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The sun shone bright into Yukino’s room as she finished preparing herself for the day ahead of her. “Are you sure you don’t want to train with me?” her mother asked from the doorway. “No mother.” the younger Sarutobi said as she grabbed for her ninjato. “I’ll be just fine on my own today.” she continued as she walked past her mother. “Besides, last time I agreed to something like that, I ended up in Mountain Country.” she finished. Strapping her ninjato horizontally across her waist she made her way to the front door. “Well, you better learn something this time then. Otherwise we’ll drop you off in the Bay of Fire.” her mother said with a menacing giggle. Yukino did her best to ignore this as she slid out of the door and out in to the world.

The village was as alive as ever as Yukino made her way to the training area closest to her. The bustling sounds of a population that seemed to never sleep; who accomplished their daily tasks and drank their troubles away at night. The young Sarutobi had gotten used to these aspects by now, especially having been exposed to some of the darker aspects of the village. Her time as a ninja had already taught her that things weren’t always as they seemed. Even if they were just small time missions. She could only assume this would continue to be the case and even more so the longer she stayed in her profession.

As big as it was, the Hidden Leaf didn’t offer many opportunities to see people again off handedly. Yukino was never close to her old classmates, and it fact, hasn’t seen another one since graduation. Since earning her headband however, there were few people that she wouldn’t mind seeing again. Reaching for the headband that was worn around her neck, she thought about the past events she experienced. The Lord Hokage being the obvious one, but there were a few still besides him. A girl who she met purely by chance twice now, Hina. During both encounters, she hadn’t had the chance to learn much about the girl. The thing that bothered her most about Hina however, was the fact that she had lost their first sparring match.

Rather than a loss, Yukino viewed it as a respectful withdraw from the situation. The blue eyed girl could have easily took it to the next level, but chose not to. She did this in an effort to comply with her mother’s rules of being nice to other people. Even with this new rule in effect, Yukino knew that her mother would drill her relentlessly if she found out about her daughters loss. Whatever the circumstances, it still bothered her, and she swore to make it right. The odds of just seeing Hina again in one of the training areas was unlikely, though Yukino always kept her eyes open in case. Grabbing the ninjato, the young girl knew she had gotten stronger since then.

It didn’t take much time to make it to the training area, though when she arrived, there seemed to be some kind of commotion. Making her way through the crowd, her eyes widened as she saw the person at the center. “Hina.” she said under her breath as she heard the girl call out for a challenger. This caused a slight disturbance in her stomach, not expecting to see Hina so soon. The fire within her kicked on at full blast as she made her way to the front of the crowd that had gathered. “Hina! I’ve been looking for you!” Yukino yelled over the rumblings of the crowd, silencing everyone in the process.

“Today, I’ll be your opponent.” a smile showing itself on the young Sarutobi’s face. “This time, we’ll go seriously from the start.”

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Throwing her jacket off,  Yukino watched as her opponent walked towards her. The young Sarutobi’s heart began to beat faster as her muscles tensed up in preparation of the fight. She hadn’t been experienced enough to learn how to relax herself before a fight. In fact, she had just learned how to not lose her focus in a fight. Before, she had a bad habit of going only off of instinct, which would of course leave her open. Even this wasn’t mastered however, as was proven to the girl during her first match with Hina. In hindsight, Yukino did come to the conclusion that she wasn’t able to simply ‘lightly spar’; calling back to her parents method of raising her.

This time would be different however. They would take each other seriously from the start, just as Yukino hoped they would. Watching her opponent closely, she had one hand on her ninjato, ready to draw it at a moments notice. Taking note of Hina’s style, it reminded her that her opponent was a boxer. While nowhere near as good as her father, the movements were similar to his own. That in mind, she did a slight hop backwards to move just barely out of Hina’s reach. In doing this, it would also put Yukino out of reach for a reliable counterattack. Noticing that Hina recalled her arms in defense, she couldn’t help but think about unleashing one of her fire jutsu upon the girl. The young Sarutobi fought back the urge to do so however, as it wasn’t quite that serious.

“You can’t expect me to take you seriously if you don’t commit to your assault.” Yukino said with a haughty tone.

Planting her feet, she leapt to Hina’s side at a high speed, almost seeming to teleport for a brief moment through the eyes of an average person. “I haven’t even given you a reason to defend yet.” she would mockingly say. Keeping a hand on her ninjato, she would aim a kick straight for Hina’s abdomen. It was kick that didn’t have her full strength in it, acting more like a testing mechanism.

Since their first meeting, Yukino was curious to know what Hina was really capable of. She could never put her finger on it, but it always seemed like she was holding back. Even if this wasn’t true, the thought of one of her peers holding back on her pissed her off. It pissed her off more than losing a fight even. She wanted to know if there was more to Hina than she let on, and this fight would let that be known. Her father always told her that someone’s true nature could only be learned through fighting. As a young girl, Yukino would take this to heart, and it definitely showed itself today.

“Now, show me what you got!” she would say aloud. If her kick connected, Yukino would follow up with another strike aimed at Hina’s head. While she didn’t necessarily have a plan if it didn’t connect, with her other leg planted on the ground, and being at Hina’s side, she felt that she would be able to deal with a counterattack with little trouble.

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As sadistic as it may sound, Yukino found satisfaction in having her attacks land so accurately. She also enjoyed the fact that Hina managed to block both of her attacks so expertly using her boxing style. “So I see she’s not as helpless as she pretends to be.” Yukino thought to herself. A small smile would find its way on Yukino’s face as the fire within burned red hot from the excitement. While she was sure that her attack landed, something felt off about the follow through. Having spent so long sparring her parents, she knew that when something felt off, it usually meant something was. One would assume that this was even more so the case when dealing ninja. Each fight being inherently strategic, her mother equating it to a chess match with higher stakes.

Yukino realized that Hina had effectively used her kick to her own advantage. Being in essentially mid air, she was unable to properly react as she saw Hina weave her hand signs. By the time she had both of her feet planted on the ground, it was far to late. She simply heard Hina shout her jutsu’s name which only caused confusion before the smell hit her.

“Ewuch! What is that smell?!” she asked angrily. “Did she really make a jutsu that just smells bad?” Yukino thought to herself. It was hard for Yukino to collect herself after that, her face wrinkled, but she realized she was entirely too close to Hina for comfort. She needed to get away from that smell, and fast.

In trying to put the necessary strength to jump away, she realized they felt as though they were asleep. “What the hell?” she said aloud as she almost fell over. “What kind of ninjutsu was that? Or was that..some kind of genjutsu?” Yukino thought. “If we’re playing like that, then I won’t hold back!” Yukino yelled. She summoned what little strength she had left in her legs to do a weak leap backwards. At the same time she did this, she weaved hand signs with her right hand and inhaled.

“Fire Style: Flame Bullet!” she said as she exhaled and created a ball made of pure fire aimed straight towards Hina.

Yukino wasn’t able to properly land, hitting her left knee on the ground as she assumed a sort of crouching position. Steadying herself with her left hand, her legs were like jelly. “What the heck did she do to me?" Yukino thought to herself. In truth, the small leap she did only put a few meters in between her and Hina. The idea was to push Hina back so she could collect herself, though she had no idea how long that would take. For now, it was she could do to stand, so she would wait to do so until after she saw how Hina would handle the fireball. Unable to attack in anymore in this state, she would revert to a standing defensive position should Hina come back in close quarters.

Chakra 235/250:

Name: Fire Style: Flame Bullet (Katon: Endan ~ 火遁・炎弾)
Origin: Library
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: 40m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 posts
Hand Seals: Hand Seal (Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger)
Description: The user inhales a large breath, filling their mouth and lungs with chakra, then convert this chakra to fire within their bodies. This chakra is then exhaled as either a large 10-meter large sphere that travels up to 40-meters, or a 40-meter long, 5-meter wide continuous flamethrower. These flames travel at 40m/s in a straight line, and are capable of inflicting moderate 1st-degree burns.

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The fireball was a bit bigger than the blue eyed girl thought it would be. “Maybe I put a bit too much juice into it.” she said under her breath. Her icy blue eyes scanned the crowd to search for their reactions. Some were amazed, and others seemed to be worried about her opponent. Yukino watched as Hina tried her best to evade, and almost did. The fireball was simply too much and managed to get her legs. The fireball would eventually dissipate on its own before it became a danger for anyone else in the crowd. That was at least one worry off her mind, and it seemed to ease the crowd as well. “Perhaps next time I do something like this, I’ll make sure it’s me and my opponent.” she thought to herself.

Back to Hina, the young Sarutobi watched as she frantically took her pants off. Yukino’s eyes widened as she watched this panicked display from her opponent. “Has she no shame?” she thought to herself. Whatever feeling she may have felt before was quickly replaced with embarrassment as her face went flush. Seeing Hina in her panites in front of the crowd as they were made her feel bad for firing off the fireball. “It was her own fault for using such a disgusting jutsu on me.” she quickly corrected herself. Now Hina looked like she was out for blood, though it looked like her body wasn’t able to move the way in which she wanted it to.

Hina would fall again in front of her only a few meters away. Testing to see if she put strength in her legs, Yukino found that she had full control over them once again. This realization couldn’t have happened sooner as Hina made a break move to attempt to tackle Yukino. The blue eyed girl could only imagine what her opponent had planned once she got her to the ground. “Nope!” Yukino said aloud as she sprung back. Yukino felt the need to end this as soon as possible, for Hina’s own decency if for nothing else. Since this was the case, Yukino finally pulled out her ninjato from its sheath.

Yukino could hear a couple of gasps from the crowd when she did this. They probably thought this had became a death match, though Yukino had nothing of the sort on her mind. Ninjato in her left she weaved a quick hand seal and threw it towards Hina. Her intention was not to hit her with it, instead, she aimed for the ground right in front of her. This would serve as a nice distraction while Yukino moved around to Hina’s side again. Changing up her strategy, she went for a leg sweep to put Hina on her back.

If she was able to land this, she planning on recalling her ninjato with her jutsu and pointing towards Hina’s throat. This would effectively make Hina submit, thus ending the fight. If she wasn’t able to land it, then she would recall her ninjato anyway and take upon a defensive stance.

Chakra 225/250:

Name: Weapon Recall
Origin: Original
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: None
Range: 15 meter max radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: N/A
Hand Seals: Tiger
Description: It effectively attaches a string of chakra to the hilt of the weapon Yukino chooses. Working in the same vein as the puppet mastery jutsu, she can use this string to pull her weapon back to her hand as long as it’s within the radius of effect. She can retract it at a speed of 10 meters per second. It can not be used to directly attack someone with, and it can only attach itself to Yukino’s weapons, not her opponents. In order for it to work, Yukino must attach the string to the weapon prior to it leaving her hands.

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TWC: 2,239

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Yukino couldn’t help but smirk as he Hina conceited defeat to her. She moved back slightly from Hina, allowing her enough room to move and get up from the ground. The young girl sheathed her ninjato as Hina congratulated her on the fight. “You did well.” Yukino said simply as she watched Hina walk away. Now wasn’t the time to try and strike up a conversation. Her icy blue eyes caught the site of some of her former opponent’s pants blew around in the wind. Some as in small bits accompanied with bigger pieces that managed to survive. As expected, Hina would request that the young Sarutobi replace her pants. It was hard to tell whether or not if she was serious as her back was turned around, but either way it would make for a good joke later.

Breathing in and exhaling, she moved her shoulders around and cracked her neck in satisfaction. It felt as though a heavy weight had been taken off her chest and now she could finally breathe. “I will make it a point to never lose another match among my peers again.” she said to herself as she went the opposite way of Hina.

At this point, the crowd who had formed around them dispersed and went their own ways. While they did cheer for the two as whole, it didn’t matter to Yukino. Afterall, she didn’t fight Hina again for their enjoyment. She did it for herself mostly, and the only reward for her effort she needed was the victory itself. Still, she felt gross, and could’ve swore she still tasted that gross jutsu before. “I’m going to have to keep that in mind for the next time I meet Hina.” she said under her breathe as she broke into the busy village once again.  

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