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Sunadokei was fast asleep in her bed, emphasis on the word was. A stray beam of sunlight shone through the curtains at just the right angle, glancing over her eyes and forcing her to wake with irritation. "Mmm... no... just five more minutes." She mumbled to no one in particular, muscle memory leftover from the days her mother would practically force her children out of bed to get them dressed and ready in time for their Academy school days. It was a much despised ritual by Sunadokei and her numerous siblings, most of which would have greatly preferred to sleep in. Only a hot breakfast was enough to convince them it'd be worth their troubles. As she shifted in bed, trying in vain to get more comfortable, Sunadokei inadvertently woke her cat Tōzoku. The fat black tomcat was curled in a ball lying atop his mistress' stomach. As she shifted he uncurled, arching his back in a full body stretch and flexing the claws on his feet. His tail swatted Sunadokei's nose, which tickled greatly. It only prompted her to rouse from her sleep faster. Unfortunately for her, the first thing her eyes saw upon opening was her cat's fluffy black rear.

"Tōzoku!" Sunadokei declared in faux irritation at her beloved pet, to which Tōzoku replied with a soft squeak as he spun around slowly to face her. The black cat immediately began purring like a motorboat, giving Sunadokei an affectionate headbutt while his front paws kneaded at the soft flesh of her bust. Sunadokei tried to maintain a scowl, but simply couldn't stay mad at her kitty. She threw off her covered and scooped her pet into her arms, cradling him like a baby for a minute before setting him down gently on the floor at the foot of her bed. Tōzoku seemed indignant at being put down on the cold floor, but quickly got over it. He began cleaning his paws with his tongue as Sunadokei hopped out of bed into her slippers. The buxom Akimichi woman yawned, stretching her arms over her head as she did and brushing stray locks of azure hair from her eyes. "Why does getting up always have to be so hard?" She casually asked her cat, gazing down at him as he glared back with his verdant green eyes. Tōzoku's answer came in the form of a squeak, and he got up and proceeded to paw at the door to the bedroom.

Sunadokei just rolled her eyes, her cat wanted out, and she knew damn well why. Tōzoku was an Akimichi after all, the fact he was a cat did little to change that. His daily routine was ingrained with his meal times, and he wanted breakfast at least as much as Sunadokei did. She stepped over and cracked the door open, just enough to allow her fat old cat to slip through. He proceeded to waddle off down the halls to find whoever was in the kitchen and would feed him breakfast. Sunadokei just shook her head as she closed the door. She supposed it was time she got ready to greet the day as well. Sunadokei was dressed in a loose, flowing pink nightgown. The silken garment was near translucent, and did absolutely nothing to hide her prominent, voluptuous figure. Her long azure hair hung in unkempt locks about her face, not yet tied up in her signature ponytail. Sunadokei tended to sleep like a log, and she felt it left her looking markedly disheveled in the mornings. "Alright... time to get ready. Not like I'm not already on my feet..." She muttered to herself slipping on a pair of slippers as she let out a reluctant sigh.

The young woman moved to her closet, rummaging through it for a fresh clean outfit for the day. She settled on a red kimono for once, with a pair of her usual dark blue thigh highs for her legs and a cloth wrap for her abdomen. Sunadokei gathered up her clothes, as well as rummaging for a clean pair of socks, undergarments, and gloves. Attire in hand she pushed open her bedroom door with a wide hip and slipped into the hallway outside. Sunadokei shared a bathroom with her sisters, though thankfully not ever woke up as early as her. So, like usual, she had the bathroom to herself for now. Slipping inside she drew herself a hot shower while she went about brushing her teeth and the rest of her morning routine. Half an hour later Sunadokei emerged feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to tackle whatever challenges the day brought. Still toweling her hair dry she stepped back into her room, discarding her evening wear in a laundry hamper before finding a silken ribbon to tie up her hair with. With that done, Sunadokei then went about putting on her vambraces and arm cops, before finally retrieving a silver scarf to wrap around her neck.

Inspecting herself over in the mirror, she found everything looking exactly as she expected it. The Akimichi woman was very vain, and exceedingly proud of her prominent hourglass figure. She inspected the prominence of her bust from the side, giggling to herself at how much it swelled past her chest. Her self appreciation was cut short by a loud growl from her stomach. Sunadokei clutched it like she'd been mortally wounded, gritting her teeth slightly. She hadn't eaten since dinner, and that felt like an eternity ago to an Akimichi. Her kekkai genkai having digested every last scrap of food to store in her womanly curves during the evening. Sometimes her bloodline trait was more a curse than a blessing. No, who was she kidding, she loved it. She just needed something to eat. A lot of something. Thankfully, that would not be an issue.

The Akimichi clan was renown for one thing above all else. Food. All aspects of food. In ancient times before the ways of the shinobi, the Akimichi clan had been prominent farmers and wealthy landowners. When the secrets of chakra and the manipulation of the nature elements was discovered, they continued to carry with them their deep passions for food. Though no longer humble farmers growing bumper crops for the summer harvest, the new Akimichi shinobi developed a kekkai genkai that turned calories into chakra, and thus, made food a vital fuel source for them to expend in battle. This meant the Akimichi ate, a lot. Without question, every member of the clan almost perpetually existed in between either light snacking to tide them over, or heavy gorging during the three major meals of the day. Going without food was an unthinkable injustice, and meals were held to significant importance within their clan. The end result of all this was two fold. One, it meant there was always a near limitless supply of food available within the Akimichi clan estates. Pantries were vast, well stocked, and well cared for. Second, it meant even the most trivial of meals was treated as a momentous occasion. A chance for the family to come together and bond, discussing their day and appreciating both each other's company and of course their delicious meal.

That was exactly what was currently transpiring, as Sunadokei made her way down the halls towards the main feast hall at the center of Akimichi Castle. The original castle had been established shortly after Konohagakure's founding, during the warring periods between nations. It, like the other castles of the Four Noble clans of the Hidden Leaf Village, had been the last line of defense against invaders threatening the village. Sadly, like much of the village the castle had been obliterated generations ago during the assault of the Deva Path. Chōza Akimichi, the reigning head of the Akimichi clan during his time, had seen first hand to the painstaking reconstruction process of their beloved castle during the reconstruction that followed. The rebuilding had held hidden blessings, as it had provided a welcome opportunity to expand and modernize the clan estates, something Sunadokei was rather thankful for. Regardless, the scent of breakfast filled the halls of the estate, drifting out into the courtyards and the out buildings beyond. The warm and inviting scents of cooking eggs, meats, rice, and dozens of baked goods and pastries. A beacon to guide the hungry clans members from their sleep and into their seats at the table.

The scent of breakfast was an intoxicating aroma, guiding Sunadokei towards the feast hall like a fly to a pitcher trap plant. The elder women of the clan traditionally got up bright and early with the rising sun, so they'd have ample time to prepare the virtual feast that was the clan's breakfasts. The Akimichi were a robust and harder bloodline, with many branches and a tendency towards fertility. As a result, the generations spread wide and Sunadokei could scarcely remember the names of all her cousins and uncles. She had no doubt her mother would be among the ranks of Akimichi women hard at work with the breakfast feast. Someday too she would be... or at least expected to be. Despite her monstrous appetite and total obsession with food, Sunadokei was admittedly a mediocre cook in her own right. She had a lot of learning to go on that front, and there was a seemingly endless list of family recipes yet to be passed down to her. She briefly pondered if perhaps she should ask her grandmother to start teaching her, before she ended up woefully behind on that front.

As she passed through the last hall and rounded a corner Sunadokei come upon the feast hall. The large open space filled a cavernous room at the center of Akimichi Castle. High ceilings and ample lightning kept the space from feeling crowded and claustrophobic. A large center table was reserved for the members of the main branch, with each smaller branch family given their own tables adjacent to it. When there were atypical meals, such as a meeting between all the male heads of households, the primary dining table was often used as well simply for convenience sake. Though the Akimichi strongly adhered to ancient traditions regarding inheritance and succession, they were far more tolerant of branch families than other noble clans. All were the same when the chips were down, so long as they shared in the blood and name Akimichi, they were kin. Sunadokei saw her father and uncles had already taken their seats at the table. Her siblings and cousins would surely arrive shortly, though she was the first of the current generation to arrive.

Sunadokei took her customary seat at the right side of her father. He was head on the clan after all, his heiress sat at his right and his wife would sit at his left. Makaro Akimichi looked down at his daughter and smiled, before taking a deep drink from his morning tea. Sunadokei smiled back warmly, before reaching to pour herself her own cup's worth. Her father Makaro was a Jōnin of considerable skill, a war council member within the ranks the Hokage administration, and the head of the Squad Ino-Shika-Cho, composed of the respective heads of the Akimichi, Nara, and Yakahama clans. Physically, he was a great mountain of a man. Standing over a foot taller than his daughter, he towered a head higher than most men in the village. Makaro had thick, powerful arms like tree trunks, a barrel chest, and a sturdy muscular frame. However, he still carried considerable weight over top of said muscle, and when in his usual state he looked more akin to a well muscled sumo wrestler whereas he looked more similar to a competition strongman in his butterfly state.

In his youth, Makaro had maintained a wild mane of thick, dark brown hair that extended to his knees. In his advancing age though, streaks of grey now ran through the length of his wild man as well as lightening the hair around his sideburns. The Akimichi patriarch maintained a neatly trimmed beard and a sharp goatee, the latter of which he was quite fond of stroking with his right hand whenever he was lost in thought. Sunadokei had inherited her father's piercing green eyes, though mercifully she had her mother's figure and hair. Still, even though he was past fifty years of age, Makaro Akimichi cut a truly imposing figure and ranked among the strongest Jōnin in the village. There were few who could match his Taijutsu or face him evenly in hand to hand combat, and fewer still who wanted to try their luck. His extensive mastery of the Super Multi-Size Technique and conditioning his body to the strain it put on him earned Makaro the playful nickname Mount Akimichi. This was due to the towering size of the transformation, in concert with its indomitable weight. Sunadokei hoped to master this technique as her father had, so she too could one day be a pillar of strength and endurance on the battlefield.

Makaro finally broke the relative silence at the table, setting down his tea cup as he began to slowly refill it for the umpteenth time. "You are looking more beautiful by the day Suna. You take so much after your mother sometimes I feel like I'm staring through a window into my past." With one fluid motion he poured his tea, before leaning over to top off his daughter's glass. He knew well enough she'd drink several cups of her own. "I trust you slept well? Though usually you aren't up quite as early."

"Blame the sun." Sunadokei replied playfully, before taking a sip from her refilled drink. "Thank you though father. It means a lot to me, really. In my eyes mother is the most beautiful woman in the whole village, I'd love for nothing more than to be compared to her." Her comments were sincere, though what followed was quite sarcastic. "I'm just glad people don't compare my looks to you. I'd be mortified." The grin that followed was one her father had seen a hundred thousand times in his life.

"Hey, I'm hurt. Cut your old man some credit. I might be old and fat but I'm still strong as an ox. Stronger, Ha! Until the day you can beat your own father in battle you have no right to criticize." Makaro feigned surprise at his daughter's snide remark. Though he was glad too, some Akimichi women tended to end up with... unflatteringly squat figures. Thankfully his daughter had only her mother's curves to show for her kekkai genkai.

"Getting closer every day, old ox." Sunadokei goaded, ribbing her father in the flank with a playful jab of her elbow. "I'll start with beating you at arm wrestling, we'll work our way up from there." She paused, thinking to herself for a moment before she addressed her father again. "So, when is your next mission? I barely see you these days, they just keep throwing more missions at me. I'm doing more than you are it feels..."

Makaro smiled, placing a huge hand on his daughter's back and patting it tenderly. "Not for a while, I hope. I'll let the damn ANBU handle anything requiring a delicate touch, you know as well as I do that's not the Akimichi style. If something A or S rank comes up, I'm sure the Hokage has Yami and I at the top of his reserve list. Until then though, I'm actually free for once. Well, you know how it is, once you become a Jōnin you're never really free. Damn Takao has us booked solid with meetings this week. It's hard enough getting the whole administration in one place at the same time. I don't blame him for wanting to get as much done as he can while we're all on the same page." Makaro set down his tea, thinking to himself for a moment. "Food's ready." He added casually, not only could he smell it but he could hear the footsteps out the Akimichi women as they carried it out the kitchen. Great platters heaped with enough food to feed several hundred men, or half that number in Akimichi clan members.

The head of the clan shifted in his seat, reaching up to lift a heavy platter containing an entire roast deer out of his mother and law's hands and setting it down in the middle of the table. He then proceeded to just rip off a hind leg from the beast and set it down on his plate. "It's good to hear the Assignment Committee is keeping you busy these days Suna. It means they think you're reliable. I know it can feel silly, getting buried in D and C rank missions at first. But, it's how the world works. If every mission was A Rank, we'd have no shinobi left. Be thankful there's so many trivial missions to go around, peace is a precious thing. Something we should all learn to cherish more." Makaro continued piling food on his plate as he spoke, Sunadokei joined him, pilling her plate heaping with meats, eggs, and vegetables. She liked the eat the hardiest foods first, saving the pastries and baked goods for last. Like a dessert, as she was quite fond of dessert.

"I suppose." Sunadokei said, taking a bite from a rabbit haunch and chewing greedily as she chose her next words. "But sometimes it gets so dull, you know? I feel like a glorified courier, not a trained shinobi. I guess I also want you know... some recognition. You've got so many accolades to your name. So many missions, so many kills, you're a shinobi worthy of being our clan's head. Me though, I'm just your heiress. And all I've done is pest control and manual labor. I've never even killed a man." Sunadokei tried to distract herself from the conversation, stuffing her face with mouthfuls of food, trying to eat as ravenously as possible hoping her father might ignore her and turn his attention to his own food. When she looked back found Makaro staring down at her, arms fold crossed across his broad chest. Sunadokei swallowed hard, giving in to his knowing look. "Father, sometimes I worry I'm fit to be a the next head of our clan. I've accomplished so little with my time as a shinobi, especially compared to you. I'm still a Genin no less, I missed out on registration for the last round of Chūnin exams." There was a long pause, one Sunadokei wished she could fill with more food. But there was a lump in her thought she could not swallow. That lump was doubt. "I don't want to let you down, I don't want to let the clan down."

Makaro took her words in slowly, exhaling slowly through his nostrils as he stroked at his beard. "Is that what all this is about Suna? You're afraid of disappointing us? Don't be. You are Sunadokei Akimichi, heir and future ruler of Clan Akimichi. And no child of mine is ever going to be a disappointment, or else I have failed my purpose as their father. Understood?" His gaze was like iron as the giant of a man's piercing black eyes locked onto his daughter's face.

Sunadokei nodded sheepishly, returning her father's gaze. "Right father. I don't know what came over me. Stress and nerves I guess. I just feel like with every passing day I'm more aware how much will rest on my shoulders one day. I don't want to let those down who are going to come to rely on me. Not the clan, or the village, or even the whole country."

Her father smiled, nodding once and firmly patting Sunadokei on the back. "And you won't Suna, I promise. I can, and will continue to do absolutely everything in my power to see that you are ready when the time comes. I swear on my word as an Akimichi; and should I fail may you curse my name and spit on my grave. May my spirit haunt the lands eternally, doomed to forever..."

"I get it dad!" Makaro was silenced by another sharp jab in the side. Sunadokei playfully jabbing him with an elbow to get him to cut off his monologue. "You won't let me fail, so I don't have to hear about how you'll be a ghost cursed to forever whatever, ok? Cause that's not gonna happen." Her tone softened, and Sunadokei leaned over to give her father a tender hug. Her arms didn't reach around his broad frame, and it was a bit awkward hugging at the table, but she made it work. Makaro returned her embrace, wrapping one massive arm around his daughter and squeezing her tight against him. "Dad... you're... crushing me." She managed through gasps for air, before Makaro released his grip.

"I know Suna, I just wanted to make it a good hug. Let you know how much I do care... and remind you just how tough your old man still is." Makaro gave his daughter a childish grin, before leaning forward to refill his plate. "Now, if you're through, our  breakfast is getting cold. So I suggest we stop talking about the future and expectations of you and just eat." As he speared several steaks of juicy venison, Makaro slid a stack of pancakes to his daughter that were out of arms reach to Sunadokei. Her father knew she dearly loved pancakes, and they'd cheer her up a bit.

She smiled in response, nodding her head. "Yes dad." Without much else to say Sunadokei returned to the thing she did best, eating. The remainder of breakfast passed in relative silence. Her mother and father made small talk with each other and the rest of the family. Sunadokei was pestered by her little brother Makoji, who sat at her right. She managed to silence him with the threat of sisterly violence, and returned to her gluttonous feasting. By the end of the hour every last plate, platter, and bowl had been picked clean. Every meat, vegetable, pastry, and drink was now contently resting in one belly or another. The enemy clan fat and happy, well fed and ready to truly greet the day. Sunadokei perhaps indulged a bit too much, and loosened the sash of her kimono a bit to accommodate her swollen stomach. Her father merely laughed at the display, giving a deep belly laugh that had his own distended stomach jiggling like a bowl of gelatin.

"That's my girl." Makaro said proudly as he rose from his seat. He arched his back in a mighty stretch, before reaching a hand down for his daughter to take. Sunadokei placed her hand in his and let her father hoist her to her feet. There was always a brief moment where she had to adjust to her new center of gravity. A small price to pay for the deliciousness that was unbridled gluttony. Eyes still a bit glazed from her meal, it took her a moment to react when her father spoke up again. "Now, since I'm free for the rest of the day, and I know you are too, how about we do a little father daughter bonding."

"Oh? What did you have in mind then, Mount Akimichi? Hopefully not an eating contest, I might explode." Sunadokei teased her father, using one of his nicknames as she stepped past him.

"Ha, hardly. No I was thinking a little friendly training. Bōjutsu, out in the main courtyard. No chakra just form and technique, I feel like it's been ages since I did anything with you that covered the fundamentals."

Sunadokei's ears practically perked up, and she gave her father a questioning look, one eyebrow raised. "Hmm... ok father. I'll take you up on that offer. Just be gentle, I am a delicate lotus after all." The young Akimichi woman said with feigned innocence to her words.

"That's the boldest lie I think you've told me yet. Delicate locust my ass, I swear this daughter of mine." Makaro chuckled and slapped Sunadokei playfully across the back. He placed his arm around her shoulder as he led his daughter outside towards the courtyard. "You know, I should spent more time training with you regardless. If you're worried about your future then I've been preparing you for it poorly. You can never be too prepared. You just need to work on your specializations is all. More jutsu, more weapon training, more work outs. You know me, more is never too much. What do you say Suna?"

"Deal, and deal." Sunadokei replied back without an ounce of hesitation. Outside it was sunny and warm, the touch of warm sunlight on her bare skin combined with her full belly made the woman feel quite sleepy. Part of her wished she could pass out besides a tree in the courtyard and take a nap. But, she had committed herself to training with her father. Out the corner of her eye she spotted Tōzoku curled up asleep atop a statue of Choji Akimichi, 16th Head of Clan Akimichi and a hero of the Fourth Shinobi World War. No doubt the warm iron of the stature felt ideal to her lazy tomcat. In the center of the courtyard was a large training grounds of sorts. A place for Akimichi clans members to spar and practice out in the sun. Weapon racks and other supplies were kept in a small outbuilding, and Makaro went to retrieve a couple of sparring Bo's.

"Catch." He shouted, tossing the weapon to the far side of the sparring circle. Sunadokei had no issue grabbing the weapon out of the air, testing the feel of it in her hands. The Bo-staffs were not nearly as high a quality as those employed by the Akimichi clan in battle. Made from cheaper hardwoods, they were a testament of utility over form. She twirled the weapon rapidly in her hands, before slamming one point in the ground as she took a confident stance.

"I really do need to master Bōjutsu father, it's in our blood. I mean, I'm confident in it but I'm nowhere near ready enough. Not like you." As she spoke Sunadokei sized up her father, his staff was the same length as hers but it looked like a toothpick in his grip. He had a higher center of gravity than she did though, if she wanted to stand a chance you had to play to that in her favor. Get in low, and stay low. Force him to bend down to her levels, keep him off guard. She knew she couldn't match his speed or perception, and challenging his strength was out of the question entirely. A doomed fight from the start, but a necessary lesson all the same.

"Then master it you shall my daughter." Makaro said as he twirled his staff so fast Sunadokei couldn't see, only hear it spin. It vanished in the air like a fan such was its speed. "You have the finest instructor you could ask for. Within me I have the knowledge passed down through twenty three heads of the Akimichi line. And someday, you will possess the knowledge of twenty four." Instantly Makaro stopped his staff, taking a defensive stand with his feet wide and his center of gravity low. "Now... come show your old man what you've got."

Sunadokei nodded, taking an aggressive stance. "Since you insist father, ladies first. How chivalrous of you." Her words playful, but her expression fast growing fierce. In an instant Sunadokei rushed forward, a burst of speed that kicked off a cloud of dust from the sparring grounds behind her. She swung low, putting her full might into the swing. Hoping to prove to her father just what she could do. Makaro intercepted the strike, stopping it effortlessly. Sunadokei's shoulder screamed out in throbbing pain, she felt like she had hit a brick wall and nearly dislocated her shoulder in the process. It did nothing to steal her resolve, and when her father responded with his counter attack she was ready. Sunadokei had no intention of matching her strength to Makaro's own, and focused more on avoiding his strikes than bothering to block them outright. He could see through her stratagem, and began probing with more feigns to bait out her movements, launching his true attacks once her momentum was committed to the movement. He was forcing Sunadokei to block, which only cause more teeth rattling blows as their weapons impacts. "Remind me never to try to kill you." Sunadokei joked as she leapt backwards, rubbing one hand on her right arm. It was fast bruising from the strain on the muscles beneath.

"And remind me to tell you never to show weakness to your opponent again!" Makaro declared, launching forward into a new offensive. Focusing solely on the limb his daughter had stopped to rub, forcing her first hand to experience the folly of her mistake. Over and over, his blows rained down upon her. Every strike Sunadokei returned in edgewise was merely a ruse, an allowed movement Makaro used to exploit her further by parrying her strikes and counteracting immediately. Their idle banter ceased, as Sunadokei could only grit her teeth and steel herself to her spar. Her muscles screamed out in agony, welts and bruises formed all over her arms and thighs. Twice Makaro managed to disarm her, prompting him to reset the fight. Once Makaro broke his staff with the might of his strike, grabbing the pieces out of the air he fought on as if the broken weapon were two quarter staffs. Sunadokei couldn't help by be impressed by it all. Even with her head throbbing and her body aching all over, watching her father fight was a treat. His every movement was fluid and graceful, even for a brutish warrior of his physique. Her own movements felt sluggish and delayed in comparison. As if she simply couldn't will her body to action quickly enough.

The two sparred back and forth for an hour. Long past the point Sunadokei would have been defeated a hundred different times. A half dozen bo-staffs had given their lives in the process, and Sunadokei's hands were red and bloodied, her gloves soaked in crimson ichor as it flowed from her palms and knuckles. At last she gave a clear sign of the limits of her stamina. Over the hour Sunadokei had nearly burned through her entire breakfast, her stomach slimming down to its normal dimensions. But that wasn't it, not, after a mighty blow from her own father Sunadokei's right leg trembled as it struggled to hold up her weight. She swung her staff down into the sand, momentarily resting on it as she panted heavily. Her father wasted no time in dispatching her, sweeping his weapon through her legs, cracking her staff in half, and sending her crashing onto her bottom. Sunadokei lay there for a moment in the sand, staring up at the sky as she worked to catch her breath.

"What have you learned my child?" Makaro asked as he pointed his staff down for her to grab hold of. With a swift tug he hoisted his daughter back to her feet.

"So... much." Sunadokei stammered out, looking at her bloodied palms and clenching her hand into a fist. "I had forgotten, how fast you were. It's terrifying, you're like a demon. All that speed... backed by such power. I'm overwhelmed. Totally, overwhelmed." A wide grin formed on her face, and she wiped away a fleck of blood from her bruised lower lip. "But I like that I relish it. It means I can become that strong someday. Feel the same incredible ability you display. I just need to keep fighting, keep training, until someday I can reach that level."

Makaro smiled, pulling his daughter in close for a tender hug. "Good, it fills me with such pride to hear that from you Sunadokei." He withdrew, taking her bo-staff and his own and moving to return them to the training armory. "Now. Let's see about having your grandmother fix you up. You look like a mess, and your mother will kill me if she sees you looking like I pummeled you half to death." The elder Akimichi looked to the sun, then smiled widely. "Besides, it'll be lunch time by the point we get you all patched up. What do you think Suna, how about after lunch we work on your Taijutsu a bit. I want to see how well you can put our Hiden techniques to the test. I'll fight you with both arms behind my back, that's fair enough right?"

Sunadokei burst out laughing, too exhausted do much else. "Yeah, that's fair. I'll give myself five minutes against you like that, but maybe I'll surprise us." She winced, clutching her side. She was rarely certain several of her ribs were cracked, or at a minimum heavily  bruised. "But first, I could do with some medical-ninjutsu. And the sooner the better, you hit like a battering ram." With that said Sunadokei and her father headed back inside, more than ready to continue their day of family bonding. Her mother was indeed outraged to see how badly her husband had beaten their child, and after getting an earful Makaro promised never to do it again. That promise would be quickly broken, not that either Sunadokei or her beloved father cared in the slightest.

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