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Name: Risa Sugano[C-rank Missing-nin]
Age: 15
General Appearance: Risa stands at the height of 5’1 and weighs 110 lbs. She has black hair and caramel brown skin. Her eyes are a distinct green coloration.
Personality: Calm and collective, she has the budding mindset of a tactician.
Goals: Before her crime, she had dreams of becoming apart of Kumo’s cryptology division. It is unknown what her goals are as of now.
Risa’s Stats;
Strength : C-0
Speed : B-1
Endurance : C-0
Perception : B-1
Dexterity : C-0

Risa is known to have an affinity for futon and katon and is capable of using all library techniques up to her rank. She specializes in ninjutsu and genjutsu, the latter allowing her to trick the opponent senses or misdirect them.
Items: N/A

Name: Shouta Chida ‘Mad Dog of Kumogakure’[A-rank Missin-nin]
Age: 30
General Appearance: Shouta stands at the height of 6’3 and weighs 235 lbs. He is dark skin with numerous ritual-style tattoos covering the majority of his body, and his bald head. His eyes are dark brown in coloration.
Personality: From early moments in the academy, Shouta had always been more aggressive than his fellow peers, though this was chalked up to him being shunned due to the clan he belonged to: Seiko. Over the years, having been the proverbial ‘Mad Dog’ of Kumogakure, his aggression has only increased the intensity to the point no one, asides from his former handler, was safe from his wraith.
Goals: Once serving as Kumo’s Mad Dog, Shouta no longer has a ‘master’ and thus is free to terrorize and consume anyone who he wishes.
Chida’s Stats;
Strength : S-0
Speed : A-0
Endurance : S-2
Perception : A-0
Dexterity : A-0

Chida’s Specs
Taijutsu[Endurance | Legendary Rank]
Medical Ninjutsu[S-Rank]
Senjutsu[S-rank | Honey Badger Sage]

Being apart of the Seiko clan, his sharper than normal canines are treated as a weapon equivalent to his strength stat, and capable of slice 5 cm into flesh, or dismember a limb if given the opportunity and crush bone with relatively ease. Unique only to him, Shouta’s teeth has been further enchanted by the implanted Steel Release KKG, allowing him to shatter/bite through A-rank or lower items/weapons/armor with ease, and crack S-rank items/weapons/armor and shattering them on the next hit.

Chida is a formidable opponent for even the most experience Anbu members. Having been trained by former Anbu operatives, he is knowledgeable about typical Anbu tactics, and know how to counter them effortlessly. With the elements of Doton and Katon, he is capable of using all of the library techniques for the respective elements, including the non-elemental library ones as well. With the implanted Steel Release, he has access to techniques that can range anywhere from D-S rank respectively. Although formerly taught a former taijutsu style, Chida still prefers to maintain a more brawler/dirty fighter type style. He has several medical techniques, most of them either being on the debuffing/buffing/healing side of things.

When entering Sage Mode, Chida’s body becomes covered in a thick patch of black and white fur. His Sage’s passive allows for the fur to absorb the impact of incoming techniques, reducing all damage received by -1 tier. He also gains an additional +2 tiers to his endurance.
Mad Dog’s Fang | An S-rank tanto belonging to Chida. Mad Dog’s Fang is capable of complete dismemberment of a target. Furthermore, the blade is capable of secreting out a paralyzing liquid that paralyzes the opponent in two posts.

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