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Mission name: Overzealous Patriots
Mission rank: C
Objective: Find the organization that is kidnapping associates of the hokage
Location: Konohagakure
Reward: 1EP
Mission Description:
Recently, a rogue group dedicated to keeping Konoha "pure" has been kidnapping people that work in the kage's office. They torture people that have questionable backgrounds and kill those they find unworthy. Only those with deep konoha roots are spared. Of course, these actions are not sanctioned by the village and is comprised of a small group of about ten fanatics. This mission is to discover the location of their headquarters.
Development References: Link Hina gets kidnapped and is vigorously tested by a man who keeps tabs on who works directly with the hokage. She is only released when he finds out she has Senju blood.
Mission Details: The headquarters will have two shinobi guarding it that have B rank stats. They will attempt to knock you out and kidnap you if they see you snooping around.

Approved here:

Rumor had it people had been getting kidnapped and released with no memory of what had happened. So, a mission was put out to do some investigation and find out whether the rumors were true and if so, they would be tasked with finding out where these creeps lived. Their only lead was that the people targeted happened to be involved in administrative offices. Hina had been one such victim, although she had gotten out of it scott free after being told that she had senju blood in her. This had turned out to be false, which meant that whoever was doing this really had no idea what they were doing. Had Hina been able to remember, she would have recalled how much they had tortured her in order to dig into what her lineage was. She would have died if they had found out that she was really a Raiu which was a clan that hailed from Kumo.

Hina was more than motivated to take part in this mission and would be all on her own and was going to do her own search. There were multiple groups doing searches, but they had their own mission and objectives. Hina’s was probably the mildest of the missions. Just find out where these sickos hung out at. Finding their hideout was the first step in truly bringing them down. To start things off, Hina had met up with a new employee at the missions office and was going to use her as bait. Hina had been kidnapped in the first couple of days after she started, so this was going to be a pretty reliable method of luring the criminals. Hina’s plan was to watch her from a distance all day and then follow them after the fact. All she had to do was not mess up too badly and things might turn out right.

Hina hung around the missions office casually and inauspiciously throughout the day and kept an eye on her “bait.” Nothing happened and she felt like her day had been wasted. She really should have come by after the work day was over since it was pretty improbable that this lady was going to get kidnapped in the middle of the day in front of a ton of witnesses. Hina took to the roofs and watched the woman leave work and hopped from building to building, trying to keep a low profile. There were plenty of shinobi that liked to travel on the roofs who gave Hina odd looks, but it wasn’t like she was the first person to ever take to spying from the rooftops.

Hina yawned as the woman went from shop to shop, doing her typical after work shopping. She visited everything from arcades to restaurants and made Hina wonder how she was affording this kind of lifestyle. Hina looked into the sky and realized there were so many hours left in the day. She was going to blow her brains out if this kidnapping didn’t happen soon. Wait, was she really hoping that this woman was going to get kidnapped?

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I had to find out what was going on. It wasn't enough that I had seen this symbol on kidnapping sum in Kiri, now I was seeing it in the Land of Fire too. As much as I wanted to get to Sunagakure quickly, I knew I couldn't let a lead like this go without doing my due diligence. And I wasn't exactly in any major hurry, I still had a bit of time left before I was due to do another mission in Kirigakure. So I decided that I would follow up on the woman and her contact that I had run into while on the mission with Yukino. Luckily, I was using my Armadillo Sensory Jutsu when I had originally found her, so I was able to commit her scent to memory. Unfortunately, I was much too late to get a good look at her contact, but I had followed the woman, whose name I still didn't know, for the past couple of days.

She had mainly kept to the woods, staying out of regular Konoha ninja patrols, though I didn't exactly know how. I wasn't exactly right next to the camp the whole time, I was much too scared cautious for that. I was mainly keeping a look out from the border of my sensory jutsu, just in case they had one as well. I didn't want to get caught snooping around, especially not with that woman around. Yukino wasn't with me now, and I didn't want to test how powerful the woman was when I didn't have any backup. Still, I wanted to collect as much information as I could before passing it off to anyone in Kiri or Konoha.

This afternoon though, there was a noticeable change. For my morning routine, I had used my jutsu once every hour or so just to keep tabs, but finally there was a difference in location. The woman strayed much farther from her camp than ever before, and was heading in the direction of the village. I knew something must be up for her to do this, from her movements before it seemed she didn't like to take any chances, and she was certainly taking a huge one now. She must need something from the village. I hopped down from the tree I had been sleeping in, and started off towards the village myself. Now that I was getting closer to the village where there were many more people, I was more comfortable getting closer, but definitely not too close. The woman couldn't have seen me before, but I didn't want to push my luck when it came to recognition. Even just the fact that I was from Kiri could be used as a reliable identifier if she somehow knew.

So, I followed from a distance, keeping myself low to the ground despite my urge to take to the rooftops. Up there, I would certainly get a much better view of the surroundings, but I could also attract way too much attention. It wasn't exactly unheard of for a ninja village to have ninja on the rooftops, but it was a bit strange to have a ninja from Kiri up there as well. I wouldn't want any Leaf ninja to think I was spying on them.

Yeah, I think it's a bit early in my ninja career to be unintentionally causing diplomatic crises.

The woman, whom I had decided to nickname "Oy" thanks to the nominative contribution of a shopkeeper who had accidentally run into her, didn't seem to be in any rush, though it was clear she was taking careful note of her surroundings. I, too, tried to keep an eye out. She worked with accomplices before, and if she really was part of some multinational crime syndicate or something, it would make sense for her to have more here now.

Maybe that's what she was waiting for? After she lost the kid, she wouldn't exactly want to go to her superiors empty-handed.

I ended up following Oy -- and grabbing a rice ball for a nice snack -- for quite a while until something interesting finally happened. She stopped walking, found a place to sit, and started looking around. She was looking all over the place, but her main point of focus seemed to be a tired-looking woman walking out of an arcade and into a nearby restaurant for what I could only guess was a fairly late dinner. When the tired woman walked out of the restaurant again, carrying some take-out, Oy finally made her move. It was dark now, and barely anyone was out. It seemed to me like this was kind of a shopping square or shopping center in Konoha, so there were a decent number of people, but the shops were slowly closing one-by-one.

Oy got up, made her way over to the woman, and quickly did...something. I couldn't tell what, but it could've been that she moved her hands in some way...maybe? It was too dark, and she was too quick for me to see it clearly. Oy walked next to the tired-looking woman and patted her on the back, as if the two had been long-time friends and not stalker and stalkee. The woman looked slightly dazed, but accepting of the situation, and started following Oy to a more secluded part of the town. I looked around.

If this is her move, she's bound to have lookouts to make sure whatever just happened went smoothly.

I scanned the rooftops and spotted a figure staring at the two. I jumped from my position around the back of the building, climbing up behind the mysterious new figure, whom I soon realized was not so mysterious at all.

"Hina? What are you doing here?"

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Hours passed and Hina was getting sick of spying on this lady. It was starting to feel weird as the darkness spread through the village. The shopping area that she ended up at was very well lit, but as time passed shops closed and lights went out one by one. It made spotting the woman she was interested in a real chore and Hina had to put herself in obvious lookout spots in order to take advantage of what light was left. She was too stubborn to give up, even if she did think this whole day was a wash. Hina wanted the lady to just go home so that she could call it a night and get some rest. This was the kind of monotonous and boring stuff that they never put into the movies. If only missions were just a series of action scenes without any boring filler.

Hina almost missed what happened next. Another lady, one she couldn’t clearly make out, had come up behind the lady Hina was watching. It all happened so fast that Hina felt like she had been bamboozled when they started walking away together without exchanging so much as a single word. Hina held up her hands and whispered “Kai.” Nothing changed, so whatever had been done wasn’t some mass genjutsu. Maybe it was a waste to use her only genjutsu escape so soon, but she had to at least try. She was just about to chase after them when an oddly familiar voice came from behind her.

Hina didn’t bother turning her head because she knew she would lose them if she did so. “Oh hey Nobuya, what are you doing in town? I’m trying to stop a kidnapping, and I think the kidnapper just arrived… Sorry, can’t stick around to chat, I’ve got to get on this!” Hina had no idea about Nobuya’s own plans to catch the kidnapper and the thought didn’t even cross her mind. Why would a kiri shinobi be in konoha on a mission like that anyways? Welp, Hina wasn’t going to sit around while her target was escaping her.

Hina jumped down from the building and ran straight towards the pair of women who were about to disappear into the night. She hadn’t considered the possibility that there were others involved in this mess. Her only job was to find out where they were going, after all. There shouldn’t have been any resistance before they actually got to the hideout. The problem was, the hideout could have been anywhere and any guards would quickly catch on to people that were snooping around.

Upon turning the corner, Hina found herself staring into darkness. She tuned her ears into the footsteps but which ones were the ones she cared about? It wasn’t like she had picked up the woman’s scent either because that had seemed entirely unnecessary too. She was starting to realize that she wasn’t going to get anywhere without a tracking jutsu, but where was she going to find someone with one of those?

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Hina was very prompt in her response and equally prompt in her departure.

Ok, so much to unpack here. First off, the person I saw looking at them is Hina, and apparently she also doesn't like what's going on. Which means a couple of things. One, this is a bigger problem than I thought, and it definitely extends well outside the Land of Water. Two, it isn't a Konoha operation. I trust the Village Hidden in the Leaves, but I had to keep the possibility in mind at least initially. Crazier things have happened. Three, if Oy did post scouts to make sure the drop went well, I couldn't find them. And four, I'm pretty sure Hina was already here when I got here, which means that somehow she had intel on the location of the kidnapping. Also, five, apparently it is actually a kidnapping. I wasn't quite sure before, -- maybe the new woman was another contact -- but now I have reason to believe she's actually the victim.

So then why did she go so apparently willingly? And what was that thing she did right before with her hands?

I watched as Hina jumped off the roof and made a beeline for the two women. Distracted by my own thoughts, it took me a moment to process this happening, but I jolted myself out of my temporary, self-imposed stupor and started following her once I realized what was going on. I was about as fast as she was, but she had a head start and she knew the streets better than me, so it took a few seconds for me to catch up. When I did catch up, I could see her looking around. Oy was skilled, and she definitely would've shaken me if I had ever gotten close enough for her to notice me. In the time I kept track of her, not once did she let anyone get within maybe 25 meters of where she was.

I nodded at Hina, understanding the situation, and brought my hands together, forming the Ox symbol as I activated my Armadillo Sensory Technique.

Ok Nobuya, concentrate!

I scanned and filtered through all the different smells that my nose could suddenly pick up, looking for the scent I had tracked for days. I never liked to do it in a village other than The Burrow, and the reason soon manifested itself once again. There were just too many different, yet powerful smells coming from all around me, and every time I would isolate one, ten more would be distracting me. I winced as I started to get a headache from the mass influx of sudden information.


"I found them. They aren't too far from us now, but they're starting to pick up speed. Let's go."

I would jump off in the direction of the scent, and assuming Hina was following me, I would debrief her on my side of things as we followed the criminal and her target from a distance. It was probably best to stay at a distance, but it soon became obvious that we didn't have much choice. She was partially slowed down by having the kidnapped woman with her, but she was still moving very quickly.

"Good to see you again, hopefully your current mission can go better than our last. Since this is your mission, and we are from allied nations, and I'm pretty sure you are the actual Hina, lemme tell you why I'm here," I offered, shifting my focus between my feet and what was in front of me to make sure I didn't lose my balance.

"So, I don't know much about the situation, but I've been following the kidnapper for a few days now, whom I have nicknamed 'Oy'. I haven't found any concrete intel on her habits, identification, or fighting style, but I do know that she was the leader of a small group of people who kidnapped a kid a few days ago, and the group seemed to be afraid of her capabilities. No one's been near her since me and another ninja from your village named Yukino went to rescue the kid. We used her leaving to speak to a contact as a window to make our move, but I don't know anything about the contact or what they spoke about. What I do know is that they have ties to a criminal organization in Kiri. Or...the organization in Kiri has ties to whatever's going on here. I have no idea. Whatever the case, I didn't feel right about just leaving it, so I'm glad Konoha feels the same way. Now, if you wouldn't mind, how did you know where the kidnapping was going to take place?"

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A brief period of frantic panicking was all Hina needed to start shaking with anger. How could she have lost track of her target so easily? It was time to focus instead on what she needed to do now. With any luck she could head back to the lady’s house and wait for her to be dropped off at night. That was the MO anyways, kidnap and then return them like nothing ever happened… with all the memory of torture sealed deeply in their minds. Hina had accepted her defeat and was just about to turn to head back, when she noticed that Nobuya had followed her.

Hina raised a finger to scratch her head while things started to click. He was nodding to her and it looked like he knew what was going on. Was she that shitty of a kunoichi that she could be read so easily? Or was he also on a similar mission? She hoped that it was the latter. There was a pause while Nobuya sniffed around and picked up the scent. This was likely the same sensory jutsu that he had used on their last mission together making Hina feel oddly jealous of this kid. It wasn’t uncommon for a kid to be a better shinobi than she was, but it sure got on her nerves to realize how useless she was.

Hina followed behind Nobuya as best as she could, having only a little difficulty keeping up with the more nimble shinobi. He explained to her that he had been after this ‘Oy’ for some time now and that it seemed their paths had coincidentally crossed for the better. Hina ran what she had been told a couple times in her head before she responded to the question she’d been asked. “Oh, I guess I should give you my side of the story. There’s been a number of kidnappings lately. I think I might have been one of them so that’s why I took on a mission to find the bad guys’ hideout. I’m just supposed to tell the higher ups where they have settled so that they can send more experienced shinobi in later. These baddies are weird because they capture new employees and then they wake up in their beds without a scratch on them. They left me a note to read when I woke up that told me that I was Senju, but that didn’t turn out to even be true… so they must not be that smart.”

Hina was trusting Nobuya to go where they needed to go, so Hina wasn’t paying much attention to what was in front of her. Her attention was to the tops of the houses where she was hoping to spot danger before it arrived. Although, her partner was probably going to be better at that too, unless he could only focus on one smell at a time. “So I found a new employee and I used her as bait. Then the person you were tailing came along and well, you know the rest.” They rounded a corner and Nobuya would find that the scent would stop just a couple blocks away. If they dared to get close enough, they would see a small, unassuming shack with a couple of guards playing chess in front of the door. They sat at a small table and were dressed in civilian clothes. The only clue that they would have that they were dangerous were a couple of large swords laid up against the side of the shack. They hadn’t even noticed the two younger shinobi yet, which was probably for the best.

“Any idea where they might be?” Hina asked in a soft whisper, “This is kind of spooky.”

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The two we were pursuing didn't leave us much room for caution. I didn't know how, but Oy seemed intimately familiar with every street, every roof, every possible corner en route to wherever she was going. I would've guessed she had been running the route to practice, but I knew that wasn't true. I had been following her since the time she met with her contact, and I was reasonably sure that's when she got the assignment. For a moment, a sudden panic gripped me.

What if I was tracking a decoy clone that sat at her base when she went into town?!? Or some other kind of trickery, like a genjutsu? But then why was I able to follow her here? Shouldn't I have been led to somewhere completely different if the target I was tracking really was a diversion? Something's off here. Something I'm not thinking of, an explanation that actually fits what I've noticed.

Whatever the case, Oy and her victim were speeding through Konoha as Hina recounted her side of the story as to why she was on the rooftop overlooking the kidnapping. Apparently she was on a mission to find wherever their base was. I would've assumed it would be outside the village, but strangely enough, Oy was leading us even deeper into the Village Hidden in the Leaves. As she continued explaining, she revealed that she was a victim of this group herself, though she woke up in her bed the next morning.

"I'm very sorry that you had to go through that, it must've been scary. What motive could they even have? If they were doing genetic testing or something, why only do it on new employees? That's so...weird!"

Seriously though, why? Usually, when people kidnap -- well first of all people don't usually kidnap shinobi -- but when they do, it's usually for some kind of ransom or to sell the victim (or their parts) on the black market. Either way, if they really thought she was a Senju, they would get quite a pretty penny either way, the Senju's been a pretty big clan in the Leaf for quite a while, if I remember. So why didn't they? What were they hoping to accomplish?

We managed to keep tailing them, but at one point the scent very rapidly disappeared. I thought Oy might've used some sort of stealth technique, but there'd be no reason to not have used it before, and even then, smell is not as popular to hide from as vision or hearing. And even then, the stealth technique would also have to cover the kidnapped woman.

Unless she had a stealth technique of her own.

Hoping that dual stealth techniques was not what we were dealing with, I decided it would be best to check out where I last smelled them anyways. If nothing else, we might find a clue as to how they disappeared. I didn't want to make the decision alone though. As we were running down an alleyway, turning a corner to a sparsely populated side street, I slowed down and faced Hina.

", this is kinda awkward, but their scent disappeared. I mean, I know my jutsu's still working, I can still smell other things, but I can't smell them anymore. Either one of them. I don't know what part of your town this is, but they stopped about two or three blocks that way," I said as I pointed down the street.

The area we were in was a little run-down, with no big buildings or decorated shops. It was still Konoha, so it wasn't anywhere near destitute, but it seemed like it could use a little upgrading.

Actually, maybe it's like a culture center? Most of the buildings here are wood, thatch, or a combination, so maybe it's more of a historical thing?

"Sorry I can't be more specific, I'm still working on making the jutsu work better."

As we snuck around the area, trying to find Oy, the victim, or a sign of either, we came across two casually dressed adults playing a game of chess in front of an unremarkable shack. I was about to continue on when Hina silently pointed out the two massive swords resting upon the wall.

How did I miss that? I guess I'm just so used to seeing nearly everyone with some kind of blade in Kiri, but those two aren't even dressed like ninja...

Hina whispered, "Any idea where they might be? This is kind of spooky."

I 100% agreed. One second they were here, the next, they vanished. And in their approximate place, two guards casually playing chess while their swords, just as casually, were propped up behind them.

"I don't know, but maybe they do," I whispered back, careful to keep my voice from carrying, "I mean, we could try asking. If you have any genjutsu that might help, at least THESE guys aren't wolves. Ooh, or maybe we could transform into Oy and the person you were following! Since we've been following them, we'd know how they acted, so we could probably...Actually, no, that probably wouldn't be too great of an idea since the actual Oy came through here just now. And if they compared us, it'd be pretty clear who was the real one."

"Hmmm...Well, I could probably send Arusuno to scout ahead if you think that might help. He doesn't have any markings on him, so he'll look just like a normal member of his species walking around..."

If Hina asked who or what Arusuno was, I would respond, still whispering, "Oh, that's right. You haven't met him yet. He's a summoning armadillo. He's nice, and very helpful."

If she wanted to use him to scout out the location from a closer point of view, I would sneak away to summon Arusuno to make sure it wouldn't alert either of the guards. Then, after I would explain to Arusuno his task, he would go close to the shack and around the area, and make his way back to report what he would have found.

Arusuno, for reference:
Name: Arusuno
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E
Species: Giant Armadillo (Traditional Summon)
Appearance: Quite young for a member of his species, Arusuno is a 0.5 meter long (not including the 0.25 meter long tail) creature resembling the species Giant Armadillo. He has natural dark brown-colored scaled armor all over his body, the strongest being on his back. The rest of his body is covered with slightly weaker pinkish-brown scales. He walks and runs on four legs, though he can stand on two. His front two legs have three claws, the middle one being definitely the largest. To clarify, though the species is “Giant” Armadillo, this is a traditional summon.
Personality: Arusuno is incredibly adventurous, spending much more time outside The Burrow than anyone else of his age, and even most of his species. He wants to see the world, and readily agreed to be Nobuya’s first summon whilst the boy was still training to be worthy of a contract. He is fascinated by the different things the world has to offer, and loves being summoned for any reason besides battle, of which he is quite reluctant to enter. Because of this, he mainly likes being summoned for such things as scouting and relaying messages. Arusuno is very excitable, and pretty naïve, but passionate, about the world around him. That being said, being so full of energy while he is awake means that whenever he isn’t actively doing something, he can usually be found sleeping.
Strength: E-0
Speed: E-0
Dexterity: E-0
Perception: E-0
Endurance: E-0
Element: Doton
Specialization: None
Weapon Style: None
Jutsu: 0/6

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Hina stood and watched from a distance as the two oddly unsuspicious men played their little board game. Nobuya had no shortage of thoughts and ideas about how they should proceed, but it was a bit odd that this was where the buck had stopped. Had these men not been here Hina probably wouldn’t have even thought of that rinky dink shack as suspicious. To her, these guys could have been ANBU, or maybe just some regular old mercenaries on their break. It was incredibly lucky that Nobuya had been able to track the scent down this accurately or else Hina would have never found this place on her own. The scents had disappeared somehow and now they needed to figure out what to do next.

Hina didn’t really know what the right move going forward was. A part of her told her that these people were citizens of Konohagakure and that they were all on the same side. Another part of her told her that she didn’t want to trouble someone with swords that large, even if they were on her side. Then a final part of her told her to just bulldoze through them, although that would have been in direct contradiction with the mission objectives. Just stay low and find the hideout, that’s all.

“Well, if I were alone I would assume that’s the hideout,” Hina whispered, “but since you’re here maybe we can make sure. It’d look bad if I reported the wrong location and ANBU infiltrated the wrong place. I’d never hear the end of it!” Hina looked down at the armadillo that looked cute in its own weird sort of way. Hina had never been this close to such an animal and she was half tempted to talk to it. Summons were supposed to be able to talk right. She’d actually come into contact with summons of her own, the house cats in particular. They’d made a contract although Hina still didn’t have the know-how to perform a summoning jutsu, nor did she think she really wanted to go down that route now that knew for sure that she was a Hyuuga. She had to shake her head to get her usual dumb thoughts out of her head and back on the mission.

“Okay, how about this,” Hina said as the plan started to form in her mind, “I’ll send out a clone to talk to them and have your summon poke around. If they’re aggressive then we leave immediately. My only job is to figure out for sure that those are the baddies and then more competent shinobi will come and deal with them. I’m sure you’re more familiar with the crowd that Oy hangs out with than I am so I hope you’ll agree that charging in is probably a bad idea for us Genin.”

Hina performed the transformation jutsu, turning her into the spitting image of a bartender she knew and then she formed a bunshin. The bunshin took on the form of her transformation and then Hina was free to turn back into her regular form. The only drawback with her plan was that she needed to stay close to her clone, since its range really wasn’t that large… so she had her clone walk out in front of her while Hina’s true form innocently took up a conversation with street vendor.

Hina’s clone was very limited in function and all it did was walk over to the guards and get their attention. Hopefully, it’d give the summon a chance to find out something useful. It’d have to be fast because this clone wouldn’t be lasting long. Either it was going to fade away or the men were going to find out it was a clone. “Can we help you?” one of the guards asked while the other subtly grabbed onto his weapon’s handle. The clone was unable to speak and after just mere seconds one of the guard’s hand passed through the illusory image, making it fade away. This was bad.

Hina’s true form resisted the urge to look at what was happening with all her might as the armadillo approached the shack and would inevitably pick up on something fishy. As soon as it got within a couple feet of the shack, its nose would fill with many new smells that had been concealed by some kind of external illusion. There was no doubt that something was being hidden here. The guards wielded their weapons and started looking around for anyone suspicious. They knew someone was onto them now and Hina was the only person that looked out of the ordinary. The armadillo probably wouldn’t find a way inside, but he probably had a bit of time to sniff around some more if he really wanted to.

“Hey you,” one of the guards said to Hina from behind. Her only saving grace was that she looked nothing like the clone. Hina’s face turned white as she turned around to see a sword pointed right at her. “What are you doing here?”

“I uh…” Hina said with a stutter, “what? I can’t walk around in my own village? Who are you to be pointing a weapon at me like that?”

“Sirs, I was just showing her my wares. There’s no need for trouble,” the shopkeeper said even though he looked just as put-off as Hina.

“Just now, there was a clone that approached us. That must mean there is a shinobi near us. You’re the only one near enough to have sent over a clone. You better start talking or this is going to get real ugly.” Ordinarily, Hina wouldn’t be scared in the least. She dealt with jerks on the regular and if she had truly been innocent she would have acted a lot differently than she was. Unfortunately she wasn’t exactly the best when it came to keeping up an act with a blade at her throat. She could only hope that Nobuya was getting some kind of use out of her playing the scapegoat.

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