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Mission name: Marauding Wolf
Mission rank: B
Objective: Wolf has been attacking people leaving on the outskirts of the village. Kill it.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 500
Mission description: There is a wolf that has tasted human blood and has become crazy with bloodlust. He has killed and eaten two people already and has been attacking the members of the small villages outside the main Village. You've been tasked with hunting and killing it.
Mission details: Kill the beast and return with either it's head, or it's pelt as proof. Bury any dead that remain.The wolf has the equivalent of B3 STR and PER, B2 SPD, REA, and END.

Ever since Hina had gotten promoted to Chuunin, she’d been inundated with mission requests. It was really quite annoying because she was expected to be a full time shinobi now. Gone were the days when she could just take a mission whenever she wanted… now she needed to be available at any time. Each passing day made it easier to understand why people took the Ronin path and parted ways with their village in search of a different kind of lifestyle. Hina laid in her bed with a pillow over her face and wished for sleep to take her when she heard a loud knocking at her door.

“Ugh, what could you possibly want,” Hina shouted from her bedroom. Her only response was another series of knocks at her door. She almost got up and then remembered that she had the Byakugan. She activated it and took a gander at who was bothering her at this late hour. It was a shinobi, judging by the headband. He held something in his hand that Hina lacked the ability to zoom in on with her current level of doujutsu prowess. No doubt it was a mission request though. She groaned and yelled for him to just slip it under the door. More knocking. “Fine I’m coming!” she shouted angrily.

Hina swung open the door and snatched the mission details and then slammed her door. Her short fuse had been set off and she wasn’t going to be happy no matter what the mission would be. The “details” was really only a single sheet of paper that told her to report to a certain location in the forest and deal with the wolf that was causing trouble. Supposedly someone else would be joining her, or at least they were going to try to send someone else. She couldn’t really be sure based on how it was worded. Her eyes scanned over the document again and noticed that it was a B rank mission. “A B rank… for just a wolf?” She couldn’t see anything that made the wolf special, but if it was B rank it was probably one nasty creature. Knowing Konoha’s surroundings it was entirely possible that the wolf was as big as a house, not that the details went into any of that stuff.

After half an hour of getting ready, Hina was finally calmed down and she set off to the village gates and then kept going until she reached the “meet up point.” She supposed she would wait there for a while to see if anyone else showed up. She would be waiting outside a large abandoned treehouse that was used as a landmark around these parts. The wolf was last sighted not too far from here, so she’d certainly have her ears listening for any howls or violence. If something were to happen before her teammate arrived… well she’d have to deal with it on her own.

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Yojo had been nursing a splitting hangover when he'd been given the simple sheet of paper detailing his mission assignment. It seemed that there was some form of voracious wildlife causing havoc throughout the countryside of Konoha. It made him a tad sad as he read the description over in its entirety. He'd always considered himself an animal lover by and large, it was why he'd adopted three cats and let them have run of the house while he was out on assignments. The thought of killing an animal, more than a person, made him feel a tad bitter inside. Still, a job was a job, and if this beast was proving to be a thread to society then it was his duty to eliminate it. So, taking a few pills to sober him up, drinking a copious amount of water, and taking the pain meds he'd been prescribed, Yojo went about preparing for his day. He fed his cats, cleaned their litter boxes, read the news, and tried to not antagonize the scar tissue that was freshly formed all along his back. He was barely a Special Jonin, and yet he was already being put back out on assignments for the village. Yojo grumbled in thought, thinking back on his conversation with Takao. The storm was coming toward the roots of the oak tree, he had to be strong. He couldn't let anyone else be hurt like the devastation he'd witnessed in the Land of Frost.

Once he was properly dressed, swords at his hip, Yojo left his home on the Uchiha family estate, taking the long road from the center of the village to its main gate. It was a fairly busy day, all things considered. It was only once he reached the main entrance that he discovered his mission partner was a familiar face. A mild look of surprise appeared on Yojo's face as he gradually took in the form of Hina. She looked more mature somehow, though considering their previous encounter together, he was uncertain how strong she had grown as a result. Hopefully this time she would prove to be more useful than just casting variously useful genjutsu. Despite these uncertainties, Yojo put on a welcoming smile, "Hina" he greeted, nodding as he spoke. "It's good to see you again" he offered, reaching out with his free hand to shake. He hadn't seen her since their escapade tracking down a cult of kidnapping Jashin fanatics. They had a bit to catch up on, most recently, "I heard you were fighting with the Leaf forces in the land of frost. Were you successful in besting the enemy forces?" he asked, motioning for them to begin their long walk to the wolf's hunting grounds. His wounds from that battle were still fresh in his mind, even if his scars had begun to heal- he wondered if it was the same for Hina or not.



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Hina had waited long enough in solitude for the noises of the night to start to get to her. Every sudden sound sent shivers down her spine and made her twitch. It didn’t help that she was starting to get hungry and cold. Luckily, her mission partner showed up and it was someone she had met before. Upon seeing Yoshi Hina’s mind flashed back to the first time they’d been together. They’d used Hina as bait to take down some cultists. It was an embarrassing memory for Hina because she’d been just shy of useless and Yoshi had to carry all the weight. Then there was the battle that they had both participated in where she’d ended up getting her butt kicked by some Kumo shinobi.

“Nice to see you again,” Hina said with a nervous grin, “I was in that fight and I ended up squaring off with someone from kumo. Let’s just say I’m still aching” she said with a laugh. She rubbed her collarbone which was the biggest injury she’d suffered. Her opponent had hit her with a lariat that hadn’t done her any favors.

“What’s been going on with you,” she’d inquire, “still hunting down cultists? Working on advancing your sharingan?” Hina activated her Byakugan and pointed at her eyes, “I figured out that I was a Hyuuga this whole time, can ya believe it? And I finally got promoted to chuunin… it leaves a lot less time for my hobbies though…” Hina felt like she was reconnecting with an old pal even though they’d only met a couple of times. She just wanted to share and chit chat until they came across signs of the wolf because there wasn’t really anything else to be doing.

Eventually they’d start to come across some large tracks along with signs of the wolf’s destruction. Wooden carts that had been crushed along with human remains, wolf prints a foot in diameter, and black fur that was longer than Hina’s hair used to be. Then an eerie ahooooo would resound throughout the air which made Hina jump three feet in the air in freight. The wolf was close. She couldn’t see it with her Byakugan though, even after turning her head to cover her blind spots. “Can’t see it. It’s probably more than 50m away,” Hina would comment. That was probably the most she was going to be able to add and she hoped that the more experienced shinobi would be able to provide some direction. His doujutsu was much further along than her own and that probably meant he could pick up on things at a greater distance.

It was times like these when she wished she had a stealth jutsu to hide behind. She felt like the wolf could easily pick up their scent and pick a fight on its own terms whereas they hadn’t so much as gotten a glimpse of it. And judging by how mutilated those bodies were, Hina doubted she even wanted to take one hit from this beast. “So… got any ideas?”

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