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Fixing the Shop:
Mission Name: Fixing The Shop
Mission Rank: D
Objective: Help to repair the smoke and water damage to a bakery that was set on fire.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission Description: The investigation into the source of the fire is complete, and the owner is now able to rebuild the bakery. Assist in cleaning up the water, smoke, and fire damage caused by the flames. Be ready to move damage, heavy equipment outside of the building so that it can be hauled to the repair shop, or local recycling centers.
Mission Details: Supplies will be provided when you check in with the owner. He will assign you to one room or area of the building, then ask you to move 3 large (50lbs) damaged machines to the street for pick up by repairmen or recycling pickup.

Sunadokei was besides herself with grief when she had heard the news. Well, experienced it first hand was more accurate. A fire had broken out in the dead of night at her absolute favorite bakery in all the village, Panya's Pastries, and utterly ravaged the building before being put out by a fire fighting brigade from the Military Police Force. The distraught kunoichi had seen the destruction first hand the morning on her way to the Administration Building for her next mission assignment. The entire facade of the building was charred, and the fire had spread across the main level before being put out. She even sat outside and sobbed, quite loudly in fact, until the owner himself came to console her. Sunadokei sobbed into his arms like a woman in mourning as the somewhat shocked owner awkwardly patted her back. "Sshh. There there Miss Sunadokei. It is just a building, no one was hurt. Besides, what has been lost can always be restored. I did not expect my best customer to take this so personally."

If Mister Panya had known Sunadokei better, he'd have realized she had a deep and surprisingly personal connection the his bakery. It had been her stop for a treat to and from home every day she'd schooled at the Academy throughout the entirety of her young shinobi education. Every day, two stops, without fail. Only illness and cancellations stopped her. As an adult, it remained her all time favorite bakery anywhere in the city. Their castella cakes were a personal favorite of hers, made with a secret recipe handed down over ten generations. She coveted it greatly, and on more than one occasion had less than noble thoughts of pilfering it for her own selfish purposes. Either way, Sunadokei wiped the tears from her eyes, her face red from sobbing. "Sniff You're right Panya-sensei, it's just a building. Sniff The real bakery will always live on as long as you're safe."

Sunadokei eventually pulled herself away slowly, wiping her nose on her sleeve and rubbing the tears from her eyes. She looked to Mister Panya sorrowfully, then bake to the charred shell of his bakery. Investigators were still tromping through the building conducting their investigation and making sure no residual embers were burning inside the walls that would reignite the blaze. The elderly baker smiled at his star customer, nodding like a wise master as he spoke. "The Military Police say it was caused by faulty wiring in the old building, possibly mice chewing through a wire. No foul play, it's not like anyone would want to harm old mister Panya." The elderly baker chuckled to himself. He was jovial and well liked by the community, and he truly didn't have a foe in the world. Even his fiercest rivals at the Konohagakure Annual Bake Off were ones born out of respectful competition. Sunadokei nodded along, still sniffling slightly as she tried to regain her composure. "Besides Miss Akimichi, my insurance has covered the damages. And when we finish rebuilding, I promise you can be my first customer at the grand reopening."

The young woman's face practically lit up, and Sunadokei pulled the senior chef into a bone crushingly tight hug. His gasp alerted her that she was being a touch too emotional, and Sunadokei immediately dialed it back. "Sorry Panya-sensei. It's just I've been coming to your bakery since I was eight years old. Since my very first day at the Academy. I've got a lot of happy memories of this place." The woman let out a soft sigh, having regained her faculties and let out most of her grief. She turned to face the ruined storefront, her brow furrowing in determination as an idea crept into her head. "I'd be honored to be your first customer at the reopening. But first, I want to help you rebuild. It's only fair, you've given me so much over the years. It's my turn to pay some of that debt back." The baker seemed somewhat surprised by Sunadokei's revelation, but nodded in quiet agreement. He knew well enough there was no hope in arguing with her once she'd set her mind to something. Sunadokei then leapt to a nearby rooftop, bound for the administration building. "I'll be back once I get the paperwork sorted out, I promise!" She yelled back over her shoulder upon landing, before picking up the pace and bee lining for her destination.

When she arrived Sunadokei made her way to the Mission Assignment Desk, explaining to the day's proctors that whatever they had her signed up for she was requesting transfer to the task of rebuilding the Panya Bakery. Though her story was initially met with confusion, the Jōnin in charge of handling assignments that day quickly pieced two and two together. Given the task was only a D-Rank Mission, and Sunadokei was already assigned to a task of similar difficulty, he saw little reason to deny the request. Someone else would have to help with cleaning the benches at Hokage park. Within the hour Sunadokei had her Mission Scroll tucked away snugly in her vast cleavage and was bounding her way back towards the bakery with childlike levels of enthusiasm. She landed with her signature jiggle, noting several large dumpsters had been placed in the street out front, Already they were being stacked full of torn out drywall and other charred construction material. Sunadokei made her way inside to proudly show Mister Panya official proof she was assigned to help with the clean up process.

The owner was none surprised his most loyal customer had made good on her word, and chuckled when she proudly flaunted her D-Rank Mission Scroll. "And here I thought you shinobi thought D-Rank jobs were menial. Well, since you're here, the first thing we need to do is move out anything fire damaged to the dumpsters. The rest of the workers have already been hard at work tearing out anything damaged. I just need you to help haul it. After that, I've got some heavier equipment that needs being moved. Several of my ovens were burned, and one near the source of the fire was completely torched. I'll need you to haul them outside and set them on the curb for the repairmen to come collect. After that's done we'll have to see what's left." Sunadokei could tell Mister Panya was genuinely happy to have her help in the clean up, and the Akimichi kunoichi was more than eager to get her hands dirty.

"Right. Sounds simple enough." Sunadokei said eagerly in response. "Consider it already done." She added confidently, before setting about her task. It was simple enough, water damaged material from the fire fighting was being shoveled into large buckets, and Sunadokei made regular trips hauling them outside to dump in the wet goods dumpster. Everyone had to wear protective face masks with air filters, mold could grow quickly in the damp wood and insulation and breathing in spores was a serious health concern for the clean up crew. Larger, drier materials like sheets of drywall and burned timbers were being heaped in the center of the bakery's customer area. The curvaceous kunoichi looked at the pile, throwing up two quick hand seals, the ram and the Akimichi special seal. "Partial Multi-Size Jutsu." she declared, as her arms grew to enormous proportions, more than tripling in length and width. With her impressive strength and her Kekkei Genkai, Sunadokei had little effort carrying huge handfuls of refuse out to the dumpsters at once. Despite her comical appearance with her over-sized arms, none could deny their effectiveness at moving bulk trash, and the Genin did the work of ten men in ten minutes.

With the fire damaged material now heaped in the dumpsters, that only left the damaged kitchen appliances. Though normally it'd take two strong men to lift one of the appliances and comfortable move it. With Sunadokei's well trained strength though, it was of little effort. She lifted heavier weights just by training. No jutsu required, Sunadokei made quick work of hauling the damaged machines out to the curb. As she wiped the sweat from her brow and took a swig from her water bottle, the repairmen showed up to retrieve the equipment. Sunadokei offered to lend them a hand, hoisting the devices up into their wagon for them. The two repairmen were thankful not to have to do the heavy lifting themselves, and waved as they went on their way.

By noon most of the work was finished, and the building was cleaned out enough renovators could begin repair work that afternoon. The owner was so impressed by it he served lunch to his workers, offering them up meals his wife had prepared for them at their home. As much as she'd love to gorge herself on home cooked meals, Sunadokei suppressed her ravenous appetite, if only to keep from seeming greedy. She restrained herself to only a double portion, though the food was indeed delicious. With little else left for her to do Mister Panya came up to shake Sunadokei's hand. "I can't thank you enough Miss Sunadokei. You made good on your word, and I never thought we'd have this place cleaned up and ready to go by noon. You Akimichi are a treasure, and not just because you make me a wealthy man every time you set foot in my store." The old baker gave a belly laugh at his own joke, slapping his knee as he did.

Sunadokei couldn't help but return the laugh. It was true, and she didn't want to put a figure on the number of ryo she must have spent at his store over the years. "A shinobi is nothing without their word. That's what my father always says." She informed the man, bowing deeply to show her appreciation. "I'd clean up a hundred bakeries if it meant I'd still have a hundred bakeries to visit." The woman added matter of factly, gesturing with her finger. "If there's anything you need me to do, don't be afraid to ask. Even if my mission is technically done, I'm not opposed to a few off the clock favors for an old friend." She gave the old man a brief, but smothering hug. He flushed red faced, his head temporarily buried in the buxom woman's more than ample cleavage.

Mister Panya coughed and regained his composure as he withdrew, shaking his head no as he tugged at his long whiskered beard. "Your father sounds like a wise man indeed. I can see you take after him, and no no, you've done more than enough for me already my dear. I can't think of anything else I could possibly have you do that isn't simply beneath your talents. Now let me see that scroll of yours, I have a payment to make after all." The old man let out a chuckle adjusting his spectacles as he read through the sum owed for payment. "You know, if you think about it this is a drop in the bucket compared to what you've spent here. Money well earned I say." Sunadokei nodded in agreement. Money well spent she added, collecting her fee and tucking her Mission Scroll back into her cleavage. A bow and a handshake later and she was off, bounding her way back towards the Administration Building safe in the knowledge she'd made someone's day a little brighter.

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