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Mission name: Help out a crafter
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help a smith with labor.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission Description: Your job is simple. Help a crafter with whatever he might need. Your job duties could include help making weapons, repairs, cleaning, etc.
Mission Details: Tools will be provided and you only have one day to finish. This mission is repeatable.

From here:

Today, Hina would be taking yet another help-a-someone mission. Today she was helping out a smith. She wanted to do this because she kept thinking about getting hurt while using the forge and she did not want that to become a reality. Unfortunately, her boss did not give her a chance to speak. “Alright team, we’re very busy today. Hina, I’m going to need you to perform some repairs on a blade. This will probably require some angle work with a hammer so make sure you be careful! And don’t use too hard of a hammer as well! If the situation calls for it switch to a softer hammer.” ”This guy can’t cut me a break? That stuff is too hard for me!”

Hina’s first task was to perform some repairs on a blade. She was given a dagger that looked dinged on several parts of the blade. The hilt was pretty well of so she wouldn’t be messing with that. Not that she knew how to manipulate woodwork anyways. She started off by concentrating all of her hammer blows onto the sharpened edge of the blade. She was using the sharp end of her hammer to make sure the material was getting pounded just the right amount. She would then heat the blade a little to make it easier to work with so that she could begin her more gentle movements.

When the blade was hot enough to be worked with, Hina would take a small piece of metal and smoothen out the dings so that they could barely be seen anymore. While this was nothing compared to what your average smith could do, she was working on the fly and doing her best. It wasn’t like this customer was paying or anything, which was probably why her boss had assigned this task to her in the first place. ”I wonder if I even want to make a blacksmith friend if all he does is have his least skilled employee help me out.”

Hina’s next task for the day was to work on hitting specific angles with her hammer. To date she was simply banging away normal to the surface she was hitting. Any deviations in angle were purely coincidental due to a lack of experience. But now, she was being told that the angle of impact was quite important. As she took a sheet of metal aside and started hitting it at an angle, she found that the metal deformed in that area much more quickly than before. It was as if she was concentrating all her force into shifting the metal instead of just flattening it. ”This would have been helpful yesterday when I was banging away at that sheet of steel for hours on end.”

As she worked away on her new sheet of steel, she began to make very accentuated dents on one surface of the sheet. She would flip the sheet over and make even more dents along the same direction. This widened the sheet even further which cut down on the number of required strikes by a ton. She started to see the edges of the sheet start to curl like some sort of fabric which was an odd phenomenon. ”Maybe this is why metal is used as armor,” she’d wonder, not knowing how silly her thought was.

As Hina continued to work the sheet of metal, she would remember that she shouldn’t just be using strong blows for the steel. She’d gotten in trouble for it yesterday so instead of doing all her powerful blows up front, she would try to even them out. She’d give a couple hard blows, then a bunch of tiny ones to even that area out. Rinse and repeat so that the surface of the sheet stayed smooth as she worked it like a seasoned veteran. There were plenty of areas to improve so far as form and efficiency, but Hina was finally starting to get the hang of it. Before long, her hands started to get sore from the repeated impacts and she had to take a break. She could feel the vibrations in her hands long after she had stopped. Hina wondered if she should be worried about some kind of unforeseen health hazard of subjecting herself to such punishment. ”Well, the boss seems to be okay and he’s been doing this for a lifetime!” Pretty soon Hina wrapped up helping with the tasks for the day and wrapped up the mission. She got her mission paperwork signed off and she took it all the way back to the missions office to get paid.

WC: 760

Ryo: +150

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