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Mission name: Woaaaaah!
Mission rank: C-rank.
Objective: Train some academy students in martial combat.
Location: Konoha Shinobi Academy.
Reward: 300 Ryo.
Mission description: The academy is running extra credit courses this semester and wants aspiring Genin and Chuunin to run martial arts lessons with the students who need to catch up.
Mission Details: You'll get given a group of young academy students and be expected to teach them martial arts. They don't fight fair and they're not really very respectful.

Hina walked through the academy and tried to figure out where she was supposed to go. She had a feint idea of where the right room was, but this was the best she could do since nobody was around to ask. These sorts of extra credit courses tended to happen outside of regular school hours. All this time she spent walking and reminiscing about the academy days had not done well for her mental state. When she left she had just noticed that she would probably never make a great shinobi. This was more annoying than ever to realize since she couldn’t quite keep the thought out of her mind. She thought that if she could somehow accept the fact that she would be subpar and embrace it then things would get better but embracing it was not something that she could do easily. Luckily being away from the busy village areas made it a lot easier to concentrate. She had always turned to mental meditation to calm down but she feared that one day that wouldn’t be enough.

She had always associated this place as a chore since she always put off her lessons in favor of doing more fun things. Whether that be blowing off her lessons completely or practicing a little bit of genjutsu on the side she had always shown a disinterest in anything ninjutsu related. Now it was all around her again and she felt like it would be there for the rest of her life. At one point she had wished she could be a civilian and now she was thinking that it was not worth the sacrifices. She knew that this could only be the beginning of a long line of regrettable occurrences. She often thought if there was a way to permanently rid herself of her newfound connection to the world of jutsu.

Hina and the few stragglers that looked like they were also lost went on their separate ways. Some banded together but Hina didn’t want to be responsible for the business of others. She only had one partner for this mission. She didn’t know who it would be, but hopefully it was someone who knew their stuff. Hina would be relying on them to do most of the teaching since she wasn’t the best when it came to practical fighting.

After what seemed like an eternity of searching, Hina realized that the classroom wasn’t indoors at all. It was outdoors! Hina grumbled and stormed outside and saw the class waiting for their sensei and there was a big sign with the words “Extra Credit Martial Arts Lessons”. Hina had to be an idiot to not see this before walking through the door. She just had to go and get side tracked. Now all she had to do was wait another ten minutes and then she would be able to start the class. Hopefully not alone…

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“Back already, huh?” Yukino thought as she traversed the familiar halls once again.

While she had indeed grown and developed significantly as a ninja in that time, she almost felt as though it was too soon to come back to teach. Previous graduation class’ pictures were hung around the walls that weren’t filled with some sort of painting or award. She was dressed in her regular clothes, not having the gear that more senior ninja would wear quite yet. Still, having graduated top of her class, there was nothing she couldn’t teach a class of academy students about. Even with this under her belt, there had always been a disconnect with how she conducted herself at the academy. Being the top student spared her of the majority of the punishment from her teacher when she acted out, but it was the relationship with her peers that was mostly affected.

“I wonder what they’re doing these days…” she thought, finding her way through the academy. Having read the mission statement, the young Sarutobi knew the class was outside. Having arrived as early as she did however allowed her to look for her old classroom to reminisce in a way. It didn’t take her long to find it, and it was almost like her mind was being flooded by memories. She found that a part of her wanted to go back to those days. The days where her only task was to come to school and learn about the ninja arts.

“Yukino! How many times have I told you to go easy on your classmates! They aren’t your enemies!” her teacher said as he ran to the two kids. Yukino stood over her classmate who was sobbing on the ground. “It's not my fault he’s weak. He should’ve trained more.” she told her teacher. The man looked at her with a shocked look on his face that was mixed in with discontentment. Perhaps he hadn’t pushed the issue much since she was a Sarutobi, or maybe it was because she was a good student. Either way, that day Yukino learned that she would never be able to see her classmates as equals.

“Even now, I’m not sure what to think.” Yukino said to herself as she turned and made her way to the class area. It didn’t take long to get to the training area, but as she walked in, she was met with a surprise. “Hina?” she said, managing to hold back the majority of her shock. “I guess you’re my partner today, huh? I’d prefer you over some rando.” she said with amusement. After her fight with Hina, they had once again been on good terms with one another. While she didn’t say it or even realize it, the blue eyed girl had become quite close to Hina. After listening to Hina, she would turn to face the class who looked as though they all had just rolled out of bed.

“Hello class, I am Yukino Sarutobi.” she said, introducing herself to the kids. She would let Hina introduce herself as well before continuing. “Today we will learn about tai-” she started to say before getting interrupted by a small boy. “Who caaaares! When do we get to home!” he said in an annoyed tone.

“So this is the type of class we have? Figures.” Yukino would say in a low enough voice so that only Hina would hear. It was painfully obvious by her face alone that Yukino was not pleased with her current situation. There was telling how the day would end up for the young teachers and their students.

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“Oh hey, it’s Yukino,” Hina said aloud with surprise. It was odd that they had run into each other so often as of late, she supposed that they were grouping together like minded ninjas, or maybe they just took the same missions because they were like minded. Either way, Hina wasn’t going to complain about being partnered up with an old pal.

“Ahem Ahem, my name is Hina Braveheart.” She stared out at the glazed over expressions of the class. Nobody ever heard of the last name Braveheart. It wasn’t nearly as recognizable as Sarutobi. Hina didn’t know the origin of her family’s name but it must not have been epic because she had yet to meet anyone else that went by her name. It would have been easier if she knew her clan, so that she could just identify as that… but it wasn’t like her parents knew that either.

When Hina had read that this was an extra credit course, she had thought that this meant that it would be attended by the best and brightest. It was those nerdy types that always wanted to boost their scores to a stupidly high number, right? Well it turned out that she was only partially correct. There were a few good apples, right at the front of the class with pencil pouches in their hands, ready to write anything important down at a moment’s notice. Then there was the overwhelming majority who looked like they would rather not be here. To them, this class was just something they had to take because they were slacking and were more or less forced to come here by their teachers or parents. Hina had never been part of this sort of class before because she never gave a shit about her grades or performance. Even still, she shared Yukino’s sentiment about the students.

“Okay, any of you that don’t want to be here feel free to step up and spar us. If you win you can leave.” Hina didn’t have any qualms with letting everyone leave if they could beat her. Wasn’t that the whole point? For her to teach what she knew? If they were all better than her then there was nothing she could teach anyways. Her words seemed to shut up at least some of the naysayers but there were a couple of students who stood up and walked right to the front of the class. One went right to Yukino and the other right to Hina.

“Fine then, let’s fight and get this over with,” Hina said as she glanced over at Yukino. The faster they could get this class back on track the better.

Hina’s opponent was a boy that was just as tall as she was although he was probably five or more years younger. He had rippling muscles that seemed unnatural for someone his age but he seemed justifiably determined that he could beat Hina. Then, without any warning, Hina stepped forward and kneed him right in the crotch, making him fall to his knees and then keel over to the side. He wailed about how unfair she had been so Hina announced to the class, “If you’re going to be a ninja engaging in combat, lesson one is that you probably want to wear some protection around your sensitive parts.”

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Raising an eyebrow, Yukino was surprised to hear Hina take such a hard stance as she did. She quickly reasoned it was the best way to earn the respect of kids in the class, especially in her own case. Having just graduated herself, some of these same kids may have even remembered her. She was even more surprised at the boys who took such initiative. Her blue eyes tracked the two boys movements as they both confronted the two girls. Looking over to Hina’s opponent, he looked like something straight out of a battle manga. Yukino wasn’t worried about her partner per say, though she was more concerned with how a kid was able to grow such big muscles.

Her opponent was the exact opposite, being thin and lanky, but still maintaining the height advantage. He took up what Yukino would assume to be a muy thai stance. Being only five foot, she was much shorter than most people. The boy in front thought he could use his height to intimidate her in some weird way. Her eyes moved from the kid to the crowd, looking at their faces to try and get a read on what they thought.

Most of them looked scared, almost as if they had expected the duo to win. Looking back at the boy who stood in front of her in his same stance, he wore a creepy smile. His features reminded her of some kind of snake in the wild. It had occurred to her that the two boys in front of them may have been this classes’ bullies. “Oh, I see how it is.” Yukino said aloud, her eye twitching from anger. Reaching for the ninjato that was strapped to her waist, she was ready to fight for real. “Woah! Hey! You can’t use weapons, this was supposed to be hand to hand!” the boy cried out.

His discomfort at the situation was enhanced further as he watched his partner in crime drop to the floor in an instant. Yukino let an evil smirk appear on her face as she walked closer to her opponent, slowly drawing her ninjato. “Lesson number two. You must be prepared to fight anything as a ninja.” the boy backing up as she walked closer. “I’m not even a ninja yet! I’m still here at the academy!” the boy said as he moved back further.

Moving her ninjato back into its sheath, a different kind of smile appeared on her face. “Exactly.” she said moving back. “You all haven’t gotten these yet.” Yukino pointing to the headband that hung around her neck causing all the kids to look directly at it, and then over to Hina’s. “Until you do, you all have no grounds to speak on. You all will listen to us today as we teach you.” She said, making sure to make eye contact with every one of the students. Looking at the kids, she could tell that a handful of them weren’t completely onboard as of yet, but she and Hina at least got their respect.

“Now, lets try this again.” she said in a lighter tone. “Today class, we’ll be learning about Taijutsu. This will be practical, so we’ll need volunteers.”

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Hina would have very much liked to have given the second bully a kick in the groin, but he was smart enough to help his friend up and go sit back down. The whole class had a more serious expression on their faces when it was clear that this wasn’t going to be a lazy lesson. A lot of them surprisingly hadn’t expected to actually engage in any combat even though this was a taijutsu class. Hina would have gladly kept fighting the students just to get a little of her own training in… except Yukino brought her back to reality. Their duty was to teach and to do that, practically, they needed the students to get engaged. Hina’s partner called for volunteers and before long they had several people come up.

The volunteers were mostly the nerds of the bunch, which was also typical given Hina’s own academy experience. One of them was dressed a lot like rock lee in the sense that he wore a skin tight onesie and looked like he would have run to the moon and back to improve. Another was a bookworm who had gotten up with his pencil and paper in hand, as if he intended to fight with those. There were others but those were the two that Hina paired up to begin with. “Okay, assume your taijutsu fighting stance.”

The jumpsuit boy dropped into a low kung fu type stance and the bookworm held his pencil like a knife. Maybe he was intending to fight with that thing. “Oh boy,” Hina muttered when she saw what she was dealing with. She didn’t know anything about kung fu but she did know that if you were going to throw strikes you needed to at least be able to hit the opponent. “One of the most important parts of fighting is to know your strike range. In boxing we establish this with jabs. It lets you know how far you can hit and lets your opponent know to respect your personal space. Jumpsuit boy, I think we both know you can’t kick with that low of a stance and while I respect the stability it brings, you don’t need to stabilize if you’re not hitting anything. Pencil guy, you don’t even have a stance.” Hina pushed him and he stumbled because he was just standing straight up.

Hina noticed that the students were paying close attention while Hina adjusted the stances and she hoped they were taking mental notes. After a couple minutes the volunteers had a decent stance down and Hina said, “okay, let’s see some strikes.” The jumpsuit kid threw some jabs and crosses, nothing complicated. The pencil guy took a punch to the neck and shoved the erase of his pencil into his opponent’s stomach. There was no grace to this sort of fighting but it was better than nothing. “At least try to dodge!” Hina encouraged as they kept going, “get punched in the neck hard enough and you’re dead. Same with getting stabbed with a knife!”

Hina was actually enjoying having students listen to her. She turned to Yukino to see what she had been doing or to see if she had anything to add.

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Scanning the crowd, none of the kids even made eye contact with Yukino. They all seemed to prefer Hina, though the young Sarutobi understood why. “Maybe I over did it…” she thought to herself, fighting back the urge to place her hand on her chin. Even though Hina was the one who straight kneed a kid in the groin. Still, this was the situation she found herself in, so she had to deal with it. Looking towards the back, she spotted a kid who looked entirely too comfortable. Yukino could even go as far as to say that a couple more minutes and he would be asleep.

Being the hard worker she was, Yukino couldn’t just let someone fall asleep in her class without even saying anything. “You there. What’s your name?” she said while pointing him out. The kid had lazy and no good written all over his face, his eyes alone telling the young teacher all she needed to know about him. It was painfully obvious to her that he really wanted to say something smart, but perhaps her earlier actions prevented him from doing so. “Kenta.” the boy said plainly. “Kenta, why don’t you come down here and join some of your classmates.” she said. “Nah, I think I’m good.” Kenta replied nonchalantly.

The vein in her forehead carried the full strength of her elevated heart beat, becoming more visible. She crossed her arms in an attempt to avoid reaching for her ninjato. “Kenta.” she grumbled, her eyes reflecting exactly what she felt towards the boy. Looking at this, Kenta instantly jumped up and pat the boy next to him to join him. “Good, didn’t even need to get ugly.” she thought to herself as the boys presented themselves to her. Looking over to Hina, she was a bit surprised to see her take to teaching so well. “Alright, I want you both to spar right here in front of me and we’ll go from there.” she said as did an animated karate chop in an attempt to lighten the mood.

The young girl was nowhere near the same level as her father when it came to Taijutsu, or anything for that matter. Due to his teaching however, she became very proficient at attention to detail. This proficiency afforded her the ability to correct the smaller mistakes in the boys actions. Whether if it was the form or basic strike, she was able to point out each mistake. Rather than just this however, she was able to explain to them better ways to go about it. Soon, she had a small gathering of students watching as she explained basic Taijutsu principles.

While she never saw herself as a teacher, and she hated the idea of doing stuff because of her bloodline. It seemed that just like her Will of Fire, teaching was embedded deep within her being. Once her little lecture was over, she let the students spar amongst themselves for a moment as she looked up to Hina. Her eyes glanced over to the clock that on the other side of the room as she made her way to her partner. “I never thought I’d see you teaching kids with such passion.” she said jokingly. Her icy blue eyes looking over Hina’s own little herd of students. Crossing her arms once again, she looked back over to Hina. “Well, what do you think?”

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Hina’s eyes locked with Yukino and she suddenly had the urge to chit chat. All this teaching was, while not out of character, kind of a chore. Boxing often meant you were part of a small group and constantly helping each other improve, and so it was easy for Hina to pass on the basics to these green students. If it were come to actual chakra infused taijutsu though, it would be a lot more complicated. She was fortunate that this mission didn’t require her to teach above her own skill level because that would have been a disaster.

“I think it’s going alright,” Hina said as she wiped a bead of sweat off her forehead. She had done little to nothing physically but the stress of teaching was causing her to sweat. “I can’t wait to wrap this up though and go get some food. Plus I’ve got… plans for tonight. What about you?” It had been so long since Hina had been “young” that she didn’t know what kids liked to do these days after everything was said and done. In fact, she didn’t even know what most girls her own age liked to do since she had taken such a drastic turn from the beaten path.

Hina would rest and let Yukino reply and then call for the students to rotate. Hina made the active participants in her group sit down and called some sitting students to participate. She found that this set was easier to teach because they had actually paid attention to the spars and listened to what Hina had said. Or maybe they had just paid attention so that Hina wouldn’t deck them in the balls. Hina wasn’t about to complain though, because obedience was key in a classroom setting.

Once she had gotten each of her students to spar, it was time to set up a little obstacle course of sorts. She thought that it was pertinent to be able to move dexterously when fighting, so she laid out cones and scattered traps in between flags. All the students had to do was touch each flag and then Hina would be comfortable with dismissing them for the day. Everyone thought that they would be able to get out of class early, but it would become clear that they couldn’t just run through it lest they get smacked in the head with a wooden stick.

“Comeon guys, you can do it!” Hina cheered from the sidelines.

Hina wrapped up the class and went home because Yukino was unresponsive.

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