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Mission name: Help out some miners
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help a group of miners
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission Description: Your job is simple. Help a some miners by being a laborer. Your job duties could include mining ore, pushing wheelbarrows, etc.
Mission Details: Tools will be provided and you only have one work day to finish. This mission is repeatable.

Hina had always wondered how people got metals. She knew that traders would come to town and bring in rocks and smiths would refine them, but that was too simple for her tastes. She wanted to know how people found rocks and how they knew which ones were valuable. This went past a simple curiosity. She wanted to know which rocks would produce a quality product so that she could make sure that her creations would be made of quality stuff.

Hina was just a late teen when she signed up for her first job as a miner. She wasn’t intending on taking the mission repeatedly for more than a day and she had already told them that the only payment she wanted was the price of the mission. The mining group didn’t seem to have any problems with parting with some money for some labor so they brought her along to start swinging away at some rocks. It didn’t take long for Hina to realize that this wasn’t exactly the learning experience she had hoped for. Instead of being lectured about geology, Hina was put to work with the rest.

Hina had to copy other people’s form and held the heavy pickaxe steady. Her frail body was not fit for such a task and she found that a single swing was enough to send shudders down her spine. She thought with every swing that she wanted to stop and regretted taking the time to accompany the burly men. After only half an hour her arms had gone numb and she wanted to go home. She sat beside the wagon which was being filled with rocks.

Hina sat peacefully and did her best to rest her muscles. She had never felt so worn out in her life and she hadn’t even worked an hour. She attempted to adopt meditation as it was her go to method of calming down. She did her best to push her fatigue out of her mind and tried to think about anything else. She thought about the forge at the university that had inspired her initial interest in smithing, then her focus was interrupted by a sudden throb of her arms. These were a lot more difficult to ignore than something like hunger. Her arms constantly called out to her in pain, as if she could do something about their agony. She gave her body a silent apology for what had transpired and assured it that she wouldn’t be trying anything this difficult again anytime soon.

A couple chunks of metal fell out of the side of the wagon and Hina picked one of them up. She held it up to the sinlight and tried to tell what metal it was. This was the first time she’d ever held metal in this state so she wouldn’t find it weird that she was able to grind the rocks with her bare hands. She started shaving away at the chunk of rock and before long she was left with a handful of iron. There were no impurities left when she was done with it and it looked as though it had been purified by a smith. In a way it had, but not in that kind of way.

Hina thought about whether this was how all smiths did it and if so then why they were even needed if it was such a simple process. Hina went the entire rest of the morning grinding away and creating small blocks of iron. She didn’t stop with just her hands, she also placed a couple chunks in with some tools because she felt like it would be easier to work the rocks with her the tools at hand. She found that she was able to do this quite easily and spit out the impurities. She had never noticed how soft iron was, not knowing that it was just her amplified shinobi strength which made it easier for her to work with metals.

When the miners came to take their break, Hina first realized that she was doing something special with the mined ore. A worker had seen her shape the tools and now everyone was staring at her. “What in the world are you doing?” the boss demanded. That’s when he saw the small pile of rock that had been stacked neatly next to a wagon wheel. “This is incredible!” Hina shrugged. Supposedly the work she had done had let them bring more ore home since she had chipped away a lot of the excess.

Now that Hina thought about it, she did think that it was weird to like breaking apart rocks like this. IT was like she had some kind of innate connection to the earth element itself. She had half a mind to just try coming up with a jutsu but she was only put off by the thought of fucking up which didn’t sound appealing in the slightest. Well, the mission came to a close and it was time for Hina to get paid. They made their way back to town and Hina reported back to the missions office.

850 wc

750/750 words for mission payout : 150 ryo
100 extra words: +25 words

Total payout: 175 words05

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