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Mission Approved here:

Mission name: Supply Acquisition.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Obtain resources for the village.
Location: Fire Country.
Reward: 150 Ryo.
Repeatable? ✓
Mission Description: No settlement can exist without gathering resources, least of all a high-demand garrison of shinobi forces like the Leaf. You are tasked with gathering various supplies from neighboring towns within the Fire Country and transporting them to the Hidden Leaf Village.

Mission Details: One of the following situations arises during the acquisition of the supplies; the random encounter is entirely up to the mission taker(s) to decide.

• Merchant Hagglers; Silver-tongued merchants gate-keep the supplies, looking to turn a better profit.
• (⚔) Hostile Gang; One untrained thug, bandit, or pirate attempts to steal the supplies with force.
• (⚔) Territorial wildlife; One large, territorial beast attacks.
• Difficult Terrain; The more mountainous regions of the Land of Fire make travel hard, and dangerous.
• Wrong Turn; Renowned for its forests, the Fire Country's woodland is especially large, and especially difficult to navigate.

For violent encounters, which are marked with a (⚔), opponents have tier-2 stats of their rank and at least have access to one element and the Ninjutsu libraries, equal to the rank of the mission.

A tear streaked down her eye, which Hina quickly wiped away before it could reach her chin. her breathing became heavy and she began to feel an uncomfortable warmth fill her face. Hina was on a mission to deliver supplies from surrounding areas back to the village and the caravan had gotten attacked. Then, just as if something had suddenly snapped, Hina turned and slammed her fist into the ground beside her. She could feel her fists throb from the force, but her attention was already elsewhere. Hina turned and walked quickly to the group of bandits, eying each one as she passed by. One of them, a man with black hair and a goatee let out a slight groan. Hina grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and pulled her to her feet. Hina looked at the man and forced the pain in her hand out of her mind.

"Hey," Hina said to another shinobi in her group while she looked at the man she held. "I'm not good with words; all I know is how to break bones and hit things. I think you should talk to her." Hina then tossed the man at her partner and walked to a nearby wooden stump, taking a seat and setting her head down in her hands. They had dispatched of some of the bandits, but there was a good chance that there were more around. All Hina needed was a quick break before getting back into the groove of fighting again.

As the two searched the area for someone to interrogate, Hina saw that a civilian laborer was caught up in the fight and severely wounded. Hina’s partner performed a summon and called in for special support, then continued in their original search before finding one of them. Meanwhile, Hina watched as the summon healed the laborer to stabilize him at the very least, then rejoined her partner, who had found one such person to question.

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Hina’s partner didn't bother to pick the prisoner up off of the ground as he fell to the ground, but instead put her weapon across the back of her shoulders and looked down at the man, and said, "I know full well what your first response will be when I ask for information, and I'll tell you right now, no, I will not kill you immediately if you refuse to give me some information about your operation. Instead, I will use you as either a training dummy, beating you to an inch of consciousness, healing you, and repeating until either I get bored or I run out of chakra."

Min pulled out a bubbling potion that was attached to her side, then continued, "Or I will use you as a test subject for my powerful mixtures. you want me to put you through pain and awkward conditions, or would you rather just tell me all you know? If you want the merciful release of'll have to find one of my partners for that. Just show them your emblem and he'll terminate you on the spot.if you're lucky."

The man looked between Hina and her partner, not certain if she should be laughing at the unseemly pair or frightened of what the monster might do. A quick glance at Hina did nothing to her. Even though Hina had just done a great deal of damage to her and her friends the plain sight of a full grown man with blazing pink hair was too ridiculous to take seriously. Hina, on the other hand, could be a danger. Shinobi were a dangerous breed; you could never be to certain what one would do to you if you crossed him or her. With that and an extreme enjoyment of living the man swallowed her pride and fell to the all too human temptation to tell all.

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"Yeah, sure?" The man said in a resigned voice. "Why not? It won't help you or anything. What do you want to know? All I know is that me and my pals were dropped up here so we can make a scene and make Konoha look bad. We dress up all civilian like, see, then we openly attack on somebody that looks like a shinobi. Don't know more than that."

"There's nothing to see here," Hina said loudly to the crowd in a stern voice. "We are taking care of the situation, so just head back to your business." The man laughed. "You call that being 'taken care of'?" he scoffed at Hina, ignoring the fact that Hina still had a hold on him. "There was a disturbance in the forest under your watch. Is that what you call being 'taken care of'?" "Return to you business," Hina repeated again, her voice getting a little thin. "If there are any injuries or personal complaints you can talk to my associate’s summon."

"Is that all you can give them?" the man laughed. He opened her mouth to talk again but Hina cut him off with a quick leap and a kick to the man's face. The man let out a startled yelp, but Hina stopped the kick a mere inch away from the man's face. A gust from Hina’s kick brushed the man's hair back. "I think you've said enough," Hina said coldly. She lowered her foot to reveal a scarlet coming from her eyes. The man swallowed and nodded her head. Hina turned to her partner. "What do you think? You seem better at this sort of thing than me." The kick from Hina put the bandit in a bad mood. He glared up at Hina and grit his teeth at her in frustration. It was apparent that there was something in particular he wanted to say, but the situation simply wouldn't let it.

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The only thing worse than losing is to be losing and not be able to do anything about it. When this happened, one of two things usually happened. Either the loser simply gave up or the loser was sore about it and went down with a fight, no matter how futile. This man was the latter of the two. "Can't tell you that," he said scornfully. "You didn't say the magic word." It was at this that Hina could take no more. She slammed her foot against the ground, sending it trembling. Every eye in the area turned to Hina as she stormed back towards the man, her eyes shining more brightly than before. The man tried to move away but couldn't get out of Hina’s partner’s grip.

"You will tell me what you know," Hina shouted as she grabbed the man by his hair. Because she was usually good by nature, Hina didn't really know how to intimidate people. A quick thought back to her time in basic training gave her a few ideas. "If you don't talk I break you down, maggot! Do you understand me?" The man stared at Hina with an incredulous look in his eyes but a quick twist from Hina’s hand reminded him who was holding who the hair.

"Screw you," the man said through clenched teeth. "I ain't tellin' you nothing." Hina clenched her teeth so tightly that they felt like they might crack. Hina instinctively raised her fist up and was ready to break this man's face when she noticed something. The man was smiling. no, laughing at them. Hina then picked up a sound from behind her. The people in the forest were muttering about her, speaking cruel words shinobi and everything they do. This man was beating Hina without even having to make a fist! Hina let go of the man with disgust and turned away for the umpteenth time.

Before Hina could get the chance to torture this guy, a knife flew threw the air and embedded itself into the bandit’s head. “Fuck!” came a sound from the shadows and Hina sprinted towards the sound. It was another bandit. Hina narrowly dodged a knife that whizzed past her and ended up too slow to catch up as he ran straight up a tree and dropped an explosive tag that blew her backwards with its detonation. Hina wondered why her partner wasn’t doing jack shit and gritted her teeth again. She grabbed a rock and hurled it as hard as she could, klonking the bandit in the back of the head. It allowed her enough of a distraction to tackle him from behind and bind him up. “Okay, if there aren’t any more of you out here, let’s head back to Konoha. We have supplies to deliver, after all and you have to answer for your crimes against us. Oh how Hina was going to enjoy seeing these bandit’s punishment through.

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