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One last time. I can't mess this up. I've got this. Master Sero's gonna respect my progress. Or at least the spiders will, hopefully. They did seem like an excitable bunch towards the end.

I was up early this morning. Today was the day I was to report back to Master Sero with news of my progress. He had assigned me a difficult task, but I think I accomplished it. Well, kind of. He had told me to develop a jutst that used three seals simultaneously to have multiple effects. And technically, that is what I accomplished. Still, it really only had two main functions. Although it utilized three seals, I had to use the third one to help stabilize the other two, making sure chakra didn't leak and render them useless. Master Sero's expectations aside, I was actually pretty proud of what I had come up with. It was a pretty large jutsu, and it would definitely be helpful for not only myself, but the rest of my team as well. It was essentially a shield made of water, that had some special properties. I couldn't wait to show them to Master Sero. Especially since it involved the other piece of advice he had given me.

But as much excitement as I had, it was coupled with dread at the thought of going back to that island. Every time I thought back to my experience, I couldn't help but shudder. I was very grateful to Master Sero for agreeing to help me, but I have to admit I had hesitations about whether I should actually follow through. Was the help he offered really worth the incredible mental strain it necessitated? In the end, I decided that it would just be one more bridge to cross. If I couldn't get over this, then what would happen if I lost my calm in the field? I'd be killed!

So, I would go back. I would show him my jutsu, and hopefully he'd be willing to teach me more. And this time, I'll be more confident. I won't run in fear. I won't cry and vomit outside the gate. And most importantly, I WILL stay for tea.

I smiled. It was ready. And hopefully, so was I. I finished packing my gear, had a quick breakfast downstairs, and headed once more towards that wide, lonely road on the way to the island of spiders. I forgot how long the walk was, but I guess it seemed longer now that I wasn't experiencing everything for the first time. Still, my stomach couldn't help but twist a little. I closed my eyes as I continued to walk forward. Aruide's advice came to mind.

“You must learn how to fight past the pain. Train yourself to separate the feeling of the body from the machinations of the mind.”

I tried clearing my head, focusing only on the task at hand.

I'm on the road to the red Tori gate. Once I reach there, I'll travel across the bridge. Then, I'll walk through the forest. Through the garden. To the door. That is my first objective. My first task.

I opened my eyes once more, a determination rising in me. I felt confident, strong. I could do this. I wouldn't fall victim to the fear again. Eventually, I reached the Tori gate. It looked unchanged, still damaged and seemingly forgotten. But I knew that as much as the island's appearance would have you believe it was abandoned, the truth was far from that. I took a breath, and stepped through the gate.

Almost immediately, the confidence and determination that I had a moment before, that seemed to me indomitable, suddenly drained away in a flash. Once again their arose the feeling of fear, the feeling that something infinitely more powerful than me was watching, and it was hungry.

What am I doing here, what am I doing here? This was a mistake, I shouldn't have come back. I shouldn't have. Why did I think this was a good idea? I mean, he made me kill someone last time, what's he gonna make me do this time? Something horrible, but I'll have no real choice. Why would I do this to myself? What good could come of-

Once more I closed my eyes. I imagined that I was back underground, back training with Aruide, trying to become strong enough for King Arutota's -- or I guess it was really Aruide's -- approval. I remembered the way he would come at me, alternating between his claws and massive tail, trying to knock me off my guard. It hurt, but the whole point of Machidō was to ignore that. To move past the pain of the body and focus on the tactics of the mind.

I didn't go through all that training for nothing, had I? Am I just a faux ninja, unworthy of the summoning contract I had been given? No. I am Nobuya Yomechiro, and I earned that contract. I endured the pain, and kept pushing. I could do this. I will do this.

My determination like a phoenix reborn, I pushed once more through the fog, reaching the trees with webs strewn overhead. Once more, I walked through the woods.

I can do this.

Once more, I looked at the red eyes staring right back at me. I didn't know if they remembered me, that I am an ally of Master Sero's, and not spider food. I pressed on.

I can do this.

I walked into the garden. For once not in a hurry, I took a moment to observe the statues. They depicted monsters and beasts, cracked and crumbling effigies that were perhaps beautiful in their time, but now lay decrepit in the garden of the old manor.

I wonder if Master Sero would ever want me to clean this place up a bit, or if he really just likes it like this?

I smiled to myself. I realized that this was one of the first times I hadn't had a thought on this path that was corrupted by the fear of the island. I was still terrified at the moment, but maybe Aruide's method was actually working. Except instead of ignoring just the pain in the body, I could ignore the pain in the mind as well. I walked once more to the grand door and knocked three times. I looked behind me to see the shapes' and figures' crimson eyes.

"Master Sero! It's Nobuya, and I believe I've completed the technique in the way you specified! I am very eager to show it to you."

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The world outside seemed quiet and still. Nothing seemed to move or breath. As if all life had been quenched aside from a few sets of red eyes following the returned hero. Nothing barring his path but no breeze stirred the dead undergrowth. Even those prying eyes remained still as if waiting for something. To them this was just another possible student to the master that too would fail. That would falter before reaching the same heights as the father. They did not see the boy before them soon to become his own legend. To become his own power. Nothing good ever came easy but this kid was putting in the effort. He was swallowing his fear and returning to the island a second time without accepting the tainted power the island offered. Carving his own path through the darkness while gaining power as he went. The part they acknowledged was that it took willpower to return to the father of horrors without the taint they shared. He had his own skills and Sero was willing to accept him within his castle so this was to be accepted by the children too. A human child with a free pass to come and go. Rare but not unknown these years.

The child would be allowed access all the way to the front door. Something was shifting now though. A pressure as the clouds above began to rumble. Almost as if a storm was coming. Yet the mainland hadn't shown any signs of such. No this storm was brought on by man. A clash of chakra was happening within and the intensity of it was adjusting the weather itself. A large bell chimed the hour from high above the manor as thunder cracked and threatened to release the rains. It was a wonder perhaps that the boy was heard at the door at all. If not the for the attentive staff. Once more the door would creak open as before him a butler with four arms would stand in his clean cut suit. Tailored to himself by his own hand. The man had a posture about him that spoke little of nonsense but professional instead. His eyes would glance first to the boy and then up to the sky as the clouds cracked with energy yet again. Threatening the peace of the island.

"Ah young lord. Do come in before it rains. I shall prepare tea. The master is in the throne chamber. Do keep to the walls though. They are training."

He would step to the side to let the boy in and close the door behind him. As soon as he did the sound of the storm would silence. The thick door cutting off all outside noise. However a new noise had appeared. The clash of metal nearby. The door across the grand hall entrance was cracked leading to the throne room. It was clear that was where the sound was coming from. The butler would excuse himself to the kitchens. Even if the boy had left before tea had been ready last time he would not hesitate to try it again. It was just another of his duties after all. Still the young man would be left to his own devices again. If he approached the slightly open doors he would hear the sound of battle intensifying. The feel of that pressure pressing against him like gravity. All of the weight of the world intensified as it felt like one thing was on the other side of that door. Absolute oblivion. Sero was a monster and he would feel his presence beyond that door like a wraith descending upon his throat. A true test of will to press forward still. When sensing the possible end and still progressing. Most stopped there. Fled this place. Covered in sweat with panic in their eyes. A savage need to flee this place and that creature called Sero.

Still if the boy pressed through the door it was clear that training was indeed going on. Members of the unmei clan seeking to prove their strength had requested to train with the father to join his personal guard. Six of them were all moving roughly around special jounin level. Each varying in size and style. A couple of them were obvious power houses. Standing tall with rippling muscles and rushing forward with glowing hands. Their hands seemed to crush even stone when they struck out. Powdering it. Two of them were back up. One casting jutsu from a distance and the other providing ranged healing. The last two were lean and fast. Shifting around to find an opening and attack. Attempting to cut off avenues of retreat and engage and disengage when openings presented itself. A well functioning team that shifted together and almost seemed to meld together like clockwork. Yet something was off. Even with the healing their dark blood still stained their torn clothing. The six of them were breathing heavy and seemed to be struggling.

This was to be expected. Their opponent seemed to simply glide around them. As if dancing to the tune death played for them. His silver and white robes untouched as he seemed to glide about the six of them. Outclassing them by such an extent that it was almost just a dance for him. However he was wielding an odd weapon. Especially for a man with one arm. A sickle and chain was the weapon of an assassin and usually wielded with both hands. however the sickle was in his remaining hand and the chain spun around his form back and forth as he danced. Shifting and building momentum as he spun back and forth until it flew out at an opportune moment. Smashing into the cross guard of one of the big opponents with a crack of dark chakra as loud as the thunder on the end of it,. Such a weapon wouldn't usually do much to such an opponent but with Sero wielding it. The story changed. His power shifted the blow as dark energy rushed into the weight and the large opponents guard was crushed as he was sent flying back into their healer. Both of them crashing back into the wall behind them with a crash as a wave of energy dispersed through out the room and the lightning cracked outside. No noise but the painted windows showed the glow. Rain began to pour against them as the rest of the opponents regrouped. Their numbers almost halved.

However Sero would shift his gaze. He was a different man now with a weapon in his hand. He had presence before but with a weapon in hand those grey eyes seemed to absorb the young student entirely. Enveloping him and drowning him. There were no secrets that could be held. No places to hide and no where in the world to run. The pressure from the storm was from this man with a weapon in hand. Calling him a man though seemed odd. He could not be human. Those dead eyes could not be the eyes of man. This was a monster from birth. A beast upon the land. There could be no doubt he had taken lives. No doubt that he had been born in blood and lived in it. This was the eyes of the devil. Yet the weapon would wrap around his arm and he would turn to the boy. The pressure fading as the others seemed to collapse and gather their breath. Finally able to breath after an hour of this dance with the master. Sero still held the weapon but the pressure died down to how it had been before. The pendulum seemed to glow as it shifted back and forth like a clock. It was clear he was waiting now for his guest to greet him.


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As I waited outside the door, I looked behind me, hearing thunder intrude on the relative stillness of the eerie island. I looked up to the sky with slight concern. Normally, I loved the rain. It cooled me off, gave me a relaxing sound to listen to, and covered me in what always felt to me like a blanket made of water. It was nice, and honestly one of the things I loved most about the Land of Water. Because more water surrounded us, and had the opportunity to evaporate into the clouds, the Land of Water had always enjoyed a greater amount of rain than our neighbors. But something about the thunderstorm brewing above the manor felt off. Almost as if it shouldn't have existed, like it was an intruder in this world. I hadn't noticed it before now, but it seemed much too large to be brought about this suddenly. No, once again I suspected, the strangeness of the storm had something to do with the strangeness of the island. What would normally have made me feel superbly more calm than before was only adding to the uneasiness crawling its way all over my body.

Fortunately, it wasn't long before the door opened before me, revealing once again the well-dressed, four-armed butler. Glancing up at the chaotic sky behind me, he calmly offered words of courteous welcome.

"Ah young lord. Do come in before it rains. I shall prepare tea. The master is in the throne chamber. Do keep to the walls though. They are training."

Before stepping in, I quickly bowed to the butler. He stepped aside to allow me to pass through the door into the manor. When the door was closed, the low grumble of thunder from outside the manor's walls was replaced by the high clangs of metal from deeper into the house of the formidable Osada.

Remember. Be polite. Don't let the fear rule you.

"Thank you very much sir. It is very nice to see you again. I hope you have been doing well since I saw you last."

I considered asking the butler's name, but he looked like he had responsibilities he was waiting to fulfill, and I didn't want to take any more of his time. Seemingly proving the point, the butler soon excused himself, leaving me to delve deeper into the master's lair myself. I looked around the room for a moment, taking a moment before I attempted to bring myself to continue the training. The training which, at this point, had become more of a mental exercise in control than anything I had otherwise sought when I decided my course of action in the library that fateful morning.

I walked forwards towards the sounds of a terrifying battle. Whoever was in there, whether it be Master Sero or one of his associates, I knew that they would be able to kill me with little more effort than it would take to form the thought. And with perhaps even less time required. My heart was beating fast, pounding almost out of my chest as my hand shook, not quite touching the handle of the door. I felt at once as though I was being crushed by a force on all sides, as if I was a mistake being erased from existence. I shouldn't be there, and my appearance was being rectified. I couldn't move. Every nerve in my body was telling me that danger lied ahead, and every muscle was tensing to run away.

The problem, which perhaps could be considered a solution to itself, was that I didn't really have choice in the matter. I couldn't turn back now. If I showed any weakness in this moment, I would be consumed by the island. The spiders outside would find a weak-willed snack. The lightning would find an easy route to the ground it so desperately longed to reach. The bridge would find a fool unworthy of crossing it.

This is an island of spiders, and I've already been caught in the web. There's no use struggling now, it will only make my presence more noticeable and the notion of destroying me all the more enticing. No, now all I can do is accept my fate and become part of this silk tapestry woven by such a master of fear.

I didn't know what part of me could continue onward so often, what part could possibly stand up even temporarily to the crushing pressure of the island's fear, but I was certainly glad it hid somewhere within me. In a way accepting my fate, yet continuing to shake, I opened the door to find quite an awe-inspiring -- and certainly fear-inspiring, as many things on the island had as a natural part of their very composition, -- sight. In front of me were seven figures.

The first six were what at first glance what might seem like incredibly capable shinobi, definitely each one of them being far above my current skill level. They appeared to be working together, each with a set of skills and specialties that perfectly blended with the role they had as a member of the team. Some looked to be using a very powerful form of taijutsu that seemed to be able to bludgeon the very air they passed their fists through, some had a mastery of ninjutsu no genin I knew could even approach training, and some were moving so extremely fast that at times I wasn't even sure they were there. Or I would think that there were more than six in the group, only to realize that the same ninja was moving around the battlefield faster than my eye could track them. And yet, with all their skill, with all their prowess, they were panting, and sweating, and marked by their own blood. And this was all thanks to the seventh member, Master Sero himself. He moved around and through them with an effortless grace, untouched by the attacks of his adversaries.

They've become trapped in the web too. But these wayworn spiders, caught on the fickle wind, are not prey. No, they seem to be little more than playthings the more deadly spider is using to amuse itself. Master Sero truly is an exceedingly deadly expert.

Why am I doing this again?

Master Sero was wielding some kind of formidable weapon, and I realized with a skip of a heart beat that it was a kusarigama.

I didn't read about it specifically in any of the information the library had on Master Sero, but I never really considered before that him being a master of all weapon styles really meant that he was a master of ALL weapon styles. Of course he would know how to use a kusarigama. And from what I could see, he was much more proficient with the weapon than Aruide, even while Aruide's training had been specifically focused around that particular weapon.

To be fair, though, they wield the weapon in entirely different ways. Both are masters at making the sickle and chain extensions of their very beings and bodies, but they use it to exceedingly different purposes. While Aruide uses it as a tool to ensnare, pulling them closer in order to slice them with his claws, Master Sero uses the blunt end as a terrifyingly formidable weapon itself.

He was holding the kama in his hand, but seemed to not even notice it, using instead the blunt weight to destroy his opponents' guards from a range, while keeping all his movements within the momentum of the swing, making every slight movement a part of a grander attack, and of a seemingly impenetrable defense. Despite my incredible fear at seeing a master of death in his domain, I once again had a moment in which my mind could clear itself, as my eyes lit up in absolute amazement.

He is absolutely amazing! If he has time, I would absolutely love to learn how to use the weapon like that! That's just so cool! And when I was training underground, I knew that a kusarigama felt so right because you were able to use the weapon's momentum, but I never imagined it could look as hauntingly beautiful as this!

After a few more moments in which Master Sero continued to tirelessly tire his opponents out, the pressure of the battle seemed to slightly ebb. Master Sero looked at me while the people he was fighting, or at least the ones still conscious, took a moment to reassess the situation and regroup their minds. I sincerely doubted they would be foolish enough to attack Master Sero while his attention seemed to be on me, but maybe that's exactly what Master Sero was expecting. Whatever the case, I could tell it would be unwise to keep my mouth shut any longer. My heart was already beating faster, an effect maintained since I first approached the door. I maintained eye contact with Sero, but I bowed my head slightly in a sign of respectful deference.

"Hello again, Master Sero, it is good to see you again. I'm very sorry if I'm interrupting something, I'd be happy to wait outside if you would so desire. I...Well, I just thought you might have wanted to know I was here, and that I've produced a jutsu I thought you might be pleased with. It actually combines both of the things you taught me last time!"

I kept my head bowed, waiting patiently for his response.

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Sero would pause in his thoughts as the young man would introduce himself lightly once more. Not as much as the same but this was their second meeting. Of course Sero thought nothing of it. The child had claimed he had accomplished the difficult task Sero had set out for him. For the average person would not have been able to do it in the time frame allotted. It was dangerous to experiment so they took the quiet path. The safe route. So little was gained when they risked so little. To push yourself beyond your limits. Risking of life and limb. The mental stress behind it was only matched by the lengthy strides one made in progress. He wanted to see if this one would push himself to these lengths. To rise to the challenge and reach for power instead of waiting for the safe route. Still a triple layer seal was a gross passing point for a seal master. Twin seals were common enough but a triple layer one opened the doorway. Eventually he would stack them as any true seal master could. He looked forward to seeing this progress and aiding him along further. Even if he was of the untainted he would be given lessons. if he could keep up.

However this was not to immediately be. As the boy bowed and addressed Sero directly another man would step from his vantage point on the rafters and drop down to land easily with a slight bend to the knee's before straightening himself. Over his shoulders appeared to be a vest made from a black wolf with a scar over its right eye. The vest hanging open to reveal rippling muscles with a hairy chest. His long black hair stood wild as he stood towering over the boy Blue jeans had been put on but he was also barefoot. His eyes were red like a spiders as his fangs showed through his grin. Not just an Unmei but by the looks of him a strong one. He had an air of confidence and authority. Still he smirked in a way that seemed condescending. Leaning down as he spoke. "What's this? A human just wanders in and says he has a jutsu for the father to see eh? You got a set of balls on you pal. Filthy humans never make it here long. This is the Unmei turf kid. Maybe I need to teach you how to grovel."

The man would raise his right hand as chakra would begin to surge around it forming a nearly transparent claw. It was clear it was dangerous. His hand would stretch out slowly as if to touch the boy. Somehow it was clear to anyone that if he made even a tiny bit of contact there would be blood. However there was a subtle sound. Like metal scraping on metal from behind the man. A pressure filled the air as many of the unmei scattered or bowed low. Where the man stood he was suddenly brought to one knee as a single word was uttered. "Kneel." A red seal would appear on the front of the mans calf. It seemed to create a burst of hot steam as it slipped it out from under him and drover him down to one knee with a cry of pain. His leg still sizzling. His hands caught him on the ground as his concentration buckled as he began to sweat. His eyes staring at the floor in confusion and panic. Quiet as a spirit Sero seemed to float up next to him. His own eyes were red as was a third eye in his forehead. Spider sage mode. The rumored power of the dark one. Color seemed to fade from the room entirely except the black and whites with shades of gray. But those red eyes burned red despite it all.

"You should not presume to speak for your betters Oji. Go to the baths and heal the leg while you reflect on how you will speak to my guests in the future." The pressure would lift and the third eye and his two eyes would close. Only his regular eyes reopening with that lifeless dull grey. Oji gasped as if barely able to breath. A puddle of sweat forming under him before he glared up at the human guest. With a grunt he turned and began to limp towards the baths. Still Sero would speak as his eyes followed Oji. "If this should happen again, that future may be shorter than you think." With that the man would visibly stiffen and shudder before leaving the room. Only once he was gone would a table for two be brought in and tea was served. Sero took his seat and was served first but the tea itself was done perfectly., Not overboiled or anything. Sero would sip at his before he would glance to the boy. Speaking once more.

"They are an aggressive and savage lot but humans, they are as well often as not. Please drink a little of our tea before you show me your progress child."


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As I continued staring at Sero with my head bowed, there suddenly appeared in front of me another person I hadn't even noticed before amidst the clammar and commotion of the training. The black-haired, red-eyed man had jumped down, though I didn't want to look from where. I didn't want to be disrespectful as this new person approached me, for all I knew he could've just been a local lord who was really into fitness. My eyes raised to meet his as he approached. He looked intimidating, and normally I would've been scared meeting him on the street or in a shop. But this was the house of Master Sero Osada. You could not escape fear here, it pervaded the entire island. So this was not different, another aspect to grow accustomed to. Well, not exactly accustomed, but accepting perhaps.

The man finished his approach, bearing his teeth in a grin such that I saw that he possessed fangs. That did make me uneasy. He leaned down, still slightly above me as his every move seemed to elicit an aura of superiority over me. I was slightly annoyed, as I had no idea who this was, and had no idea why he would posture in such a rude way.

"Maybe I need to teach you how to grovel."

My eyes narrowed as I tried to figure out what the situation meant, but my bow remained unbroken. It was actually starting to hurt a bit, but I didn't dare stand straight up now.

Is he...?

I looked to my left to notice chakra forming around his right hand so densely I could actually see it. I could feel myself start to sweat. The person in front of me, I decided, was probably not just a bit into fitness, but most likely was a much more advanced student of Master Sero's. When I came to him, I had no idea he was instructing so many, and that so many of them possessed a level of skill so far above my own and even far above many of my previous instructors.

So, what is this? Is this some kind of test by Master Sero? But what would he be trying to test?

He brought his hand closer.

My resolve? If I can withstand pressure without caving? Maybe just if I can dodge a close range attack? Or maybe, maybe he wants to see if I'd attack first, if I'd take the initiative. What should I do?

Suddenly, a faint hiss emanated from his leg as steam billowed out from a red seal I was previously unaware of. As quickly as he fell to the ground, Sero was upon him, with his three eyes so red they sapped all color from the room.

Wait, three eyes? All red? What the heck is...

My eyes widened.

Wait, if Master Sero, stepped in, then this wasn't a test. He...he was actually about to torture me, to "make me grovel!" That wasn't a test, that was some sort of hazing! I...I didn't realize. I mean...

I stood there in shock as the other students filtered out of the room while Sero admonished the man, Oji. And then Oji himself left. Soon, it was just Sero (whose TWO eyes had returned to normal), me, and a table. I was still reeling from whatever just happened, but tea was offered, and I knew it would calm my nerves. We sat down and the type of tea that I could've enjoyed during my last visit was served to us. After pouring into Master Sero's cup, the butler poured some into mine. The tea looked surprisingly nice for the atmosphere around us and the scene preceding this. It was a bit of a surprise, but certainly a welcome one. I smiled and nodded to the butler.

"Thank you very much, kind sir."

I quickly turned to Sero.

"And thank you too, Master Sero. Very much."

I waited for him to drink first. I wasn't quite sure on the exact rules of etiquette in this situation, but I figured it made sense that if he was served first, he should probably drink first.

Or maybe it's like a host-guest thing? Maybe it's rude for the guest NOT to drink first? But then he would tell me, right? He'd just say, "Please Drink," or something. Right?

Thankfully, he quietly sipped, and I soon followed, blowing across the surface as the cup felt warm in my hands. The tea itself was very well made, and whatever was used to make it was very high quality. I considered commenting on how good it was, thought that it might be rude to speak, but changed my mind and figured it would be more polite than rude to compliment the host.

"This tea is very nice," I quietly spoke.

For a small while, I sat in silence as I drank the tea, not wanting to disturb the sudden peace in the room. Once I felt that it was a good moment, I would begin explaining what I had been up to in terms of fuinjutsu since he last saw me.

"So, at first I was kinda stuck on what exactly to do with the triple-layered seal thing, so originally I actually was just practicing and trying to make a jutsu that could deal with seals in the way you showed me. In the way in which you could destroy the contents of a seal without actually needing to destroy the seal itself. So I did that, which was actually really fun to figure out by the way. I don't know if it's how you're supposed to do it, but I did it by essentially threading chakra through the sealing formula, not touching the chakra of the seal itself. From there, it was easier than I thought to just have the chakra destroy the contents."

As I continued to speak, my voice grew louder as I once more temporarily forgot my fear and got lost in the excitement of remembering my sealing experimentation.

"That all got me thinking: Wouldn't this be great for some kind of defensive seal? I had tried to make some before, but I could never quite figure out what to do with the seal after it had intercepted the jutsu. If I unsealed it, it would just fly off somewhere, but if I merely transferred it, I would be making myself vulnerable. I realized that if I destroyed the intercepted jutsu while still in the seal, it would just come out as a harmless burst of chakra. So, I worked on that, which was pretty simple, and I came up with this way of essentially storing the jutsu that would destroy the contents of a seal inside another seal itself, which would be placed inside the seal I needed the contents of which to be destroyed."

"By this point, I realized I was already at two seals, so I figured I might as well try for the triple, like you instructed. At this point, I had a seal that, when created, could reduce a jutsu back to its chakra. But I couldn't just put in on the ground or in a scroll, that would leave way too much room for error. So at first, I thought about making an Earth-style wall, but I realized it would be WAY easier to suspend things in water, making it less likely for the wall to break! And then it would also be able to defend for slightly longer, though it ended up not making much of a difference. Plus, I figured that the third seal could just be like a jutsu release seal or something. So I suspended the seal in a simple water-style ninjutsu construct, and it actually worked really well for blocking my own ninjutsu. Unfortunately, it didn't work so well for blocking weapons. The chakra released from the innermost seal could handle chakra, but there wasn't enough chakra in the jutsu to get rid of metal, so the seal was kinda collapsing in on itself."

I began to subconsciously wave my hands around as I was speaking, emphasizing certain ideas in what I was saying.

"So this is the part that I'm actually pretty proud of, but I redesigned the seal that drew the sealed things in so that it would only draw chakra in, not weapons or other non-jutsu things. And then, I put another seal on top of that one so that both jutsu and items would still be caught by the shield! So baically: Outermost seal: Holds the water shield together and keeps weapons and the chakra from jutsu inside the shields area. Then, the seal collapses into the ground. Middle Seal: Seals the chakra from the jutsu into this seal while leaving the non-chakra things in the first seal. And finally, the Deepest Seal: Release the jutsu that breaks the chakra down into a much more harmless form. A nice byproduct of this, by the way, is that I can unseal the seal to use the weapons myself! So it defends, breaks down chakra, and steals weapons. My three-layered seal."

I was smiling widely, looking to Master Sero for his reaction. Neither of my parents were ninja, so they didn't understand what I was doing, and no one at the academy was ever quite as interested in sealing as me. At least, not that I knew. The point being, Master Sero, as unlikely as the situation was, was actually the first person I had discussed my experimentation with at length -- ever. Iro also knew a good deal of fuinjutsu, but we had never really talked about it before. At least not like this.

I was slightly scared that I had done something improperly, or that I had done a really roundabout way of doing something simple, but I was proud of my work. It was my jutsu, and it could even withstand my strongest doton technique, the chakra nature that would have the greatest chance against suiton. I realized what I had been doing with my hands, and slowly brought them back down to the cup of tea to drink another sip. I also realized they were shaking slightly, though I wasn't quite sure whether it was fear or excitement. The tea helped to calm myself, but there was only so much it could do. I would just have to wait for Sero.

If he requested, I would make the hand signs Ox-Boar-Dog, activating Water Style: Shield Seal, and I would either test it myself with a kunai and an earth-style jutsu, or I would let him test it if he so desired.

Jutsu Referenced:
Water Style Shield Seal:
Name: Water Style: Shield Seal
Origin: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton
Range: 40m, 3m radius
Specialty: Fuinjutsu/Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: N/A
Hand Seals: Ox-Boar-Dog
Description: The user summons a vertical disk-shaped shield made completely out of water with a sealing symbol placed on it. The center of the disk can be up to 40m from the user at the time of creation. The disk itself has a radius of 3m, with the thin part being 1m thick, positioned as the user chooses (usually between the user and an enemy). The disk extends underground if not otherwise prevented, if the central point is lower than 3m off the ground. Once created, the jutsu can no longer be moved.

Any single jutsu of B-rank or below passes through the initial membrane of water only to be trapped inside the shield, causing the jutsu to immediately end. Jutsu of higher ranks than B pass through the shield without becoming trapped. When the jutsu ends, the water slides to the ground, imparting its seal onto the surface beneath it. Anything trapped underground will be brought up. Unsealing the seal will release any items held within it, but any chakra would have dissipated.

WC: 1815
Total WC: 4563

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This youth, how interesting they were. To be so fascinated by something many had long forgotten or cared little for. Nobuya. A name he would need to commit to memory if he was to keep the strong in mind. If this one survived his training and the world he would quickly join the others in their rise to power. Their rise eventually removing him as a necessity. He was a little more than the architect at this point. Wounds ran deep in him and those who came to him. Seeking to fill their damaged veins with a new taste of victory. When the fire was at their feet again they would be prepared. Often those who sought him out already were defying the final nail in their coffin. An act of desperation. However this one was not one of so little faith. Even after witnessing Sero at near his greatest power as a transformed spider sage he had not fled. It was no incident or accident that had this one here but sheer will power and focus. Sero would sip on his tea as his grey eyes observed the one across from them. Searching through them. Into their gaze and their mind.

After a short compliment to the tea which brought a twitch of a smile from the butler the child began on a lengthy explanation. Trials and errors with a tested hypothesis he had been shown in practice. He had learned quickly. Sero was impressed by the short lecture. Enough so to allow the youngling to gesture excitedly uninterrupted. He himself mostly used seals for every day tasks and a couple of defensive measures but in combat he rarely relied on them. He knew them to be a potent defense and counter ability but he was a very straight forward man. Most of his jutsu were purely offensive as was his fighting style. A bit of stealth mixed in here and there but as of late he was capable of relying on sheer power to overwhelm those who he had been instructed to target or those whom he decided were to be judged. It was a game to him after all. Spreading fear upon those scum who had brought forth their own end. Knowing the inevitable had come for them and that there was nothing they could do. No amount of tactics or teamwork would stop the beast once his maw opened.

That said the concept of the jutsu was highly impressive. The first thing it did was capture the enemy chakra. A typical defense but interestingly enough in doing so removed the nature of the jutsu itself. The second part was breaking the raw chakra down into harmless bits. Often defense seals would store the jutsu and if destroyed would release it then. Still a potential threat. However once this one activated there would be no benefit to destroying it. It would simply be a seal at that point with an item in it. They could not activate their jutsu because it was simply gone. The last part however he was highly interested in. He reflexively could summon and unsummon weapons as he wished with his own sealed armory. However not many weapon users were like him. Most relied on a single weapon of their focus. To even have the risk of losing it would be highly detrimental for them. He would allow a thin smile as he sipped at his tea. The last of it turning his pale lips red for just a moment. Like the heat was breathing life back into them. Still he would speak in that same dull tone void of emotion.

"Impressive. If you are confident in this, I would like to test it. At a level that you can work with after all. I will use this C rank weapon with my best C rank bukijutsu from my genin days. I will warn you though, this was a technique designed to finish an opponent in a single blow. Even if it is only a C rank technique it should not be taken lightly."

AS the youngling would agree Sero would rise and slide back a couple of meters as the table seemed to fade away as well as the tea with it. The butler would step back as well. Sero would collect the sickle from the holding spot on his hip and hold it by the handle before a green liquid seemed to ripple across the blade. He would shift it to his side as a single drip slid off the tip. Touching the cement below and immediately burning away everything for an inch in every direction. A small hole in the floor from a single drop. Sero would wait till the seal was ready before suddenly with a flick of his hand the sharp blade with the acid would fly forth. Like death on a winter breeze it would launch.

If the seal faltered, if this boy lost his nerve, he would be facing a dangerous wound. Time spent in the hospital just recovering. There was so little held back it would seem this is what it meant to train with Sero. All or nothing would be all that was allowed here. Faith in your jutsu, faith in yourself. Faith in the master to hold back enough not to kill you. If he didn't stand here with all his will it might very well be the end of his career. The pressure and accuracy of a weapons master targeting you. The intense pressure and fear of death. Nobuya would once more have to withstand it all. The seal and the blade clashed and for a moment the energy between the two would roar as they clashed before the roar would dull down and seem to be consumed by the seal. Shortly after Sero felt his chakra connection to the jutsu completely faded and the weapon wrapped with a chain around his arm would turn to mist and fade into the seal before it was released and Nobuya would be holding the weapon now. Sero would stand there a moment looking to his empty hand before he began to chuckle. Clenching his empty fist before looking to the boy.

"Wonderful. Any weapon focused individual will rue the day they challenged you. As a reward for you ingenuity you are free to summon that weapon from my arsenal or any other within your levels you wish. So long as they are returned. I will also grant you access to my library. You might find my personal stock more to your tastes than the publics."


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