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Mission location link:

Mission name: Help out a crafter
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help a smith with labor.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission Description: Your job is simple. Help a crafter with whatever he might need. Your job duties could include help making weapons, repairs, cleaning, etc.
Mission Details: Tools will be provided and you only have one day to finish. This mission is repeatable.

Hina sat there perplexed as ever and was handed yet another help a crafter mission. Then she went over to the regular old smithy and looked at what she had to do today. Someone handed her something she was unfamiliar with. This thing had a handle and looked like a blade, but this was no weapon. She figured that this was probably meant to be used as a component of something. She had no idea what, but she was grasping at straws over here with little to no direction. Hina sat down and tried to make sense of what she was holding but she wouldn’t be able to tell its purpose for the price of a million ryo. She put down the piece and decided to ignore her previous task and just try to do something useful.

Hina continued to watch as many of her coworkers kept on working. She went over to the anvil again and started swinging a hammer on some weaponry, just to copy what others were doing. This was so much different than the way she’d made things in the past. For whatever reason though, using professional grade equipment felt so satisfying in her hands. She would happily swing the hammer again and again until her arms tired out, which wasn’t very long at all.

Now that she had gotten tuckered out, Hina sat cross legged in a corner and thanked the heavens for the opportunity to grow her skills. As she went on and on in her mind about how much she loved crafting, she started to go tone deaf to the sharp and harsh sounds of the forge. It wasn’t often that she found this kind of peace and after a round of hard work Hina felt like she really deserved the break. She spent at least ten minutes in deep thought when an extremely loud sound shook the forge. Hina opened here eyes and saw her boss staring right at her.

It was at this point that her boss yelled at her so loudly that she started to tear up and she ran out of the shop. Apparently looking like you were napping was not something that employed people were supposed to do halfway through the day. Hina looked around and tears fell from her eyes. It had been a long time since she had last cried and she was ready to leave. She turned around and a powerful gust of wind had blown. For the most part, she had been a successful crafter, but she wasn’t ready for this kind of verbal abuse. Was it her fault for not having work experience? “Well,” she thought, “it is my fault for just sitting around and meditating when I was supposed to be learning. I’ve got to be more focused next time.”

WC: 468

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Hina returned to the shop and gave her boss a sincere apology and said she would do better the next day. The boss looked a little ashamed of having made his employee cry and said that he just wanted Hina to live up to her title. Hina wasn’t one to want to disappoint her kage so she vowed not to give up like that again and to be more prideful of what she was. She knew that crafters around the world would kill to gain his favor and even thinking about giving up was unacceptable. Hina thanked her coworkers as well for helping her learn the ropes and getting her acquainted with the anvil. “Let’s make something amazing tomorrow!” she shouted right before walking right out the door.

When Hina left, the tears started to well back up. She’d put on a tough act but she was still disheartened by the whole day. Hina made her way to a building under construction and just sat there, in a pile of rubble and scattered debris. She gritted her teeth as tears rolled down her face. The annoyance of working with this guy was so frustrating and it seemed she could do nothing to just have some peace. No other shop had taken her either, so she was stuck with this asshole for a while. She began to reminisce about her what her life was like before she’d been marked and before her mom had died. As the memories filled her head, she wrapped her left hand around a rock and squeezed with each added second. The unstable rock in her hand was soon turned into gravel as she crushed the piece of ground and slowly stood up.

Looking at the sky, Hina was faced with a dilemma. Was she to give up on her new job on the first day and continue to live in poverty? Or would she go with her plan and cling on to hope by putting up with this tyrannical boss? The breeze that swept the area seem to set the recent events into pasture. Hina shook her head as she raised both hands up and let out a large yell as she thought about the promise she made to herself. She didn’t even care that she was giving up on this mission. She wouldn’t be helping this shitty smith any more.

After sitting there until nightfall, she’d decide it was best to just go home. Not wasting a minute, Hina went immediately to the road and looked left and right. It stretched over a small hill, lined up by long grass and various flowers along the way. Whether she go left or right, determine how much quicker she could get home but, how would she figure out which was way was home from here?

After a few minutes of debating and a few sneezes, lights flaring from her right were visible. Noticing them, Hina covered her eyes from the bright flashes as patrolman walked by with a lantern. It was a deep maroon color, had a pretty nice glow, and seemed to radiate hope in the dismal night. This was all Hina needed to know that things weren’t all that bad and she could tough it out, even if she was soft at heart. She thanked the man for coming by to comfort her and finally got some help getting home.

WC: 565
Total: 1033


Ryo requested:
+150 for 750 words
+50 for 200 extra words
+200 Ryo Total

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