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For a moment I simply sat on that tree branch, watching the chaos and flames in front of me. I considered running away, run, rather than possibly face another panic episode like that. Even now I was trying to fight the tremors that threatened to consume me. Other shinobi go through much worse battles than I have, yet I can’t handle simply seeing a destroyed fiery pit. Laughably pathetic, Alpha would berate me for such cowardice. Ai didn’t show much nearly as much, saying that I needed to move on, but they’d probably say something similar. Gathering myself I picked my umbrella back up and jumped down onto the scorched earth, hating the scent of fire and smoke, and half cooked meat and flesh. Though these scents were already too familiar guest to be repulsed by, thrice a visitation and three times I’ll have had to accommodate. Might as well get used to it, if this was to be my life.

Taking a shallow breath of the smog filled air I made my way towards the burning mass of the outpost before me. Turning around I called out to N’Jobu and the rest of my comrades, “Don’t kill any of who I capture! Don’t forget that.” Brandishing my signature umbrella in my right, and maneuvering the giant Opera House floating above, silently observing the area around it, watching and remembering.

Jumping from trench to trench I looked for any survivors. There were depressingly a low amount of them, but those who did were hiding, it was my self proclaimed duty to ‘capture’ them. Around the corner of my eye I caught sight of a foot slipping behind the corner. Without thinking I dashed around the corner and set my umbrella in front of my, opened like a shield to protect from any incoming attacks. To my anticipation a steel sword and about a dozen kunai were launched a slashed my way, my umbrella catching the brunt of all those attacks. While I used aero burst to dash up into the air, using the Opera House as the next shield while I loosened the ropes around my shoulders. As my jump forced my over the cube I threw out the part of the ropes, binding anyone in sight as the quickly snaked around and bound their arms and legs. As a landed the dust and every present ash circled around my feet, quickly settling.

When I laid my eyes on who I caught I almost choked up. It was four people, all of them half burnt from the initial attack, but fierce determination and rage filled their eyes. Despite the injuries they faced they were still trying to defend their base. I could remember those looks, it was the same faces those at the Sunagakure had. The desperation to not let further harm come to their home and friends, the family they all shared. I let a quiet sigh slip from my lips as the Opera House hovered closer and my umbrella snapped back into my hand. I looked to each one and made it clear.

“Stay here, so long as those ropes bind you, my comrades will not harm you. But try and escape and there’s nothing I’ll be able to do. So please don’t run, I’d much prefer not to having to kill more than I need to.” With a quick nod I turned away and ran into the next section before I could get lectured by my ‘prisoners’. And so that was my job, going around, roping people into submission as best I could. Sometimes having to injure them a little more to get them to stop resisting, but an extra cut or three was better than dead. After a good while of doing this, some people even came out of hiding to be captured by me, smart ones there. There was a bit of reluctance, but I just hoped the rest of the team didn’t get too kill hungry and go murdering the captives. If they did…. I… I...

I don’t know what kind of wrath I would lay on top of their heads.

At that that point there were no other people I could find so I headed back out of the outpost and towards N’Jobu’s position in the trees, looking to group up for a moment and get updated on any potential news. However as I looked through the treelines I noticed something. Using the Opera House I shined a light towards the treeline “Whoever you are, come out if you are a friend, if not,” I loosened the rope slung across my shoulders “I’ll try not to hurt you too much with the bindings.” It was a bit hard to tell with all the snow, but with the ash and the darkness, something white stood out, I really hoped that if they were from the Land of Frost, that they would do the smart thing and surrender easily. This umbrella wasn’t meant for senseless killing.


Clear Skies:
Mission name: Clear Skies. [CRIME]
Mission rank: A
Objective: Remove the Hidden Cloud military bases from the Land of Frost.
Location: Minor Countries → Land of Frost
Reward: 1,500(A) ryo
Mission Description: As a facet of the Fire Daimyō's desire to subjugate minor countries bordering the Fire Country, he has requested that Hidden Cloud's military presence in the neighboring minor country to the desired Land of Hotsprings, the Land of Frost, be diminished to aid the conquest.
Development References:
Mission Details: Remove the Kumogakure-aligned military outposts from the Land of Frost. Outposts are manned by varying numbers of B-Rank shinobi possessing all ranges of specializations, elements, and equipment up to B-Rank. This mission can be opposed by others taking its brother mission, 'Coming Storm'. Participants in either mission gain rewards from both missions when completed in opposition of one another.



Unlike most of her kin, Ibara had a mane of hair so pale it shone like silver in the moonlight. It was one of her features she were most proud of, though it was certainly not the most notable peculiarity in her appearance. Here however it was nothing more than a disadvantage, a fact she would become all too aware of as a beam of light would sway from the battlefield to her exact location in the leaves. Single eye widening in fear, an emotion she was almost entirely foreign to, Ibara would scuttle backwards trying to escape from the revealing glare. As she moved back the lush foliage that she thought had given ample cover would seem to grow even more full and the leaves would rotate slightly as if to try harder to hide her. Though she was not familiar with combat, she did know that she was losing an advantage by being spotted in her not so practiced attempt at stealth. Trying to stay on the opposite side of the trunk as whatever being had revealed her location, Ibara would slowly make her descent fromthe canopy and return to the debris covered earth. Hoping that the light would stay focused around the treetops trying to track her movement, she would stay as close to the ground as she could as she would begin to connect to the peculiar form of chakra that filled her body. It was clear that whatever had happened here was no victory for her own village, the destruction that had been sown here would not have come from those defending it. Not knowing what she was getting in to, she would have to rely on vision of ally headbands to identify them as such.

Upon her cheek, that wide petaled flower would seem to grow slightly. Dark green underbrush with soft tufts of snow weighing down bits filled the space between the trees and as she would touch the earth beneath the blanket of life, bright green shoots of grass would spring from the earth where her feet would touch. Nearly crawling, Ibara would draw closer to the edge of the treeline. All around her the underbrush would seem to want to cover her change of position. Before here the clearing stretched outward, the ground charred in parts and tread upon so often there was nothing but hard packed dirt; none of this supporting an attack from stealth. Perhaps conventional stealth was not the method she ought to persue, having already been spotted in the treetops and alerting those already present. Perhaps deception would be more her forte. Spreading outwards rapidly, opposite effect but speed of a wildfire racing across the clearing. From the tamped down and scarred earth, lush green life would burst. What was once an empty field would be coated with a dense layer of grass. Grass that did not stop growing until it stood nearly three meters tall, radiating outward across the once dead landscape.

Keeping her body low to the ground, Ibara would dash forward into the newly created rolling waves of plantlife. The grass would sway around her, leaving a trail where she move. A fact she was aware of and planning to use to her advantage. Another snake handseal she would form with her hands as she rushed forward, and from where she had entered the grass four other ripples would radiate outwards. Each one was nothing more than a movement of grass, but it would mimic the trail that she herself would lead nearly perfectly. From above each would be imperceptible from eachother, but Ibara herself would be in the centermost path with two fanning out to each side. Though she her element of surprise had been lost, she would try to use confusion to her advantage. The promise the voice had made, “I’ll try not to hurt you too much with the bindings”, would only make Ibara angry. Not one to be bound herself, she intended to do the same to her foe. Their suffering less of a concern however, as vines thick and bearing thorns were the strongest.

As she would approach, those in the clearing would catch a scent on the breeze. It was not the same for any two individuals, it seemed to take on its own form for each one. Whatever odor bore the best memories, or merely smelling like the preperation of one's favorite meal, each would be able to pick out their favorite scent. It was not a conscious effect she had, the botanical resident within her body had its own traits. That lovely scent would waft from the flower on her face, even stronger now that she had  begun to utilize her mokuton chakra. Another hand seal, and the earth beneath her would ripple slightly  as deepset roots would writhe to life. Charging in headfirst to fight an unknown opponent with minimal training, Ibara would begin the first serious battle she had ever been in.

830 WC

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame


The smell of burning flesh and ash flowed through the air like a river of sorrow for anyone unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of the ambush. It was something he was used to at this point having had his fair share of combat at this point and he had a job to perform to ensure the successful operation of the mission. He had already taken out a member of the opposition by the time Kisei had joined him but it appeared Kisei was not of the mindset to eliminate all the threats based on his words. He pleaded for anyone he captured to be spared from the same fate that had befallen N'Jobu's first victim. Considering his respect for Kisei, he would find himself heeding the warning as long as the enemy would not continue to fight on or try to escape from their bondage.

"I'll try not too, no promises..." he answered back to Kisei's call. He would remain nearby to his comrade, observing him from atop the walls of the camp, watching his back as he moved between the trenches to round up any stragglers not being engaged by other members of the "welcoming party". Kisei easily was able to bind several enemies with his strange floating puppet with little resistance to his actions. He gave them his word that they wouldn't be killed which appeared to have some affect as the captured didn't make much of a concerted effort to escape or try to fight back once restrained. As a surprise to him, his insects began to act strangley, seemingly attracted to a different Mokuton signature in the area. "Odd...that isn't Mikumi's signature," he pondered to himself as he tried to figure out just who the mysterious chakra signature could be. To satiate his curiosity, he summoned forth a small swarm of insects to his hand and commanded them to find this new Senju. "I'm headed back to the tree line Kisei, fall back when you are ready..." he shouted to his comrade as he made he way back toward the tree line to investigate.

As he moved toward the tree line, he made sure to keep his eyes moving to make sure nothing could get too much of a drop upon him. He bounced on the balls of his feet, ready to move quickly in the event he should have to engage anyone hiding in the trees. Not soon behind him, Kisei would approach on his position with a light shining from his floating puppet. As he had done before, Kisei once again gave whoever happened to be hiding a proposition to avoid any further bloodshed. "S'Yan watch the right hand side..." he muttered to himself as he prepared for whatever may confront them. Just as Suutei's burning flames rolled throughout the encampment, a sea of grass exploded from the tree line towards them quickly engulfing the two shinobi in a lush field. With the wave came a delicious scent of Freesia in the air, one of his favorite flowers. Finding the oddity of the specific feature of the scent, he wonder if he was being trapped in a genjutsu. His insects would signal to him that it was not a genjutsu but coming from the new grass of Mokuton around him. As the grass surrounded him flashbacks of his first match in the Chunin exams darted through his mind, initiating a similar response to deal with the pesky impediment. He would quickly outstretch his hands and command his insects to mow down the blades of grass around him to prevent any sneaky tricks from whomever was in hiding.

He could sense something or potentially several entities were making his way toward him hidden within the sea of grass. While he could not tell their exact position, the sounds of the grass bowing to the movement of whoever was trekking through it betrayed their attempts at stealth. As his insects worked diligently to remove the impediment before him, he felt the ground rumble slightly as vines burst from the ground trying to bind his ankles together. He quickly shuffled his feet and shifted backwards to avoid the vines when three more sprung the ground with him as their target. Thinking quickly, he pulled out his chakra blades to defend himself against the onslaught of vines. He swiped at the thorn coated vines violently attempting to submit him to their bondage, a fate he was not going to allow without a fight. Retreating backwards toward Kisei, he lept backwards while cutting down the ominous vines that lashed towards his face and arms. In the frenzied scuffle a single vine managed to wrap itself around his right leg and slam him to the ground taking the wind from his lungs for a moment. "Any time would be good to help Kisei!..."

WC: 817


A Changed Perspective [Ibara & N'Jobu | Mission | Invite] Wm6Woa7

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It was a bit of a disappointment that this wouldn’t be as easy as some of the encounters before, but, I suppose, not every cookie crumbles the same way; some need a bit of some heating up to do before they bend. After all, they were technically attacking their territory. Even if I wasn't actively trying to end their lives, it was a home invasion, and nobody takes those very well. I sighed to myself, 'might as well get this over with.' I thought with a resigned sigh.

As a wave of grass erupted before them N’Jobu counteracted with his bugs to great effect, halting their spread for the moment. Never one for direct confrontation I elected to use this to mask my positioning. Taking the pause for what it was I used the moment to back flip high into the air. A rush a cold wind flushing my face as I accelerated towards the sky, but expressionless. Sweeping my leg backwards I changed my momentum to push behind me as my fingers manipulated my Opera House to move underneath me at just the right moment; allowing me to land safely on it’s top. I grimaced to myself for getting dirt on the otherworldly treasure but was snapped out of it quickly by more action on the ground.

Bending over the edge revealed that N’Jobu was a bit “tangled up” with vines, slamming him against the ground with a shuddering thump. 
"Any time would be good to help Kisei!..." N’Jobu called out. “Yeah yeah, one second.” I casually lifted my umbrella and aimed towards the ground. Although I did make modifications to make the blast non-lethal, it still should pack a punch. So with the first of the umbrellan charges I leased a shot near N’Jobu’s location. Aiming just far enough away so that the explosion would only affect the vine entangling his foot. Following up with two shots to the other bushes. Shooting one directly into the middle of the giant mass, and another into the very back. The source from which the other bushes spawned. Deeming it safe I channeled a bit of chakra into the Opera House before jumping down to the ground, about 10 meters behind N’Jobu. “I hope that suffices, though I’d cool it with the names... Mantis." I settled. "After all, I only have one identity to use.” While N'Jobu was a relatively unknown character as a whole. Not exactly prominent save for his participation in the Chuunin exams, it wasn't his name he was attaching to this operation. He wasn't the one who sent out advertisements to all the hidden villages for his shop in Konohagakure... You never know when you'd meet the person who'd end your life in the ninja world. Revenge was a powerful motivator after all, and I could bet my life that there would be some vengeful and powerful in equal measures after Konohagakure.

Stuff Used:

345 | 350

Name: Substitution Technique (変わり身の術 - Kawarimi no Jutsu)
Rank:[/size] E.
Type:[/size] Supplementary.
Element:[/size] None.
Range:[/size] Clear line of sight (or other sensory means of detecting the decoy)
Specialty:[/size] Ninjutsu.
Duration:[/size] Indefinite postponement → 1 post.
Cooldown: Once per thread.
Hand Seals: Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake
Description: An age-old skill that requires some forethought, it allows the user to swap places with a prepared object in the surroundings at untraceable speed. An item for use with this technique must either be a clone, an object the size of the user's torso, or a willing living being of similar size; by infusing the decoy with chakra before or after making the hand seals, the user can activate this technique later without any indication, but only when they are about to sustain a blow from an oncoming attack

When they do so, the decoy and the user move to switch positions with each other, both at speeds not even the keenest Perception can detect. An afterimage is often formed in the process of the decoy taking the hit, making it seem as if the user was hit; skilled ninja can even manipulate their chakra to make it seem as if the afterimage is bleeding. After a short time, a brief cloud of smoke issues from the decoy, revealing its true nature; the user also audibly reappears in the location they hid their decoy before it moved.

As the user is moving at speeds untraceable to human perception even they cannot detect what is going on around them, or even activate any other jutsu. They cannot prepare or coordinate during this extreme movement, but can reorient themselves and attack after they have come to a stop.

Item Templates used
Name: Umbrella Type Beta - “Radial Straight”
Type Of Weapon: Umbrella Chakra Emitter - Requires Onojutsu
Rank: B
Elemental Alignment: Non-Applicable
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: This umbrella may seem normal at first however upon closer inspection you’ll notice a few things. The material that covers the ribs of the umbrella isn’t plastic but instead a set of flexible triangular metallic sheets. When closed the umbrella behaves similar to a thrusting weapon which serves to impale opponents, piercing 4 inches into unprotected flesh. Its structure being supported by the diamond/plum-bob shaped tip on the end of the main support tube.

When completely extended it acts as a make-shift shield with a diameter of two meters, when closed however the diameter, (near the bottom), is only about half a meter and the middle being a quarter of a meter. At all times the length stays the same, (1.22 meters/4 feet). Its chakra tech activation ‘switch’ is a pull trigger located on the bottom of the umbrella.
As an ushinatta weapon, this weapon can take one chakra tech mod.
Appearance:  The ribs ate triangular and metallic, giving a dark sheen under light. The top notch and open cap are replaced by the diamond/plum-bob shaped tip on the end of the main support tube. When completely extended it acts as a make-shift shield with a diameter of two meters, when closed however the diameter, (near the bottom), is only about half a meter and the middle being a quarter of a meter. At all times the length stays the same, (1.22 meters/4 feet).
History: When Kisei had made the decision to become a ninja, he didn’t know just how dangerous the job was. Horrified at the thought of what might happen to him his brother, Alfa, created this weapon and gave it to him as under the guise of a congratulatory gift. From there this umbrella has become Kisei’s signature weapon and has never left anywhere without it
Name: Umbrella Assist - Type Beta - "Radial Assist: Basic"
Type of Item: Chakra Tech Mod
Rank: A-rank
Elemental Alignment: Neutral
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function:  When equipped to a mod capable of acting as a projectile weapon Radial Assist: Basic draws one unit of ammunition, with this item capable of holding three units at once, and when activated channels it into the plum bob and fires it. A process which, for the purpose of measuring time, has no delay from pulling the trigger to activation.
Upon activation a 0.5 meter sphere of violent energy is expelled from the tip, fired at 45m/s up to 40 meters away. Exploding in a 3 meter radius on contact and deals major third degree burns on contact.

A Changed Perspective [Ibara & N'Jobu | Mission | Invite] 288?cb=20161230195842
History: Kisei needed a way to utilize long range combat, thus the creation of this particular mod was necessary.
Name: Operation's Control - Type Ω - "Opera House"
Type of Item: Chakra Tech Computer | Multi-tool
Rank: B
Elemental Alignment: N/A
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: The number of functions this actually possesses is quite numerous, functioning basically as a modern computer would. Minor functions include being able to play/record sounds, take pictures/videos, store and edit information digitally (like my shameful collection of fanfiction), as well as project a field of light in a five meter radius around it at will. Useful in dark areas. (However it cannot reveal stealthed targets unless logically the jutsu they use doesn't guard against light.) Lastily, on command it can shrink into a 10x10x10 cm cube for easy storage, but in this state it cannot switch off any of it's functions other than the flash light, and the light then only shines in a one meter radius. (Meaning that it will continue to record until switched into it's normal size and turned off, same with if it had its flashlight on.)
Recording and replaying information is generally what it's going to be used for however in the line of a ninja it will mostly be used for surveillance and retaining important information. When recording an event it must be within a fifty meter radius of the Opera house, at any side because it can record on all of it's faces. Additionally unless equipped with a separate mod it works as if it we're a normal camera, a mechanical naked eye with no special perception boosts though you can expect perfect 20/20 vision from it when not obscured by a smoke screen or such obstacles (C-3 perception). 

When attempting to play a recording however, a link to the post containing the event trying to be played must be included at the bottom of the present time post.
Appearance: A massive 3x3x3 block of specially treated materials, making it sensitive to chakra. There's not much to say about it aesthetically, the Opera House is naturally a black color when not active but can change pigments on command.
A Changed Perspective [Ibara & N'Jobu | Mission | Invite] Latest?cb=20120416152934
History: One of the only true relics left of the Ushinatta's old world other than Alpha Ushinatta's blade. It was often used by scientists and guardsmen as a way to defend themselves when pushed into a hard situation. Not a tool of destruction but one of creation and defense.



Several things would begin to happen at once. Still spreading outward the grass that sprung forth would fill every empty patch of dirt with lush greenery. It would in part be mowed down... by a cloud of insects? Devouring the growth like locusts, they would keep a large radius clear of the growth, though a fine green layer of grass still coated the floor it was only a fraction of an inch tall. Ibara would crinkle her nose, pests like these would plague her own garden at home and it left a bad taste in her mouth that someone would use them in battle. Rumbling beneath the earth of this clearing, a number of roots and vines would burst forth spraying dirt into the air. Earth-caked tendrils would snake up around the man's ankles, though they would find no purchase. Each lash of the woody ropes swould be nimbly avoided, perhaps due to the lack of cover that allowed the movements of the roots beneath the earth to be tracked. Still writhing like snakes, Ibara would let the vines continue their assault. Perhaps the constant dodging would begin to tire the man, though Ibara had no clue how long a properly trained shinobi might last. Hopefully not much longer than she. A perimeter of grass still remained around the lashing vines and their intended target, perhaps a distraction would allow them to find purchase. Those ripples that traveled through the tall grass would redirect, rushing towards the perimeter. It would look as though he were being approached from all sides by assailaints, and Ibara hoped that that one moment where it looked as if foes would leap from the grass would be enough to distract him before he would realize that there was nothing actually emerging from the grass.

It would seem to work, after a long dance of no contact a single root would wrap itself tightly around an ankle. Trying to jump away, the being would be caught in the air by the vine and drop to the ground. Snaking upwards it would bind itself up and around the calf and knee, fibrous vines tightening as they grew. If Ibara was honest with herself, she wasnt quite sure what exactly she would do if the binding vines would work. Ought she end the life of whatever being had been commanded to attack? It was not her way not her place, she only brought death in the case of necessity. Now would not be the time to face that conundrum however, as before the vines could progress any further up the man's thighs they would be cut off. An explosion from an unknown source would shake the ground, sending bits of plant matter flying. Though the vines were still wrapped around the man's leg, they would no longer constrict and grow as they had been severed from the source. Ibara's mind would race, trying to think of a next attack. Or should she fall back and act defensively? Again her inexperience would be a flaw, not only did she not know what to do, she was hesitating on acting at all while trying to decide.

She knew her shroud of grass would only last so long, the insects devouring it at high speed. Ibara had to act now or she would be left standing in the open, and at a disadvantage of being along against two foes. Pressing her left palm to the dirt she stood upon, she would flow chakra into the network of roots beneath the earth and urge growth. From that earth only a meter before her, an enourmous flower would quickly bud and go through all the stages of life pausing just a moment before the petals would explode outward. It would seem swollen, and as the petals would finally splay outwards violently a pale yellow pollen would spread outward in the same manner. Most of her skills were not suited for violence, and as such this pollen would have no real effect on her foes other than providing a haze of cover, and maybe agitating one's allergies. Hazy clouds of pollen would only buy her seconds of time however, and as a second course of action she would form a number of small black seeds in the palm of her hand and toss them out around her. They would quickly take root, and strangely jointed stems and wide leaves would emerge. A blanket of life would form, dozens of venus fly traps each a meter wide. Thick spines would act as teeth, and bristles on the inner side of the leaves waiting for the slightest brush to indicate that they ought to snap closed. Whatever scent it was that her foe's would pick up from the flower would increase tenfold, the flower that had erupted with pollen would spread that same scent. Ibara had tried to set her trap, not knowing any other way to fight. And there by that gargantuan bloom she would crouch in anticipation.

840 WC

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame


"My bad..." he would lament to Kisei as he flipped himself up from the ground onto his feet. "Thanks for the help even if it was a bit late," he would say with a smirk on his face with sarcasm in his voice. As he gathered his bearing to try and pinpoint the location of the individual responsible for this onslaught of Mokuton, a large flower would appear to bloom before him. From its blossom would emerge a ploom of pale yellow pollen which would begin to the fill the air. Not wanting to get caught up in whatever nefarious purpose the pollen may have, he quickly formed the Hare followed by the Monkey seal to mold the Mokuton chakra within his body to feed his insects and prepare them for their duty. In an instant a large swarm of his Kyōchichū would begin to form a dome around him, rotating with great swiftness to remove the pollen from the air around himself and Kisei. A simple yet effective technique inspired by the Hyūga clan's Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven adapted for his own Hiden. Although the Aburame clan had a similar technique in the Insect Jar technique, his version was a bit more versatile given his specialized insects allowing for some more defensive capabilities. As the vortex of insects swirled around him, the pollen would begin to disappear around the dome. Within a few moments the pollen would completely dissipate allowing him to call off his swarm from their furious rotations. As his insects returned to him, several new plants appeared to have bloomed in the vicinity. "Fly traps..." he would lament to himself as these plants were notorious for their ability to prey on unsuspecting animals, especially insects. Each one would be about a meter wide with large teeth adorning their leaves just waiting to snap shut and devour whatever unfortunate soul caught in its grasp.  

"Well this is annoying..." he would mutter to himself as he thought of a plan to eliminate all the unsightly fly traps and whoever was behind them. The sweet scent of Freesia would strengthen in their air although there did not appear to be any of the sweet smelling flower anywhere in sight. He quickly scanned his surroundings, making note of the location of each plant so as to systematically dismantle the floral aggravations. Given his knowledge of how Fly traps work, dispatching them would be relatively simple. Given that they were meant to close quickly and open slowly, he would simply need to nudge them enough to goad them into closing. Not wasting anymore precious time his opponent could use to turn the tide, he quickly shifted his feet into a ranged stance to give him more accuracy on his shot before outstretching his left hand and forming a Y shape with his thumb and pinky to create his "bow". In a quick fluid motion, he reached with his right hand to draw back Aburamushi while summoning a swarm of his Kyōchichū into a an arrow resting upon the knucles of his bow hand. With a quick release, the arrow screamed forward before spliting off into dozens of smaller arrows which would each track themselves into the fly traps. He understood the sacrifice his insects would be making but it would be a necessary evil to deal with the mysterious figure orchestrating this devious botanical garden before him. His aggravation had turned slowly turned into anger at this point, lessening his desire to allow the person on the other side of this treachery to live once he found them. "Look...I'll give you one last chance to come out," he would yell into the sea of flora hoping whoever was within it would surrender. "If I have to come find you, I'll be a lot less lenient than my friend over here". In preparation to chase down the assailant, he switched into his melee stance which left him on the balls of his feet, rocking back and forth ready to move. In the event they would still not show themselves, he took things into his own hands by quickly forming the Monkey seal before slamming his hand onto the ground, unleashing a swarm of his Kyōchichū to hunt down the chakra signature of whoever was the culprit. They would fly off into the air in search of their target which would soon be discovered. He waited a few moments in the event someone were to emerge with his bow hand at the ready. "I'm waiting...but I'm quickly losing my patience..."

WC: 769


A Changed Perspective [Ibara & N'Jobu | Mission | Invite] Wm6Woa7

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Just when I thought I’ve seen it all in this ninja world, a giant flower pops into being in front of N’Jobu and I give myself a mental face palm. Do I seem this ridiculous fighting with my umbrella and pinwheel all the time. My eyes widened at the sight of what this flower’s purpose was. Well, questionable fighting methods aside, they were still trying to subdue this opponent, though whatever this pollen thing was.  Though they already had it covered. As I called out to the other ninja they summoned a swarm of insects to intercept and block it. However when his defenses were let down a new threat was shown looming over them. I clenched a fist around the steel umbrella. This wasn’t good for N’Jobu, or his Little Joes...

To make things worse, the area was beginning to thicken with the pollen these damn plants were generating. While N’Jobu was dealing with the fly traps, rest in peace Little Joes 1-2000, a plan began to formulate. In the back of my mind I started to worry that this conflict was taking too long, if this continued more of his Root comrades would find their way over, and I didn’t have the relationship with them as I did N’Jobu to sway them to non-lethal measures. Even N’Jobu was getting agitated at this point. So before that could happen, I needed to end this.  With a swift motion I pulled a scroll from my hand and slammed it open across the ground. “Tsk.” I was really hoping to save this for my rematch against Takao, but you’re life if more important than that, just be glad that I lowered the potency on this next weapon as well. Slamming my palm on the scroll a small ploom of smoke erupted from the scroll and, a big giant nothing appeared from it.

Or at least that’s how it would appear to the general ninja.

Connecting chakra strings to the invisible GASTER puppet I went to work, channeling the Chakra Welding technique through the puppet, as expected, the jutsu was absorbed by the carapice of the massive invisible floating skull. With the hungry puppet sated for now I charged a second jutsu through the puppet, and a faint hint of static electricity began to flow through. “Mantis! Jump!” I yelled, then, with a quick motion, I directed the puppet to begin attacking.

Hopefully his friend would take the hint and jump, but regardless, it was too late to stop now. Pointing the puppet’s face to the far most right side of the plant armageddon in front of me, I had it fire while snapping the head to the left most part as quick as possible. The end result: a massive cleaving sweep of destruction cleaving through both plant, wood, and even stone. Unless they were out of range, they would for certain be incapacitated. If not, though even they were, the second part of my plan would kick in. Extending all twenty seven toothed and horned chains fron it’s body to their maximum, the puppet would rapidly spin throughout the once lush battlefield, or and leftover grass and plant; bashing in any who were still present. I made sure to avoid N’Jobu and wherever they landed, but I was not so confident for whoever they were facing off against.

Things used:

Name: Unsealing Technique (開封の術­ - Kaifū no Jutsui)
Origin: Library.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 1m.
Specialty: Fūinjutsu.
Duration: 1 post.
Cooldown: N/A.
Hand Seals: Touch hand to seal
Description: This technique allows the user to unseal items that were sealed using the Enclosing Technique. The user can unseal any number of items from the same item using this technique once. If the catalyst is owned by the user and is in their Locker, this technique costs no chakra.

Name: Puppet Technique (傀儡の術 - Kugutsu no Jutsu)
Origin: Library.
Rank: E-A.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 15/30/55/80/120m.
Specialty: Kugutsu.
Duration: 2 posts.
Cooldown: N/A.
Hand Seals: None.
Description: This jutsu generates long, fibrous, malleable chakra strings from each of the user's fingers. They are partially intangible to prevent tangling; this jutsu cannot be used to bind people. The condensed chakra takes a hue of variable color depending on the user. Any ninja can attach chakra strings to manipulate them as if a normal ninja wire, changing their path in midair or even whipping them around like a flail. Unless durability is enhanced by a separate technique, these chakra strings can be broken by techniques of 1 rank higher that cause blunt-force, slashing, or piercing damage. If the technique's cost is paid again on the post after its Duration elapses, the strings do not dissipate, and the user can continue manipulating the item as normal.

Only a ninja with the Kugutsu specialization can use this technique at any rank above E. When used by a ninja with the Kugutsu specialization, this technique takes on additional properties, able to manipulate puppets, corpses, or Human Puppets currently in the user's locker. (Corpses used from the surroundings are E-rank.) A ninja can manipulate puppets according to their ninja rank: 2 as a D-rank ninja, 4 as a C-rank, 6 as a B-rank, 8 as an A-rank, and 10 as an S-rank.

The puppets use their Strength and Speed as normal, and the puppeteer's Dexterity is applied to the puppets as if it were their own stats. These are capped to 1 rank higher than the rank of this jutsu being used. So, a puppet with A-0 stats manipulated using the D-rank Puppet Technique would only have access to B-0 stats.

When you manipulate more than 4 puppets with this technique at once, the cap becomes equal to the rank of this jutsu. (Thus, 5 or more puppets with A-rank stats manipulated using the D-rank Puppet Technique would only have access to D-0 stats.)

Name: Chakra Welding Technique
Origin: Custom (*Taken from old write up made by Ayakashi)
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Touch
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: N/A
HandSeals: Touches around the damaged parts
Description: Upon touching a damaged item, Kisei begins repairing and restoring the item to its best condition. Repairing up to C-rank equivalent damage per activation. As such it instantly repairs C-rank and lower items to full durability. Items with higher durability are only semi repaired however. Example: B-rank item takes B-rank damage, by the end of this jutsu's duration only half of the damage would be repaired. It is important to note however, that this jutsu repairs the damage amount of damage to items of all ranks, C-rank damage repair.

Name: Static Saber
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Raiton
Range: Within reach
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration + 2
Description: The user infuses their weapon with great amounts of unstable ration chakra, causing their weapon to spark and crackle at the surface with electricity. When the charged weapon directly strikes the body, the built up raiton chakra leaves the weapon and enters the nervous system, numbing the afflicted area and making it impossible to move for 1 post. If the same person is struck three times within the same post with the effects of this jutsu the built up raiton chakra spreads through the whole body, stunning them for one post.

Items used

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