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Mission name: Laying the Foundation.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Perform manual labour and lay railroad tracks.
Location: Fire Country.
Reward: 150 Ryo.
Repeatable? ✓
Mission Description: The Fire Country is expanding, not just in size, but in technology. These new technological leaps require modernization of the countryside, and for the way to be paved-- quite literally. Shinobi must help workers lay tracks along a specified stretch of land, but it may be easier said than done.

Mission Details: One of the following situations arises while the shinobi lays the tracks; the random encounter is entirely up to the mission taker(s) to decide.

• (⚔) Hostile Natives; The new tracks are to be laid through an area teeming with hostile native wildlife, one of which attacks.
• Rough Terrain; The terrain is unsuitable for railroad building, too hard, soft, craggy, marshes, uneven elevation, etc.
• (⚔) Opportunistic Banditry; One bandit, thief, or pirate are looking to steal the railroad supplies.
• Darkest Dungeon; The new tracks are to be laid through an unexplored cave system that needs to be surveyed beforehand.
• Land Study; Future railroads need to be planned, and thus, land needs to be surveyed and documented for future endeavours.

For violent encounters, which are marked with a (⚔), opponents have tier-2 stats of their rank and at least have access to one element and the Ninjutsu libraries, equal to the rank of the mission.

Mission from here:

Not many people in Konoha truly appreciated shinobi since they were just a part of life here. There were a few that did though, and those tended to know exactly how to take advantage of what they could offer. Hina was approached by one such person who thought it would be just great to bring Hina in for some manual labor, helping with some tracks. She was not so much approached as she was woken up at the crack of dawn. “Open up shinobi, I have work for you to do!” Hina didn’t get out of bed at first because she didn’t want to interact with anyone that was at her door who didn’t even know her name. “I’m not leaving and I know you’re in there. Let’s go you’re burning daylight.” Hina slid out of bed. She was tired from last night and she wanted to get rest so that she could go be a knight later in the day. What did she do to deserve getting bothered like this? “What do you want,” she shouted with a forceful swing of the door. There was a very short stubby looking man outside her door who was already walking away. “Come on let’s go, no time to waste. You want to get paid don’t you?”

“What do you want me to do and what’s the pay,” Hina asked from a distance. She wasn’t going to leave her house without answers. “You give my men help and I give you money!” he shouted. He still wasn’t waiting. Hina rushed back into her room and threw on some presentable clothes and left the house in a hurry. She constantly adjusted her clothes to get them to look just right and inspected her body as she walked. Her exhaustion made it so that she could not rest so long as she was out in public with such a disheveled look. She had just enough focus left to follow the strange visitor around. When she’d fixed herself up enough she finally tore her mind from her appearance and was able to take a look at where they were going. “Are you okay?” she was asked but she ignored the question and responded with her own, “how much does this pay? I hope you didn’t drag me out of bed for some pittance.” “That depends on how much you can do for me. They walked for a couple more minutes without any more questions and then they finally came to a demolished building.

Hina looked out at the many workers that were walking back and forth with bits and pieces of rubble. Many of them used tools to break the rubble into smaller more manageable bits. Some had small slabs of wood that they used to slide rubble across the floor. None of it looked all that efficient.

WC: 473

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“Here’s the deal shinobi. You help out my men to get these tracks laid. Half of my guys are working on another project on the other side of town so I have to make do with what I have. You will be paid based on how many of my workers you can make up for.” Hina rubbed her eyes because they still had a bit of dust in them. This was a lot for her brain to process. “What exactly are your workers doing here? It would help decide what kind of help to give.” “I’ll make it simple for you: Just do some work and that’s it. I’m sure you’ll do fine and I know it’s something within your power. Take as much time as you need but know that I’ll be watching to make sure you’re earning your pay.” Hina sighed and thought about what she could do. She could definitely just get to work and leave it at that. Or, she could make this a learning experience and try to get creative with her techniques. This was the perfect opportunity to practice leadership.

Hina had never directed laborers before, but the concept of it was simple. Place the seeds of inspiration into people and spread the inspiration to boost the productivity of the group. While this was all possible in concept, Hina was going to take baby steps and lead in the most easy way possible. She brought over four workers who gave their consent for her experience and had them all hold hands with one another. Hina picked one of them as the initial guinea pig and told them an inspiring tale of how to do hard work a lot. She pressed lightly on his sweaty back and gave him a little massage. She could only imagine how much energy this mission would take so she was trying to relax them.

During Hina’s speech, she saw someone sneaking around and putting some supplies into a large duffle bag. “Hey you, what are you doing,” Hina called out but the person just ignored her. Hina’s temper flared up and she jogged over. “Hey I’m talking to you!” But the man still kept doing his thing. When Hina got within about ten feet of him, he sprinted away into the woods. Hina gasped. It was a thief! She wasn’t surprised because all of the missions seemed to have some kind of twist to them, and if she got rid of this guy then everything would be all Gucci.

WC: 420
Total: 893

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Hina tackled the guy from behind with her superior speed and then they started rolling around. Neither could gain the edge, so some of the civilian workers came over and started helping out by beating the thief with metal rods. It was cruel, but it worked quite well. Within a minute the bandit or thief, or whatever he was gave up. Well, he didn’t really give up… more like he got knocked out repeatedly.

She never did let the connection to her chakra go. She drug her finger from the completed bonded ropes to his arms where she pulled onto his body to make sure he couldn’t move. She was sure to tighten the ropes in such a way that they were all connected with elaborate lines and the whole process took about fifteen minutes. She was sweating from the concentration by then and thinking about how this was supposed to be fast. It made sense because it was her first time going this much into it and it showed just how far she could improve.  

After performing the bondage on the thief, Hina kept the chakra flowing and put both of her hands on his back. She then spread her chakra from him to the man to his left. Now this part was a lot faster. She willed her chakra to extend the energy into the ropes, hopefully securing them. She was thinking her skill in fuinjutsu would make it easier to bind him up real nice. She had to mentally focus on each bit of her chakra she put into the ropes and although she didn’t have to touch him, she found it easy enough to spread the energy if she concentrated on them hard enough. She managed to extend them all the way through to his feet and she started worrying about how much chakra she had used.

Once that was all wrapped up, Hina sighed and had some civilians take him away. What a headache it was to bind up a criminal who had shown himself to be dangerous. It wasn’t as simple as binding a simple civilian who probably wouldn’t have any tricks up their sleeves. Now Hina could finally finish giving her motivational speech and they could finish laying pipe… or rather rail.

The day passed by rather slowly. Labor wasn’t something Hina liked but that’s pretty much what D missions were all about. She kept on going and when the workers got tired she gave them some sensual motivation to finish, not that she planned on upholding her promises. These were not powerful workers but by her logic she had used six of them and had spend extra energy to complete the job. Could she really manage to finish the job by the end of the day? She was going to try. She pushed the workers harder and found that with the next worker it was even easier and faster than the last time. The feeling of spreading motivation with her words was still much less effective than she expected, but she was improving. Finally, at the end of the day, the job was done and the rail was laid down. Hina went all the way back to the village and started complaining about how much work she had to do. Nobody cared and she got her money. What a ride it had been.

WC: 561
Total: 1454


Mission reward:
+150 ryo for 750 words
+175 ryo for 700 words

+325 ryo total

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