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Mission name: Village Patrol | Day Watch.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Patrol the village.
Location: Konohagakure no Sato.
Reward: 150 Ryo.
Repeatable? ✓
Mission Description: Predetermined patrol routes are assigned to shinobi every day, and now it's your turn to make the rounds. You've been assigned the day shift this time around; keep your eyes and ears open, anything can happen.

Mission Details: One of the following situations arises during your normal rounds; the random encounter is entirely up to the mission taker(s) to decide.

• Lost Children. Find them and return them to their parents. Requires tier-3 Perception of the mission’s rank.
• Injured civilian. Requires Medical Ninjutsu specialization equal to the mission's rank.
• (⚔) Shoplifters/Thieves. Detain them and return the stolen property.
• (⚔) Vandalism. Round the perpetrators up and clean the mess up.
• Argument/Domestic Disturbance.
• (⚔) Mugging/Violent Crime.
• (⚔) Public Disturbance; drunkards, rowdy teenagers, etc.

For violent encounters, which are marked with a (⚔), opponents have tier-2 stats of their rank and at least have access to one element and the Ninjutsu libraries, equal to the rank of the mission.

From here:

The best part of being on patrol was that she was, for the most part, allowed to let her mind wander. There was always the off chance that she would miss out on catching a criminal but in this place there was absolutely no point in going after anyone unless you had proof a crime was happening. It was easy to remain blissfully ignorant of what was happening around her and just let the more serious problems be handled by the secret police. She was the lowest rank on the totem pole so it wasn’t like she was going to be able to take on the shadows on her own. That was why she was happily walking along and thinking about how she was going to productively use her time. There was always stuff to practice and nowadays she was independent enough from her teacher to progress in her jutsu alone. She practiced handseals as she walked absent mindedly and yawned. She debated sneaking off to go meditate somewhere and learn a thing or two about her inner self. In the end though, she just decided to practice chaining handseals together.

Chaining seals was simple in concept but difficult in practice. You wouldn’t think that performing seals consecutively and stringing them together with ancient power was difficult but it really was. To date Hina was only able to chain together several seals at a time and even then it wasn’t that efficient. She always found that she wasted energy in the process of tying the seals together and she still couldn’t chain many seals together. She knew it was possible as she had seen her teacher do so but for whatever reason every attempt she’d had to date had ended up with her being so drained of energy that she feared using any more of it to continue her training. She chained a couple of weak easy together as she walked and soon had gotten a hand cramp. She was so focused on what she was doing that she almost didn’t hear the cry for help. Hina’s helper instincts kicked in and she disregarded her seals for a moment. There was a lady running around asking people for help but she was largely ignored. Hina decided to walk up to her and see what was wrong.

“What’s got you so bothered,” she asked. She patted her chest to get the woman to look up at her.

“My kids are missing!” she bawled, “help me find them please!” She didn’t look like she was from around here. It wasn’t unheard of for a stranger to be in this part of town but it was a surprise. Hina was no mother but she couldn’t think of how you could even lose track of your kids. Shouldn’t you be holding on to them or something?

“Where was the last place you saw them,” Hina asked calmly. The worst case that went through her mind was that they were kidnapped but that was pretty unlikely. What would the bad guys want with some foreigner kids? Based on where she was she didn’t think it was even possible for a kidnapping to occur here. Well, she’d seen enough things to surprise her so she wasn’t going to discount the possibility.

“They were just here and now they’re gone! You have to help me find them!” she kept on crying and Hina didn’t know how to tell her that whining wasn’t helping the situation at all.

“What do they look like? If you tell me enough details I can start looking.” It wasn’t the first time she had had to find a missing kid. Last time she ended up having to look all over the place and it took up way too much time. She was mentally preparing for a long day.

“They’re both wearing blue shirts and have brown hair. They’re about four feet tall twins.” The lady kept on crying and Hina guessed that’s all she would have to go off of. She could have been told a name, maybe some facial features, other clothes they wore, but none of that looked like it was coming out of the mom’s mouth. She had dropped to the ground and was bawling so loud that it made Hina wish she had a technique to plug her ears up.

Hina’s first step was going to be to ask people if they’d seen anything. She got a couple of clues and she followed the peoples’ pointing fingers. She took to the rooftops and paced them while she looked around. Finding the kids was a pretty simple ordeal. They were found playing in a fountain and causing a scene. Hina descended upon them and grabbed them by their wrists. “Your mother is looking for you two. Come with me please, she’s very sad.” The children went from happy to sad in a split second and followed the knight all the way back to their mother.

The mother was happy when her children were returned to her and thanked Hina. Hina nodded and thought about what she was doing before this interruption. Ah, that’s right she was practicing chaining seals.

“That’s cool miss!” a kid ran up to her and totally ruined her focus. Her face filled with anger but she calmed down when she saw that it was a kid.

“Thank you little guy,” she said. “What’s your name?” She tried to think back and remember all the kids she had interacted with and couldn’t match this one’s face up. Maybe she would make a new friend today.

“I’m Billy,” he responded, “what can your jutsu do?” He looked nervous to even stand near Hina but at the same time he was amazed at the shimmering symbols on her skin.

“Oh this? It’s jutsu to make you do illusions. It’s cool isn’t it?” Hina rarely had the opportunity to show off her jutsu to people that were interested in it. People were usually thinking along the lines of “oh hey another ninja, big deal let’s keep moving.”

“And to do it you make those shapes with your hands?” The boy looked on with awe.

“Yes, that’s very observant of you!” Hina smiled and showed him how it was done. The boy looked on in astonishment but then his dad came over and pulled him away. Hina frowned, but she could only expect as much. What did she need them for anyways? Having spent enough chakra to make her content with her training, Hina went around and finished up her patrol. Nothing much of interest happened throughout the rest of the patrol and that was a good thing. She wasn’t in any shape to be fighting any idiots after using up all that energy.

WC: 1124/750
300 extra words so +75 ryo
Base mission reward: +150 ryo
Total payout: +225 ryo

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