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Mission name: Help out a crafter
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help a smith with labor.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission Description: Your job is simple. Help a crafter with whatever he might need. Your job duties could include help making weapons, repairs, cleaning, etc.
Mission Details: Tools will be provided and you only have one day to finish. This mission is repeatable.

It was a fairly broiling morning when Hina arrived at her mission location. It was pretty hot. There were plenty of those who must have thought the same which was a reliable vouch to the theme of the morning. The aspiring smith was trying her best not to think about the pain she was feeling from all the work she had to do last time. She’d repaired her first blade, which was cool, among other things. The only problem had been the muscle fatigue she’d suffered. It’d been so great that she’d had to resort to not using her arms at all after work. ”Who knew being a smith assistant was so much hard work?”

Today, Hina would be wanting to take it easy and not stress her arms out any more than they already were. She did not want to deal with having some kind of permanent muscle damage. Her boss started the day as usual by shouting out their tasks. “Hina, I need you to make some cobalt for us. I’ll need you to forge it so don’t dawdle and do this first. There’s a thing or two about cobalt that a newbie like you would do well to learn. Then I need you to sharpen a blade that was brought yesterday and make a sword.” ”Another day full of work. Guess I’m not too surprised at this point.”

Hina wanted to make the sword, but the actual process was a bit of a mystery to her. She had seen it done a couple of times now, but she had only taken part in a couple parts of the multitude of steps. She figured that her boss wanted her develop key core skills before jumping into weapon smithing and just waste a bunch of material. She watched again as the boss took water and dumped it on a mold thus cooling it off. She had seen this part done many times and still had no idea what the purpose of this was.

She decided to see for herself by pouring some molten metal and waiting a few minutes. She would then whack it with a hammer and see that it was very malleable which was much unlike the metal that clanged so loudly after it had been doused with water. ”Well I guess that water cools the metal off or something,” she would think as she kept striking her uncooled metal. She could tell that it was cooling, but it was taking forever. ”No wonder they want to cool it off fast! I’d be sitting here all day if it cooled by air!”

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Armed with this knowledge, Hina heated up some metal and prepared to quench her first sword.
Hina was tasked to planish a sheet of metal, but this was yet another term that she’d never heard before. The sheet that she was looking at was pretty dinged, almost as if it had been stretched. She assumed that planishing meant she was supposed to smoothen it out, since she couldn’t think of anything she’d want to shape with this horrendous thing. She went to the tools area and saw something that was labeled as a ‘planishing supplies’ which was supposedly what she was supposed to use. Inside she’d find an odd looking hammer and a variety of surfaces to choose from.

Hina would verify what kind of surface she was supposed to shape to and she was told a rounded one. There was only one that she’d consider ‘rounded’ so she’d take that one and place the sheet of dented metal on top of it. She’d then start whacking away because it seemed like whacking was the solution to every problem in the field of blacksmithing. ”Maybe that’s why I like it so much.” The metal would slowly begin to conform to the surface and all the frays would be pressed against the tool surface quite nicely. Hina already knew to mix in gentler strikes to better smoothen out the sheet and pretty soon she had a piece of metal that was decent enough to be used in some armor.

Hina would take the sheet off the tool and place it on the table. There were still a few more places that she needed to even out and she couldn’t do it by just whacking one side. She’d tap the tool side surface in order to get rid of the last few dings.

Hina had no idea what a fuller even was which made it especially confusing when she had been tasked to make one. Of course she was starting to get a little in over her head but this was a bit much. She asked her boss what a fuller even was and he slammed an example onto an anvil. “No more questions out of you missy know it all,” he’d say snarkishly before he set off to do his own set of tasks for the day. Hina looked at the weapon, or was it a tool? It had something like a beveled groove along the dagger looking thing in front of her. She wasn’t sure whether this was some kind of special weaponry she hadn’t seen before or whether a fuller just referred to the groove. ”I guess I’ll try to replicate this and see how that goes.”

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Hina got to work by assembling a blade of her own using spare parts. She hadn’t been told to forge a fuller which meant that she wasn’t going to do so unless she got yelled at. She’d place the blade on the worktable and wonder how she could make a groove like that. The fuller in front of her did not seem to have any signs of abuse so she was led to believe that the metal had been forced out of that particular grooved area. ”Or maybe this is the result of a special type of mold, in which case he’s really mean for giving me this task.”

Hina looked around for a tool that might be able to force the blade into a new shape and came across something that she’d heard referred to as a swage. This was an oddly shaped metal device that was made this way on purpose. She’d seen it used to force shapes into metal, but she’d never seen anyone make a groove with one of these before. She would set it up like she had remembered, by securing it between a hammer and the blade. She’d the start smashing away at the blade until her boss came over, fuming. ”I wonder what he’s going to complain about this time.”

“Why aren’t you using a swage block,” the boss would ask angrily, “you’re going to ruin my delicate swage!” Hina had absolutely no idea what a swage block was, until her boss scooted one across the floor to her workspace. She’d sigh and move the blade to her new tool and start banging away again. Her arms continued to whine but she’d shrug it off. With every strike she felt the swage block sink deeper into the blade, albeit it pushed the metal aside. She was sure that she was missing the point of all this since she really couldn’t give justification for doing this much work for some kind of decorative groove.

When she was finished she’d hand the newly grooved blade to her boss but he’d shout, “you did not go deep enough! This groove isn’t just for show lass, it’s for weight savings! Don’t you know that a fullered blade can shave off a quarter of its weight with no downsides?” Hina shrugged and got back to smacking the poor blade. She was getting less and less sensitive to her boss’s terrible attitude as she gained experience in the forge. She had no idea why anyone would need a lighter dagger-sized weapon. Maybe for a great sword it would make some sense, but this just seemed excessive. ”Whatever, I’m just doing this to make him happy anyways. I shouldn’t even have been asked to do this!”

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Then Hina had been tasked to draw out steel which was yet another entirely new term that she’d been asked to do with no other instructions. She knew that this had nothing to do with alloying, so it must have something to do with manipulating the metal after it was already cooled. She’d ask her boss what the term actually meant and he’d explain that this was the process of making a short block of steel into a long block of steel. This was pretty vague, but the boss gave her the hint that she was supposed to use swages. ”At least this saves me the time of scouring the workshop for the proper tool. Who knows how much material I’d waste just trying to do this blindly!”

Hina ended up pulling together two symmetrical swages with block-like openings. When put together, the swages formed a cube-like opening where the Genin would be able to line up with her existing steel block. She’d make sure it was centered and then secure it so that it couldn’t wobble. After giving it a few test whacks, Hina started smashing that poor block of steel so hard that it started to sink deeper and deeper into the swages. With every swing she felt the metal give way just a little more until the entire block and been smashed through the square die and down to the floor. ”This would have been a great idea for that blade I fullered the other day.”

“Good,” the boss would yell from across the forge, “now draw out some wire while you’ve got the hammer out. You’re going to need a much smaller set of swages this time though! Hina would groan and go look for two matching swages that had a very small opening. She figured she was looking for a circular opening this time. She’d place another steel block on top of the die, but her whacking did not send the metal through in the slightest. She’d realize that it would take a lot more force than she was currently capable of exerting to force the metal through such a small opening. ”Maybe if I heat it up first it’ll be a bit easier to work with.”

After placing the steel into the hot forge for about twenty seconds, Hina would use tongs to transfer it back to the swages. She started out gently, but still found that it took her full force to shove the steel through the template. ”At least this is actually possible,” she’d think as she started to put her back into it. She was getting more and more tired by the minute of this extremely repetitive motion. She’d only stop once the wire made it to the bottom of the tools, after which she’d snip it off from the steel block. ”Now I’ve got some steel wire. Now what?”

“Oh you’ve made some wire,” the boss would notice when the banging stopped. He’d only given Hina a couple seconds of reprieve but he was ready to task her again. “Okay now make some shapes with that wire. You’ll probably be terrible at it so take it slow!” Hina rolled her eyes and got some pliers. ”How hard could this possibly be,” she’d wonder as she tried to make a square with the wire. Apparently it required a lot of dexterity because her hands were not wanting to make the shapes she was picturing in her mind. She glared at her boss who was starting to laugh at her inability to manipulate the wire. Hina made the most precise square that she could with her numb hands and tried to calm herself by ignoring her rude employer. Finally finished with all this damn work, Hina went to the missions office to get paid.


WC: 632
Total: 1971

750 words: +150 ryo
700 extra words: +175 ryo

Total requested: +325 ryo

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