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Mission name: Patrol Duty (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Patrol your village.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300
Mission description: You've been pulled for Patrol duty. Your job is simple, you are to patrol the area you've been assigned looking for any sort of danger or anything that looks out of the ordinary.
Mission details: Your village is a little short handed and so you've been pulled for patrol duty. Your shift is from eleven at night to seven in the morning. You're to patrol the area you've been assigned, which is to your choosing, and ensure that everything is okay. About halfway through your shift you'll come across an Academy student breaking curfew and have to send him on his way, but other than that you won't run into any trouble except for maybe a 'ninja' attack from a local street cat.

From here:

Patrol missions really were the most generic missions that you could go on. There was nothing inherently fun or meaningful about them, but they made up a significant number of missions. Hina could only wonder who was paying for all of these as she filled out the paperwork to sign up for the next shift. It didn’t take long for her to realize that domestic guarding missions were likely paid for by the people of Konoha themselves. There were no others that were so keenly invested on the defense of the village, so it only made sense for tax money to come from them.

Hina chose not to dwell on these money matters because it only made her angry to realize how high the defense budget was and she was still paid so little. If she was going to someday game the system she needed to accept it for what it was and find out how to make the big bucks. It was easier said than done though, since she seemed to be in an endless rut of low level missions when what she really needed was to get promoted. “how many more of these missions do I have to go on before I finally get a break!” she shouted to the heavens. She hadn’t expected god to answer her or anything, she just wanted to convey her frustration with the system.

“Oh come on, they’re not that bad,” someone said behind her. It was another shinobi who was about to go on patrol. It was closing in on night time and this was probably the only chance she was going to get to get a good look at his face. There wasn’t anything notable except for a long scar that ran from his temple all the way down to his chin. Whatever had caused it had definitely been painful. “What happened to your face,” she asked rudely. She didn’t know what came over her other than the feeling of curiosity that had sparked the question.

WC: 336

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She was typically a little more reserved and polite… the thought had just came to her. “Oh this? I got slashed by a katana in a training session gone wrong. It’s not the epic story that most people expect.” Hina frowned. “Well, can’t the medics heal you?” Hina started down the patrol path and waited for a response. The scarred teen said, “nah, I’ll heal it myself when I get that far along in my training. It actually used to be a lot worse than this, but I’ve been working on my tissue regeneration and it’s gotten a lot better since then.”

Hina thought about the time her kage had told her that doing medicine would be a good idea. Hina had dismissed it, since the idea had been only attractive for a few fleeting days. Sure she had the desire to help people, but dealing with blood and gore was not something that was high on her priority list. The only option she had as a genjutsu user was to do some kind of mental health treatment. She wasn’t sure she wanted to help crazies either. She just wanted to you know, do favors once in a while and build up a positive reputation. It had been successful so far, since she had been able to so quite a few favors over her years.

Her favors had died down ever since she got serious about becoming a chuunin, but it wasn’t something she couldn’t pick back up now that she had finally gotten promoted. Hina got lost in her thoughts as they walked down the streets and Hina even missed a couple questions that her partner had asked her. It wasn’t like she particularly cared about the partner anyways, she was perfectly capable of doing the mission on her own.

WC: 301
Total: 637

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Hina’s lack of attention would come to haunt her as someone sprung out of an alleyway. Looking down at her hands, the first feeling she got was the feeling of her chakra flowing straight through her, sensation of heat, warmth you'd normally get from love and power. Her hands were feeling incredibly hot as well for she can feel her chakra swirling within them. Without noticing it until it was late, the sound was back and loud, clear like glass, the smell was strong, even her own heart was increasing in speed, almost as though it was about to break out of her chest.

The wind is picking up in speed as though she was about to use a wind based jutsu, and her thoughts were wild again. She looked at whoever had jumped out to attack her and then let her eyes look at her partner. He’d been kicked aside. “What’s your deal,” Hina asked exasperatedly. Unfortunately, her opponent had other plans other than just giving up. Now the masked stranger was ready to attempt the handseals and draw the chakra out again, now that he or she was confident that they had a solid grip on Hina to do it. Thankfully Hina’s chakra would not be wasted as of now.

Casually Hina run her mind over what was need to be done before she actually start to exact her escape, or at least try to. She felt that her chakra was being drained and she knew she had enough chakra to sustain the drainage for quite some time. This wasn’t some high level jutsu that was being used against her, even if it was just barely and no more, but she also knew that to escape she needed to know what was holding her in place. She need to know if she an cast her chakra through each seal correctly. Molding is going to be the first challenge as of yet. She just pray she was not making a mistake. Hina struggled for control over her own body as the assailant stayed as stiff as a board. She needed to be able to cast her chakra through the ground, create a mass of chakra and to summon a wave of energy so large that it could knock the assailant away in a matter of seconds. She was so way over her head.

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Hina used a ton of chakra to force the assailant back but the assailant’s ability to mold the chakra through the seals would allow her to perform the jutsu once again, latching onto Hina and simultaneously kicking Hina’s partner back. “You two are the only witnesses. Once I get rid of you, then I’ll be free!” came a raspy voice from behind the masked figure that Hina was struggling with. With that, then she would be able to unleash the full force of her chakra into her palms and then into poor little Hina as directed. The seals are not that hard, and there was only a little of them that was needed. One of them needs to be preformed twice.

The seals were Dragon. Dog. Snake. Rat. Dragon. Ram. And going into them, at first she did them with both hands to make sure that she could perform the jutsu and to see if she could do it correctly. So her hands went into the seals, each one landing together in meaning, feeling strange after a moment, but once she pulled a part in the middle of the jutsu, she hissed. Hina had managed to knee her right in the stomach and it made it hard for her to maintain her grip when her whole body wanted to bend over. “Let go already you creep!” Hina shouted.

Slowly Hina’s hands started to shake against her opponents’. Hina managed to break away just for a split second before her opponent went through the seals a few times, each time getting faster and faster, she closed her eyes and opened her mind, focusing her chakra, trying to gather the chakra into her hands so that she could move on. This was all Hina’s partner needed to finally find an opening and tackle the assailant from behind. Hina threw a solid punch to the criminal’s face and then whoever it was, was knocked out. They laid out the body and looked at it, curious as to what they were supposed to do next. They had apprehended someone who had attacked them, but they still didn’t know what this person was trying to cover up. They were supposedly witnesses, so that meant that there was a crime that was committed, right?

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About ten minutes passed before the criminal came to. It was a girl, which was found out as soon as they took the mask off. She was bound very tightly to a light pole and her hands were wrapped with a thick cable. There was no jutsu that was going to be performed like this! “So why don’t you make this easy for us,” Hina said, planting a foot on the criminal’s shoulder, “just tell us what you did and we don’t have to make this messy. If you tell us we can just drop the charges for attacking us, how’s that sound?” The unmasked criminal pouted and tried wiggling out of her very well placed restraints.

“I didn’t do anything, you attacked me! I want my representation! Take me to ninja court now!” Hina gave her a solid kick across the cheek. “Can we cut the formalities and just get right to it? I think you’ll find us a lot more pleasant than the people that will torture the information out of you.” Hina was losing her patience although now that she thought about it, this was a pretty good way of burning the night away. She was sure she could find enough enjoyment using a human punching bag to last the rest of the mission.

“Eh, give her a break,” Hina’s partner said to her. Hina was shocked! “Let’s just take her to the jail and let them deal with it. It’s not really within the scope of our mission to be torturing people.” Hina sighed but she couldn’t help but agree. She knocked the criminal out to avoid talking to her anymore then she started wrapping her up without the light pole. There wasn’t much else for her to do so they carried the crazy lady all the way to jail. Hina’s partner hummed an off tune song the whole way which made him get on Hina’s nerves.

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Why was he accompanying her again? Hina still couldn’t figure that part out. They dropped off the lady who just woke up again and was screaming at the top of her lungs. “She attacked us out of nowhere. Said we were some witnesses and we needed to be disposed of. We still have no idea what crime she committed, but yeah we’ll leave her to you.” The people that received the crazy lady didn’t look happy at all to have to deal with another thing, in the middle of the night no less.

“Let’s get back onto the patrol,” Hina said with another sigh. This whole night was supposed to be peaceful and laid back, not filled with adventure and chakra absorbing meanies! They made it back to where they had left off and continued from there. Hina wasn’t perceptive enough to recognize every detail in the night so she had to rely on her eyesight and wonder what the higher level shinobi did to sense danger. Byakugan would have to be the easiest of the bunch, since it let you see pretty much everything you’d want to.

Then there was the Sharingan, which Hina had heard could see chakra as well. She heard a rumor that the Kimuras had a doujutsu too, but she didn’t fully understand it. She wondered if there were any clans that had sensory techniques but didn’t utilize a doujutsu. It would really suck if your only sensory method was your eyes and they happened to get put out of commission. “Do you hear that?” Hina’s partner asked after a while of monotonous “patrolling.” “Nope,” Hina said confidently. All she could hear were her own thoughts and the mental images of what kind of sensory jutsu she might want to develop in the future.

“Well I did hear something,” he said and he pulled Hina to the side of a building. They tiptoed up the wall and peered out into a private backyard that was gated off. Now that they were closer, Hina could definitely hear something. “What do you think it is?” she asked but the partner put a finger to his lips. Hina rolled her eyes, what was she, a nuisance? It was the other way around, didn’t he get that? They crept along until they saw someone standing next to a small private pond, performing handseals. It didn’t look like this guy was doing anything malicious, just using some kind of jutsu.

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He performed the same handseals over and over for what seemed like five minutes. After one final run through he would start his true attempt with chakra and all. He would check her area, making sure that there was no one around spying on him, not that he would see Hina and her partner from the shadows anyways.He would silently look around to make sure there was no one watching or planning to strike, after all, as he was vulnerable. He made the water move and Hina deduced that he was trying to create a wave of sorts.

The man they were watching finished the handseals and released his chakra. The wave rose up and crashed into a tree very quietly. Hina yawned audibly and then turned to walk away. There was nothing to see here as far as she was concerned. Her partner seemed to agree because he tailed after her. They really needed to find something to take up the rest of this evening. They couldn’t expect every sound to lead to some kind of danger, but on the other hand they couldn’t just ignore everything either.

Hina wasn’t mad that she had been made to creep along various alleyways like her life depended on it only to find a couple of stray cats fighting amongst themselves. Hina would get in the middle of it all just to make them stop making noise but it was no use. They changed their anger from each other to Hina and she ended up getting her pant legs scratched up. How rude! She had to resort to her signature genjutsu to make them smell the stank and make them flee. She now wanted nothing more than to go to a medic and get stitched up. Luckily, her partner was skilled with medical jutsu.

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“Here, let me do it,” he said even as Hina tried to pull away. His scar told her one thing, and that was that he was not ready to really be a medic. She covered her leg and yanked it away only for him to give her a ridiculously sad puppy eyes stare. Hina rolled her eyes and said, “fine,” before sliding her leg back over. He put his hands over the scratches and his hands glowed green.

Within mere seconds Hina’s wounds had been healed like nothing had ever happened. “Well that was magical,” Hina said with a cocked head. She wondered if medical jutsu really was that simple and if it was… why hadn’t she learned any for herself? She had to slap herself out of going down that rabbit hole again. “Keep focused,” she thought to herself. She was having to slap herself often lately as her ideas of what kind of shinobi to be kept changing from day to day.

Sometimes she wanted to be an all out melee fighter, sometimes a supporter, sometimes a healer, sometimes a flame master. It wasn’t feasible for her to do all of that so she had decided to just start with taijutsu and genjutsu. There was the summon family, but she wasn’t going to really delve into that too much until she had build some relationships up with them. Summoning was a two way street and just because she had obtained the summoning contract didn’t mean that she had made a bond with anyone that would be willing to come to her aid. She had tried to perform the summoning jutsu on several occasions but nobody had ever popped out of that scroll. Maybe she just didn’t know the jutsu properly? That was a question for a sensei at a later date.

“Hina!” the sound woke Hina from her inner monologue for the umpteenth time that night. “What?” she shouted back. Couldn’t a girl let a mission pass without getting distracted every five minutes? “You should really pay more attention during missions,” her partner said with a sigh, “anyways it’s time to split up. Have a good… day I guess.” He leapt up onto the top of a building and he disappeared into the tangled mess of wires and buildings that made up konoha’s skyline. Hina looked around and it took her a couple minutes to figure out where she actually was. She peeked around the corner and saw that they had indeed made it to the end of their patrol and all that was left was for them to go get paid. She thought it was rude that her partner left to get paid and left her all by herself. He must not have wanted to deal with Hina who had her head in the clouds all night. She didn’t blame him, but he certainly didn’t care about earning her favor. She yawned and walked slowly back to the mission building and accidentally found herself sitting on a bench a couple minutes later. She looked up at the sky and tried to use the sun as motivation to wake up, but it didn’t work. She slept there for a couple hours before she was woken up by the sounds of the day starting. Only then did she trudge all the way back to the missions office and collect her not so well deserved payment.

WC: 566
Total: 3008


Mission payout:
300 ryo for 1500 words
375 ryo for 1500 extra words
+675 ryo total

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