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Mission name: Planer Lost?
Mission rank: D
Objective: Find the Carpenter's Plane
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: A local carpenter has lost his plane, a tool used for making flat surfaces out of wood. While not an uncommon tool, the carpenter highly values this particular piece of equipment as it is a family heirloom. The ancient village symbol is carved into the wooden handle, making this tool fairly easy to distinguish.
Mission details: Beyond a few cats or small animals, you won't likely find much in the way of problems finding this tool. Just make sure to bring it back in one piece; a screw is loose in the handle and if it breaks the tool will come apart in a way that cannot be fixed. If this happens, you will fail.

Sunadokei let out a soft sigh as she looked over the mission scroll. Another D-Rank mission, and a boring sounding one at that. Part of her was tired about getting tasked with such menial labor, but another part was silently glad she wasn’t being forced to do anything more intense for once. On one hand she was a shinobi, and although still only a Genin her confidence always led her to believe she was ready for more than what her proctors assigned to her. But then on the other, the young Akimichi woman was something of a lazy glutton. More dangerous and frankly exciting missions often required leaving the comfort of the village for days on end. Sunadokei hated the woods, hated camping, hated hunting and fishing, and hated sleeping out in the elements. She’d prefer the creature comforts of modern civilization to the rugged lifestyle of a ninja roaming the countryside on assignment any day.

So, albeit somewhat reluctantly, Sunadokei graciously accepted her task. Rolling up the scroll after eyeballing it over one more time to memorize its contents, Sunadokei tucked the scroll snugly between her ample bust for safekeeping. It was only a minute or so later that the Akimichi woman was bounding across rooftops making headway towards her destination. The address was that of a local carpenter, Jugo Isawa. The name meant little to the curvy shinobi, carpenters were a dime a dozen across the village, and besides, anyone of note wouldn’t be hiring a Genin to retrieve their things. They’d probably just have an apprentice tasked to do it, or maybe a servant if they were wealthy enough. Sunadokei shrugged to herself at the thought, so long the task was as simple as it sounded and the contractor paid their dues she didn’t much mind who the hell they were.

She’d have arrived at her destination quicker, but Sunadokei took a short detour to buy herself a bowl of ramen from a local street vendor. She couldn’t help herself honestly, it’d been almost an hour since she last ate. A light snack before a mission was no great tragedy, at least that’s what she told herself as the woman greedily slurped up the contents of her dish. Finishing in record time, the curvaceous kunoichi made the rest of her trek in record time. The last dozen blocks went by rather quickly, a belly full of warm food was to blame for that. Eventually Sunadokei did manage to find herself at the doorstep of the address from her scroll. She slid the document out of her cleavage to inspect it one last time. Just to be sure. The address was indeed correct, and with a swift knock on the door the young woman announced her presence. The response was almost immediate, as Sunadokei could hear the rushed footsteps on the other side. Work boots on wooden floors as the man rushed to greet her. Her contact threw open the door in a hurry and immediately bowed graciously upon seeing the Leaf Village forehead protector that signified Sunadokei’s rank and status.

“Oh thank you so much miss for coming so quickly. I’ve been at a total loss all morning.” The man said ecstatically as he rose from his bow. He looked as one would expect a middle age carpenter to. Tall, well built but getting portly with age. The man was showing signs of both balding and greying hair and had thick rimmed spectacles on his face. He looked particularly disheveled, especially in his carpenter’s frock.

“No thanks needed. That must mean you are indeed Isawa-Sama.” Sunadokei replied in turn, giving the man a short bow of her own. “I am Sunadokei Akimichi, here to retrieve your missing object. It was a…” She was about to say more, but Jugo blurted out his next words.

“Plane. I mean, the object. Yes, it’s a carpenter’s plane. I use it to see if things are straight and level. But that’s not what’s important miss Akimichi. The one I use is a family heirloom. It was first made by my great grandfather, who even used it to make furnishings for the Hokage of his day and age. I was a fool to take it out of safekeeping in my office, but I just feel so nostalgic when I use it. Like it’s a part of my family’s history. You know? All the great works of carpentry its seen in its time.” The man was clearly a talker, breaking into his long winded monologue on the missing planer. Sundakodei just smiled and nodded along in quiet agreement.

“Yeah, I understand.” She managed to get a few words in edgewise, just enough to push the conversation back towards mister Isawa.

“Oh course you must understand, you’re an Akimichi after all. One of the four great clans. I’m sure you have all sorts of heirlooms from your storied histories.” Jugo was about to say more but Sunadokei cut him off by raising a hand, before he could begin rambling anew.

“Yup. I can certainly related. I’m heir to the main branch, but there’s still plenty of relics my father won’t entrust me with. But, anyways…” Sunadokei rubbed her arm slightly, thinking about her words. It was true, her father Makaro was very traditional in his views of clan, family, and heritage. The Akimichi estate had many heirlooms and relics locked away tightly, most rarely seeing the light of day. Weapons and bo-staffs wielded by venerated ancestors, full sets of plate armor, even more Akimichi flavored things like rice bowls and silverware that had one story to them or another. Sunadokei’s parents told her one day she’d know the history behind all of them. But, that day was still a ways off.

Sunadokei snapped back from her daydreaming, momentarily lost in thoughts of her clan. “Right. Anyways, do you have any information to go off of beyond what you listed in the mission contract? Where you last were, what you were doing, what the plane looks like? Anything that can be useful.”

Jugo nodded eagerly. “Yes of course. It’s made out of hardwood summoned by a Wood Release jutsu, so it’ll have a feel and color to it that seems off from normal woods. Also it has the village leaf symbol engraved on one face. I last had it when I was out in my workshop.” The man paused, slapping his palm to his forehead. “My apologies miss Akimichi, I’m getting ahead of myself. Please, follow me if you would, I’ll show you to my workshop.” With that he ushered Sunadokei into his home, leading her down a hall towards a door. He opened it without missing a beat, and gestured to the buxom shinobi to follow him downstairs.

The entirety of Isawa’s basement was occupied by workshop. Carpentry tools and half finished projects littered a myriad of workbenches and tables strewn about. It was dimly lit, and to the naked eye a complete mess. Suddenly it became grimly clear to Sunadokei how exactly the man had lost this supposed heirloom. It was easy given the clutter, and she brushed sawdust off her dress as she moved about the cramped space. “I see you’re quite busy mister Isawa.” Sunadokei added, trying to make polite conversation. "How do you know where everything down here.”

“Oh yes, I’m quite busy this time of year. I get many seasonal orders it, they come when the spring timbers are hauled down from the mountains. Those are the absolute finest for making furnishings out of. The grain of the wood is… Oh, sorry.” Jugo caught himself rambling again, this time visibly blushing. At least he had passion for his craft, Sunadokei thought to herself as she squeezed her wide hips past two benches. “I have a system I keep, to organize the chaos down here. You see, I do all my orders clockwise. The newest ones are at the twelve o'clock position, and I work my way towards the oldest. As I finish them, they end up over by the cellar door to the back and I usually get my brother in law to help me haul them outside.”

It was a windy explanation, and didn’t actually with Sunadokei anything she needed, but she wasn’t going to tell her employer that should he go off onto yet another ramble. “Oh I see. Well, as long as your system works for you.” She said, feigning cheeriness to hide the fact she was mildly annoyed by the maze like state of the workshop. “Hmm. Well, I guess I’ll just have to get to work then. I’ll just cover the workshop inch by inch, maybe I’ll spot something you didn’t. You know, Genin perception and whatnot.” Sunadokei was more trying to inspire her own confidence than anything. At a glance she felt like she’d be stuck here all day on the search.

“Yes, of course miss Akimichi. In the meantime, I’m very behind on my errands today. I’ll have to leave in a minute but I’ll be back in an hour or so. Also, just a warning but there might be some mice down here. I tend to get field mice in the basement this time of year. My cat used to take care of them for me, but he’s getting too old and lazy these days it seems.”

“Ha, I know the feeling mister Isawa. My cat is twenty, and I swear he sleeps more than he’s awake.” Sunadokei replied in earnest, finding common ground with the man in their mutually aging pets. “It takes more than mice to scare me. Don’t let me hold you up, go take care of the errands.” The curvy kunoichi said as she turned to grimace, looking at her workload ahead. “Hokage knows…. I’ll still be here when you get back.”

“Alright. Thank you so much again miss Akimichi.” With that Jugo turned to leave, climbing the stairs and leaving Sunadokei in silence. She rolled her shoulders, ready to tackle this mess of a mission. Find a planer. How hard could it be? She began her search going through the obvious places. Seeing if it was left on a desk or workbench, then the drawers, then the floor itself. While there were plenty of tools amidst the clutter, none matched the description which was to be expected. As Sunadokei’s search continued she branched out, beginning to check more unconventional places. There were stacks of boxes heaped on storage shelves, and reluctantly she consigned herself to inspecting each for the missing tool. Most were filled with one unimportant thing or another. Screws, nails, metal clamps, other odds and ends. None of which were remotely close to what she was looking for.

An hour passed in silence, save for the sound of Sunadokei’s rummaging and an occasional groan of frustration at her futile efforts. She found an empty chair and slumped down to think, massaging the bridge of her nose as she thought to herself. “I checked every shelf, every drawer, every box. Where is this stupid thing?” She muttered allowed, though only silence answered her. A meow broke that silence, and Sunadokei’s gaze shot up to find an old grey tomcat sitting half way up the stairs eyeing her suspiciously. It meowed again, seemingly more annoyed and spun in place slowly before patting at the stair.

“And what exactly do you want Kitty?” Sunadokei cooed, rising from her seat and slowly making her way towards the cat, doing her best not to startle it. Normally she was good with animals, but there was always the chance for exceptions. As she approached the cat continued pawing at the stair, and as the woman got close enough something caught her eye. The Leaf village symbol, in the crawlspace under the stairwell. Sunadokei’s heart nearly skipped a beat, could this finally be it? She peered down between the stairs, and sure enough there it was. In a rush Sunadokei rushed to squeeze herself between the stairs, but to her chagrin the kunoichi was far too buxom to fit. She blushed, if only to herself before withdrawing. Excitement had gotten the best of her and in a moment of weakness she’d forgotten her sensibilities.

Sunadokei instead stuck her arm through the crawlspace, before uttering the phrase Partial Multi-Size Technique. Her right arm began to grow slightly, elongating as her chakra flowed through it until it doubled in length. In one swift motion she grabbed the object carefully in her enlarged hand, withdrawing it as the limb shrunk back to normal. Inspecting it more carefully in the light, Sunadokei could plainly see this was indeed the planer she’d been tasked with finding. The village leaf embossed cleanly on the side, and the wood did indeed have an unusual feel to it, even sanded and polished. There was however, a screw loose on the handle, which Sunadokei attributed to the tool falling as far as it did.

She smiled to herself, grinning ear to ear as she reached down to pet the cat with her free hand. “You’re just my little guardian angel today aren’t you? Such a handsome little man. Good kitty. Come on, let me see if your owner keeps any treats for you upstairs.” With that Sunadokei led the cat back upstairs, shutting the door to the workshop behind her. It wasn’t much longer before Jugo Isawa returned from his errands, finding Sunadokei looking mighty pleased with herself, and his cat napping comfortably in her lap.

“Found it.” She informed him simply, holding up the planer for the man to inspect. “It was under the stairwell in your basement. Also, the screw on the handle is a bit loose. I was afraid to mess with it too much. Didn’t want to accidentally break it.”

Isawa went wide eyed and nearly dropped the things he was carrying as he rushed over to see. “By the Sages yes, yes miss Akimichi this is my ancestral planer! I can’t believe you found it. I was so worried I had lost it forever.” Jugo quickly bowed in reverence. “Thank you so much. You have done me a great service today.”

Sunadokei simply smiled, rising to her feet and setting the now woken house cat down besides her. He lazily trotted off, annoyed he’d lost a warm bosom to sleep on. “No thanks needed mister Isawa, just doing my job. As always, payment is as was agreed upon in the contract. And if you have nothing else I’ll be on my way.” She said as the young woman unraveled her mission scroll and held out her hand to collect payment. Sunadokei was glad to put this one behind her, but at least after the Academy got its cut she’d have enough leftover to buy herself a nice dinner. She was already thinking of what she was going to eat even as departed Jugo’s residence.

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Word Count: 2,600
D-Rank Mission: 750/750
Doubled Ryo: 600/600
Specialization Training:
Taijutsu from S to Legendary: 5,605/6,000 + 395 = 6000/6000
Element Training:
Doton from S to Legendary: 855/6,000

Remaining Word Count: 2,600-750-600-395-855=0

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