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Hina sighed and yawned as she walked through a courtyard and looked around. Everything was just as she remembered. She was following a guide as she toured an area of town that she hadn’t visited since she was a kid. A tour guide in front of her kept babbling on about this and that but Hina was just here to reminisce. She had arranged to meet up with Abathor on this tour so hopefully she would run into him before long. She eyed tour guide before her, and followed the loud escort silently, basically flitting her eyes from landmark to landmark. The passed by the area right under the hokage face mountain and the tour guide was leading them up to a place where they could get a better view. They came onto a platform that let them take a look at how the faces had been carved and then they took a break to eat. “Food!” Hina shouted when she noticed the table full of refreshments, bottles of waters, and snacks.

The break was something for her to be looking forward to, even though she didn’t think she would have a use for meeting with some of these other people. What was really bugging her though, was that she hadn’t seen Abathor yet. She thought she would have run into him by now, since she assumed he had taken an earlier tour. Or maybe they got their times messed up and he had taken a later tour? She had no idea what to do about this predicament and decided to just assume that they wouldn’t be meeting today. It wasn’t a big deal, really. Did she really need someone here that she knew to make this experience enjoyable?

They passed by some gates after some time that concealed a very large area behind it. Beyond that gate was most likely where all the problems happened, possible death if someone were to go in there without an escort. Thankfully they wouldn’t be venturing in there. Hina still scanned her surroundings. She saw a loudspeaker that was attached to a long pole. Shrugging her shoulders, she approached yet another refreshments table and looked around for Abathor again. Where was he? She stood at the table, and took a once over look at the people there before grabbing two bottles of water and whatever snacks there that will come in handy. Hina picked up one bottle for Abathor, but suddenly a hand grabbed it and tore it from her grasp, ever so gently before she even got the chance to open it. Hissing, she turned towards the rude person who had taken the water to give him an angry glare.

“Excuse me sir, I believe that you took my water,” Hina said with little patience. She was already frustrated enough with her buddy for the day missing. And now she was having to deal with this rude boy. “You already took two waters, what do you need a third for?” the teenager responded with a sneer. Hina fumed and debated taking further action. Someone really needed to diffuse the situation.

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Moving from tree to tree, abathor’s eyes revealed nothing more than a simple survival instinct. His bloody pupils were moving at breakneck speed, searching eyes for possible prey in the scattered brush of the village while he was on the lookout for food. If he had been warmly dressed from the cold morning he might have been easier going. And he did not even care. His ragged clothes, under which his skin was severely tested, marked with a hundred scars, contracted muscles, bristles, all contributed to make him nothing more than a simple animal. Then Abathor remembers that he is supposed to meet with hina today so he thinks he will get food with her instead.

Abathor goes to the meet spot and joins a tour hoping to meet with hina later. His long grey beard felt detached, expressed all the freedom that the old man now felt after so much walking, although it was his choice. His bare feet ran on the cold, morning ground of these chilled grassy areas as far as the eye could see. He knew one thing, that he was looking for hina. And without looking back, he was going towards the latter.

He certainly had not thought he would come at the wrong and he thought hina was supposed to be here by now. She could have been sad that he could not teach her any jutsu that other time. He wants her to know that she had to learn from herself to control her ninjutsu power. His eyes narrowed as his soon to be sharingan pupils look around to see any signs of hina. He thinks she should have left some notes so he could know if she was here but he sees none.

A few hours later, he finally reached the huge break area almost the entire north of the starting point, and then further, the hokage mountain. Not stopping, he infused his chakra into his feet to make sure to cross the vast expanse of cold ground without shoes and without getting too cold. Despite the fatigue, he pushed his body, as he had learned in recent months, beyond its mere limits. His body decays even more every day and just making long walks was hard.

He remembers when it took him nearly a day to cross a lake like this without any break. No, if he stopped, even then, he would have died of cold time to recover. Spring might be here all over the world, there spring did not exist. those lands of eternal winter would kill you without a shadow of a doubt if you stayed there without moving, just waiting for your chakra reserves to go away.

Arriving in the final stopping point in the tour, the old man ends up looking at a group of pople from an earlier tour. He sees water being given so Abathor walks to the table and gets some. Although it is not very cold anymore Abathor thinks that the water is still too cold. Then he sees hina arguing with some kid.

“Calm down you two. Also hi hina how have you been.”

Abathor goes between the two and physically stops them from looking at each other.

“Want to go eat? I am very hungry.”


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Just as Hina was about to go off on a rant about how she deserved that extra water, Abathor interjected and diffused the situation quite nicely. Hina’s expression went from angry to happy just like that. “Oh, Hi Abathor, I’ve been looking all over for you! Where have you been all this time?” Hina would note the particularly poor conditions of Abathor’s clothing and wonder what he had been doing beforehand. He looked homeless with his tattered clothes and she wondered if he really was homeless in his old age. It wasn’t a good sign for a shinobi to be reduced to that level of desperation.

“I’ve been alright. The tour was rather boring and it kind of sucks that we couldn’t enjoy it together. But you said you want to eat right? I was hoping the tour would feed us a little more but these are just snacks. If you don’t mind then we can go by a ramen place I know.” Hina had really started to warm up to Abathor and care about him over the past couple months. It was a good thing that she was starting to see people as more than just customers for her business. If Abathor didn’t object, she would lead the way to a ramen shop that was nearby where they could eat in peace.

“So, what have you been up to,” she would prod if he walked with her, “and do you think you’ll get to be a chuunin soon? Every time I meet you you’re training or on a mission so you must be close by now.” Hina would order food for Abathor and look at his clothing again with a worried look on her face. She was almost afraid to bring up the subject directly to avoid hurting his feelings but she really did want to know why he had showed up looking like a hobo. Hina paid the tab in advance and wouldn’t let Abathor pay if he wouldn’t put up a fight about it. It was the least she could do after the fiasco that had turned out to be the tour around the village.

The ramen shop worker didn’t seem too displeased with serving Abathor, probably because ramen wasn’t exactly luxury food. He probably served people that looked a lot worse off than Abathor daily and at all times of the day. He did give Abathor a little extra noodles compared to Hina out of sympathy and even gave him some extra toppings as well.

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“I went on a tour I am sorry I am so late.”

“yes let us eat quickly. I am so so hungry.”

“I was hunting. I am making myself desperate so I get stronger. I am really hoping to be a chunin soon and to pass exams I must be my best. Those young people will be better than me so I have to be more desperate.”

“thank god. Ramen.”

At dizzying speed, the old man clasped his hands around the ramen bowl, taking advantage of the light conversation to perform the biggest gulp of his life. He swallows most of the ramen broth in one go and asks for more. Under the astonishment provoked, the ramen cook filled him back up. The broth slid down abathor’s throat again overflowing from his mouth and spilling everwhere. Abathor has not eaten in days it feels like. He thinks his mind is going crazy from the hunger and he does not know how he put up with that whole tour.

Who has not dreamed of seeing the sun set on an azure sea accompanied by the most sublime creatures that the ocean carries? Abathor day dreams of this while he eats his ramen. In his mind he is living a waking dream, he is running near a boat with his feet slippery on the foam as if it were liquid soap, jumping on the backs of powerful mammals and taking advantage of their tail lift to jump higher than he could dared to dream of it.

Reality disappointed him when he had to come back to it to ask for more ramen. He feels he was only an incompetent fool and a notorious slacker in the past and he has little chance of redemption.

“You don’t have to look at me like that. I still have a home and I still have clothes. I just forgot we had this event today. I already said sorry don’t be mad. Now tell me what is on with you. You said you were senju so let us see some jutsu. Or did you get a real job yet? Do tell.”

Abathor has known hina more than most fleeting people in his life. therefore he is more than happy to see this with his own eyes that she is growing as a person. Even If he stays in his rut forever he can live through her success. She asks him about chunin but she is the one who will be chunin soon.

Abathor wants no more sickness, no more useless deaths and more wars, because the word "need" would be no more than a distant myth. He knows he can do little to help the world but young people can. The goosebumps began to invade him when he feels a boost of confidence in hina, at the same time the ramen bowl was empty and he got one last serving. He is not paying for this so he will eat all he can with no shame.


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Hina was satisfied with Abathor’s answer. If he was just trying to train then he was definitely doing it the right way. He had burned so many calories that he was eating like the fatty clan. Hina counted the ramen bowls one by one as he downed them all before she even got half way through with her own. It wasn’t until he was done that Hina remembered that she was covering the tab and reluctantly handed over more money to the shop keep. It was a good thing that ramen was so cheap, or else she might have really ended up in a pickle!

“I’m not mad,” Hina replied, “and I still haven’t learned any wood jutsu. It’s harder than it sounds, I swear!” Hina had a couple of ideas in the back of her mind but actually developing them into jutsu was still a work in progress. “I do have a lot of plans though. I was thinking of a vine jutsu that would let me shoot it out of my hands, maybe even making thorns come out of my hands and let me cling to walls. Oh, and even some defensive jutsu as well.” Hina had to stop herself from rambling on and on about jutsu that she might not ever learn. She could have gone on for hours about all the ideas she had but she knew that it was time to let go of the reins of the conversation. She had learned early on that it wasn’t good to be the only one talking.

“Have you given any thought as to what you want to do when you get to the higher ranks? ANBU? Police force? Sensei?” She assumed he would pick sensei because ANBU was probably no place for a geezer, but he was welcome to surprise her. After the effort he had gone through to teach that little girl what he knew she thought he would make a good teacher. Well, better than herself at the very least. Hina let the time fly by and eventually made her leave for other plans for the night. She wondered if Abathor knew about her night life and whether he approved of it. His was probably one of the few opinions she would actually trust nowadays. “Goodbye Abathor. Let’s do this again sometime!” She tipped the waiter extra from all the mess of Abathor’s that he was going to clean up afterwards. He really had eaten like a pig, hadn’t he?

“I wonder what he is thinking? I wonder if he thinks I’m strange” Hina thought as she turned and leaned against the tables edge, folded her long legs and crossed her arms across her chest under her breast. She needed to take a breather after eating that much. She didn’t know how Abathor could literally down bowls in mere moments. She was glad that the two got along great. As long as they didn’t step upon each others toes, their friendship could be a lasting one. After giving Abathor one last smile she departed back home so she could get ready. Washing down was always a chore and so was picking the right outfit. “Now, what sort of mood am I slipping into? Oh I know, dark and dangerous.” She was going to be dressed in black tonight, “let’s see what kind of customers I can manage tonight.”


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Abathor is honestly disappointed in hina. He spends all that time teaching her ninjutsu and she does not know a single wood jutsu yet. That is a shame. He gives her a look that tells her how disappointed he is but then he feels bad.

“Take your time. It took me a long time too but you will get it like I did. I don’t’ want to talk about how long it took me so don’t feel bad about not getting it yet.”

Abathor does not think his advice is very good because he still does not have any jutsus. He also does not want to push hina away. She is one of the only ninja who like him.

“I don’t want to be a sensei. I want to be part of ROOT. They are supposed to blend and I can blend with old people of konoha and report treason activities. Old people have nothing to do but plot so they can be problems for the village.”
Abathor sits and finishes the last of his Ramen and Hina leaves him. She smiles at him and Abathor smiles back. He is sad to see her go but not everybody is free like he is. He thinks of going back to his training before all the light is gone. He apologizes to the chef for the mess but Abathor will not help it be cleaned.

Now back to hunting he could go. He is not fueled by hunger now because he is full of noodles and broth. Now he hunts just to prove that he can. The soon to be chunin cautiously descends from its perch from a branch, setting up various traps to catch vermin and birds. Once traps placed at the various entrances and exits of the village the old man waited quietly, taking advantage of the low visibility and with stiffness looked over the traps.

Abathor leans to the ground looking through the leaves of the tree for any critters that will get caught in his traps. He is sure that no one had seen anything, ensuring that his trap making was for the moment a success. He saw something move and he falls without noise before moving quickly to a side of the tree unlit by the moon.
The place was incredibly calm, and no noise disturbed this place, ruled by a totally military land.  Only the sound of critters running on the ground came to disturb the sweetness of the night while the unknowing Abathor checks his traps. He had finally caught something after all this time. Abathor cheers loudly and scares away all other creatures but he is happy he finally succeeded. Talking with hina and eating that meal was what he needs to get back on track.

Now Abathor starts a fire and cooks the small squirrel he has caught. He can finally rest after all that hard work.

abathor exits


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