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Black hued lenses gazed softly through the cherry blossom trees, peering toward the red hot sun in a somewhat lonely bliss. The sunlight could barely touch his skin as Xigs stood below the pink forest. This location was no secret as tourists and locals alike would venture here to see the absurdity of plant life growing thrivingly here in the desolate plains of Tsuchi no kuni.

This area had been an experiment between an elder of Iwagakure who had taken the title of mentor for Xigs, as well as Xigs himself. Most of his youth, Xigs worked on fields with his family that had raised him as a farmer. What you may not know however is how farmers are highly valued in the land of stone, for most people would say the land is too infertile. However, with the utilisation of modern shinobi methods, the great farming families around the land of earth are one of/if not the greatest in agriculture management and technology across the world.

Xigs was quite proud of how quickly these trees had grown, as he slowly paced through the pink forest with his arms out, whilst fingertips would slowly drag across the tree trunks. This great state of serenity was truly bliss in the chaotic shinobi world we live in today, how ever this bliss abruptly ceased as the sounds of hacked wood would echo from the north east region of the forest. Screams would echo in unisons with the hacking of trees, as the sound of metal piercing wood would pierce Xigs ears. Reaching for his backpocket, Xigs would unveil his kunai which was swiftly gripped with his right hand as he gazed toward the sounds of trees falling, whilst an ever so small smirk would lift the edge of his mouth.

WC: 299.

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As people fled the forest, disbelief and horror would cover their faces. However Xigs on the other end of the adversity would slowly make his way toward the crisis, as he continued walking patiently yet ever so vigilantly. However it would only be a short while before the forest had been evacuated, leaving an eerie silence to fill the cherry blossom utopia. But this short silence would be quickly interrupted with a voice in his head. Xigs, are you there? A silence would once again take place before it once again spoke to him. Xigs... I'm not there now, however I- Before the voice could finish, Xigs would speak of his own volition. "Elder Kusa, it's been a while since we last spoke." Another pause in sound would follow. I am in secluded meditation, however my chakra reserves can allow communication for exactly 15 minutes. I believe in your ability so do take care of this issue.

"Roger that." Xigs replied, soothingly, as if issuing his own confidence in the task required of him. However his slow walking and conversation would soon be interrupted once again, however this time by a hand made of stone which would swipe aggressively at him from the ground affront him. With the abrupt nature of the attack, Xigs had no time to counter the hand as efficiently as he had liked to, thus transferring his weight backward, falling back whilst launching his legs upward, slowly spinning his body until he was 180 degrees staring directly upward. It was thanks to this reaction that his feet would be the first to impact with the hand, and thus allowing the force of the hand to bend his own legs and kick off, catapulting his body 10 meters backward. "Elder Kusa I don't suppose you can see all this can you?" Xigs inquired as he once again readied his kunai and analyzed the situation. For if he was grasped by the hand that had now sunk back into the ground his body may have been crushed.

I unfortunately cannot, now report the situation. Thee voice of Elder Kusa was cold, stern yet light and calm. "It seems someone is destroying the forest by manual force which seems quite interesting, and now I've been attacked by some earth manipulation jutsu, as if it is a golem. However the attack has stopped, and yet I can't sense the jutsu's creator." As Xigs had just stated his eyes would pan the area slowly, not allowing a moment to pass where he would miss a visual clue. Well, if the jutsu is indeed a golem, it's of a physical tier higher than your own. Disposing of it would deem impossible, however use whatever means to stop the destruction of the trees, I will send help shortly.

Simply nodding and spitting out acceptance, Xigs would leap upward atop a cherry blossom tree before launching his body from branch to branch, knowing very well that the earth golem could only surprise him from the ground, and thus staying in the air would give him more time to react. It was only then when a golem would slowly rise from the ground 10 meters affront him, and to his dismay Xigs may have only been another 50 away from the sounds of trees being cut down, which would again allow birds to frantically flee, chirping in horror now breaking the silence even more. "Ugh." His eyes would roll back as he was over this situation, before throwing the kunai forward into the golem, whilst the golem stood unfazed, with kunai successfully striking the golem but only embedded into it's head by an inch. This action contained multiple reasons behind it, as it was to test out the reaction of the golem.

"The golems are not intelligent and must be issued a command which they follow, their durability is quite developed as it can withstand a kunai which looks like only the tip could pierce an inch into it. This golem looks different than the last as it's arms are shorter, so I can confirm there is more than one golem. However i see a chink in the armor of this golem, permission to dispose of it."


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Acknowledging permission from his elder was of high concern and took precedence within Xigs tenure at Iwagakure. Now highlighted as a somewhat important asset in terms of agriculture and technology, so whenever there was a threat, Xigs would usually be ordered not to engage. So being granted permission to engage in a target supposedly stronger than himself was definitely an odd decision from Elder Kusa. However now was not the time to think about such trivialities as a threat was only meters affront him. Launching his body forward off the thick cherry blossom branch, Xigs would somersault upward reaching for his back pocket revealing two shuriken. Descending upon the golem, Xigs unleashed his kunai throwing them downward and striking the golems shoulders, embedding an inch deep into the earth composed golem. Gravity would pull his body downward as he delivered a spinning kick to the golems head, or more specifically the kunai wedged in it's head. The force of the kick would have little effect to the golem, however due to the kunai being struck it would launch through the golems head, as small piece of rock crumbled to the ground, revealing a headless golem standing firm in stance with shuriken still embedded in its shoulders.

Kicking off the golem, Xigs would once again somersault backward landing on his feet 5 meters away from the golem. Still hesitant on if it were still active, Xigs would without pause charge the golem, running forward however being vigilant to his surroundings. it was then a ripple began to develop on the headless golems belly, where a small boulder would launch from it's belly, screaming toward Xigs. With momentum already pushing forward Xigs would kick off the ground upward, launching his body once again to the skies in an attempt to the boulder. Thankfully to his quick thinking his body had narrowly escaped the boulder as its momentum tore through two trees before rolling to a halt. As his body descended to the ground again the golem would move forward, raising both arms to catch the shinobi in mid air. However Xigs who had taken precautions would swing both legs downward, as his feet collided with the golems fingertips specifically.

For his calculations were correct as the fingers of the golem crumbled immediately, for Xigs had predicted that a chakra reserve was within the centre of the golem to employ jutsu and commands,  so the golems weak spots were furtherest to its chakra reserve/core aka at it's limbs. Also reach time the golem moved would required the use of chakra, especially if the golem used a jutsu such as the boulder. So without pause Xigs would wait till he hit the ground before flipping upward, bringing his legs upward from behind himself thus backflipping over the golem and unleashing his legs downward on it's shoulders. Yet again a calculated strike had once again prevailed as his feet struck the shuriken, shooting them down through the golems arms and having them leave the golem, hitting the ground beside it. Now gaining his balance atop the golem his hands would clench and raise delivering four swift jabs to golems shoulder, disjointing them from the shurikens damage allowing them to crumble into dust.

His minor victory would once again be interrupted as the golem began to ripple immensely across its entire body.

"Not good." Xigs noted as he still stood atop the golem, analysing before acting as anything rash could leave him like the two trees which had been obliterated by the boulder. His right hand would swiftly weave to his side producing hands signs of the Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog and finally Snake. Gleaming above him seeing a branch Xigs would unleash his jutsu. Boulders would suddenly erupt from the golems body in all directions smashing trees and tearing through branches. It would seem that Xigs would be like the trees and torn apart, however it would soon show that after the boulders had stopped launching, Xigs location would expel a cloud of smoke as he would reappear atop a tree only two meters away. It would seem his use of the substitution jutsu had been a remarkable success, as he gleamed at the golem before descending, allowing his body to fall toward the golem once again from a high vantage point.

For Xigs had already discovered one last fact about the golem, and that such a jutsu it had just used would leave it's body brittle. This was shown, as he swung his leg downward once against, driving his foot through the golem, tearing the golem in half as it instantly turn to ash before it could hit the dirt. "One Golem down." He said harshly thanks to his heavy breathing. Xigs had now escaped death however he felt he still had a long way to go to being a proper shinobi, but even more so the sweat that was excreting from his pores was now quite immense, so taking a moment to catch his breath was of high importance. However this was interrupted by the sound of trees being torn from their roots, as once again another boulder came screaming toward him. His mission was definitely not done yet as he spun out of the way on instinct, whilst the sound of one tree obliterating was lucky for Xigs to trigger a reaction, however it was simply too late to dodge unscathed, as the boulder would strike his fleeing arm, smacking it tearing through some skin and bruising the muscle across his forearm. Xigs body being numb and unable to feel pain, Xigs would once again kick off the ground, launching his body to the air to stand atop a tree once again.

Xigs would then crouch looking deep into the forrest which now looked quite dark as the sun would begin to descend. As ideas would flick through his mind he would continue to analyse what to do, as his mission was far, far, far from over.

WC: 1002 (+1111) = 2113

Chakra: 245/250

Jutsu Used:
Name: Substitution Technique (変わり身の術 - Kawarimi no Jutsu)
Origin: Library.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Clear line of sight (or other sensory means of detecting the decoy)
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: Indefinite postponement → 1 post.
Cooldown: Once per thread.
Hand Seals: Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake
Description: An age-old skill that requires some forethought, it allows the user to swap places with a prepared object in the surroundings at untraceable speed. An item for use with this technique must either be a clone, an object the size of the user's torso, or a willing living being of similar size; by infusing the decoy with chakra before or after making the hand seals, the user can activate this technique later without any indication, but only when they are about to sustain a blow from an oncoming attack

When they do so, the decoy and the user move to switch positions with each other, both at speeds not even the keenest Perception can detect. An afterimage is often formed in the process of the decoy taking the hit, making it seem as if the user was hit; skilled ninja can even manipulate their chakra to make it seem as if the afterimage is bleeding. After a short time, a brief cloud of smoke issues from the decoy, revealing its true nature; the user also audibly reappears in the location they hid their decoy before it moved.

As the user is moving at speeds untraceable to human perception even they cannot detect what is going on around them, or even activate any other jutsu. They cannot prepare or coordinate during this extreme movement, but can reorient themselves and attack after they have come to a stop.

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Perched atop a branch, Xigs had reached a time in his life where there was an actual imminent danger before him. However fear did not control his emotions as he was a realist. Everything needed a straight mind, as he noticed his arm was struck harder than he though as blood would drip slowly from his forearm. Due to his birth defect of being numb he had not noticed it, however the striking red color of his blood would change this mentality and situation, as he ripped some cloth from his kimono and wrapped it around his wound. For even though he was studying medical ninjutsu he was still to new to employ the skills needed for his injury. As he caught his breath and gazed toward the trajectory of the last boulder that had passed him a large stone golem would make its way out of the shadows, however as impartial as Xigs was to attacking it, he could feel a slow wind blow from his right, and with that wind carried the faintest sound Xigs could barely hear. It was a crunching twig. Leaping backward immediately after registering the noise, a boulder would once again pass where he had crouched, crashing into the branch sending nothing but splinters and torn cherry leaves in it's wake.

And this was just the beginning, as he descended to the ground two large arms made of soil would emerge from the ground to grab Xigs. Now twirling his body forward, front flipping into the open arms of earth, he would once again kick at them, however these were from a fresh golem which had a strong chakra reserve. The earth hands would stop it's action however would maintain it's durability. "Tch." Slightly annoyed at the amount of thought was needed to defeat the golems, he would kick off its legs and somersault atop a new branch. Looking down at the golems there were now three in total and at the same time his vision was slowly becoming obscured by the darkness spreading due to the setting sun. Not only was this an issue, but he could still hear the chopping of wood, meaning even if he were to defeat these three golems he would still have to take out whatever was left that was hacking at the trees, and to Xigs surprise the trees crashing would usually follow after the sound of a single slice of whatever was hacking at it, meaning its strength was immense.

So a plan came to rise inside his mind, as he stood patiently gazing upon the golems. Taking a single step into mid air Xigs would fall to the ground land directly on both his feet. With quite the drop, usually a human body would find a little pain, however his body unable to feel it simply dismissed it. The golems would slowly surround him each standing 8 meters away from Xigs yet 120 degrees from him. Reaching for his back pocket, Xigs would unveil three shuriken and throw them outward at the golems head, just as previously the golems would not flinch as they struck their heads and embedded one inch deep into their earthly bodies. A silence would soon follow as Xigs slowly half crouched in preparation to engage his plan of dodging. As precise movement was needed with no wasted effort, he simply couldn't afford any more injuries. It was then where the bellies of the golems would ripple. A sense of imminent crisis washed over Xigs as he stood in the middle of the three golems. With only a single shuriken left in his tool pouch, Xigs had used up most of his tools to survive. Yet he had not been in a harder spot to date.

Without delay boulders would emerge from the ripples on the golems, launching small boulder ripping tearing through trees to collide with Xigs, However Xigs would duck and roll to his side, allowing the three boulders to collide, smashing into pieces on impact and sending dust and debris into a cloud covering 20 meters. However this was not it, as it would seem they did not rely on sight, as ripples would cover their entire bodies and started firing boulders out. The sounds of trees obliterating into dust would echo across the pink forest, as Xigs leapt from tree to tree to get as high as he could. Scampering away from the dust cloud so his vision could be restored another boulder would randomly pass his ear, lightly grazing it where Xigs would understand he had just narrowly escaped serious injury. A small, thin branch would fire from a broken tree, stabbing an inch into his thigh, however Xigs would continue to leap, with wood chips brushing his face and splintering across his body. At long last, a mere moment of escaping boulders had seemed like a full day, reaching the top of a cherry blossom tree he would look down to see the dust cloud thinning out slowly.

During this attack Xigs had noticed the golems had fired more golems than the first, however as he thought about it he realised the last golem must have used all of it's chakra and thus didn't have as much stored to produce as many as these three. "Elder Kusa? Dispatching of the last golems now. Just give me a single minute." The voice in his head would soon react. Xigs... be vigilant and don't get over confident, three golems is definitely a task I wouldn't wish upon any genin. Good luck. Xigs eyes would shine at the setting sun as it had now completely set, revealing a full moon to light the night sky. For everything suddenly made sense to Xigs, his somewhat lurking confusion was now completely overridden with beaming confidence.

Meanwhile down below the cherry blossoms three golems could barely stand as their chakra reserves were barely empty. Looking around slowly they could see no sign of life, as every cherry tree around them had been torn apart besides three flimsy, thin yet tall trees. Their vision was quite obscured by the night as well of their lack of chakra which was keeping them from sensing anything properly. However it was then that a spinning silhouette would emerge from one of the flimsy trees, falling downward upon one of the golems. Clueless as to what it was that was moving close to him, and without the chakra to react properly the golem would watch as the figure would descend upon him. The instant the silhouette struck the golem, it disintegrating into dust, this silhouette obviously being Xigs, who had waited patiently for these golems to waste their chakra and lose their durability. The other two golems stood their helplessly as Xigs sprinted toward them, however noticing his right leg moving slower than usual, Xigs would look at it seeing the branch that had stuck into his leg when the boulders were exploding the trees.

Yanking it out of his flesh, blood would trickle slowly down his leg as he continued to sprint toward the golems, one strike each was all he needed to defeat these depleted golems, now leaving only dust in his wake. The fight had finished as well as the sounds of chopping wood. Xigs would immediately stop find his tools amongst the debris, finding his kunai and shuriken. Whilst there was no sound of chopping anymore, Xigs still would make his way slowly to where it had initially came from. Yet a smile, he never would usually let out would spread across his face in a brief sense of joy. For he had figured out the reason for this attack a little while ago. And now that the danger was gone he could finally finish his task. Treading through the pink forest at night, Xigs would finally make his way toward the edge, however instead of the standing beautiful pink utopia would be a field of stumps and a collection of tied up sakura logs tied atop a large cart where a figure would be seated atop of.

"So, it was you after all, Elder Kusa."

WC: 1362 (+2113) = 3475

Speed Tier WC

D0-D1= 750
D1-D2= 750
D2-D3= 750
Total= 2250

Leftover WC = 1225.

Chakra: 245/250

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Now without the wall of trees surrounding them, the cold night sky would allow thick, chilling winds to surge through the air. The night sky would be completely black, with the exception of the full moon. Perhaps the stars hide from the sovereign in the sky. Xigs would always lose himself in thought, even at serious moments like this. For his master, Elder Kusa was in front of him and as Xigs had speculated is behind the entire event that had transpired. "Elder Kusa?" Not understanding the motive, Xigs would slowly maker his way to his master. "You're late. However you have done well to get this far. Your very first training camp. However it is far from over. You fought my boulder golems, now try my hound golems." Elder Kusa would weave a string of hand signs before thrusting a single finger into the ground, emitting chakra into the earth. Ripples would soon spread the earth, as red eyes would gleam from earth made hounds rising from the ground.

Xigs would immediately be on guard, reaching for his kunai once again gripping it tightly in his hands. As he panned around Xigs would count 16 hound golems simply affront him, however he knew his elder well and that there would most likely be some still hidden in the earth. Xigs would scan his body for injuries before the assault, noticing his forearm and thigh wounds had stopped bleeding on their own, thanks to the compression from the bandages first and foremost, however risk of infection was still high. With nothing remotely possible to about it, Xigs would remind himself that excess movement would probably open up the wound however he knew a lot about the hound golems from dealing with them in his past. For hound golems are used for manual labour in the world of farming and agriculture. They were very different to the boulder golems, being much thinner thus a lot faster, they were incapable of using jutsu. However their greatest strength was the intelligence. Because there were so many and not as much chakra was needed to manipulate them, as well as their caster having a view of the battle, a well thought out strategy could be executed perfectly.

Before they could make a move Xigs would see his path to victory, at first this open area so close to the caster was not exactly beneficial, however Xigs now had other plans to counter attack. Rushing forward immediately he would notice his body was moving quicker than normal, quickly stunning himself before continuing to duck and weave through the small group of hounds. Snarls and barks would bellow across the area, as hounds would randomly pounce on the quick moving Xigs, however their bodies lacking much chakra left them fragile, as displayed by Xigs as it took four swift thrusts to its spine for the first hound to collapse. Dispatching one after the other, making his way further into the small horde of hound golems, Xigs would suddenly have to deal with hounds emerging from the ground with fangs bearing at the thin shinobi. However he would counteract appropriately, spinning his body into the air, thus somersaulting downward unleashing a kick with momentum, enough to smash its face in, sending the rest of his body to merge with the earth again.

Continuing his way through the horde, it would seem their was simply too many to deal with, however to Xigs calculations he had destroyed 13 hounds, meaning including the one hiding in the ground, there should only be four left. So it was safe to assume Elder Kusa had continued to create them, and as Xigs knew very well, Elder Kusas chakra pool was absurdly abnormal and inhuman. For his chakra was like a rainbow as if he were to possess chakra of different people. However he continued to persevere remembering his master told him that this was specifically a training camp. So he felt he had already gotten quicker as dodging the boulders had increased his speed somewhat, but now it seemed he had to focus on where a hound would pounce from. Remaining vigilant and staying low to the ground, Xigs would constantly be attacked by a new hound, however as the fight continued, Xigs senses had honed, to the point where dispatching of them was of second nature to him.

Crumbled rock and dust would cover the landscape as the shinobi with long black hair sped across the battlefield, launching his body up and landing atop another hound will driving his kunai through its mouth, crushing its neck and sending it to join it's fellow dust particles. However his hands would immediately reach for his tool pouch as he spun to his right and threw two shuriken out, as they shot through two hound golems. Finally it would seem the pack was thinning out, as only two remained. However of course this was not how it was to end. As only two hounds were left, they were much large than the others and more defined, making the destroyed hounds look like moulded play dough. Xigs would maintain his posture as he remained calm, slowly moving around the two leftover alpha hounds. Their stone teeth would show as the hound began grinding their teeth gnashingly. Xigs would flipping his kunai in his right hand, flicking it between fingers as he glared upon the hounds. Dead silence would swallow the field as Xigs remained calm.

However the silence would be broken by the words spoken from the man atop the cherry logs. So how did you know?" Kusa asked as he sat, staring into the sky. However Xigs would maintain his composure as he kept his attention toward the hounds. "While I was fighting the golems, I confirmed you couldn't see anything around me however you stated the exact amount of golems surrounding me without me telling you previously." Another silence would pass before the two hounds would begin to growl once again. However the elder would smile as he continued to gaze upon the dark night sky. As he was proud of how Xigs had operated so far, even to the point in which he was now given an unspoken permission slip to go hard on him.

WC: 1046 (+1225) = 2271

Perception Tier WC

D0-D1= 750
D1-D2= 750
D2-D3= 750
Total= 2250

Leftover WC: 16

Chakra: 245/250

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The two alpha hound golems were no more, as they looked more like wolves, with their eyes glaring at Xigs, perhaps if they weren't entirely brown from their earth constitution they'd look like actual wolves. The night would once again grow quiet as the final battle would come to its starting point. Leftover cherry blossoms would collect by the slow peaceful winds, collecting each leaf up into the air to allow them to fall like rain.  If there wasn't such killing intent between Xigs and the earth golems, this place would once again be a tranquil place to be. As cherry blossom leaves fell from above, their bodies would move without cause, as their speeds were now evenly matched, the only difference being Xigs was fighting two seperate opponents. Every action he made was met with a similar response and thus he was unable to find an opening, always finding himself backing way whilst still unscathed, but unable to damage the wolves effectively. Also whilst the battle continued, he would notice due to their manipulator being so close, their chakra reserve could be constantly replenished. "Ugh. What kind of cheat code are you using..."

Murmuring under his breath as he continued to deflect attacks , leaping backward until he realised he was starting back into some of the pink forest that wasn't destroyed. Xigs eyes would glow, as a small plan came to action, utilising the cover from the trees, he'd leap upward whilst also realising that due to how dark it was the golem would need to use earth sight to find him. Earth sight was another method for golems to see, and that anything within 20 meters of them (only in this case) in contact with earth would be viewable, sensing them with chakra pulses, and registered back to them by touch. Like an earth/chakra radar of sorts, so as Xigs would leap onto a branch, the wolves would know where he was, leaping upward to snap him up. Xigs realised this fatal flaw of theirs, and that when using earth sight you couldn't use other senses, and this was especially for chakra created beings such as golems without the sense of touch similar to Xigs himself.

So as they left the earth and reached for Xigs with mouths wide open, their actions were met with no reward as Xigs leapt from the branch and thus disappearing from their senses completely, as they switched back to their normal senses it was too late, Xigs had landed just above one of the falling wolf golems, driving his kunai around the edges of its head between its eyes, whilst allowing gravity to do the rest of the work, as the force of the fall would allow the kunai to bury deep into the wolf, touching its chakra core and ending its life, crumbling to rubble and dust rendering it useless. His short victory would be quickly undermined as two red eyes gleamed behind him. It would seem in the space that he had despatched the first golem, the second golem would react before Xigs could do anything. Stone teeth would stab into Xigs shoulder, tearing through flesh before the strong jaw of the wolf golem yanked upward tossing Xigs upward from his wound.

However Xigs had no feeling of pain, he couldn't react in pain for he never knew it, however he still knew this wound could be serious, as he could see his own wound and notice the blood splashing across his kimono. Regardless of the outcome, he needed to dispatch of this golem particularly quick, as he was in mid air while the wolf golem had its teeth still latched into his shoulder. Xigs would remain calm, pouring chakra into the tips of his fingertips before surging them outward on to a branch. These were indeed chakra strings, a technique he had only just learnt when studying the puppet users who used to be the great powers of Sunagakure before it's fall. However his use was not on puppets, as they grasped the branch allowing his body to turn as Xigs pulled the strings whilst in the air. His right arm whilst immobile due to his shoulder injury would holder the strings, as his left hand gripped two shuriken threw them outward into the distance. As the wolf riled and jerked its neck back and forth to bring Xigs body down, both the shuriken would return by chakra strings Xigs had attached previously, slicing the neck of the last golem, tearing its head off for the final time.

The wolf golem would slowly turn to dust, drifting in the wind in the direction of it's master, elder Kusa. Exhausted, bloody, and weak, Xigs would slowly extend his chakra strings, thus lowering his body downward slowly, hitting the ground, only to see his blood splattered across the ground. "Ah fuck, I guess this wound is probably no good at all." A deep sigh would escape his lips as he slowly walked to his master Elder Kusa, however he would realise how hard it was to breathe, how his pace was slowed so much due to his over exertion. However he wouldn't stop moving as he finally made his way out of the cherry blossom forest only to see Elder Kusa still seated on the logs yet now staring at Xigs as his body began to tremble. "A well done is in order. For everything, for deducing that I was behind it, to defeating all the golems trimphantly, and most importantly for planting all these beautiful trees."

A smile would cover the elders face as he made his way to Xigs slowly, with both arms behind him allowing his hands to clasp. "The trees will continue to be planted and harvested, their wood is randomly useful for our way of living in Iwagakure. Their thin bark is perfect for harvesting sap, and their wood well, let's just say we'll make a killing in profits." Xigs would roll his eyes as he made his way to the elder slowly, as they finally met in the middle. Kusa's hands would shroud with green chakra before moulding and bubbling over Xigs shoulder, allowing the chakra to spread into his pores and wound. The green nature of the healing chakra would nourish the damaged blood cells, provoking Xigs own body to heal. I honestly planned for you to take out the golems within 24 hours, seeing as your abilities aren't that amazing even for a genin, however your ability to think out the box to defeat golems with a higher tier of yours. It scares me to think of what you'll be like with power. Your road is long..."

Elder Kusa's words would ring through his head as he gazed into the distance, looking at the field of stumps that would cover the area. You see profit was off high interest to Xigs as well, for more money equalled higher opportunity, it meant buying new books, earning clearances and bribing people when in need. Money made the world go round, and this was one example of an experiment going truly well.

WC: 1203 (+16) = 1219

Chakra: 240/250

Jutsu Used:
Name: Puppet Technique (傀儡の術 - Kugutsu no Jutsu)
Origin: Library.
Rank: E-A.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 15/30/55/80/120m.
Specialty: Kugutsu.
Duration: 2 posts.
Cooldown: N/A.
Hand Seals: None.
Description: This jutsu generates long, fibrous, malleable chakra strings from each of the user's fingers. They are partially intangible to prevent tangling; this jutsu cannot be used to bind people. The condensed chakra takes a hue of variable color depending on the user. Any ninja can attach chakra strings to manipulate them as if a normal ninja wire, changing their path in midair or even whipping them around like a flail. Unless durability is enhanced by a separate technique, these chakra strings can be broken by techniques of 1 rank higher that cause blunt-force, slashing, or piercing damage. If the technique's cost is paid again on the post after its Duration elapses, the strings do not dissipate, and the user can continue manipulating the item as normal.

Only a ninja with the Kugutsu specialization can use this technique at any rank above E. When used by a ninja with the Kugutsu specialization, this technique takes on additional properties, able to manipulate puppets, corpses, or Human Puppets currently in the user's locker. (Corpses used from the surroundings are E-rank.) A ninja can manipulate puppets according to their ninja rank: 2 as a D-rank ninja, 4 as a C-rank, 6 as a B-rank, 8 as an A-rank, and 10 as an S-rank.

The puppets use their Strength and Speed as normal, and the puppeteer's Dexterity is applied to the puppets as if it were their own stats. These are capped to 1 rank higher than the rank of this jutsu being used. So, a puppet with A-0 stats manipulated using the D-rank Puppet Technique would only have access to B-0 stats.

When you manipulate more than 4 puppets with this technique at once, the cap becomes equal to the rank of this jutsu. (Thus, 5 or more puppets with A-rank stats manipulated using the D-rank Puppet Technique would only have access to D-0 stats.)

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"So.. where do I go from here?" Xigs shivered as his body whilst regaining it's warmth was still cold from the blood loss, even though Xigs couldn't exactly feel cold his body would react to the weather regardless. It had seemed being numb had negated not only hid ability to physically feel, but to truly mentally feel. Xigs was a logical person, so the fact that he nearly died to the elders training camp yet still acted and spoke without need for a strong emotional response. Xigs was simply over it, and rightfully so as he had learnt more than before, learning one of the key aspects of battle that even a weak tiny move, if planned well enough, can derail a huge wave in motion. Xigs biggest benefit from the entire facade was how much he had learnt from the golems, how to react in a fight. To use everything in battle, because the winner will always be the one to strike the enemy the hardest. So Xigs waited patiently as Kusa looked Xigs in the eye. "Well, you might not like it, but you've been tasked to go to Kumogakure, its one of our neighbouring villages quite far from where we are now, but I have a feeling you'll have a very strong entourage. Understood?

A small pause in the air would follow before Kusa would place a hand toward Xigs, patting his shoulder and smiling. This whole new mission for Xigs was now an exciting adventure for Xigs. Venturing to a new village? Imagine the possibilities in knowldge. For that was the only thing Xigs had cared for, to see another village so early would be a huge success in Xigs’ dream of knowing everything there was. What was exceptionally important what the fact that Kumogakure had a long history as they were a huge factor in past wars. Enthralled by the sharp turn in events Xigs would bow swiftly at the elder, just before taking his leave back to Iwagakure to pack for his lengthy trip.

WC: 344 (+1219) = 1563

Element Training
Futon from D - C  1500 word requirement
1563 - 1500
63 words leftover.

Overall Training:
Stat and ElementTraining
Speed: D0 - D3 = 2250
Perception: D0 - D3 = 2250
Futon: D - C = 1500
Total WC: 6068
Training WC: 6000

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