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Kisei's Guide to his Confusing Clan Mechanics

Howdy there potential follower! It's Kisei here to help break down some of my clans, because apparently they're a bit confusing. So I've created this guide to help clarify things, but the true goal of this. ahem, "guide" is more or less to show the intentions of the clan mechanics,  and to offer up some interesting ideas, and overall just generally showcase what some of these kiddos can do. So, without further ado, let's get started!

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Kisei wrote:
Howdy there potential joiner of the Jiengen master race.  Perhaps one of my favorite clans to remake, (we miss you Ano), the Jiengen are known for their Senjutsu prowess and physical fragility, and of course; their Day Dream ability. But let's not withhold much longer yea?

The Daydream:

Kisei wrote:
The main feature of the Jiengen is their ability to cast jutsu from any point within the radius of their daydream. (This radius is found in the first spoiler on the Jiengen [Revamp] page.) Which makes any straight lined based range utterly pointless since they can be cast remotely anyway. Though I would suggest that whatever the jutsu you make, make sure that it can at least exceed 3 meters, due to the restriction that we cannot conjure jutsu so close to other beings with a chakra pool. Note: that clones are an exception to this, so feel free to spawn explosions on them at any point you want.

Though one hilarious interaction I do want to point out is that when it comes to being sense, or having their jutsu sensed, is does worse against Senjutsu than normal chakra. XD. While the Jiengen, their jutsu cast through the daydream, cannot be sensed by senjutsu derived methods of sensory, that are lower than their ninja rank; their jutsu and the presence of the daydream can be hinted on by normal means of sensory.

To make this simpler I'll make a list.

  • Jiengen
    - Cannot be sensed by Senjutsu sensory if the rank of the method is lower than ninja rank.
    - Cannot be directly sensed by based methods of either senjutsu or normal chakra sensory. Since the chakra of the daydream is all around them.
    Note: Since it is based on your ninja rank, you won't be able to be sensed by Senjutsu based methods when at S-rank. (Because honestly, who's gonna use an S-rank slot on a sensory jutsu?)

  • Daydream Cast Jutsu
    - Cannot be sensed by senjutsu derived methods lower in rank than your ninja rank.
    - The beginning of jutsu can be sensed from their chosen point of origin by normal chakra sensory methods, but not after its actualization.

  • The Daydream
    - Cannot be sensed by senjutsu methods in lower rank than your ninja rank.
    - Can be noted to exist(?) by literally EVERY OTHER form of chakra sensory jutsu. The 'feedback' gives a hint at what it is, but doesn't completely reveal itself.
    - Doesn't hide other people or jutsu besides the Jiengen and his jutsu.

One thing I probably should have looked at was the wording I used when revamping how the Jiengen, his jutsu, and his Daydream interact with sensory jutsu. Because this is way too complicated. "No wonder no one wants to join the clan." (Looks at the list of heavy drawbacks, including the -50 to chakra pool). "Actually nvm."

Subjective Reality:

Kisei wrote:
Now we're moving to the subjective reality of a Jiengen. No there really isn't much in this section to explain technically, because most of it is left with the individual Jiengen's creativity.

Mechanically speaking, in this section, the Jiengen recieve 30 senjutsu per ninja rank and senjutsu rank than the normal 20. Ending up with 330 senjutsu chakra. While normally this doesn't help much, you can have jutsu that drain more senjutsu chakra than normal chakra.

In this section we also find out that Jiengen cannot have a maximum stat in any jutsu or ability that doesn't include senjutsu in some aspect. However, all senjutsu jutsu, or jutsu that include senjutsu in some manner, get an additional maximum effect. So a C-rank jutsu can have 3 maximum effects at default.

"a C-rank senjutsu technique can have two maximums or two additional abilities in, or one of both, in addition to the free max value all C-ranks are given. (The three maximum effects are split as such for this example | 1 Max [Default], +1 from being a senjutsu tech, +1 from this clan effect."

Because these maximum effects can be used for anything, it really is left up to your individual imagination what to do. However you can bet that you'll be pretty powerful in whatever you come up with. Additionally, since A-rank and S-rank jutsu get 2 maximum effects, add that to the 1 you get from a senjutsu aspect, and the 1 you get from this clan, and you'll end up with a maxed out jutsu. REMEMBER, since you can cast jutsu through your Daydream, range is NOT a relevant stat 90% of the time.

I would give my jutsu extra effects most of the time, like for prison style jutsu, I would have the ability that they can create physical holes in their barriers at will. That way, you can let offensive jutsu or attacks simply pass through it. Leaving the defense unable to be broken, unless there was an AoE jutsu large enough to affect all of the area. Oh! Or a maze type jutsu that's resistant to damage, and can change the numerous hallways however you want. Oh! Or an offensive jutsu with with autohoming, a movement debuff, and a DoT effect?! Like I said, lots of possibilities.

Unlocked Potential:

Kisei wrote:
Now, in this section we cover, what is perhaps, the most lackluster of the Jiengen's abilities. While not as flashy as the other two aspects of the Jiengen, I dare say that this is it's equal in importance. Since the Jiengen are crippled physically, having a number of different methods to counter these weakness will be key. I'll go over a few later on in this part.

So within Unlocked Potential there are only three things. One) You can take a major positive for only one negative as a drawback. (To help balance out the crippling stat deficiencies.) Two) You can learn Senjutsu at D-rank with only 3,500, instead of the usual 5,000. Lastly, you have 24 Specialization ranks instead of 20 to train from. I.E, all your specializations can be Legendary rank.

If you do decide to take a Major positive special characteristic I would suggest getting Hidden Potential, so that you have more S-ranks, which is always a good boon, and since you're obviously planning to get Senjutsu with this clan you generally wouldn't have too many chakra problems. (The -50 chakra can be solved with the extra chakra you gain, found within the combat incentives guide).

If you don't mind the drawbacks too much or have found your own ways around if feel free to like and subscribe share me some of your ideas in discord. However one way I found to be able to deal with the major drawbacks with the Jiengen is with Summoning. Since they pay for their own maintenance and can cast jutsu of their own, you generally only need to worry about not being caught in the middle of the battle and staying hidden.

Don't even get me started on Legendary Giant summons, those things are so so good. Having legendary stats on every one of your stats, who wouldn't want that. Basically for 3-5 posts you have an invincible warrior who's invisible while moving, can act before anyone else can, can tank for you, can limit your opponent to one jutsu a turn(?) [When you have the option of at least 2 or more], that's good, really good. Even with A or S-rank summons the utility they provide can definitely cover for your weakness. If you have a giant summon, you can simply hitch a ride on them wherever you want to go, so the movement debuff from Atrophy is out. (Strength isn't needed from you when a giant summon is out and about). Additionally, your summoning contract gives you spec you didn't already have, so you could potentially end up with all the specializations Saga has to offer.

If you aren't going the summoning route, you could always supplement your movement with items. The Atrophy SC only affects your stats, so items and jutsu which replace the need for those stats are added, the Atrophy isn't an issue. Such as an item that gives you a set +X meters per second speed while using it, or a jutsu for that matter.

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Placeholder Ushinatta



Placeholder Amida (Pending the upcoming revamp because right now it's a hot mess of illegal values atm.)



Placeholder Kyara




Kisei wrote:So we're back with the Akui clan! The Void bros of Warframe Saga. They're a little intimidating at first but I'm sure that you'll warm up to them. Eventually....

First off let's explain a little bit about their primary mechanic, something that all Akui have native to them. Void Scars. A direct quote from the clan page.

"Offensive jutsu with Kukyoton as the element take on a distinct black color, signifying its connection to the endless void. When a Kukyoton jutsu injures a living being the void continues to eat away at them, in the most literal meaning of the phrase. The subject will notice that their wounds don't heal over time but worsen instead. This phenomenon referred to as ‘Void Scars’. The leftover energy from Kukyoton will continue to devour the afflicted for one post after the attack, dealing damage depending on the rank of the attack. With the affected area experiencing damage 3 ranks lower than the jutsu used to damage them. A minimum of E-rank damage and a maximum of an additional B-rank damage."

To sum it up, when a Kukyoton jutsu does damage they will inflict additional damage onto the victim. Sort of like a burn, or acid. Pick your poison. This damage isn't really significant early on, since it only does -3 ranks of damage equal to the jutsu that caused it. At higher ranks you'll get an extra B-rank's worth of damage at maximum so you'll be saving a little bit of chakra, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. Moving on, let's check out the paths~


So from birth the Akui manifest into one of the three different paths. 'The Path of Delirium' (Genjutsu), 'The Path of Desecration' (Summoning), and 'The Path of Destruction' (Universal). Each path has its own list of checks and balances so you'll notice that the drawbacks section isn't very long or extreme as some of my other clans. (That some of the benefits are kinda trash...) So let's begin with the Path of Delirium first!

Path of Desecration:

Kisei: Path of Delirium wrote:

So this Path's sole feature is the ability to add extra debuffs onto a genjutsu they cast for the cost of 15 extra chakra. The Akui of this path automatically have 5 options they can choose from at creation. Each affecting one of the natural senses. The three sense of Hearing, Sight, and Scent, are all grouped into one and have the same mechanical effect. (Meaning that you don't shut off 3 different senses for the cost of 15 extra chakra. They're all in the same spoiler for convenience.

For those three senses, on the first post the chosen sense of the target begins to shrink down to 100 meters, with a vague sense of what's beyond that range. Every post that the genjutsu this is attached to continues the range they can experience shrinks by 10 meters. At the second post the completely lose the ability to sense the world beyond the current range this effect is at. (So if if their sight was restricted to 70 meters, their natural sight cannot see beyond that, even if enhanced with a jutsu. Although it would still work fine within the current boundaries.)

For Touch, it's fairly self explanatory. Over the course of 3 posts the target becomes increasingly numb throughout their entire body. Effectively, though not literally, gaining the Numb SC over the course of three consecutive posts.

For Taste.... Well. You lose your sense of taste. There's literally nothing more to say about it. (What do you want me to say?! How am I suppose to describe slowly losing your sense of taste? What extra benefit would there be to prolonging such a sense. XD)

Though a plus to this extra effect is that it doesn't automatically dispel when the genjutsu does. Instead the effect gradually reverse over half of the time spent affected by the genjutsu, when the extra effect was put in place. So someone who completely lost their sense of sight over the course of 10 posts would regain 10 meters of their sight every post, until the end of the fifth post; during which their sight spontaneously returns to normal.

Finally, for my favorite part of this Path. You can apply for your own senses! Well, to make that a bit more clear, you can apply for different senses to affect with your genjutsu.  While they do require training based on what they can do at maximum effect, they don't take up jutsu slots; and you can get pretty crazy with some of them. Such as affecting a person's sense of time. Slowly adding a 0.1 second sensory lag to a single sense every post. Or messing with some's sense of balance, destroying their DEX stat. Even sense of space is up for grabs, if the effect is balanced enough for the mods to allow it.

If I had to say, I would say that the main benefit of this clan is that it allows for stacking, lingering effects along with the genjutsu they cast for an (overall) lower cost. Given ample timing and good preparation, the Akui of the Path of Desecration are pretty amazing.

Path of Desecration:

Kisei: Path of Desecration wrote:

Perhaps the Path that gave me the most amount of trouble during this latest redux. The Path of Desecration is the summoning branch of the Akui that focuses on bringing horrifying parodies of out animals to this world. (Though as a clarifying note, these Void Beasts are able to be any animal form, since Void Creatures are non-physical until entering this world). Perhaps the most significant change is the new maintenance cost equation, but I'll go into that later. With this new iteration of the clan, their summoning mastery is displayed by the different Pacts they can make with Naraka. The Akui of The Path of Desecration have 5 pacts to choose from at creation.

Bountiful Pact:
Bountiful Pact: This pact is specifically focused on bringing out pack summons, and taking advantage of the adjusted cost to overwhelm the enemy. Since they gain double the usual amount per rank, two per rank above C-rank, and starting out with three at C-rank, a single A-rank summon equals out to be seven. Since you can maintain at least three for a decent number of posts, expect a legion of 21 A-rank summons to be swarming your enemies. XD. As a lesser feature, pack summons only take -2 to their stats as opposed to the normal -4. Basically, this Pact takes everything good about pack summons and made it better.

Although if choosing this pact I would suggest that you delegate your pack summons to different ranges or at least have them have a cycle attack, (where one pack attacks, then moves away, while another pack attacks the target, etc..). Because while you may have a lot of summons they still aren't very, ahem, durable. A single powerful AoE jutsu can easily destroy all your summons at once if you aren't careful.

Lasting Pact:
Long Lasting Pact: Think of this as the double efficiency Pact. (Spoilers: There's quite a bit of math involved in this breakdown.) Simply put, this Pact adds +5, after all modifiers, to the maintenance cost of your summons. However your summons only pay this cost at the end of every two posts. (Summon -> 1st post -> 2nd post -> Pay at the start or they disappear -> Repeat). This ends up saving you 40-50% chakra, and extending your summon's lives.

Normal cost of 10 A-rank summons: (25+(5*10)) = 75 chakra per post
Normal Akui cost of 10 A-rank summons: (5*10) = 50 per post
Long Lasting cost of 10 A-rank summons: ((5*10)+5) / 2 posts = Effective 27.5 per post.

Giant Pact:
Giant Pact: A medium pick in my opinion. The main feature of this Pact is that it allows your summons to have a Legendary stat, if their stats are greater than S-3. Now, to actually make this possible for 90% of cases. Giant summons can redistribute 8 tiers (subtracting & adding) of stats. Allowing for S-rank summons to have a Legendary stat at the lowest cost of a -1 to every stat except the one you want; then obviously adding +4 to the chosen stat.

Now, Giant Summons are incredibly strong on their own already, giant summons have an innate +4 interaction bonus to their all their stat interactions (except perception). They also have a 1 rank damage reduction effect on them, making excellent tanks. So imagine a Giant summon that can constantly apply a DEX pressure effect to all your enemies and do two attack simultaneously. Or a giant summon that's basically invisible with legendary speed. Or a nearly invincible giant with Legendary endurance. That's truly a force to be reckoned with. However since this doesn't do anything to how long they can stay on the field, they have to be deployed strategically. Although you will have three Giant summons to choose from so I wouldn't sweat it too much. I would also suggest adding taijutsu or med nin to one of the specializations your contract can use. So that you could have one of your other summons boost their other lowered stats so that it reaches Legendary as well. This also allows for the multiple summon akui equation to kick in and save your summons some chakra. (Especially if they're highly ranked.)

One last major note, since these Giant gain Legendary stats when their stats reach over S-3, even an S-ranked summon can reach all Legendary stats if you're willing to invest in an item or jutsu to bring their stats that high. Items passives would be ideal since they don't cost chakra.

Blood Bond:
Blood Bond: It doesn't particularly add a new effect, taking on the maintenance cost of your summon(s), I'm sure that a passive item effect, or a different method could yield the same results. However the main thing for this bond is that allows you to use your summons as the origin point of your jutsu. A devastating effect to any kit really. Additionally, since you're the one paying for your summon's chakra costs, any forms of charka cost reduction can be applied. Such a senjutsu, if you have it, or even just the normal chakra reductions. I can envision having one giant summon out in the middle of the battlefield while you're 200 meters away, using another summon to see your Giant. Then casting an incredibly powerful jutsu after your summon. With your giant's first jutsu destroying any defenses put up first, then with your jutsu attacking them. Kidos to you if you giant summon's jutsu trigger is also a physical attack. Then you get three attacks in one fell swoop.

Sacrifice bond:

Sacrifice Bond: Great for those people who want to fight right up with their summons, but a good option all around. Works well when combined with a Giant summon, since they're naturally more durable and reduce damage by a full rank. I imagine it works well when you want to just power through an onslaught of attacks. Simply bait out your opponent's offensive jutsu or attack, transfer it through your giant, then follow up with counter attack from both of you.

Through I realize that this is a chakra intensive option if you're constantly using it, and although you probably wouldn't need to use more than two instances of it. I do suggest pairing it with senjutsu to make the chakra cost easier on you, or find a way to reduce incoming damage before it hits you. Since this ability is only dependent on the jutsu equivalent of damage you take. So say that you were able to weaken an S-rank so that it did A rank damage to you, you'd have to pay for the cost of an A-rank jutsu + 15. But most importantly, make sure you have a summon out before attempting this. Many an Akui have fallen due to forgetting that requirement.

Now for a big part of this Path, the maintenance cost. This equation is meant to figure out the base cost for a summon per post, before any modifiers. When having multiple summons out the equation is as follows.

(5 x number of summons)

Incredibly simple, and powerful in terms of efficiency. At least when high ranks are involved, you see, the equation doesn't factor in summon ranks. So 100 A-ranks would cost the same as 100 D-rank, at least when it comes to maintenance costs. (Something that the staff will no doubt make sure that I address when I ask for the clan to be pulled for some balancing fixes.) But as I said, this maintenance equation is only for the base cost, meaning that other modifiers such as Giant summons, or debuffs, would apply after. So having two summons, one pack, and one giant out at once, would cost 10 to the pack summon and 20 to the giant.

Path of Destruction:

Kisei: Path of Destruction wrote:

The most simple path of the three. Not requiring as much forethought as the Path of Delirium or the specialization of the Path of Desecration. The Path of Destruction's primary, and only feature if you think about it, is their enhanced void scars.

While they scale with -2 ranks in damage, as opposed to -3 ranks, they also have a minimum of C-rank damage on them. So a B-rank jutsu if they injure a target will have them take both B-rank damage and then C-rank the next round. And while the better scaling is nice, this only makes a difference at S-rank and higher. (S-rank -> B-rank | Legendary -> A-rank).

The best feature this Path offers is that it leaves a lingering effects that gives void scars. So that A-rank fire ball Kukuyoton that explodes on contact? Alrighty, so the fire ball does A-rank damage, and the void scars deal C-rank damage. However, ALL the area that jutsu traveled through, is basically radioactive, but not with radiation, with toxic, and mysterious, void energy. If you opponent touches the area that your jutsu traveled through, they take another instance of void scar damage. (This one also scaling by the rank of the original fireball).

This is a good way to force your opponent to spend chakra to either shield themselves from this extra damage, or to limit their movement options. And the more jutsu you can stack against them, the more residual void scars they'll have to deal with. If you wanted to take advantage of this I would suggest that you use a defensive jutsu as a psuedo-binding jutsu. They'll still be inflicted with void scars from defensive jutsu, if your Kukyoton is legendary. Then they'll take another void scars by being within the corrupted area that defensive jutsu can cause. Even if they break it immediately they still have void scars to deal with. While they're bound, you can poke them down with precise offensive jutsu. Stacking a good amount of damage on them in the next round if you manage to pull it off.

With this path having range actually is important. Since that's how you spread your second void scars. Enhancing multiple projectiles with a kukyoton jutsu isn't too bad of an idea.



Placeholder for upcoming "Sona"ta clan~ :music_note:

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