of flame touched, the force was enough to shake the ground and shatter windows as far away as a few hundred meters. Trees The shock-wave alone felt like a hard punch to the chest that sent lesser men off their feet, and the strongest amidst them down to one knee.

Hoarse pants filled the void of oxygen left behind in the technique's wake. His eyes darted earthward and studied the direction that the voice from earlier had come from. Narrowed black orbs fell onto the one that stood upon the gate. Too much strain on his throat meant that he would have to hold off on dispensing his arsenal of techniques for a few moments.

"Ballsy," He said, words following his landing on the far edge of the eastern gate's roof.

Chakra from his right flooded the bandages wrapped taut around his arm and a cloud of smoke erupted from the seal. The scorched black chained links of Koemonbi snaked around his limb, covering it in inches of heavy steel.

"You're the one that fought the Mizukage in Inabayama, aren't you?" The hoarseness of his voice, a product of the force behind Immaculate Sun, was evident as he spoke. Koemonbi's links fell lax as one of the weighted ends slammed into the roof, shaking the foundation under its mass.

"If you think the Leaf is vulnerable because of our esteemed ally's injuries, then I'm delighted to inform you that you're mistaken."



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Staring down, the Hidden Leaf's shadows skittered in familiar sequence, arranging in trios across the rooftops where dance became stillness and soldiers stood defiantly. Panning through the stinging air, the Sealer's eyes trailed harried throngs of huddled masses who yearned for exit westward, mind lingering on the formula above, scrolls charred black to ashes threatening to wane. With the last row of squads assembled, the Leaf's defenders stripped back to a skeleton crew, young soldiers unsure still of their positions, each took watch as the Uzumaki whispered above them, eyes unflinching. Unceremoniously collapsing scripture punctuated a stream of light which pierced Yōsei's peripheral vision, leaving a stroke of fire in its wake the figure nestled in the buckling frame of a water tower perch, eliciting a look of genuine relief across the Sealer's face, awash with red and gold. Hands withdrawing from their posture held at Yōsei's chest, the rogue watched with lips crooked skyward as the Hokage summoned a plume of virulent flame.

Bursting from his maw, the Kimura did his lineage proud, lighting candles in the sky which trailed light like stars and spun together above a village who had not known such blistering heat. Falling into one another, Konoha's suns flashed brightly, stripping color away in a pulse of glare and chakra, deafening iridescent sparks clinging to the wake of its upheaval. Darkness returned, pelting the village with blustering winds, the heave of creaking wood and shattered glass lifting in an echo from the village streets. Yōsei guided his arm to shield himself from the force, bracing himself to remain rooted to the eastern gate, where he would turn his eyes down to meet the Fire Shadow's face and trail his ascent. No movement wasted, the clattering chains coupled the Hokage's greeting and prompted the Sealer to turn, polite neutrality on his face from which he watched and listened.

"Mmm," came the low affirmation, paired with a bow of the head, as the Uzumaki's reply.

Collecting overhead, clouds of ash and embers swirled in the wind, no longer compelled by titanic infernos, the golden sparks and snowy flecks of cooling soot wafted earthbound, billowing plumes still blotting out the distant stars. Ribbons of black thread tightened against Kyoki's breeze as the Sixteenth paused to hang between them his response.

"At Inabayama, the Mizukage told me that the most important thing to her was preserving the Age of Peace,"

Speaking firmly, and with the respect characteristic of his nature, Yōsei's rising grip would unfetter the bounds of Seisakata, allowing it to spring through smoke into the Sealer's fist where it would withdraw silently toward his hip. Yōsei allowed himself to linger here, secretly awaiting formations of soldiers to shepherd more of Konoha's citizens away through streets which now housed only those anticipating orders from the Leaf's Commander.

"Lord Hokage, what do you want most?" hand lifting in tandem with his words, Yōsei would make the Seal of Confrontation, and dip his head in reverence.

Politely awaiting the reply, the Uzumaki would acknowledge what came, and if the Hokage had agreed to this bout, his shoulders would steel, and right arm rise to whip a trio of kunai from the void between his fingers, surfaces marred black with the shape of Yōsei's sacred gates. Grouped together for the right of Takao's chest, the meager offering would serve as starter pistol, firing off in a flurry of howling edges that sought to be dismissed. Feet digging back into the wooden roof to propel him forward with the Oath in tow, Yōsei wasted no time in summoning speed enough to leave the space behind him in between a heartbeat, the rush of black lightning would be upon the Hokage in the wake of his ranged assault. A haze of smoke departed from the Sealer's hip as his left hand skipped through thin air, dispelling Seisakata before gripping it again across his waist from which it could plunge upward, tip threatening to rend lightly through the Hokage's left side. At the ōdachi's range, Yōsei could control its teeth precisely, and the first nip tapped on the cavernous expanse to coax the dragon's jaws, even lightning would take time to carve away a mountain.




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Shinobi gathered at the gate, white-knuckle grips on their weapons, eyes in technicolour cast toward the pair that stood atop the gate. When the twin suns had faded and the tendrils of night wrapped tight around the freshly awakened village once more, they were little more than dark silhouettes against a starless sky. With brows furrowed, Takao's cold black eyes bore deep into the being of the newest in a long line of foolishly lionhearted individuals that dared to strike at the Leaf.

An iron grip relaxed as the steel links of Koemonbi fell lax, slowly falling one after the other into a pile onto the clay tiles, fracturing them under the insurmountable weight. He felt it in his gut, twisting and churning paranoia and anxiety bubbling just shy of the surface where a cold shell of an exterior held steadfast. There would be blood.

His gaze snapped right, keeping Yōsei firm in his peripherals. He looked at the line of shinobi, exceptional and above average in their own right, but mere fodder at this level. The pair had made such blatantly apparent with the fantastically vitriolic display of fire that graced the Leaf with brief daylight.

"Nobody interferes!" He called out. His deep, commanding voice brought each shinobi to attention.

"Disperse and aid in the evacuation!" It was all they could do. Their deaths here would be pointless, and more than that, if he was to do battle for the Leaf, he couldn't risk them in the crossfire.

The tone of his voice offered no opening for contest. Although some feet were reluctant to move, one by one, their spectators dispersed, and Takao would given them the time they needed to ensure that no casualties were had while he drew breath. His gaze settled back on Yōsei, furrowed eyebrows persisting.

"Of course she would," He offered banter in the meantime.

"Nobody benefits more from the peace than the Mist does. She gets to cling to the power she has without fear of retribution, lest they upset the world's peace."

His eyes followed the hand that rose, staring with his cloudy-eyed gaze at the Seal of Confrontation that Yōsei offered following his question. His left hand gathered a fistful of chain links and gripped them tight, making it clear that he would not reciprocate the gesture. One that would attack the Leaf in the night, threatening innocent people for a reason yet known, was undeserving of that most basic acknowledgement of respect.

"What I want most," Takao said, his words punctuated by a trifecta of shuriken thrown to meet the kunai mid-flight, knocking them sky-bound in time with his own advance.

"Is for you to fuck off!"

The links of Koemonbi looped low as Seisakata swung for his side, threatening to bind the blade. Takao had leapt over Yōsei, leaving the chain behind to occupy the blade. Upside down above Yōsei, Takao's right foot caught the surface of one of the falling kunai that had been clashed with and sent airborne, using a minute amount of chakra to hold it to the sole of his boot. Swinging his leg down, Takao completed the flip, firing the kunai down at Yōsei just before he landed. If he did so unhindered, his arms would pull the chains tight with the aim of binding Yōsei with the links of Koemonbi.


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