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Mission name: Stop the Mugging (Repeatable)
Mission rank: B
Objective: Stop the mugging.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 500
Mission description: There has been a mugger stalking the streets with a knife. While he has no caused serious harm or death yet, your job is to hunt him down and put a stop to it all before it does escalate.
Mission Details: The mugger has all the strength and skill of a Chunnin (C2 stats across the board). He carries an ordinary butcher knife, which deals C-rank damage as his weapon of choice, and tends to target women more than men. His basic maneuver is to sneak up behind them and drag them into an alley way to rob them. You can either catch him while he's hunting his target, or while he's in the midst of mugging someone. If he hears you approaching, he will instantly kill his target and flee. If his current target dies, you will fail.

From here:

Some time had passed since Hina had last seen Suutei. The last time had probably been that date night and the memory was still fresh in Hina’s mind. She didn’t know why she’d resisted stopping by more often… maybe she felt a little weird about how fast things had escalated and she was actually shy to take things even further. She’d actually walked up to his front door on numerous occasions but fell short of actually knocking most of the time. Something was always wrong. Either her hair wasn’t pretty enough, or she felt like she wasn’t dressed well enough. None of these things had ever been problems for her before, so why was she being so nervous nowadays? All these emotions built to a climax on one random morning when she woke up, put her everyday clothes on, and marched straight to his house. She knocked on the door and called for Suutei, but nobody answered. Both her knocking and her voice was rather soft but even that had been difficult. For all she knew, he was just sleeping.

“Figures,” she said with a sigh, “the one time I muster up the courage and he’s not even home.” She wanted to kick his door in and make sure he wasn’t in there trying to hide something from her but Hina held back her impulses. Then she remembered that she was a Hyuuga and that she could probably just peep inside if she really wanted to. She gave it a serious consideration for a couple minutes then just shook her head and hopped back onto the street. She gave one last look at the home and caught her reflection in one of its windows.

Hina looked much different than she did before. Her figure was the same, but her hair was short now and white. The way she wore her makeup was also drastically different to compensate for the lighter color of her skin and hair. Then on top of that her eyes had turned from scarlet to light blue. All of these changes caused by her doujutsu activating probably made it difficult to even notice her for who she had been just a short time ago. Well, none of that was important now. She would corner Suutei one of these days. She turned away and made her way to the missions office…

“No, not that one… no, that one sucks give me something better.” Hina spoke with the lady handing out missions and was being rather picky today. A lot of people just took whatever mission they were given, but Hina felt she’d earned the right to be demanding since she was the kage’s assistant. She wasn’t about to take a mission to go halfway across the world on reconnaissance because it’d mean Takao would be burdened by it.

“That’s all the missions I can offer you, sorry Hina,” the missions girl said. Hina pouted and pulled out a piece of paper that the lady was obviously trying to hide. “Well, what about this one? This looks fun… stopping a mugger and all.”

“Give me that! You need another person to take this with you because you’re too low of a rank!” Hina fumed and snatched the paper back. And so a snatch-off ensued with each woman using their shinobi skills to take the paper away from each other at blinding speeds. Someone had to put an end to this…

WC: 571

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