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The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] D6ehE4O

The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] Ucb3DOF

A warm, mid-spring morning graced the Land of Fire, gradually chasing away the trace flakes of frost that hid in the long shadows and giving light to the forest-ladden countryside shrouded in darkness. The cloudless sky told of a beautiful day lying in store for the picturesque land of woods and fields.

Seldom did it happen, but on occasion, an ominous feeling would grow in his gut. He never knew quite what it was, whether it was incoming doom, baseless paranoia, or something else, but he trusted instinct more than anything. It rarely lead him astray. Takao's coal-eyed gaze watched the rolling landscapes of the Fire Country speed by from behind the window of a passenger train bound for Akagahara, the Land of Fire's capital city. He had set out early in the morning, following his gut.

The trip took half an hour; it was much slower than if he'd ran, but more comfortable than speeding through the forest canopies, and required considerably less expenditure of energy and effort. He dismounted at the Shinamōta platform and passed under the large gates, heading into the beautifully ornate city, home to the Fire Daimyō. Momentum lead solely by what he presumed was baseless paranoia, Takao made his way through the streets and to the large fortress, guarded in part by contracted, specialized Samurai and in part by the most skilled shinobi the Hidden Leaf had to offer.

Heavy footsteps echoed through the large, empty foyer and hallways of the massive palace as Takao's stride carried him to his destination, the office of the Fire Daimyō. He knew the way well enough to find it himself despite the labyrinth of a building presented, decorated by ceilings dressed with coloured glass at the top, casting technicolour light downward when the sun was shining, massive pillars at either of his flank, and beautiful marble tiles that seemed to stretch on forever with sparse, rich red rugs and runners to break up the marbled monotony. Arriving at the door that was nearly twice his height, Takao's knuckles rapped heavily thrice on the oak surface. A brief moment of silence followed before an answer called out from behind the door.

"Come in." Said the voice.

Takao pushed the door open and closed it quietly behind him. He was granted by a familiar sight. Another massive room, far too tall to be anything but extravagant, with walls stretching from floor to ceiling with filled bookcases. Sitting perfectly centered in the room was a large, long, ornate wooden desk, and seated behind the desk was an older man with combed white hair and a two-toned beard, some spots black and some spots white.

"Ahh, Takao. What an unexpected surprise." The man said, rising to stand as Takao approached the desk.

"Sorry for dropping in unannounced." Takao reached to meet the Daimyō's hand for a firm shake before they both sat; Takao in a chair opposite to the Daimyō and the Daimyō in his own leisurely upholstered chair.

"Nonsense, no apologies needed. In fact, it is exceptionally convenient you did so. I was just about to have an assistant head down to the Leaf to check up on progress. I suppose that must be what brings you in?"

"Not exactly," Takao replied.

"But, since I'm here, I might as well. I haven't had the opportunity to leave the Leaf since Rippa's death. I've sent missives to the minor countries ahead of me to arrange meetings but I'm stretched too thin with the administration right now. Is it possible that you might consider delegation?"

A moment of silence befell them following Takao's request, and the Daimyō steepled his hands, breaking the solace with an inhale.


"This is far too important to jeopardize by trusting just anybody. You are an exceptionally well-trained soldier, and more importantly, you understand the situation that you and the village are in. Others might get the wrong idea, you see, might think that this is conquest and not democratic union." With a voice smooth like silk and an even tone to match Takao's, the Daimyō continued.

"I will send some of my best staff to the Leaf today to handle administration. We will start with the Land of Hotsprings."

"Yes sir." Takao replied following a slow, lengthy inhale and exhale.

"But, before we do so, a problem persists just north... Hidden Cloud presence in the neighboring country, the Land of Frost, is growing troublesome."

"I believe it is time we make our opening move."

The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] YlZ0WkC

At the orders of the Fire Daimyō, Takao had gathered a force of Konoha shinobi and gathered them in the Administration Office for a briefing in two different teams. Firstly, he had briefed Mikumi Senju and Suutei Kimura, who would act as his Officers for the assignment. He informed them that their orders came down from the Daimyō, and that there were three Hidden Cloud-controlled bases of operation in the Land of Frost that would be their targets.

Suutei was tasked with taking up the rear assault and controlling a small force of shinobi to wipe out the outpost located in the Kitakaze Woods. Along with him, besides the small force of shinobi, he would be taking N'Jobu Aburame, Xion Akui, and Kisei Ushinatta, a recent addition to Konoha's ranks. Mikumi was given the task of holding the middle and assaulting the outpost located near the Genyō River. Granted a similar force to lead, she would have the likes of Hina Braveheart, Hika, Yoshihiro Joe, Sunadokei Akimichi along with her.

Takao had claimed the largest risk for himself; the vanguard. If he was dooming his people to a fight that none of them wanted, himself included, then it was only right that he take the largest load to carry upon his shoulders. The largest encampment, nestled in the Buddhas' Graves, closest to the Hidden Cloud and the best-manned outpost in the country. When reinforcements would arrive, and he was so sure that they would, he would slow them down, and he entrusted those that would slip past to the capable hands of his other teams.

Given their orders, Takao gave the force at large a short briefing, and entrusted the team leaders to grant more in-depth details on their own plans of action using the basis that Takao had given. Once the Leaf was ready, they set out for the Land of Frost.

The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] B7rwBMP

Time had come for the assault. The teams had been dispatched and were en-route to their targets. Takao had ventured out before them, taking up the vanguard, and plowing through the evergreen forests and deep mountainous landscape that painted the Land of Frost in broad strokes. Green turned to snowy white in the blink of an eye, and he was encroached on all sides by bitter mountain air, yet the natural heat of his body was enough to melt the snow in his immediate vicinity.

Before night fell, his black eyes graced the bustling outpost with their cold gaze. Gloved hands tightened into fists and lungs drew in chestfuls of gelid air. The element of surprise was an incredible advantage when used properly, and a fatal consequence for the ignorant. Without distorting so much as a flake of snow upon the branch he leapt from, Takao utilized 'Jump' to send him into the sky above the outpost. His darkened Jōnin ensemble was visible as a silhouette before the darkening sky for only a mere moment before his breath evacuated his lungs.

The creeping darkness of the forthcoming night retreated as gargantuan swathes of flame roared through the sky. For a brief moment, an artificial summer's day spit from Takao's agape maw graced the lands of eternal winter, yet the unfortunate occupants of the outpost below were not so lucky to enjoy it.

The ground quaked, forests a mile out shook, and snow atop the mountains nearest fell loose under the sheer force of the flames slamming into the ground, eating away everything in their path, tearing through snow, ice, and permafrost to turn the Hidden Cloud's fortification into ash and soot. Had the sheer heat not burned away the grass, perhaps the ground might have seen green since time immemorial. But instead, when the last wisps of flame made their final pass through the outpost, all that was left was a crater just shy of three-hundred meters around and fifty meters deep.

Takao landed upon the scarred earth, stood directly in the middle, and cast his gaze northeastward toward the Land of Lightning. Lesser outposts wouldn't know exactly what happened, but word bounced from radio to radio that the main outpost was no longer responding.

With hands dug into the warm depths of his pockets, Takao's half-lidded stare awaited the arrival of whatever force the Hidden Cloud would muster.


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Setting Information for Suutei, N'Jobu, Xion, Kisei, Maikumaru, Ibara, and Sora
The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] IpVmxcA
To the south, the Kitakaze Woods (北風森 Kitakaze-shin, lit. "North Wind Forest") are shared territory between both the Land of Hot Springs and the Land of Frost. The snow from the surrounding area's late-lingering winter melts easily here, frequently coalescing into a chilled fog that envelops the forest both massive and tall. The pines grow to be several meters thick and, in the densest portions of the forest, nearly a hundred meters tall. The underbrush is lush and green, fed by rivers from the mountains and melted snow from further north.

The Kitakaze Outpost is located in a clearing deep within the forest, boasting tall but sparsely manned palisade walls, a surrounding area that's been cleared of trees that makes a stealthy approach difficult, and deep trenches that make for a rough advance by foot.

Setting Information for Mikumi, Yoshihiro, Sunadokei, Hina, Hika, Aikiko, Kyousuke, Sangetsu, Maelstrom, and Atsushi
The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] EzWboOZ
The often-seen spring rime hasn't yet set in on your journey to the Land of Frost. The mountain streams that feed Lake Sukuna (少名湖, Sukuna-mizūmi) in the Land of Hot Springs are fed by the roaring falls of the Genyō River (原霙川 Genyōgawa, lit. "Sleet Floe River"). This outpost is located within several caves behind the waterfalls, though the rapids provide a one-way mirror benefiting the Kumo forces. With high ground, clear sights on their opponents, and a wall of water to obfuscate any tactical moves, the forces here will focus on keeping their position and repelling any of those that might attack.

Clear Skies:
Mission name: Clear Skies. [CRIME]
Mission rank: S.
Objective: Remove the Hidden Cloud military bases from the Land of Frost.
Location: Minor Countries → Land of Frost
Reward: 3,000(S) ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: As a facet of the Fire Daimyō's desire to subjugate minor countries bordering the Fire Country, he has requested that Hidden Cloud's military presence in the neighboring minor country to the desired Land of Hotsprings, the Land of Frost, be diminished to aid the conquest.
Development References:
Mission Details: Remove the Kumogakure-aligned military outposts from the Land of Frost. Outposts are manned by varying numbers of B-Rank shinobi possessing all ranges of specializations, elements, and equipment up to B-Rank. This mission can be opposed by others taking its brother mission, 'Coming Storm'. Participants in either mission gain rewards from both missions when completed in opposition of one another.

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So, it was to be war then.

Yojo looked at himself in the reflection of Shrine Keeper, his loyal katana, staring down at his own eyes. He'd grown up looking at himself in the mirror as an orphan, never knowing who he was. Now, it felt like he knew himself all too well. Were these eyes even his? Not the dull brown irises of his normal self, but the red crimson of the sharingan hiding just beneath the surface. He had not thought that he would use them in war. The whole feeling made him melancholy. All that he could do was sit there in his dark-colored uniform, watching his own eyes in confusion.

He'd been in the room when the orders had been given. It seemed he wouldn't be promoted to Tokujo just yet, he would face the gauntlet first. If he came out the other side of all of this alive, then perhaps he'd be given that higher rank he was working for. The whole ordeal had been rather sudden. He'd been at the Uchiha estate, taking care of his cats, Kiki and Mochi, when a messenger-nin arrived ordering him to show up at the village headquarters. He thought it was just another C or B class mission, the same ones he'd been used to getting now for a while. Then, when he got there and saw N'Jobu, Hina, Sunadokei, and so many more crowded together, he realized that something was very, very wrong. He didn't say anything of course, hell, he didn't know what he would say to any of them even if he had tried! Instead, all he could find the willpower to do was just stand there in silence as Takao explained the mission they were all about to undergo. In a way, in some strange and dark way, a part of him wasn't that surprised to hear the Land of Frost named as their target. He had recently returned from that country, with Hina no less, he had seen the instabiity there ripe to be exploited by Kumogakure...and now, by Konoha.

When the briefing had ended, Yojo returned to his home without speaking to the others. He didn't know what to think after hearing all the details. He didn't think all of them would come back alive, or at the very least unscathed. The bastard Uchiha played with his cats for a while, made lunch, and sat on the back patio of his house to watch the koi pond as his cats pawed at the water's edge. He wanted to take his mind off of it all. He wanted to savor the calm before the storm. It was only a short time after that, knowing that the inevitable would soon come, that he returned to his room to gear up for the coming fight. His uniform, his ninja tools, and of course his swords, 'Stalwart Companion' and 'Shrine Keeper'. That brought him back to the present, ready to depart, yet trapped in a stasis as he looked into his own reflection. No matter what came next, he would make peace with his actions before he committed them. He couldn't freeze up on the battlefield. This wasn't the Chunin Exams anymore, there was no proctor to end the fighting when it got too rough, and there was nothing stopping him in turn from killing his enemy. In that strange calm, it only his the young Joe-male that he was off to war for the first time, and truthfully, he hated the feeling.

Yojo left some extra dry food for his cats and left the house, looking back at them through the window as they watched him disappear from view. He would miss them terribly.

Time flew by from then. Yojo soon found himself leaving the safety of the trees of Konoha behind, moving quietly, stealthily, alongside his squad toward the border of Frost Country. He kept up with the head of the pack, scouting the area ahead of them with his sharingan as they crossed the border and emerged into the idyllic countryside of the Land of Frost. He saw Takao and Suutei's forces break off from the main party. They were beyond the horizon soon enough, their lives were out of Yojo's mind now. All he could focus on was the here and the now. He kept vigilant as the area around him began to change. The ground began to decline somewhat into a lush green valley, small streams trickling towards the floodbasin. A loud roar filled the Uchiha's ears as they approached the Genyo River's waterfalls.

Yojo came to a halt on the edge of the waterfall basin, staring out over the turbulent water and rapids. The Cloud outpose was located in one of the caves behind these waterfalls. With his sharingan, finding which cave wouldn't be a problem- actually getting in there and routing the enemy forces, however, would. Right from the get go, Yojo didn't like the battlefield one bit, which was likely why it was chosen in the first place. There were rapids going one direction, walls of running water obscuring those inside the caves, and enough sound to make it difficult to hear one another when they got close. He watched Mikumi and the other members of the squad disperse, likely beginning their own assaults on the outpost and fighting their own battles. Yojo frowned, looking ahead and having an unpleasant sensation drop into his abdomen. The evening was late, and from what he could tell, it was going to be a long night.

Pulling Stalwart Companion from its scabbard, Yojo stepped out onto the water, and ran into the fray.

And so his war began.



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The world had been a pressure cooker of insults and quarrels for far too long. Diplomacy had prevailed for many years now but the slights had not been forgotten by those involved. A border clash here, a robbery there, each time the tension built while everyone tried to pretend that the capacity for diplomacy was infinite in this new age of shinobi. The modern ninja was little more than a glorified national guard at this point. Hastur had had big plans for ultranationalistic campaigns throughout the world that it would appear that his successor did not share. Aikiko had spent the past year and a half preparing for a war that never came. Currently her mission was nothing more than patrol duty in the Land of Frost. Nothing ever seemed to happen, a more foolish kunoichi would begin to wonder why she was there. Obviously minor nations weren't known for mustering the best forces and would commonly ask for protection from the great villages especially those with which they have a border. It was the duty of the strong to not only rule the weak but also to protect them, as boring as her assignment was Aikiko carried out her duty as prescribed with no complaint. The days seemed to blend together, she'd go on patrol, she'd report nothing out of the ordinary, and then she'd train for what remained of her day. Something of a friendly face was there with her luckily, a common mission partner for her and once a victim of her wrath, Sasaki Kyousuke was the closest thing Aikiko had had to a friend in quite some time.

Aikiko was lucky enough to have private quarters thanks to her rank in the Cloud Village. While at home a Chunin would be relatively unimportant, at a small outpost in a minor nation she was more or less an officer and afforded courtesies equal to such. It was strange to Aikiko that even the genin under her watch were treated as something special among the mundane garrison of non shinobi that they were there to bolster but sure enough they also had better lodgings than the soldiers native to the Land of Frost. Aikiko was on her way to gather Kyousuke to take him out for a night patrol. Her sensei, Hozuki Sangetsu had also been stationed there but Aikiko had taken up the role of team leader for the genin that were also charged with accompanying them. Of the three genin, she knew them in varying degrees of acquaintance. Ma'el Strom was unfamiliar to Aikiko and had not known him before coming to the Land of Frost. Hinode Atsushi was someone Aikiko had fought in the past, he was brave and willing to fight anyone even if it was a bad idea for him to do so. Meanwhile Sasaki Kyousuke was someone who she'd known well and worked with many times in the past. Aikiko didn't have to go out on patrol often but when she did, she made a point of taking the few patrols accompanied by Kyousuke.

On her way there a soldier burst into the officer's barracks shouting for Sangetsu in a frenzied tone. Aikiko gritted her teeth before clearing her throat to get his attention. Almost hissed through her teeth the anger in voice was palpable, “You better have a good reason for being here, or you'll find out why a teenage girl gives you orders.” The man's face was white with terror as he stammered a reply informing her that all communication with the main base had suddenly stopped. They were in the middle of a transmission when it cut off, some people swore they heard screams and an explosion while others chalked it up to feedback and static. The longer the eerie silence had lasted the more fearful they had gotten and eventually reports had started coming in that where the base should was now a crater. “Why do you need my sensei to tell you that we're under attack and that everyone should be acting accordingly?” The simpleton quickly put two and two together and ran off to fully raise the garrison.

The Uchiha heiress hoped that the commotion would raise anyone present unsure if Atsushi and Ma'el Strom were back from their patrols yet. Aikiko was much less patient with Kyousuke instead electing to burst into his room and yell at him to hurry up, she hadn't even bothered to see if he was ready. Such things didn't matter with such important things on the horizon. They didn't even know who was attacking them but the fact that a crater had replaced the main base suggested a shinobi attack of some kind. Aikiko was unsure who or what this force represented though. Was it an attack on them or an attack on the Land of Frost? Aikiko would aim to take at least one prisoner so they could get to the bottom of such questions. For now she had to focus on getting herself and the other Cloud ninja out onto the field while the garrisons held down the fort.

864 words.

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When Sunadokei had been called for this assignment, she could scarcely believe it had been her the Hokage requested, and not one of the more senior members of the Akimichi Clan. Though she supposed it made sense, most of her uncles were out on their own missions, and her father was currently leading clans Nara and Yamanaka as squad Ino-Shika-Cho. The nature of the three clan heads' missions was secretive, and Sunadokei could only hazard a guess at what high ranking task they'd been send on. So that left her she supposed, a Genin that should have graduated to the rank of Chūnin years ago. With big shoes to fill, standing in for far more qualified members of her clan. Perhaps the Hokage had taken in interest in the curvy kunoichi? Or maybe realized her talents? The thought alone willed Sunadokei with both pride and nervousness.

Sunadokei felt like a fish out of water during the briefing at the Hokage's office. She recognized a few of her team members, notably Yoshihiro and Hina, though most were new to her. Moreover, she felt sorely outclassed among her peers. Sunadokei knew her fundamentals were strong, but her mastery of jutsu was poor beyond what she could do with her Kekkai Genkai. She hoped her crude library of techniques would be enough to carry her through the day. The meeting itself was surprisingly brief, the Hokage was a stern man of few words. Direct, and straight to the point. The Daimyō of the Land of Fire had ordered Konohagakure to strike the first blow against the Land of Frost.

The team Sunadokei was assigned to was charged with securing an outpost located along the Genyō River. Well protected by terrain and fortifications, they'd have seemingly ever element working against them. From the terrain of the location to the waterfalls that acted as a screen to obscure the outpost. Sunadokei didn't like it, the rules of conventional warfare was the attacking force needed a three to one advantage to win a siege. But, they had only a token force, and their target was in a considerably favorable position. She knew the fight would be uphill, both literal and figuratively, she only hoped they'd be able to employ surprise to gain the upper hand. If only her Genjutsu weren't her most laughable specialization, Sunadokei felt she'd be of more use. Hopefully her fearsome strength and Taijuutsu master would prove more than enough. Sunadokei Akimichi played well to her strengths, she was very strong for her appearance, far faster than her weight let on, and absurdly durable courtesy of her kekkai genkai. She surmised she was to be a blunt instrument on this mission, find her a hammer, and she'd provide the anvil.

When the meeting concluded Sunadokei was left with a great weight in her chest, and not her bust. Doubt, fear, worry, she buried these emotions as she returned home. Sorely wishing she had a proper fitting suit of plate armor and a staff or sword to bring, the curvaceous kunoichi went about packing her things. Clothes, weapons, enough rations she could feed the rest of the squad or just herself, the usual. Before she left home Sunadokei wished her mother and her siblings goodbye. Goodbyes were always hard, but her mother expressed how proud she was of her daughter. Taking up a mission directly in the Hokage's service, becoming more like her father by the day. Naturally, Sunadokei's mother cooked her a massive feast of her favorite things before she departed on her mission. It was something of a tradition within the clan, and as the saying went 'If this is to our last meal, may we make it a good one.'

Sunadokei walked away from the dinner table fuller than she thought she'd ever been in her life. Her stomach was so visibly bloated she looked heavy with twins, and the rest of her curves were just as swollen. It was so bad she had to completely undo the sash at her waist. Still, every calorie was a welcome blessing. A heavy reserve of extra chakra in battle that she couldn't afford to skip out on. Better to overkill than underkill, that's what father always said. Sunadokei felt like a blimp, and made her way slowly to the rally point at the village's eastern gates. Meeting with the rest of her squad, Sunadokei was in no mood to either run, or endure teasing stares and comments regarding her bloated figure. So rather than run, she opted to roll. Expanding into her Human Bullet Tank state, the purple boulder rolled along at the center of the squad formation as they moved across the countryside. Bulldozing through forests, crushing logs and small trees underfoot, even as her comrades moved through the tree tops of ran alongside in agile gate.

Once they neared the border though, Sunadokei had both digested enough not to feel completely bloated, but also become keenly aware that rolling across the countryside as a three meter wide boulder of flesh was not exactly the stealthiest of approaches. So with a poof of smoke she reverted back down to her usual hyper curvaceous self, taking a place in formation running besides Yoshihiro and Hina. Both were new friends she'd made in the past weeks, and she wanted to be by their sides for as long as she she could before the fighting broke out. As the two squads drew closer to their respective objectives, they broke ranks and went their separate ways. A larger force was easier to detect, and they still had plenty of ground to cover. Sunadokei looked to the leadership of their acting squad captain, Mikumi Senju for guidance and leadership.

When the time finally came, the squad assembled on the rocks downwind from their objective. Scouting out their location, conducting battlefield reconnaissance, careful not to commit to the first strike until they were keenly aware of what they were dealing with. Sunadokei liked the defensive position of the outpost even less up close. She wished she had mastered her Multi-Size Technique, if she had, she could just assume her giant form and shell the structure with boulders like a siege engine until the defenders were forced to come out and face her. But at present, it looked like they would be marching into a lions den. Come then, she thought to herself, let us test our flame against their mist. They walked under the wings of the Dragon Sage himself, the Hokage's blaze would be their beacon, guiding them all to victory. Such was the Will of Fire.

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The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] YipQ0I3

Hina had never really done anything dangerous for a mission. Helping out old ladies and going on trivial patrols was the name of the game for her. Yet here she was taking on a mission to engage in war. She felt out of place to say the least. She had pestered for a chance to prove herself and become a chuunin and this was supposedly a chance to take a leap of faith and get promoted… or killed. Hina liked to think that they would never send her into a situation that she wasn’t ready for, not realize that war was full of many such deaths. There was a lesson about naivety to be learned here.

Hina arrived at the briefing where she was assigned to Mikumi along with a myrad of people that she had mostly met before. There was Yojo and Sunadokei and Hika, the latter of which she had never met before. Their job? To go take down an outpost near the Genyo River. She wished she could have gone with the kage in person and do her best to keep him safe… but in all honesty she would have been a burden. There was only so much she could do, and that was pretty much nothing when it came to the likes of a kage.

She was given some time to prepare for the big adventure and Hina wished she had a little more to take with her than just her clothes. She had not a single weapon or single jutsu that could offer any level of help. She was going to be able to throw some punches, for all the good that it would do. Maybe she would be able to scavenge up a weapon on the battlefield, if she survived long enough. Her attitude going into this was anything but positive. She only thought of failure and what she would do if she got crippled or worse in this mission. She trusted there would be medical shinobi nearby but still… would they spend the time healing her when she offered nothing to the team? She thought it much more likely that they would leave her to her own devices and treat the actual important people, like the jounin.

Instead of travelling alone, Hina would travel along with her little squad and her patience was put to the test. She didn’t like travelling like this. Being part of a caravan was enjoyable at times. This was not enjoyable in the slightest. They moved like soldiers and rested like soldiers. Hina started to get the feeling that she was not cut out for this kind of stuff. She wanted nothing more than to go back to the simpler days of helping cats down from trees.

Eventually they arrived at the outpost they were supposed to be attacking. When Hina had pictured an outpost, she thought it would be like… a building or maybe a tower. Perhaps a small rural village was the worst she was expecting. Nope, they approached a huge natural barrier that made Hina tremble just to behold. IT was beautiful to say the least. Waterfalls really made the sight one to behold, though she could only wonder what kind of advantage their enemies had. She assumed they had approached from the front, which meant that they were probably disadvantaged from the start. What did they have? Four shinobi to take on all of this? Hina wasn’t like this any more than when they had set out. She wished now more than ever for Sunadokei to start yammering like she always did so that Hina could take any excuse to delay the inevitable as long as possible.

Unfortunately they didn’t stop for quite some time. Hina simple followed her leader silently and waited for her to tell them a strategy. God knows Hina wasn’t going to be the one to offer any good ideas. She didn’t even know what her team could do. Sunadokei could be a boulder to bulldoze through defenses and Yojo could probably sit in the background and be menacing with his sharingan. She recalled he had some sword techniques that might come in handy. Then there was the leader along with Hika and Hina knew nothing about them at all. Hopefully their leader would be well versed in their strengths, but Hina had no idea if that was something Takao would have passed on or even known about.


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The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] D6ehE4O

The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] Tumblr_nl4ov9Kx1I1r922azo1_500

The young Kimura’s day was off to a casual start. The village had been quiet as ever, allowing him much like the other shinobi to unwind. He’d grown well accustomed to this refreshing lifestyle. A lifestyle worth protecting no matter what. While young he did inspire to make the most from his life, as well as find his true calling.

In the past during his time of refuge in Sunagakure, on serene days like today. He accompanied his master in a meditation ritual. Juunto used meditation as a tool to purge the soul of adverse energy. As one would expect the duo made no exception for today either. The two men sat cross legged across from one another, their energies ebbing and flowing in a harmonious rhythm.

The two men were at the mercy of nature in the small lush courtyard. The small area in which they resided was dense in chakra. The pressure alone was enough to halt the flow of wind through their space. The focus of the grizzled man next to him was impossible to obstruct, however, the same could not be said for the young man.

A foreign body entered their space within a split second, and vanished shortly before it was identified. Within his lap he felt something cylindrical in shape that was not present prior to the disturbance. He remained vigilant however to not break his own focus. but he was reluctant to break his focus. His brow furrowed and wavered, in its hushed tone, temptation enticed him to indulge in the mysterious object.

“Suutei-san. I think it’d be your best interests to look over that scroll in your lap.” The aged gentleman besides him advocated.

“Oh? Aye, Juunto-sensei.” He replied without hesitation to his decree.

He unraveled the scroll that lie in his lap. Tentatively he read each line more careful than the last. It was a formal summon from his cousin, the Jūsandaime Hokage himself, Takao. Communication let alone actual meetings were few and far between them. This raised some bit of concern leaving an unsettling feeling in his belly. The young man was hesitant to move from the spot in which he resided.

“You know, your cousin, the Hokage. He’s a bit of a livewire. I think it’d be in your best interest to not keep him waiting.” He urged his disciple to adhere to the invitation.

The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] Yxcanvmf
During his trek to the Office it didn’t particularly cross his mind there would be others assembling in this office. He was taken off guard by the sight of another shinobi present within Takao’s Office. She was dressed in peculiar garb, the most distinguishable being her impressively weaved straw hat. Normally he would oblige strangers with a hearty introduction. Yet, judging by the cold glare in his cousins’ eyes it’d be in everyone's best interest to save the spiels.

Takao covered the purpose of their summons diligently. He assigned the roles of First and Second Lieutenant, respectively, to the mystery shinobi named Mikumi and his blood relative Suutei. It wasn’t long after that before more “recruits” filed into the office. Of the new seven shinobi that were assembled, all but two were unfamiliar to him. Just like with Mikumi it’d be in his best interests to save the formalities for later.

The recruits had been given their instructions fleetingly. Their mission would be taking place on three separate fronts. Objectively, each of the lower ranking shinobi were put under the command of Mikumi and Suutei. The younger Kimura was the governing body of three seemingly capable young men. He felt a bit uneasy by the need to recruit such lower ranking shinobi. More often than not he found it in his best interests to not question his cousins' motives.

He stood before his subordinates assuring the trio would be in good hands. He looked at this mission no different from any of his Monolith assignments. Often times he was in disagreement with many things coming from the Fire Daimyō. He learned firsthand what his father was forced to endure while serving the Daimyō. He recalled many instances of using the Great Sage;s name in vain in conjunction with swearing the Daimyō.

“You three should make proper preparations, before we head out. I trust that you all can handle yourself accordingly.” He issued while scanning over the lot.

“That being said, you all will meet me in this area within the Kitakaze Woods, roughly three hundred meters from our objective. I expect you all to be prompt.” Suutei asserted to the team.

The young man would exit the office without much information to pass on to his team. Believing his cousin would not have chosen these shinobi if they didn’t have a particular aptitude. It wasn’t until Suutei reached ground level that he hadn’t abided by his own words. He would stop by his home to gather his most absolutely and necessary tools to aide him in the mission. When he arrived, he found his mentor was nowhere to be seen. The young man figured it best they didn’t speak until his return anyhow.

The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] UHg5YIE
The moisture in the air was extremely thick as a dense fog set in over the pine woods. Suutei was able to track down the base to the exact location given to him by Takao. As foretold the outpost was devoid of most, if not all, trees that surrounded the outpost within a few meters. The young man clung to  

He kept his wits about himself as he observed the Kitakaze Outpost. This seemed like the most minimally guarded yet it seemed that it was for good reason. The terrain between the Squad and the Outpost was rough for lack of a better term. He had his doubts about his initially planned strategy after getting an in-person observation. Fortunately, he wasn’t concerned with the landscape being that big a problem for his Team.

He tugged on the cuffs of his gloves a few times for good measure. He expected his squad mates to be fully prepared for their assault on the outpost. The young man had his eyes set heavenward on the building with the highest vantage point. There is where he expected the overseers of the outpost to reside. Taking out higher ranking shinobi out of the gate would make this a walk in the park.

That was how he would have led the Monoliths in the past. He was much more naïve and brash back then. This Strike would require a much more methodical approach to ensure they all made it out safely. He unveiled his clans Burning Eye Technique getting a better feel for the battlefront before them. From his observations he was now certain that the oppositions forces were miniscule.

“Alright. N’Jobu we will need your cunning eye to provide support, but be sure to protect yourself before anyone else.” He directed this to the youngest of the squad.

“Same goes for you two. Watch each other's backs, but be sure to cover your own ass.” He delegated to Kisei and Xion.

“You all might want to start by following my lead. We’re about to heat things up a bit.” He said before rising from his kneeled position.

He stepped from out of the shadows of the outer lying thickets. His arm beginning to radiate an orange hue from beneath his sleeve. He loosened up his fingers on his right hand as he felt the heat radiating from his palm intensify. He bounced eagerly with each stride, slowly encroaching upon the outpost. The small singularity spun slowly within his open palm. The warm glow was like a beacon to his squad through the thick fog.

The young Kimura reached about eighty meters from the outpost before he gathered himself. He felt the muscles in his legs tense up, before he exploded into the air high enough to see over the walls. He would whip his hand to the front aiming for the center of the encampment. The singularity shot out with enough force to push him backwards roughly 20 meters. Luckily, he was able to land on his feet the cushioning of his boots softening his abrupt descent.

The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] Y22wbtcp
There was a slight tremor in the Earth following the detonation of his technique. The force alone dissipated a majority of the fog that submerged the outpost. It was a satisfying sight to watch everything within those walls burn to ash. As the fog cleared Suutei signaled to his subordinates to move in and sweep the area clear. He needed to gather himself following his dynamic leap. His leg ached a tad bit from the fall. He rubbed the pain away that lingered for a bit, but for the most part he felt fine.



Clear Skies:
Mission name: Clear Skies. [CRIME]
Mission rank: A
Objective: Remove the Hidden Cloud military bases from the Land of Frost.
Location: Minor Countries → Land of Frost
Reward: 1,500(A) ryo
Mission Description: As a facet of the Fire Daimyō's desire to subjugate minor countries bordering the Fire Country, he has requested that Hidden Cloud's military presence in the neighboring minor country to the desired Land of Hotsprings, the Land of Frost, be diminished to aid the conquest.
Development References:
Mission Details: Remove the Kumogakure-aligned military outposts from the Land of Frost. Outposts are manned by varying numbers of B-Rank shinobi possessing all ranges of specializations, elements, and equipment up to B-Rank. This mission can be opposed by others taking its brother mission, 'Coming Storm'. Participants in either mission gain rewards from both missions when completed in opposition of one another.


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”All those who wander are not lost, my dear Keybearer. Something tells me you will end up precisely where you will need to be, when you need to be there.”

It was with those words in mind that the keybearer trudged forward, wandering the world of the Land of Frost. It was often said that there nothing good at night; that is, the decent, god-fearing folk knew to shut and lock their doors at this time of night. No, only thieves, drug dealers and murderers prowled the streets at night, especially in this part of the Land of Frost; a part known for its ridiculously high crime rate. It was apparently home to some of the worst of the worst; if a day went by without a kidnapping or attempted murder, it was considered a good day.

So why exactly was he there?

It was the best place for the male to lay low for the moment. The ghetto of a village was the best place to hide from those who sought him; a village was large enough for a new person to slip into and hide from others, assuming a new identity and attempting to run away from their past, like this male was. He arrived in the village only hours before just as the gate was closing for the night, not that he cared. So long as he was inside, he was safe. For the night at least. He knew enough about survival to make it through the night on what he had -- virtually nothing. But even with survival knowledge, he had to find a place to hunker down for the night, and that was where he was falling short at

It was how the male found himself, wandering down the streets of some random village in the Land of Frost’s worst slum, attempting to mind his own business and find a place to settle himself for the cold night. At first glance, one would not expect Sora to be anything more than a civilian. Caramel colored hair spills down in a shaggy style, framing a pair of blue eyes, which seem to glow due to him being noted to have particularly vibrant and potent chakra. He avoids the traditional shinobi garb in favor of civilian clothes. All the better to blend into a crowd of people. He favors plain clothings, ones with no markings of sorts. On this particular day, his attire consists of a stylish and complex outfit, containing large black shoes, a black hooded as well as a black jumpsuit and a pair of black with white gloves with his signature crown necklace and crown chain. For the moment, the hood was pulled up over his head to keep his caramel hair and face out of view; something like that tended to draw attention.

Quick steps carried him through the streets of this village as those blue eyes looked about with careful precision; taking in all the details of the area he could in the dim light. While he necessarily did not like the looks of it, there was not much he could do on that aspect; it was a slum, what did he expect? People loitered in the entryways of buildings and alleys, or stood out front of various 'establishments' drinking and doing god's knows what.

Whatever it takes to get through the night, I suppose.

He envied those people a bit; they had an escape from reality, despite how harmful it was. For him, there was no escape; to leave himself open in that aspect was to invite death to claim him, and he was not feeling like giving up just yet. And so, he moved through the streets of this village, searching, ever searching for something to catch his eye...

Eventually, the male would find himself wandering farther than he originally intended: the terrain shifted, changing from the dusty dirt of the slums into that of a smooth stone, one that was worn to such form time and much use. The noises of the ghetto would die out, leaving behind the simple tranquility of peace. Although the young male did not know of it, he had wandered out the back of the village, across a well-known bridge into the countryside, a place known as Kitakaze Woods. Slow steps would carry him across the smooth masonry and into the night, the stone giving way to dense underbrush.

The male would keep this trek up for an unknown amount of time until the sky would light up in the distance. It would seem that daylight had arrived hours early before the light would vanish once more, leaving the world dark again and a smile upon the Keybearer’s face. His steps would quicken, his form taking to leaping into, and then from tree to tree as he would make his way forward.

Exactly where I need to be…

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"I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven

Whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven

Whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven"

- Matthew 16:19

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The morning Kumogakure no sato was peaceful. The sun shined bright across the village, with the air being cold yet comfortable. Birds chirped as they flew from tree to tree, showing some calmness as a large conflict that was slowly brewing within the village. Two sides were established, and it was only a matter of time before on of them made a move. One of Kumogakure’s proudest clan, the Sasaki, already made their opinion known. With the news that one of their respected members brought with his return to the village, they were loyal to the current Raikage, Daremo, refusing to mention his predecessor at all.

Inside the Sasaki compound, everyone simply went among their daily lives, as there was no conflict that their clan had to settle with each other. Somewhere inside the compound, the sound of wooden swords clashing with each other could be heard. The source of this sound was none other than Daisuke, dueling with a crowd of students one by one. Some people could compare this scene to before Daisuke disappeared. Daisuke himself missed teaching dearly, as he enjoyed watching young swordsmen grow to be strong.

The kids that were around Daisuke all had their own redeeming qualities, but Daisuke was disgusted with what Sasaki had become. Once a proud clan that knew the importance of tradition, Daisuke was once proud to be among them. Now, those who were Sasaki were nothing other than prideful gangsters who used their name to get the respect they wanted. None of them earned it.

The person Daisuke was currently exchanging blows with was a young boy, who seemed to be in his early teens. Daisuke’s bokken clashed with the kid’s over and over again as Daisuke shouted instruction on how and where to block. Some of Daisuke’s blows powered through, connecting with the boy’s body. However, they kept going, parrying and blocking as if it was clockwork. Daisuke moved inwards, closing the small gap that was between the two of them. He decided now was a good time for his main lesson. Daisuke’s offhand moved away from the training sword’s hilt, and quickly formed a fist that went straight to the kid’s jaw. The blow was not strong enough to break anything, but the blow easily sent the young samurai to the ground, who’s eyes looked up at Daisuke with a questioning stare.

Daisuke turned to the other students, his gruff voice bellowing out, “Be rough when you fight!” “The world is filled with shinobi who all have a different trick up their sleeves,” he said as he voice quieted down, “If you want to know how to use a sword, then you have to adapt. Tradition is an odd thing now, so do what you have to in order to beat your opponent.”

As he finished with his wise words, the class was promptly dismissed, and everyone went among their own business. Daisuke stayed for a moment, taking a deep breath. As he exhaled, he felt thankful for the opportunity to continue his life inside the village walls.


Later, Daisuke stood alone in the dojo within his home. The Sasaki elders gave him a new one to show their gratitude for his sacrifice. His old home was long forgotten and held a new family that needed it more. His current home was nice and had everything he needed. Since he spent the last fifteen years sleeping on the ground, he did not really need much. His arsenal already adorned the walls. This arsenal mostly consisted of his childhood daishō and the three katana he gathered during his journey. The centerpiece on the walls was the large odachi which was Daisuke’s pride and joy. Forged by himself, the blade was only to be used when it was specifically needed. Daisuke’s current daishō was already attached to his side, never to be removed.

Daisuke moved to the center of the dojo floor and slowly sat down in a cross-legged position. He would close his eyes and attempt to meditate. Clearing his mind was always difficult for Daisuke, as a large portion of his life has been dedicated to war and conflict. He was a natural fighter and was well above his peers. He has slain many people without a second thought, thinking it was for his village. He never wanted this.

He was aware that the world was killing itself with the aggression that has become more and more popular with every passing year. Daisuke only wanted a life of peace and relaxation, but he failed to see his future as anything besides laying down his life for his village. Maybe that was how his life was meant to end.

Late Evening

Much later, Daisuke’s eyes would open to the sounds outside. He could hear the commotion. People began to head out of the compound, grabbing their blades from their stands. Daisuke already knew what was going on. He gracefully stood and made his way over to his wall of weapons. His hand went towards his ōdachi, In'ya Beīnzu, which took it off the wall. The blade was too long to go on his side and was especially too large to go on his back. The sheathed weapon stayed in his left hand, as there was no other way to easily draw the weapon.

Once he took hold the sword, the sliding door to the door was flung open. A young man fumbled into the building, speaking while gathering his breath. “W-.. We’re under attack,” he gasped, “The radios st-”

Daisuke made the man’s job easier, interrupting him with one word, “Where?” he asked, as that was all he needed to know. When the messenger said the Land of Frost, Daisuke was already out the door. When he stepped out onto the street, he saw his clanmates making their way out of the compound. The street lamps that lined the walkway reveal that Daisuke was the only one wearing traditional samurai garb. Both of these factors reminded him of the modernization that he loathed. Daisuke took a long, deep breath before sprinting out of the village.

Now jumping from tree branch to tree branch, Daisuke was ready for whatever was waiting for him at the compound. He was ready for a fight of a lifetime, as whoever cut the outpost from the map had to be strong. His straw sandals crunched against the snow, eventually coming to a stop on a tree that bordered the outpost’s walls. However, there were no walls left. Everything that once made up the compound was ash and soot.

His eyes immediately locked onto the lone figure that stood in the ruins. Without any hesitation, Daisuke drew In'ya Beīnzu from its sheath. Tightly gripped the blade’s corded handle, Daisuke let the wooden sheathe fall to the ground. He crouched down and made a large leap from the tree. He would land in the crater created by Takao, standing exactly opposite from the Hokage. Daisuke’s slanted eyes stayed on Takao, the red irises sending an intense stare that would ground people less experienced.

“You’re already dead,” Daisuke said with a rough voice. His face showed anger but also had a sense of calmness over top of it. It was clear that Daisuke’s words were not an empty threat and made it clear that the rugged man knew what he was doing. Daisuke’s hands roll on the ōdach’s handle before gripping it tightly. Daisuke dashed quickly towards where Takao was standing, swing the long ōdachi as soon as it was in range. The slash was dangerous and accurate, aimed straight at Takao’s neck.

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A simple invitation was present to him by a courier-nin of the Lightning Daimyo. The contents of the letter was brief and to the point; the ruler of Kaminari no Kuni wanted to have a word with him, the current acting Raikage, on matters of importance - matters that could not be explained over a letter due to their sensitive nature. The seal at the bottom of the letter was enough proof to tell him the parchment was authentic. He did not give much thought on the matter, and gave a reply with haste as the messenger had been station to remain until a response was given. Was a response really needed? Who was he to deny the request of the Daimyo?

That had been a day ago; the same day he left to make the trek to Chiharu; the capital of Kaminari no Kuni. Before leaving though, he placed the only person who he trusted in charge of the military, his wife, Kobayashi Marici. He was confident enough to believe she would handle any situation that would arise from his absence, and that the shinobi forces would listen to her. Though, apart of him hoped she did not burn the tower down after someone or something piss her off. Alas, the worry was a not a major one for him, thus it was shoved to the furthest corners of his mind.

Instead, his mind was on the potential topics which the Daimyo wished to discuss with him. Had word already reached the man of Daisuke being allowed to rejoin Kumo ranks? Was he displeased with such a notion of a clan slayer being allowed back into the home which he had caused so much pain for? Was this be about the growing activity and threat Jashin is posing now that Hastur had been removed from the picture, thus, creating a vacuum of power within the cult that many are vying for? Thinking about Jashin brought his mind to darker areas, specifically dealing with the death of Hastur; the former Raikage. Could there had been something which him and Marici overlooked when they indirectly dealt with the previous Kage, or did someone end up saying something that hinted at their involvement? Was he unknowingly walking to his execution?

The thoughts were put to arrest the moment his escort made themselves known. A mixture of samurai and shinobi, of varying genders and ethnicity, greeted him the moment he came within fifty meter of the gates. “Follow us.”, Nothing else was needed to be said by the assembled force who was flanking him on all sides. Reptilian eyes looked at those who were his escort, knowing well each of them was the best which Lightning Country had to offer. While the shinobi might herald from Kumogakure no Sato, there was no telling what towns/cities within Lightning Country which some of the Samurai came from.  Nevertheless, he focused on the task at hand as he entered the beautiful city which was home to the Daimyo.

Rarely did he step foot into the capital, having no reason to do so until now, for there were other things that occupy his mind than to worry about what was going on in the home of the Lightning Daimyo. Though, each time he did come, the warm climate and clear skies was always a welcoming sight compared to the cool to a cold climate and overcast clouds that typically hung over Kumogakure no Sato most of the time. Much as he expected, the streets were surprisingly well maintained, despite a large amount of traffic the largest trading hub of Lightning Country gets on a daily basis.  

Both visitors and natives of the city parted as he, along with his escort, made their way towards the large forest that overlooked many of the buildings. Citrine eyes remained straight ahead, taking a glance at a fleeting shadow that moved ahead of them, or the shadowy individuals who would shimmer out of existence as if they were an apparition of some kind. There was no conversation between him and his escorts, for he doubted their orders pertained to that, instead, they were just focused on escorting him to where he needed to be. Large stone doors greeted him, the giant slabs being opened by the guards standing on either side of it, allowing them to passage inside, “Go in.”

Silent as an owl’s wingbeat, Daremo walked down the massive hallways that led to his final destination. Seemingly alone in the hallway, asides from personnel of the Daimyo, he had a feeling that was not the case. He had a feeling he was being watched by others who would not hesitate to strike him down if he made the wrong move. It did not bother him, it excited and teased the darker side of him, to possibly be on the razor edge of death? Yes, that what it desired the most. Stopping at a pair of large wooden doors, Daremo raised his right hand, and knocked loudly. “Come in.” Said the voice behind the door.

The doors opened, Daremo stepped inside, the guards behind him closing the door. Citrine eyes did not look around the large room, nor glanced towards the other guards within it, but instead focused on, Oda Shin’ichi, the Daimyo of Lightning Country. The elder man lacked the hair most would have expected with his hair being clearly shaved, showing the scars that comes from battle. There was no long flowing beard, but, a nicely groomed goatee that was grey. The color contrasting against his tan skin which had some black blotches on it. Brown eyes stared back at Daremo, meeting his own citrine eyes with an intensity that was surprising. Was this the man who Hastur had in his back pocket?

“Kobayashi Daremo.”, The man said while standing up from behind his desk, “I finally get to meet the one who once went by The Pestilence of Iwa.”

Daremo did not bother to show a look of surprise, though, internally, he was wondering how the man knew, instead, he walked up to the desk and shook the Daimyo’s outstretched hand.  “Do not be surprised Daremo. Do you really think the reach of Lightning is contained in this country? I know you are not that foolish to think such things. Just know that I know who you really are.”

The message was received loud and clear between the two parties. “Sir - - “ The rise of Shini’ichi’s hand stopped Daremo from speaking. “Let’s move onto the reason why you have been summoned. After the untimely death of Hastur, the Council saw it fit to elect you as acting Raikage. While I am not against the notion, for your body of work surely speaks to a loyalty towards the village.  I am not looking for someone who is only loyal to Kumogakure no Sato, but, to me and by proxy Lightning Country as a whole. I need someone who will work for me, who has the best interest of everyone in Lightning Country in mind, not for a village. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes.”, History has shown how Kages tended to defy the will of their respective Daimyos. Doing things that went against what the Daimyo had in mind.

“Good, for I would hate having to destroy Kumo, build another village, and put into place adequate leadership. It would cost time, money, and resources three things I do not like wasting.”

Daremo felt the dark brown eyes staring back at him, burying in his soul, “Do you swear your loyalty to me?”

“Yes.” The answer came out soothingly, just like the dagger that buried into the floor inches from his feet did from the Daimyo’s hand.

“If your words are true. Take that dagger and swear your loyalty to me with blood. For the blood is the one thing that all humans can’t lie about.” Grabbing the dagger out of the floor, Daremo sliced his hand, his crimson liquid flowing, and reached out towards the Daimyo’s outstretched hand as the blood oath was sealed between the too.  

“Now let’s get down to business. How is the investigation into Hastur’s death going?”

“Poorly sir. The only thing we are certain of is Hastur was fine until Zenith delivered him his daily medication, and that when his condition worrisome. Unfortunately, by the time we found out about this, Zenith had already fled, but, not before setting his personal residents a blaze. He was obviously trying to hide something.”

“Hmmm. . .”, Daremo watched as the man drummed his fingers on the wooden desk. The sound being almost deafening in the otherwise quiet room, “For now, do not worry about investigation Hastur’s death. Him dying is not a terrible loss for our country. A powerful man he was, his goals and motives did not aligned with my own, and despite popular belief I was not in alliance with the man.”

“But, if that is the case then why did you allow him to cause discord throughout the Elemental Nations. Allowing him to take in two of the three people who were destroyers of Suna. Allow Jashin to run rampant within our country?”

“You are brave to question my judgment, for I have killed men who spoken less.” Daremo did not doubt the man’s words, for, he had a suspicion the guards in the room would not hesitate to do the daimyo’s orders,   “ But, to humor your questions, I will say this. Hastur and Jashin was never a threat to me and my country. The self-proclaimed God was nothing more than a child on a power trip. His existences, along with Jashin, was only allowed because I did not want to spend extra resources, time, and money on dealing with them. Why should I when the two have made enemies of almost every nation, with said nations wanting to remove them from power? Yes, Kumo would have been hurt by this, but, so would the other nations, and to a greater extent if you would believe Hastur’s power.  In the end, Lightning Country would potential come out on top as another country is weakened by Hastur.”

Daremo allowed the words to sink in as he stared at the Daimyo,  “I understand.”

“Good, for I hate to repeat myself a third time. Now, let's talk about business. Jashin and other criminals are currently running amok within my country. They have not only infested the nation but, also the military ranks. I want you to handle that for me. I don’t care what you do to them, kill or re-indotricrate them into believing in the Will of Lightning. Just make sure they are no longer a problem for this nation.”


“We will not be like other villages, sticking our noses in others problems when we still have issues at home. Once the things at home have been settled. I want you to expand Lightning Country’s influence.”

“Conquest, sir?”

“If you want to look at it like that, sure.”

“Where to?”

“Sky country. Their technology and resources will be invaluable for Lightning Country. With Fire country having trains, it is about time Lightning country to get into this technology revolution.”

“How do you wish for me to go about it.”

“I am a man who does not like to waste resources. So, I am sure someone of your unique talents can find a means to acquire Sky country with the least amount of damage to the country, and the sources we seek. Yes?”


“Glad to see we are on the same page. “ From there, the conversation diverged other topics of importance. The daimyo giving Daremo his orders on how he wished for Kumogakure and Lightning country to progress forward. Discussion of the state of the Elemental Nation, and the role which he likes to see Lightning country play in the grand scheme of things. The conversation throughout the midday and into the evening.

“Remember my words, Daremo, you - - -” Daremo did not blink when a shinobi shimmered into existence beside the Daimyo and began to whisper something in his ear. Although extremely quiet, Daremo was still able to hear it, and his eyes widen, just as the Daimyo’s own did.

“Those tree loving bastards! They have attacked our outposts within Frost Country, and leading the charge was none other than their new Hokage, Kimura Takao” Shin’ichi, spat out the name as if it was the worst tasting food in existence. Dark brown eyes zeroed onto Daremo, “From the initial reports the outpost in Buddha's Graves has been completely decimated by that damned Kimura. Kobayashi, I want you to head there, and deal with this situation personally.”

“What about Frost country?”

“Rather Frost country remains in our hands or not is a minute point. Just go there and handle the situation. Someone has already been dispatch to tell the Kumo forces on what was going on.”

“As you order,” Daremo spoke, his body fading out of the room as he performed a body flicker. There was no time to waste, Frost Country was being attacked, and by the orders of the Daimyo, he would go there.

Frost Country | Evening

Dressed in a two-tone brown kisode and black hakama, the sting of the cold weather biting into his exposed flesh did not bothered the silver-haired male as he jumped from tree to tree. Citrine eyes looking straight ahead, in the direction of Frost country, as his thoughts was in a chaotic mess over the situation. This attack could have not come at a worse time for Lightning country. With Jashin and other criminals running amok in the country, and having to deal with running the village, this was the last thing Daremo needed to deal with.

Reptilian eyes turned harsh and cold at the sight of the light that was coming from the outpost in the distance. The smell of smoke hung heavy in the air, and told him the nature of the attack. Though, he should not have been surprised that the Katon element was used, considering who was the current Hokage. There was no doubt Kage was strong, one does not get into the position by being weak. No matter though, Daremo had his orders, and he will followed them. He just hoped this would not be his last fight, and he will get a chance to return home to his family.

Citrine eyes locked onto the figure, opposing Daisuke, that stood within the ruins. He did not try to hide his presence. There was no point with everything around them having been turned into ashes and soot. Knees bent before Daremo took a leap, landing to the left of Daisuke. His hand rested on Gariantō, as he glared at the Hokage across from him.

No words came from his lips. He did not entertain in talking with the man who had destroyed an outpost, wiping it from existence with an incredible ease. The carnage and destruction was beautiful, he could not deny that. Yet, he was not about to praise the Hokage for his actions. Instead, he remained were he was, watching as Daisuke made the first move against the Kage. Daremo was not the type to make a move first, especially in a situation like this, he left that up to his opponent.

WC: 2575

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Xion frowned at his reflection in the window pane, smoothing out his pants.

His other self sat back, calm and collected and smiling broadly. He was always teeth and secrets. Xion himself, was quite anxious. Before joining the Academy and proving an ounce of his meddle, he had never had to worry about fighting battles for others. 

Now there were orders. To attack. Neutral outpost. Advance. He, and the shinobi like him, were merely a means to an end. Fulfilling the desires of someone else. Which would normally break his calm demeanor, and make him absolutely fervent. But for now, all he could be was--anxious.

He was fixated on the rolling hills and mountainside outside the window. Lush trees covered the landscape with a flourish of warm colors. Daisy yellow, sunset orange, and apple red swirled together as the wind ruffled the leaves. In mere hours that would all be ice and snow. His stop would be the small border country the Land of Frost, until he hiked deep into the Kitakaze Woods, the place where the Land of Frost and the Land of Hotsprings converged. And herald to the encampment that he was supposed to rid of Kumo-aligned forces.

He could barely hear the soft squeal of the gears and machinery propelling him across the Earth. He sighed with content at the sun’s placement, it was perfect lighting to take into account the rest of his ensemble. Dark sandals, his hands and fingernails clean and steady, his trousers, combat ready, but ironed to perfection. As he started to look out the window once again, he noticed a stain on his pants. He let out a displeased “humph” as he pulled on it to examine it better. It appeared to have been from the tomato basil soup he’d eaten earlier that day for lunch. 

'Are you [afraid]?' Xion stared at 
H͇̤̞͖̣͍͂ͯ̒́ͧͦ̄ͨ͐i̙͖̞̫͙̤̒ͫ̇̽͌͞m̎͆ͭ̓҉͉̗͕̖͙̥̥͠͡. His eyes were a lit, as usual.

A sole declaration. "I am."

The fear sits on him like a pillow over his mouth and nose. Enough air gets by it, allowing his body to keep functioning, but it's crippling all the same. Despite his normal bravado and skill with a scythe,  fear still spoke to him in its cackling voice. It told his legs to go weak, his stomach to lurch and his heart to ache. For the better half of the train ride, every worse case scenario had played in head.

How did the old adage go, there was nothing to fear but fear itself? Though that still didn't silence the voices.

Xion thought back to when the courier had sent for him, and when he had been briefed at the administration building. Upon first meeting, the scruffled face, and dark hair of the Hokage seemed charming. Which was strange. He always thought the Hokage was supposed to be a worn, elderly man with one foot in the grave. But he was so young. Xion had never been so wide-eyed. His form was chisled, developed, whetted for battle. And Xion wondered what battles he'd seen. A distance that seemed insurmountable to him.

Among him were the others tasked. He had only a faint memory of what they looked like, and he had already forgotten their names. Though he was sure they had been uttered at least once. Despite that, Xion hoped that they could all rendezvous in the outpost once they cleared it. But fate is always left to chance. They could in fact die. That's essentially the risk that comes with this job, anyways.

He thought long and hard to what the exact allure of this job was. Being a shinobi was really just serving as the muscle and might of some figure-head. Safe behind the walls of their creation. 

One thing he thought about often, were the desires of others. Obsession is just ambition, ambition is a dream, and dreams are what we desire. Someone in Konoha, high in the ranks, desired the Land of Frost, and the forces of Kumogakure desired to keep it for themselves. Who is to say that their's should be fulfilled? After all, one wish deserves another. Desires has it's way of being intangible, yet manifesting itself into the screaming surface of reality.

"We're all so afflicted by tedious repetition." Xion said to no one.

'That is the nature of human appetite [desire]. If [desire] were to be the finest [flesh], are you not [hungry]?' He said. 'Fulfillment of [desire]; does that not make you [salivate]?'

Th̡̨͝e ́͘v̶̀ǫ͡i̴͜͝d̶̢̛, ̢it̨͢ ̵̨i̡ś̨̛ ͝s̶͟h̶̕ap̵̸ed̕͠ ͘͞l͟i̶͜k̶͘é [̴҉͡w͢e͢͏ ̢̛͠a҉r̨͟͝e̸͟͡]́.͘͏̕ Ẃ͢e͢ ̷̨͞t̶͘a̸͝k̶̷̡é ó̸̶n͏ ̶̢i̸t͠'̀͜ś̨ ͡ś̴ha̸͏̛p̕e͏̧,̧͘̕ an͏̶d ̢͝it҉̡͠'̶͢͜s̷̡ ̴̶i͝҉̀n͏s̛͞a͝͠t̶̢́įa͏͢b́͠ĺe ̶h̢u͟ǹ̶g͢er̛͟.͏ ̴͠Wé̷͜ ̸̕d̷̸̢e̷̢v̛͝oų̀r̕ ͠͞eve̡r̷̢̨y̨̨ ̵͢͡as̵̡p̴̡͞ę͘c̕҉t̢̢̡ ́o̸̡̡f o̷͝t̶̀́h̵̢è̸̕r͠ ̴͠͞b̶e̸i҉n̨͜g̕͢͞s,͢͡ ̷҉t̸̡͠hȩ̸̢iŗ̨͠ [͝de҉͡s̶̶i̴̢͜ŕ҉e̸ś̴]͠,͠ ̡̛́ş̷o̧̕͜ tḩ̴a͏t͜ ̸we͡ ̶͢may̴ ̨b҉͜ȩ͘ ͜s͡ús͠͡͞t̶͢a͏i͏ne͜҉҉d. ̶̨̡Th͟a̢t i̧s̶͝ ̵͝[̴͘g͠u̶͢i̶̴҉ĺ͞e]҉,̸͢͡ a͘͠n҉d͡ ̨͟͜t̵̸͝h̶r͏̀o͞ú͟͞g͏͟͡h̨ ̡[̷̀g͏ų̴͡iĺ̨e]͏̛͟ ͢a͜͠r̨e ̡̕t͞h͘e̕ỳ̶̶ c̛o̸̢nsu͡m̸̀e̶̛d̛͢.́͏̡ ͏C͡ó͏nsid̀e͏r͜͠ ̸a̶͞m̶͘bi̸͡t͏ì҉͝o҉̧͟n,̷҉ ̡̢́o͠r͞ ̧̛o̷͘bse͝şs̵̵͟i͟͡҉ơn͟,͡ ͏͟as̢͝ a̢҉ p̛͟l̢҉̨a̛t͏te̛͞͏r̸ ͜f̢̨̛o͜r̛͘͟ ̢[̀y҉͏҉o͟͏u̡r̴ ̨̧̛de͜͠si͟r̕͝e̡͝].̷̀ ̡G̀u̴̴̸i͠le ́w̕͠o̕u̧͟͠l̡d ̢b̷͝ę ͏̕y̶ơ̡̛ur ̕͢u̸͘͞t̨̨ȩ̸n̡s͢il͠.̢

His words gave Xion pause. The pregnant silence amused 
H͇̤̞͖̣͍͂ͯ̒́ͧͦ̄ͨ͐i̙͖̞̫͙̤̒ͫ̇̽͌͞m̎͆ͭ̓҉͉̗͕̖͙̥̥͠͡. 'To think, that [guile] is what drives others to falsehoods, and we may feed on every falsehood, which are their [desires]. Do you not see? So long as you have [guile], and do not abandon it, you shall be fed; which is your [desire]. Ponder, yes? Wherever a being attempts to understand you and fails, has your [guile] not consumed them? And wherever a falsehood is repeated about you, have you not displayed [guile]?"

A cursory glance to the left, Xion could see the sun setting. And across from him, He was gone. Typical. He would say that he wasn't sure what his words meant, but Xion always knew. He could almost say that his--appetite had been peaked. 

 Around him, on the train, an elderly woman is first to yawn, around the room mouths gape one after the other. Everyone has that slightly pink-eyed look and shoulders slouched. Night rolls around and after a time, gravity comes to heavy Xion's lids. He feels the shuttering of his synapses, the quiet lure into sleepiness. As each limb becomes heavy and his heart slows to a more peaceful beat, the comfort of bed calls. But this seat would have to do.

Although that icy-calm is short lived. A swift tremor rattles the train. Xion's gaze is frantic as his sight wanders out the window. Mouth gaping at the sobering reality in the distance. Night had quickly changed to day at the brief presence of an inferno, somewhere beyond the frosted mountains.

Whilst the few train-riders were slightly hysteric, Xion could only sigh and grimace. Sod the world. That was exactly where he needed to be...


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I hadn’t been expecting much when I was summoned to the Hokage’s quarters, perhaps a bit of, ahem, “Ice Cream” action, but that was a passing thought. Imposing such a request or considering it seriously, tempting, but no. Thankfully I wasn’t in the mood for such things any way, for the moment at least. The real reason of my calling would be revealed soon enough, and I would hate every single moment of it.

They, the Daiymo, the supposed ruler of this country, had called for the annihilation of three kumogakure outposts in the Land of Frost. It wasn’t said in such terms, but when Root was called for this, and the Hokage himself was going to be involved, you might as well have put it on advertisement signs all over the country. I looked grimly at Takao’s face during the entire briefing. The shadows of my hair melded with the shade of wrath covering my usually carefree face. Confusion, betrayal. Conflicting emotions I didn’t understand yet, so for now, I would let them go. Not forgiven, not forgotten, just not now. As the others left I wanted to have a few words with Takao, but thought better on it. I was never good with emotions, and I still struggle with them, if I had continued on that path the things I would have said might have gotten me killed on the spot. So for now the daiymo could have his little battle, Takao could go along with it, but I wouldn’t forget what it would cost. With that in mind I had decided to quickly stop by to make a few adjustments to my weapons and bring along a certain, cube. As per my ‘captains’ orders.

No one would forget.

It was the moment, everyone was in their positions, and the battle was soon to come. With a cheap mask equiped, I looked onward with sorrowful gloom. I wish I could say that this kind of work was something that I didn’t sign up for, but at the same time, why did I become a shinobi, why join Root? This guilt is as much my own regret for these coming actions, and the will of the Daiymo. I had my umbrella in my right hand, and the Opera house floating above me with puppet strings attached from my other hand and a lot of strong rope looped around his shoulders. The usually massive blue block now a whitish color to better blend with the snowy enviroment. Though I really shouldn’t have bothered, as in a few minutes it would be entirely irrelevant. Or a few second for that matter. After his commander gave a small pep talk he charged forward, giving them a two second head start I followed behind, keeping to the top of the trees so the Opera house didn’t get tangled in the massive branches and accidently smash itself into dozens of pieces. When I finally arrived on the scene, well, let’s just say that it reminded him way too much of home.

"Imagine, A world on Fire..."

Flashbacks to the world he left behind, as everything crumbled before him. The world collapsing in on himself. I didn’t want any of this. Why did this have to happen? Could I have done something to prevent it? I could almost hear the agonizing screams… Questions and answers swirled around, as images flew through my overstimulated brain. My world shifted to the smell of sulfur and broken glassed sand, the roars of a massive snake in the background, and the sight of another burning city before me. It felt as though I wasn’t breathing, all the air I was trying to shove down my throat was escaping. Clenching my chest, I crumbled. Biting my lips I held back a blood clentching scream, and instead, simply fell from my tree.

Landing ontop of a thick branch I was able to collect myself for a moment, forcing myself to calm down, as I face the burning reality infront of me. This, was what it meant to be a shinobi...


Clear Skies:
Mission name: Clear Skies. [CRIME]
Mission rank: A
Objective: Remove the Hidden Cloud military bases from the Land of Frost.
Location: Minor Countries → Land of Frost
Reward: 1,500(A) ryo
Mission Description: As a facet of the Fire Daimyō's desire to subjugate minor countries bordering the Fire Country, he has requested that Hidden Cloud's military presence in the neighboring minor country to the desired Land of Hotsprings, the Land of Frost, be diminished to aid the conquest.
Development References:
Mission Details: Remove the Kumogakure-aligned military outposts from the Land of Frost. Outposts are manned by varying numbers of B-Rank shinobi possessing all ranges of specializations, elements, and equipment up to B-Rank. This mission can be opposed by others taking its brother mission, 'Coming Storm'. Participants in either mission gain rewards from both missions when completed in opposition of one another.

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The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] D6ehE4O

Bitter winds ripped through the Frost Country, dipping down into the valley that once held the large compound but did no longer, and in its place was a deeper, ash and soot filled ravine. As Takao's distant eyes cast a long, slow, sweeping gaze across the destruction he had wrought, he remarked that the indifference he once felt for these egregious acts was not so impassive. Perhaps he was growing soft, 'empathetic' as some called it. His hand flexed, slowly opening then closing. Softness in times like this was weakness, and he would grant his enemies no such advantage. Shinobi were tools, weapons. He was a tool. A weapon.

Takao brought his left hand to his right's wrist, palm-down on the tightly wound wrappings that bound his scarred forearm. Chakra flooded by the fibers and brought forth the seal formulae hidden within, exposing the black tendrils of crude fūinjutsu scripture from hiding. From within the aether, a length of chain arrived in Takao's hand, coiled around his arm up to his bicep with plenty of excess resting on the ground, its weight fracturing the ground where it fell. Koemonbi was a dangerous weapon in the hands of a master, and while Takao couldn't yet boast such skill, his proficiency with the unorthodox weapon was nothing to scoff at. Following not far behind Koemonbi was his folded staff, the Khakkhara Twister, which he attached to the belt scabbard that held his Trick Knife sideways on his lower back.

His eyes were drawn then to the edge of the forest that remained; the branches facing the origin of the blast had been stripped of their needles and left bare and scorched, but not yet turned to ash. From those branches, a lone figure leapt and landed deep in the crater not far from him. A shinobi of the Hidden Cloud, perhaps, although upon closer inspection of the man, his countenance, posture, and clothing, shinobi did not seem such an adequate description. In his hand he held a long blade, perhaps as long as the Khakkhara Twister itself, and crimson irises attempted to bore deep into his cold black. Then, he approached.

Takao's chain-clad right hand rose just in time for the slash. The links rattled, creaked, and whined as the sharp edge collided, sending the force deep into Takao's arm. His legs tensed, knees bent just enough to root his stance prior to accepting the blow. His left hand, gripping the loose end of the chain, swept the links low for Daisuke's legs, aiming to bind the man's legs whilst Takao's digits curled around the blunt back edge of the ōdachi to lock it in place. If successful, Takao would lift his right leg and plant a firm, straight kick to Daisuke's chest.

"I don't feel dead." Takao quipped dryly in response, dull and cloudy eyes behind half-closed lids watching Daisuke closely.

Shifting sidelong, Takao stared at the newest arrival to the battlefield, Daremo, for longer than what might have been a good idea in the midst of combat. With furrowed brows, a tightly locked jaw, and widened eyes, he recalled the visage of the man, one of two individuals, with whom he had shared blows with at Inabayama. But, more importantly to him, he recalled the face of the man who struck Fuyuko.

The dull cloudiness in his eyes faded, and were replaced with a roaring flame of growing anger. It didn't leave his eyes and travel to the rest of his face, nor did it influence his actions. Yet.


605 | 2,130/4,050

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One Month Ago
Maikumaru’s fists moved quickly, as he punched the air around him. He pictured a dangerous opponent in front of him. A worthy adversary. His attacks on the imaginary enemy were strong and fierce. He winded up one more punch, before slamming it into the ground, causing a shockwave around him. He stood up and waved off the very slight pain on his knuckles.

Maikumaru enjoyed his day long break from overseeing the Militarization plans. He was advised by the council to gain more strength. It was a win win scenario for him either way. Though, his heart was fickle. When he was overseeing the construction and development of new weapons, his yearned to retreat to the day's he would relentlessly train. And on the days he fully committed himself to his training, his mind was plagued for battle strategy. Maikumaru looked over and saw a large boulder. He walked over to it, spreading his arm to embrace the rock. His arms grasped against it, as he hoisted up. What this Boulder lacked in sheer size, it made up in density, being extremely heavy. He walked around with it for a few seconds before jumping into the air and slamming it sideways to the ground. This is how he practiced his wrestling and powerful grapples. The Brawler reached down, and picked up the rock once more, this time in a press position. He tree the heap of rock into the air. Shortly after he jumped up with it, and grabbed it. With a single hand placed on the side facing upward, he forced his weight onto it, causing the rock to fall at a greater speed. It slammed into the ground and exploded into pieces, causing smaller rocks and pebbles to fly everywhere. He stood up, allowing all of the rocks to fall off his body. He'd have to get a new boulder.

It was time for Maikumaru to wrap up his training by practicing a Taijutsu. It was different from most of his techniques. It was a Jutsu he had to put his heart into. And his heart has to be filled with rage. After closing his eyes, he thought about the betrayal he received of Daremo. He thought about the threat of Hastur, and Tsuyo, the defiler of the Tsuchikage seat. And then he pounded his fists violently into the ground. The Earth felt his rage, and then raged along with him, shaking in equal fury. Eventually, Maikumaru stopped, and calmed himself. He knelt down, his hands clutching his knees. He rose up and took a deep breath. Just as he was about to practice another jutsu, he heard his title be called.
“Lord Nineteenth.”
The Earthbound Brawler turned around to find that his ANBU captain was standing their. “Hisashi. I hope this is important. You know how busy I get.”
“Excuse me, Lord Tsuchikage. But we have picked up some activity in Konoha. One of our spies has found Suutei Kimura.” Maikumaru’s eyes snapped towards Hisashi. Suutei, the former leader of the Monoliths. As far as the Tsuchikage knew, he was a Konoha Shinobi who ended up a Monolith for Iwagakure. He was on Maikumaru’s list, but after his disappearance, it was thought he either had made his untimely demise and was given an unmarked grave, or that he would have been smart enough to never show his face again. “Lord Tsuchikage, I advise that I myself should be-”
“No. I got this one. This is my fight. You just keep tabs on him. Send Yauto with you. His birds make him the best spy and tracker I have ever seen. I’m going to prepare.”
“And what of the construction?”
“The Jounin Council. They’ll handle that for now.”

Flying through the night sky over the forte, there was a small but prominent presence in the form of an owl. It saw that Leaf Shinobi were approaching. It made a sharp turn away from the fort, and flew in the opposing direction. its wings flapped quickly, as its speed was unmatched. It was in a hurry. The bird flew closer to the ground before finally reaching its destination. It flew into a shallow hole in the ground. Inside were three cloaked figures. One of them were significantly larger than the other two. Yauto removed his hood, revealing his Oni Mask. “What did you see?”

“The former Captain of the Monoliths is indeed here.” The two Oni Masked figures turned to their superior. “Lord Tsuchikage? What is your move?”

Maikumaru stood up and removed the hood from his head. “I’m going. Alone as planned. This is my duty alone.”

“But Lord Tsuchikage! We aren’t sure how powerful he has gotten.”

“Stay here. I will report back to you when I returned. And don’t underestimate me. I’m the Tsuchikage for a reason.” Maikumaru jumped out of the fox hole, and dashed into the direction of the Fort. His fists were clenched, and his feet smashed against the ground. He ripped his coat off his body. There was no reason for him to hide. He wanted the deserter to know who exactly was coming for him. He dashed through the rough terrain, his feet crashing against the ground. This was nothing compared to his long traversals through the mountains and the badlands that made up the Land of Earth. When he saw, over the horizon, a burning fort. The walls were set ablaze. Meaning Suutei had probably attacked. Maikumaru continued to speed across the woods. He stopped before the wall. He kneeled down, and launched himself upward into a high leap, scaling the wall. He started to lose momentum at the very top. There was screaming and confusion everywhere, all of it shrouded in flames. He scanned the area, before catching a glimpse of the target. Suutei. The Deserter. He jumped once more, off the walls and towards the Konoha Ninja. The small building that was next to Suutei would soon be shatter from the flames, and from the force of Maikumaru landing onto it. Debris went everywhere, the flames spread. And The Tsuchikage approached his enemy. He walked slowly, towering over the kneeling Suutei who clutched his knee. The Brawler cocked his head to the side. “So. We meet at last.”

1059 WC


The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] 1200px-Earth_symbol_A.svg

Ninja Ability:

Name:Earthbound Brawler  
Concept: Maik’s fighting style has evolved as he has gained experience, but one thing has always remained the same: take blows and keep on rolling. SLowing him down might be easy. Stopping him is a different story.  
Description: All physical damage Maik takes is decreased by -1 rank.

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It had been less than a week since Ibara had been taken under the wing of the skilled medical kunochi wed to the new raikage. Marici had a kind face, and was perhaps one of the few people Ibara would accept mentorship from in the whole village. However, in only a few days time only the most basic of concepts could be conveyed. “Trust your instincts” It wasn't bad advice, but it didn't really feel like essential information she could not live without. “Instinct” was all she had to go on for so long now that it was all she knew. When her weak memory had failed her instinct had saved her, the impulse to eat, drink, sleep. Paired with the ever helpful note of “be careful”, Ibara was not so sure that she was any more prepared for any official shinobi business than she had the week before when all she had to tend to was her dreary market stall. Now she was being summoned by a messenger in the night with nothing more than orders to “defend Kumogakure forces in the land of snow”. She was not more confident in her ability to swing a sword or fight hand to hand than she were the week before, but never was she truly unequipped as at a whim she could grow a thicket of vines, or a whole forest perhaps, just from her own chakra alone.

So Ibara had left, immediately after receiving the message. It seemed to be a retroactive one, it's hastily scrawled works portraying a sense of panic from the sender. Were it an emotion she were capable of, the nerves would get the best of her. Instead she was in a space between knowing how essential it might be to fight and kill in a situation and how odd it were that she were about to willingly put herself in such a position on her own free will rather than necessity. Either way, off she went, only slightly uncomfortable with the addition of the headband bearing the sigil of her village wrapped and tied around her torso just under her bust. Though she had been given them if used, she had neglected to bring the metal kunai and senbon and left them on the top of her dresser. Unarmed and unarmored, she would dart from branch to branch on the way to her assigned location in the stealthy manner befitting one of the title “shinobi”

It was a long run but not unbearably so, at least when moving at the speed shinobi were capable of, and it would bring her through a forest so dense the only way she could move was treetop to treetop. From the tightly-packed woodland the biome would shift dramatically. It would drop from a wall of tree's to a clearing devoid of the towering pines. Instead it was pockmarked with sloppily hacked trunks and ditches, barriers and palisade walls and a number of spikes protruding from the earth. Clearly the site of a battle, though Ibara had never seen what it ought to look like. Perched in one of the back most branches of the trees encircling the battleground, Ibara would look from her shadowed spot for any sign of movement or what it was she ought to be defending against. Ibara had no clue whatsoever as to what she was getting herself into, and that fear of the unknown would keep her rooted to the spot until she saw some sign to indicate what she ought to be doing.

595 WC

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N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame


As he tossed and turned in his bed, N'Jobu struggled to rest. His mind was aflame with flashbacks of the shot which robbed him of his eye. If only he had been faster or more alert, if only he had shot first, he would still have it. The hole in which his eye once lay was empty, a reminder of his failure on display at least for now. As the rays of the sun crept through his window, he begrudgingly woke from his failed attempts to sleep as he was greeted by his faithful companion, S'Yan.  

"Morning...Well almost afternoon at this point."

He rolled the sheet back from himself before watching his treasured mantis scurry about into the dark corners of the room, likely searching for a quick breakfast of any unfortunate insects which happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His own stomach began to growl as the hunger of the morning began to set in. Just as his companion, he headed to the kitchen to fix himself his own meal before preparing for his day. Before he could finish constructing his breakfast, he was interrupted by the faint rap tap tap upon the door his chambers within the Aburame compound. Aggravated by the interruption, N'Jobu summoned a few of his Kyōchichū to check the door and see just what the disturbance was about. He continued for a few moments finishing up the final touches on his meal before his insects returned to him carrying a scroll. As he ate, he commanded them to unfurl it so that he could read as he ate. "So Hokage-sama wishes to see me. I wonder what this could be about..." he pondered to himself as he ate his meal with a bit more haste so that he could make his way to the administration building to see just why he was being summoned.

He finished his breakfast and quickly began to gather himself, hastily dressing himself while checking over his gear which he normally always brough with him. A bow, arrows, and his new chakra blades were all he really needed to be effective in the field.  A simple load out made things considerably easier given his insects were his greatest weapon that were always with him regardless of the situation. A quick once over in the mirror before putting on the eye scope given to him by his friend Kisei. It helped supplement his vision, allowing him to gain an accurate range on objects in the distance, a task mask considerably more difficult without the use of his right eye. With everything ready to move, he called upon his companion who came skimpering out of the shadows before taking flight and taking his perch upon N'Jobu's shoulder.

"Time to go"

The duo quickly made their way out of the Aburame compound, vaulting over the walls and jumping onto the roof of the adjacent building to scamper his way towards the administration building. His inner traceur took hold as he ran with great haste, wasting not a step towards in his mission to find out just what was in store for him when he got there. In what seemed like moments, he was upon the entrance of the building as he lept from the rooftops down to the village floor and made his way inside. Moments after arriving, he was shuffled up to the Hokage's office to be "briefed", but for what for he was still unenlightened. As he entered the office, a few familiar faces stood stoic in the face of the Hokage with several other faces he had yet be introduced to. "Ahh Mikumi is here, its been some time. She's still lovely as ever I see. Looks as though Yoshiro and Kisei are here as well...". It became abundantly clear that this was no ordinary meeting, with the Hokage insinuating a full on assault on several outposts belonging to Kumagakure. He heard his name briefly mentioned as a part of the rear assault, tasked with taking out the outpost within the Kitakaze Woods under the command of a shinobi by the name of Suutei. He had never met him before but he clearly must have been of great skill to be asked to lead up a force for this mission. The briefing concluded soon after as the teams assigned to the outposts quickly gathered to discuss their strategies for a moment.

“You three should make proper preparations, before we head out. I trust that you all can handle yourself accordingly," Suutei would say before letting N'Jobu, Kisei, and a new comrade he had never met before in Xion. Without much else Suutei let them know the location of the rendezvous point before leaving them to prepare for the menacing mission to come. With everything he needed already packed and ready to move, he went over to the ramen shop to grab a bite to eat and burn some time before he needed to meet with his squad.

As the hours passed, N'Jobu pondered about the mission as he went over various scenarios and battle plans in his mind. He had already lost a part of himself once due to his carelessness. He swore to that he would never make the same mistake again, he could not afford to lose yet another precious eye. Ensuring he would not be late, he made his way to the rendezvous point deep in the Kitakaze Woods approximately 300m for their target objective. He moved from branch to branch among the dense canopy of the forest, each bounce quicker and more focused than the last. Right on schedule, the remainder of his team had arrived and awaited word from Suutei as to the gameplan for taking the outpost. With no hesitation in his voice, he gave them all a quick briefing of what they would need to do emphasizing the need to watch each others backs to ensure that everyone made it back to Konoha in one piece. With his speech out of the way, Suutei took a leap forward onto what would become a battlefield as he launched a flame deep into the encampment setting it ablaze with flames. Following the eruptive lead of Suutei, he made his was down onto the ground while making use of the chaos introduced by Suutei to find a way to infiltrate the encampment. The screams of pain and agony rang through the air as he waited patiently for any stragglers not engulfed by the flames to rush out to be picked off. One such fool made such a critical mistake, making their way through the gates like wounded prey ready to be slaughter. N'Jobu quickly knocked an arrow in his sling and took aim, letting lose his trusty arrow which flew true to its target striking his prey through the neck ensuring it would not escape his midsts. They fell to the ground gasping for air and clutching their neck as the life was stripped from their body, succumbing to death's grasp. He was a hunter once more, hunting the most deadly of game.

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The Morning of.

"Good Morning 9-20." A quiet gravel like voice would make itself known from above a genin deeply sleeping in his quarters. His body was almost completely obscured by a heavy, black mantle save for his head. The hairless charcoal skinned head craned over Atsushi's face. A mask resembling the upper half of a skull covered the top half of his face mere inches away from the genin's face as he stood over Atsushi's unconscious body.

"Oh-Nine-Twenty-Seventy-Nine," The figure would snap straight up like a piece of bent wood springing back into its natural shape. As it tilted its head to the side and a pitch black limb would emerge from the the cloak moving through it as if it were some as intangible as smoke. The five prehensile digits at the end of the limb would snap into the seal of confrontation, and a ghastly smile would split his face as a seal appeared around Atsushi's neck, wrists, and ankles.

Atsushi's eyes would snap open in panic and his hand would start to reach for the spear at his bedside, but he would be interrupted by a shift in the seals. They would quickly go red, then orange, and then white hot causing Atsushi's mouth to open into a scream, but no sound would emerge as the charcoal limb would grasp onto the young ninja's neck.

A pitch black maw would pucker. "Shh 9-20. It's still early: We wouldn't want to wake anyone, would we?" Atsushi's would panickedly scratch and claw at the arm clasping down on his neck, slowly lifting Atsushi up lifting him off of the bed he would place his lips beside of the genin's ear so he could be heard clearly. He would begin whispering into Atsushi's ears and the genin would start shaking his head pleadingly as tears would stream down his face.

The figure would shift away from Atsushi, his grip slowly loosening as Atsushi's face went neutral and emotionless. The seals on his neck wouldn't stop glowing, but the searing white would be reduced to a smoldering red, and as the hand would finally release Atsushi a second limb would emerge from the ethereal shroud placing a string of seals in Atsuhi's left hand. The figure that towered over the genin would pull a third limb from the depths of his mantle placing a cloak and a mask in his other hand. There'd be a knock on the door asking Atsushi if he was still here.

Atsushi would turn to face the door, before speaking a little more coldly than normal. "I'm simply preparing for my patrol." When he turned back the figure would be gone.

10 Minutes Before the Arrival of the Konoha Teams

A figure with an empty anbu mask and a dense black cloak of rippling fabric would appear at the base of the communications tower that was closest to the border of Land of Hotsprings. This tower that stood above the temperate forest around it was to report any strange movements coming from the neighboring country. Because of all the recent peace, it was viewed as a relatively cushy job by most of the soldiers in the Land of Frost. It was relatively common knowledge for those who were stationed here that the non-ninja here took regular smoke breaks.

The masked figure appeared during one of these smoke breaks from the direction of Lake Sukuna, almost exactly ten minutes before the arrival of the leaf. He'd spread his hands apart revealing a long string of seals would stretch from a shuriken in his right hand to the depths of his left sleeve. The figure would throw the shuriken as it would wrap around the massive overlooking tower. One of the guards on his smoke would happen to peer down at the same time the string had snaked to the top of the tower. He would have less than a second to observe the figure as his hand made the seal of confrontation, and the guards eyes went wide with fear all too late.


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Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju


Mikumi Senju

"The life of a shinobi is difficult, A synergy between duty and loyalty is of grave importance."
-Mikumi Senju-"

The cool air of the administration room drifted about creating a chill, the only source of warmth being that of the warm cascading sunlight from the window behind bursting into the room giving natural light. Mikumi stood to the side of Lord hokage's desk towards the left along with a fellow shinobi of the name of Suutei, her eyes somewhat baggy as she hadn't gotten enough sleep from the night before and being in the cold whilst the sun shone on her back made her highly irritable. She stood their silently with her left hand placed gently upon the blade of left hip while her other arm hung loosely at her side, as Lord hokage explained the details of the mission that had already been relayed to her prior she couldn't help but doze off at the explanation, she really didn't want to get up from the comfort of her home but when it came to the Daimyo calling the shots their was just no helping it unless you wanted to be considered a rogue shinobi but this time more than others it seemed the task at hand would be and utter pain in her ass.

She didn't know all the details of the political affair but it seemed Kumogakure forces took occupancy in the land of frost in multiple outposts and the Daimyo wanted them "removed", yet the complexity of the mission wasn't just taking the outposts but the landscape and geography of each location, her positioning being on the Genyo River that consisted of multiple waterfalls all feeding into a large body of water down below, it seemed the outposts she would be in charge of handling were inside the caves behind the waterfall which granted the opposing forces a tactical geography advantage. Herself was assigned to be the leader of a small force similar to Suutei but the situation was that most of her squad consisted of genin with few chunin in the mix, Mikumi's teeth grinded silently as her mood soured further at the though of having to employ such shinobi and lead them into what would be right into the enemy territory, she didn't know what Lord hokage was thinking but she knew that with the Daimyo in play his hands must have been rather tied.

Once Lord hokage finished the explanation everyone went their separate ways to prepare for what was seemingly war. Mikumi returned home with out speaking to the others, she prepared two separate scrolls with one consisting of large windmill shuriken while the other sealed her scythe, she tighten  the red wraps around her arms and then proceeded too slip on a coat with the symbol of Konoha's sword priest position with the words written under it reading "Captain", usually she fought with her scythe but this time she would be displaying her talent with two blades of fine quality strapped to her left hip. Before she left to go to war she took a moment to walk to the far side of her home where a shrine had been made, she slid the door open to reveal the only picture of her father. "Father if you can hear me.." Mikumi whispered to herself as she bent down sitting on top of her legs, "Please give me the strength and wisdom to lead these shinobi into battle and come back alive..."

Time had passed, before Mikumi had known it she had transverse the greenery of the land of fire and had passed onto the snowy landscape of the land of frost, the cold air and snow flakes traveling through the open spots of her coat only to be melted by the heat her body was radiating as her and her squad made their way to Genyo River, Mikumi didn't take the usual route but instead took a longer trip around Genyo River that lead her squad on top of the large rapids, as her squad seemingly scatted to take action against the outposts Mikumi bent down feeling the rock underneath while closing her eyes, with her acute sense of touch and coursing a small amount of her chakra through the ground she could feel the vibration underneath the earth while sensing the hollowness of the cave below.

She opened her eyes as she slid back onto her feet, she casted one handseal causing a shadow clone to appear before it turned its body towards the continuous stream of waters horizontally as their mouth slightly curled into a smile as she deduced the general direction the few of the caves were lined up in. Her clone began weaving the Ox, Rat and Boar hand signs with her right hand before her chakra began to gather around the palm of her right open hand as she slowly closed it into a fist, with a swift motion she punched the ground causing tremors to start at the top of the waterfall as she sent her chakra like a wild pulse through the earth, the ground below began to crack as the tectonic plates of the rapids below began to shift and split the ground horizontally up to twenty five meters, for those in the outposts up to twenty five meters would find the earth around them shaking before the loose earth that had been disturbed by the Senju leader began to fall upon them seemingly causing any outpost in her range to have a cave in as the rock above their heads began to fall and crush any of the few too slow to escape.

Meanwhile the real Mikumi turned her gaze towards another outpost outside the range of her clone's technique, without warning Mikumi began to run towards the edge of the rapids before leaping off with a back flip into the air, naturally she began to fall but once she had descended far enough and was directly in front of a waterfall she would weave quick hand signs of her own that caused the immense moisture in the air because of the geography to solidify creating a solid disk plate of water for her to leap off of mid-air, her body contorting as she pumped her leg muscles before jumping off the disk figure pushing off it that caused her to fly towards the waterfall at 100 meters a second before breaking through and into the cave. Once she was inside, she saw two guards that were immediately alerted of her presence but before they could react and notify the others of the breach Mikumi unsheathed her two blades swinging them both diagonally cutting the throats of the guards in a near instant before she slid onto the cave ground before eventually stopping, it wasn't until she sheathed her blade did the guards throats splatter blood around the cave walls before dropping to the ground.


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The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] Cropped-56293058_p0

A string of successful missions both official and unofficial awarded the heir a respected place within Kumogakure’s military ranks. Though he was still technically a genin, he had been sent on numerous missions only usually assigned to those of higher ranks and had managed to fully accomplish his duties on all occasions, much to the surprise of many. He was a shinobi on the rise, in fact, there was a whole group of them, four notable young ninjas that were hand selected and stationed at Kumogakure’s outpost within the Land of Frost. It was a task that filled him with tremendous honor, guarding the southern border and making sure his home was well protected. He hadn't yet found the time to meet the other two, but their team leader and his partner was someone he had grown a fond friendship with. Aikiko Uchiha. Their friendship was a strange one, first meeting when the girl had attacked him out of the blue and forced a giant shuriken in his chest. As fate would have it, now she was one of the select few people that he had learned to respect… and care for. While he couldn't deny the small tinge of jealousy out of the fact that he wasn't selected as team leader, he could at least take comfort in knowing that they had a more than capable leader in Aikiko. As days would pass, it would become apparent that his earlier excitement was misplaced. Days in the outpost would all blend together. Yesterday just a copy of the day previous. Though he took pride in his duties, he wished to do more than just go out on patrol and watch for the intruders that seemed to never come. The young man craved action, he wanted each of his efforts to go into missions that truly impacted the betterment of Kumogakure.

Unlucky for him, he would have to remain in the outpost until further instructions were received ordering otherwise. It didn't help that he and his fellow shinobi were spared of a purpose to guard the border. If he had been told that an attack from one of the other four great nations was imminent, then he would have stood vigilant day in and day out protecting the border, yet all reason had been kept from them. That of course didn't mean that he was oblivious. The heir had a mind of his own and thus suspected something more that just a minor country requesting aid. He had been in a self imposed mission to catch himself up on the recent political events that had shaken up the world in his time of absence. Hastur, though now a thing of the past, had successfully managed to ruin all relations with every other country. A true tyrant indeed. There were many that he suspected to oppose the Hidden Cloud and strike at any moment. At the top of his list was Kirigakure no Sato. An enemy to the south, though in technicality everyone was an enemy to the south aside from Iwagakure which was to their west. Evening had drawn closer, and the time had come for the next wave of patrols to be in their way. Kyousuke prepared himself for a night out, dressing himself to the usual armor lined clothing he wore. As he buttoned each hole in his shirt, the boy stood in front the window of his private quarters. Unlike the others that were designed only with the interiors of the craggy caves, he had been luck. The room he had been given was somewhat modernized, with a window that provided an view of the main outpost far away. He looked out to the darkness, thoughts wandering elsewhere for the few peaceful moments he was given. The sight of snowflakes slowly descending below made for a beautiful view, one last calm before the storm that brought about hell.

A sudden blast erupted from the main building, though without warning a similar explosion would occur within their base shaking the very foundations of the the cave hideout they occupied. The earth quaked, prompting the heir to hold himself against a wall to maintain his balance. The force of the impact shattered the glass pane of his windows. Cold and howling winds rushed inside his room, flooding all of his belonging to the floor. Immediately voices of panic filled the outside of his doors, people screamed for help and cried in anguish. He pressed his head to peak at the outside of his now open window, left hand guiding his eyes. He could make out smoke coming from the main building not so far away and remnants of fire burning parts of the cave. His eyes widened. It couldn't be… an attack against Kumogakure troops? His brows furrowed, urging himself to wear his combat gear faster. His personal room was much closer to the impact than any other genin’s, yet almost instantly he began to worry about the Uchiha girl that he could only hope would have been at a safer distance. Twin blades at the ready, armor worn, and a black coat worn over his shoulders he bolted towards the door, each movement precise as to not waste a single second. The first stop was Aikiko's private quarters, he needed to make sure his partner was unharmed, before then nothing else would matter. As his gloved hands stretched out for the door knob, the wooden door burst open, nearly hitting him on the face had it not been for his honed reaction time, he would have blurted out a curse were it not for the figure immediately speaking. The girl's voice was one he would recognize anywhere, it was Aikiko, barking orders at him that would exit his ears as they entered. Whatever words she intended to say were interrupted by the heir, he shut her up with a hug and stayed silent for a few moments. Afterwards there was nothing more to ask. Whoever it was that aimed to take the lives of his people would be ended rightly by his blade. “Guide the way, team leader.” He urged, golden eyes now determined and focused on one thing and one thing alone. Protect the outpost at all costs.



Mission name: Coming Storm.
Mission rank: D-S.
Objective: Defend the Hidden Cloud military bases from attack.
Location: Minor Countries → Land of Frost
Reward: Varies + 1EP
Mission Description: Several military bases in the neighboring minor country, the Land of Frost, are being attacked. Defend them.
Development References:
Mission Details: Defend the military outposts from the Land of Frost. Opposition is determined by whoever takes its brother mission, 'Clear Skies'. Participants in either mission gain rewards from both missions when completed in opposition of one another.


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Of course I wasn’t looking forward to this.

The rest of the detachment was aft, and paving the way for a jōnin was something beyond my ken - I wasn’t even officially a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf, I only aligned with their goals in this instance. And he’d have me prove my goodwill by fighting for them….

Discomfort was the source of all progress, as they said, eh?

Combat in such a direct manner was not my area of expertise, yet there were things only I could do. Things that the others could rely on to execute this mission to its highest potential.

The woods gave way only after a trek of several hours. Having long since scouted ahead, my own unique abilities granting me some measure of cover despite no actual cloaking being present. The ability to sense others far ahead of myself without anyone being the wiser to my status as anything but a civilian was crucial to my survival here. I knew full well, as the trees passed me, those interspersed mottlings of light gracing and deserting me all too quickly, yet the half-overcast sky was more welcome. It boded my proximity to the operation site, and I couldn’t be happier. The more quickly it could all be done with, the better. I had promises to keep, and dallying for too long could result in a casualty that I was not prepared to face.

Ninja killed. I am not a ninja.

The ‘enemy’, as the briefing had disclosed, were behind a waterfall. The confines of these coves were well-known to anyone who’d studied the geography of the more mountainous lands in proximity to the Water Country. Having extended my senses, I knew which to approach without being seen myself. Being one with little chakra to mould, I flew under the sensors’ radar - not that I could blame them. Days on end of keeping watch? There was no doubt that a loss of acuity could result. Darting behind boulders and beneath the line-of-sight cover from the hills, I could forego the path in favor of my own way. It was curious, watching myself from the third person, yet oddly fulfilling with the thought that I could know exactly what they would know, see what they could see.
And then they knew nothing. My senses could press further into the waterfall’s cove with my approach, and with a mere thought, a gentle yet absolute command to ‘sleep’, those who staffed this lookout were fast into dreams. Some slumped to their knees, others let their heads hang as they stood. Regardless, there was no waking them as long as I was around to keep them subdued. This subset of the outpost was mine, and the remainder of my squad could take the rest without worry.

So I thought, anyhow.



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Ma'el Strom

Ma'el Strom

The travel to the outpost Ma'el had been stationed to was relatively relaxing. Not much beyond normal animals near the paths, so it made plenty of time for reading as he went. Another manual detailing out many niche uses for chakra, as learning as many of them as possible would serve him well when trying to design new applications of jutsu. The day went by quickly as Ma'el read, staying inside the warmth of the cart for the trip. Upon arriving the fortification, the hustle and bustle of nearby soldiers made it clear they were expecting something to be coming this way.

Interesting. They move so quickly for ants.

Shaking his head and dropping the blanket from his shoulders, Ma'el marked his place by bending the corner of the page ever so slightly. Just enough left to finish reading the last chapter if he got through his orders quickly. He was supposed to perform routine patrols of the area, and keep a general watch for keeping soldiers moving. As the redheaded mop of a man approached, the guards stared for a moment, before relaxing upon recognizing his headband. Ma'el headed inside and explored the route for his patrol.

I'm checking on the general quarters, the med outpatients, and... the latrines.

The Quarters are fairly standard, with many of them sleeping in shifts to keep round the clock coverage. No real messes, and relatively quick paths through the swathes of men weary from their duties. Soldiers didn't usually compare to shinobi, but in these times you'll take whatever hand you can get.

The medical bay outpatients looked fine, with a couple of people sick, and a few minor injury cases.
One was quarantined off, presumably to stop the spread of disease. Ma'el soon moving through to find the latrines and take a leak. As he approached the bathroom he found was quiet, as if even he soldiers dare not break the solemn silence of the solitude. The  gray metal door was slightly stuck, and made it require a little push to open. With a loud creak, the door made it's way ajar and a thick plume of stench began to escape. As foul as the rotten fumes of bile and feces would be, nothing seemed to be as rotten as this bathroom. Ma'el plunged forward and began calling out to brace himself for the person inside.

"Hey! Anyone in here? God this room stinks!"

Almost immediately a loud squeal and splashing met his question. The door fell back into place with a loud clang. Ma'el pressed in to find the vomiting man happened to be more than just a little green, barely with enough time to breathe before emptying his stomach once again.

The other two stalls look empty at least. If only this guy hadn't caught something with a scent of death. The room is clear, at least.

After reeling back into the open hall, Ma'el turned and bolted forward before taking a breath, leading through another hall before he came across a door left slightly open. He quickly opened the door and headed inside, pausing only after he had closed the door behind him. The room seemed to bear the stock of an office, and with quite a nice desk to boot. Ma'el slowly moved into the swiveling chair, propping up his feet before opening his book once again.

Mission name: Coming Storm.
Mission rank: D-S.
Objective: Defend the Hidden Cloud military bases from attack.
Location: Minor Countries → Land of Frost
Reward: Varies + 1EP
Mission Description: Several military bases in the neighboring minor country, the Land of Frost, are being attacked. Defend them.
Development References:
Mission Details: Defend the military outposts from the Land of Frost. Opposition is determined by whoever takes its brother mission, 'Clear Skies'. Participants in either mission gain rewards from both missions when completed in opposition of one another.

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The cold air that enveloped Daisuke failed to affect him. Although he only had one layer on, he did not waver. His calm and determined demeanor didn’t falter, and his body remained still as if shivering was a myth. It was as if the man’s spirit warmed him from the inside out. As Daisuke stood there, staring and speaking to the attacker, he felt Daremo’s presence near him. Daremo was the man that Daisuke fought for now, as well as a man that he can speak to as an equal. Unlike the man that stood before him, Daisuke was not a pawn. As he knew the Daremo was watching, he felt invincible. As of right now, the samurai was an unstoppable force who was going to put an end to his opponent.

As Daisuke dashed towards his opponent and threw out a right-angled slash towards his neck, Daisuke realized how much of a thug the Hokage truly was. A chain wrapped forearm shot up to meet Daisuke’s blade, with the clash of metal ringing far beyond the crater they were standing in. As an experienced fighter, Daisuke should have seen something as basic as that coming, and yet his attack failed to hit anyway.  The sword grasped in Daisuke’s palms was quickly pulled back as a response to the block. The large man was prepared to try to strike once more, although his opponent had different plans. The slack of the chain was thrown at Daisuke’s legs, restraining them where they stood. Daisuke’s hatred for these unorthodox weapons grew larger as this fight began. Daisuke knew that he was not on the offense anymore, as the Hokage stopped him in his tracks.

When Takao lifted his leg, Daisuke would turn the sword so its point was aimed at the ground, bringing his left hand from the hilt to the flat edge of the blade. Daisuke would make sure that the kick hit the blade, preventing and damage to his body. While his body was protected, the sheer force of the kick was enough for Daisuke’s body to be forced back. With his legs restrained by Koemonbi, the large man would crash into the soot ridden ground. The samurai’s right hand would tighten around the hilt of Head-Fletching Shadow as he lifted the sword, swinging the sword at Takao once more. The sword was well out of range to hit the man, as it would appear that the attack was one of desperation. However, As the slash swung forward, chakra inside the blade would rush out, quickly forming into a sharp, horizontal gust of wind aimed directly at Takao’s chest. If this attack failed to hit and the chains remained around his legs, Daisuke was truly at his opponent’s mercy.

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If circumstances were different, Daremo had no doubt in his mind the surrounding area would have been beautiful. The snow covering as far as the eye could see, weighing heavy on flora that called the area home. Wildlife might have been plentiful in the area; the animals enjoying the peace afforded to them by nature. Alas, that was not the case, the surrounding area was nothing more than a shadow of its former self. The ground had been charred by the flames of destruction. The lives of both human and wildlife snuffed out without a second thought by the one who commanded such mastery of the destruction. It was beautiful, and, if things were different, he might have congratulated the one who caused such a scar on mother nature. Alas, he was not here for such trivial things. He had a job to do, unfortunately.

Fading sparks of life called out to his limited sensory range, yet, they were ignored by him in favor in focusing on the Hokage; the one who initiated this assault. Konoha, it seemed like the place which took him in has changed a lot since his departure. Or, maybe, nothing about the cesspool had truly changed? Those in power were still in the belief that their way was the right way, and anyone who goes against it was deemed evil. Such an egotistical mindset those in Konoha have. No wonder their best Hokage, Sousetsu, vanquished. He would have honestly did the same than deal with a village so full of themselves. The village needed to be knocked down a couple of pegs, at least, in his opinion. But the question is, would he do it? Not unless ordered to by the Daimyo. Otherwise, he had no intention in attacking the leaf . . . for now.

Hand resting on the hilt of Gariantō, flexing every so often as his gaze remained on the one who stood across from him. He noted the tightening of the Hokage’s jaw, and widening of eyes as their gaze met. The sudden fury that burned within the Hokage’s eyes made Daremo wonder have their paths crossed before? Or was the man simply hot-headed, just like a lot of genins were? He would not think on the matter, instead, watched the actions before he unfold.

Foolish was the word that came to mind in seeing Daisuke’s linear attack that was blocked by the Hokage. The following of events showed Daremo just how unfitting the man was of his rank as he was restrained by the clearly experienced Hokage. This was the moment he should have stepped in to help the fellow Kumo-nin, but he did not. The man put himself in this situation, it was up to him to get himself out of it. People do not learn anything by being helped whenever they are in trouble. They don’t learn how to overcome when they are in a bind, and someone helps them out of it. It was not to say he wasn’t going to help the man, but, only when he is near death would Daremo intervene. For now, he simply watched as Daisuke desperately fired a gust of wind at Takao’s chest, as Gariantō was unsheathed and rest comfortably in his right hand.


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The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] D6ehE4O

What a foul creature he was. He stood there, doing nothing, merely watching with rat-like eyes. Takao's gaze trailed between Daremo and Daisuke, narrowing at the latter. This man, a foolish, misplaced Samurai, stood as a nuisance between him and what he wanted. Fuyuko had kept him from his revenge at Inabayama, but now no such thing held him back, and Daremo would learn his wrath. Firstly, however, he had the samurai to deal with.

The sole of his boot slammed into the flat of Daisuke's blade, and the chains that coiled around his legs acted as the needed leverage to strip him of balance. The samurai made a last-ditch swing of his sword but Takao wouldn't be so easily fooled by such a telegraphed attempt. Too many blades held secrets hidden within, even his own weapons boasted similar tricks, and he could think of no other reason for such a blatant out-of-measure swing. Takao pulled the chain's slack into his right hand as he ducked, swinging the weight in an arc aimed for Daisuke's arm. Evading the swing purely on the merit that he believed something more to be coming behind it allowed Takao the opportunity to make an attempt to bind Daisuke's arm. It was so courteous of Daremo to allow him the opportunity to mutilate one of his shinobi.

If successful, it was time to remove the Samurai from the fight, and focus on the new arrival, the one who lit the fires of ire within him into a blazing inferno. The slack of the chains would tighten, putting his arm in a vice halfway up his bicep, and the links would begin to heat. He'd pull tighter and the links grew hotter. Soon their black steel would be glowing red, and the tension would be so strenuous that, if the initial success of wrapping them around the arm hadn't been prevented and no other measures were taken, it would slice through the flesh and bone of his arm, cauterizing it along the way.

In this particular endeavour, if Takao found any measure of success and even if he didn't, Koemonbi's slack would lose its heat and he'd attempt to wrap it around the Samurai's neck. With ease, he would have no issue using the chains like a sling, and firing Daisuke himself at Daremo with all the force he could muster.

Afterward, he would slowly wrap Koemonbi around his arm, covering it in a thick coating of linked chains, cold black eyes never once straying from Daremo.

"You..." He didn't know Daremo's face well enough to place his name, but he knew them both independent of one another.

"You are one dumb motherfucker." Takao started to pace, keeping the same amount of distance between himself and the Cloud shinobi. The weight of Koemonbi dragged behind him, parting the thick soot collecting on the ground.

"The only thing that held me back in Inabayama was Fuyuko, and you attacked her." Each breath he took left plumes of grey smoke evacuating his nostrils, not his breath but proper smoke from the fires that literally burnt within him. His anger was palpable in the air, and his eyes had flames of rage building within their cold black hues.

"Now I've got nothing holding me back."


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The skirmish was over. The odds of the shinobi of Kumogakure would be able to come out on top of this fight was slim to none. The military minds behind Konoha’s assault had made a well thought out move in attacking the Land of Frost without any warning. The men and women who led the charge, particularly the man currently facing off against Daisuke, certainly was intriguing, and would be someone who needs to prepare for in the future. Though, if he was being honest with himself, the only one who interest him was Hokage. The fiery Kage who looked at him with nothing but pure hatred.

There was no doubt the man was powerful. There was this nearly palpable energy in the air that made his hair stand on in, but rather the man was as strong as the others who Daremo been in the presence of, was yet to be determined. He can respect those with power, even those who similarly like an unstable bomb, like the vibe he got from the Hokage. Hence why, he did not bother in taking his eyes away from Takao, even after he removed the limb of Daisuke. It would be foolish to look elsewhere when there was a strong opponent in front of him.

As the Hokage advanced towards him, Daremo took the necessary steps back. There was no point in allowing the Kage to get close to him. It was out of courtesy that he listened to the man’s words. The course language not getting a raise out of him. Through the words, his memory was jogged in where he had fought the man before. The Siege of Inabayama. This Fuyuko must have been someone important to the man, or, he was just using them as an excuse, for him to show such aggression to him. No matter though, he cared not who he hurt doing the Siege, for a battlefield was made for those who were ready to spill blood or get their own blood spilt.

No words came out of Daremo’s mouth, only the build up of chakra. He did not have time to entertain the Hokage. The Land of Frost was lost. The Daimyo would be less please, though, it just means their agenda needed to be pushed ahead. Hands signs would be made as the chakra was expel, Daremo executing a body flicker, leaving Daisuke to his own devices, and to issue a retreat of the Kumo forces. They have lost the skirmish, but, this surely would not be the last time the two countries clashed.

Exit Mission

-10 chakra for body flicker

3567 out of 3477

Mission name: Coming Storm.
Mission rank: S
Objective: Defend the Hidden Cloud military bases from attack.
Location: Minor Countries → Land of Frost
Reward: 5000 + 2EP
Mission Description: Several military bases in the neighboring minor country, the Land of Frost, are being attacked. Defend them.
Development References:
Mission Details: Defend the military outposts from the Land of Frost. Opposition is determined by whoever takes its brother mission, 'Clear Skies'. Participants in either mission gain rewards from both missions when completed in opposition of one another.

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The Coming Storm. [Land of Frost] D6ehE4O

In a flash, Daremo was gone, fleeing from retribution so eagerly. He hadn't uttered a word, not unlike when he attacked Fuyuko, and merely stood as he watched whomever his alleged ally truly was be maimed. He didn't care about that man, didn't care enough to finish him off or pay him a second glance after his husk was tossed aside.

"Coward," Smoke billowed from his lungs, drawling out from behind tightly clenched teeth. His jaw tensed and the tendons in his neck built violent canyons down his throat. The very air around him began to warm until the fluttering pieces of ash that rained from the clouded skies above were lit into bright cinders. His breaths were ragged, punctuated by deep, dark, animalistic growls that built in his chest and rumbled in his throat.

His hands curled into tight fists and the leather of his gloves creaked and cracked under the tension. More smoke fell from the corners of his mouth, seeping between the smallest gaps of his teeth and his nostrils. Stormy pools of midnight black were no longer cold, but when the light that shone through looming clouds hit in his face, their hues burst into flame. Red and orange hues, shimmering like flame, watched Daremo's back as he ran, tail tucked between his legs, gathering his broken forces.

"You fucki̶̡̤̔̔n̸̘͂g̸̮̰̎̑͜ ̴͖̆̑̎C̸̙͔̜͊O̴̖͙̿W̷̡̢̨͈͈̫̔̈́̏͜͝A̷̻̿A̷̢͉̲͙͉̣̅Ä̶̧̠̱͔͚̜̖͇͙̯̣̱͈̤́̑͌͜Å̵͙͎̱̮Ą̶̧̪̖͇̟͇̗̟̬̗̪͖̼̹͔̀̒͋͒̚Ȃ̷̰͔͓̼̻̯͇͆R̶̛̩̱͔̪̱̤̉͊͆́͜͠ͅD̶̨̨͙͓͎͓̯̳̣̈́̃̃̍̑̆̅̚!̵̩̫͈̤͖̫̾̿̄

His fiery roar boomed like an explosion heard for miles, screamed amidst a gargantuan pillar of fire that rocketed from his gullet into the air, raining wisps of volatile flame that set the remnants of fluttering ash alight. It mushroomed out at the top and set the remnants of the Land of Frost's nearby forests aflame, quickly building into a roaring inferno. From his tongue dripped saliva that his Kimura blood refused to allow evaporate, and instead raised its temperature until it shimmered like molten gold.

Overhead, the clouds that had parted to make way for Takao's rage-filled discharge of flame had gathered once more, this time dark, bright flashes of lightning punctuated by thunderous booms. His flames had changed the nearby pressure systems and wrought a terrible storm upon the razed Land of Frost, yet the heavy droplets did precious little to extinguish his flames.

His entire body shook and trembled, powerful tremours born of sheer, unadulterated rage. His jaw clenched shut again and his teeth ground against one another. He had attacked Fuyuko. He had hurt Fuyuko. He had scarred her. His thoughts were like gasoline. He poured more and more onto the flames of his anger and only worsened his rage-drunk consciousness.

He'd rip Daremo to shreds. He'd pull his limbs off one by one, rip his bones out from his flesh, leave him in a pile of gore and burn him until even the ash was gone-- and he wouldn't wait to do it.

Takao took a heavy step forward, his boots smashing into the earth hard enough to fracture it beneath the layers of drenched soot. He took another, then another, until he'd broken into a jog, then a run, then a sprint.

He'd follow Daremo, chase him until he found him, even if he had to raze the village he hid behind to root him out. He didn't care.

He'd have his revenge.



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