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Mission name: Patrol Duty (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Patrol your village.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300
Mission description: You've been pulled for Patrol duty. Your job is simple, you are to patrol the area you've been assigned looking for any sort of danger or anything that looks out of the ordinary.
Mission details: Your village is a little short handed and so you've been pulled for patrol duty. Your shift is from eleven at night to seven in the morning. You're to patrol the area you've been assigned, which is to your choosing, and ensure that everything is okay. About halfway through your shift you'll come across an Academy student breaking curfew and have to send him on his way, but other than that you won't run into any trouble except for maybe a 'ninja' attack from a local street cat.

From here:

Well there Hina was, back on yet another patrol mission. She liked these because it was easy to goof off or burn her mental energies by thinking about other things than the mission at hand. She’d long since accepted that a patrol mission was nothing less than a reason to spend tax money. In reality, it was a good way of training lower level shinobi so that they could take part in more dangerous patrols later on. Plus, there always seemed to be something that went wrong. Either a criminal was apprehended or someone needed help with something or another. It was bizarre and annoying, but it broke from the monotony. Without those, her mission would just be a peaceful walk around the village which would be rewarded with money. It was so little compared to what she could make with literally any other laborer job that it made her want to cry.

At least she was getting paid more than she was when she was a genin. It was double, in fact. The only problem was that you really didn’t make any good money unless you were a Jounin which was still eons away from where she was at. Even then, you needed to put in a lot of effort into those missions, so there was always the question as to whether they were really worth it or not. She thought if she should ask Takao someday to take her on a mission, since he was probably the most qualified to go on dangerous missions. There was always the possibility that Hina would just be dead weight, in which case she would be a burden on him. How many newbies did the hokage even associate with? She was probably the one who should keep up with that but really all she did was scheduling and popping in from time to time to see if he needed anything.

Hina shivered with the spring breeze and kept on walking down her route. Nothing seemed to be amiss and she was actually happy that she wasn’t accompanied by anyone today. Last time she had been hoping for some alone time but she’d had to deal with some annoying guy who actually wanted her to do some work. The nerve of some people!

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Seeing as though nothing interesting was happening, Hina turned to working on a jutsu she had in mind. She wanted to change the color of the chakra so that she could be stylish with her jutsu. Changing the chakra color was supposed to be easy, or at least she hoped it would be. Preparing this was even tiresome. But she did not give up. The knowledge she have over the one handed seals is remarkable, she know them inside and out, but me mental grasp over chakra is slightly harder than she thought due to controlling so much. But at least she had a clear mind over things. The casting of the chakra into the earth, and the manipulation of the wave of chakra from beneath the earth, after that, well, it was a case of practicing. And practicing makes perfect.

Forming the seal in which she now know by heart, she began to gather her chakra in her hands. It felt like someone had flushed it out of her body and soul, a lot of her chakra draining from her system like a drip does when water is flushed through, but she knew she needed to control it or risk passing out would happen if she didn’t. Taking a deep breath, she canceled the flow of chakra through both of her arms, and to her hands, letting it replace itself back in her body. Slowly the feeling of being sick was slowly slipping away, and even getting time for her head to clear again. Releasing a breath, she’d shake her head and then after she had forced herself into motion, she can get back into the practicing while she walked again.

But even though, she couldn’t believe how tired she had become by simply preparing that chakra for the jutsu that she had in mind. She could imagine how bad the whole technique would feel, she’d be drained. And since she didn’t have any medical items she would be useless if in a mission. That's another thing she have to buy but first thing first, she’d need to master this. Shaking her head again, she’d focus on things that matter. She focused on the fact that she needed to actually perform the jutsu before she could party on down about how awesome it was. Reflexing her hands, she went into the seals again, her fingers waltzing into each sign like butter and once she had finished the final seal, her chakra reacted immediately.

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Her chakra was sucked out of her body like lightning, only to create the mass of chakra within her palms, the feeling of her hands burning was like that of her head spinning and eyes straining to stay opened. The wind seemed to be holding its breath as she continued to mold her chakra within her palms, letting her chakra flow and somehow managing to held strong and not break free; molding the visible chakra across both of her palms so that when all of her chakra had been successfully completed, she could perform the technique, slamming her hands against the sandy earth and creating the massive wave. Or something that would come out of the ground. She wasn’t exactly sure how to make the wave, she thought the chakra itself will do that. Hopefully.

With her hands covered with chakra, her face blank, but deep inside praying for the best. Shaking, both from the chakra loss and the strength of chakra within her hands, she slammed her hands toward the earth, each hand containing more chakra that any normal human would use in their life, yet she was doing it. As her hands forced their way into the ground beneath her, she knew that all focus must be spent on the technique. As her chakra began to seep into the ground, she felt the change in her body, more chakra being pulled forth for the jutsu, which she allowed. She was slowly wasting away, well that was how she felt.

But anyway, the chakra began to spread in the earth before her, she could feel it leaking into the earth, bubbles of it exploding from her chakra, erupting and shifting by what she was doing. Her chakra kept pouring from her body like a broken pipe, the chakra that was filled into her hands had not yet emptied. Even her arms are still glowing because of the chakra being added into them, but for a reason, she knew not to stop. As the color began to leave her arms after a full minute that is, it was telling her that her chakra had stored enough for her to live, but was killing down, so that no more chakra was going to her hands. Suddenly the earth began to rumble beneath her, like her stomach was doing moments before, she looked around confused but then stood only to be thrown forward slightly.

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It was time for a break. Hina had been burning her chakra like there was no tomorrow just by walking down the street and practicing controlling her ninjutsu. She was trying to get in tune with the earth element but something about it just wasn’t going right. It probably didn’t help that she had no elemental affinity at the present moment. She wasn’t so much as shaping the earth underneath her as she was trying to physically force the earth to move. Her way was too chakra intensive, it would seem. Well, there was a reason why she was focusing on taijutsu a lot instead of stuff that required actual chakra control.

This was more or less just a way to burn time throughout these boring missions. It was night time and she wasn’t even assigned to a dangerous area. This mission was more or less a piece of cake. She kept strolling around, making sure not to expend any more chakra for the time being. She wanted to get her body to stop shaking from channeling so much energy and she also wanted to find a nice area she could practice in on her “break.” It wasn’t hard to find such a place when much of the public land wasn’t in use. There were a few shinobi who liked to train at night to tune their eyes into low lighting scenarios, but they were far and few between.

Those sorts usually just went out into the forest and trained there instead of going to the same training areas over and over again. Hina found a nice break spot and started to think about where she had left off. She had moved earth with her chakra physically instead of using the earth directly. It was clearly going to take some time to develop a jutsu to move the ground against its will.

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Hina looked around to see if anyone was watching. She didn’t spot anyone, but that didn’t mean much for her since she lacked sensory jutsu. She started by taking deep breaths and pushed chakra into the ground again. For a moment the pebbles beside her settled. She held her breath but gasp before landing face first into the earth. The ground was cool, against her skin. So cool that she gasp and jumped to her feet once more ignoring the dizziness. She looked around frightened at what the earth is doing, but then the ground simply gave way into a fit of bubbles. She looked up at the sky above, worrying about what was happening.

Things never went the way she wanted them to. It was just her luck. But all of a sudden, she felt the ground shift once more, then a shadow began to envelope me. The earth Begin to shift, ground bubbled upwards, a massive dome began to grow covering her escape route, her eyes growing wide and fearful. She had did it wrong and now she am about to suffer the consequences. her chakra had gone bad, in such a way that it had expanded outward instead of a wave. She was becoming a massive structure of ground and chakra, mixed together instead it is not blue nor golden brown, but glowing red and pulsing her like blood probably was.

It looks like it was about to explode. She gulped her ear and tried to not panic. This couldn’t be the end, surely. She looked at the ground, nervous about what was about to happen. Scrambling backward, trying to escape the ground bomb. Her chakra had decidedly began to set and swell in one place, obviously not a good thing, as now she was in close range to a dangerous amount of chakra that was formed to create a massive wave, so this would be quite dangerous. As the ground moved, she moved, but much more faster.

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Before things could escalate further, Hina needed another break. Phew, using all that chakra was intense. She walked over to a water fountain and got a quick drink and thought about what she was really trying to do with her chakra. It was clear now that she didn’t have an elemental affinity for earth so was moving the earth with raw force really worth her time? She hummed a sad tune and continued on her patrol. There wasn’t much to see during the rest of the patrol other than a couple of cats getting into a fight. It reminded her of her mission with Sunadokei, where they had split up some cats. It was almost as if the same events were replaying throughout the night. There were always wild animals making a ruckus and teenagers committing vandalism.

As if on cue, Hina heard a loud clanging sound from down the street. She hopped from rooftop to rooftop and she looked down to see a couple of teens whacking a mailbox. They joked with each other, saying how fun it was to break stuff. Hina rolled her eyes and dropped down from the heavens with a loud thump. She went in a little too hard and the kids screamed like the little demons that they were as they were pushed into the ground with Hina’s feet. “Alright kiddos, why are you hitting this mailbox?” Hina was bored out of her mind and all she wanted was a confession. “We just thought it was fun!” one shouted, “we won’t do it again!” shouted the other. Hina didn’t care about their sudden realization that what they were doing was wrong and drug them to the appropriate office to have them punished.

“Ugh, there’s still so much night left,” Hina moaned as she went all the way back to where she had left off on her patrol. There were only so many more of these that she could do before she blew her brains out with some kind of fire jutsu. Hina kept on down the long and lonely trail, actually paying attention this time to any sounds that came up. She wanted something, anything to break her away from the monotony and take up a chunk of her time.

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Hina couldn’t find anything. Not a single thing throughout the rest of the patrol that fancied her interest. Not so much as a peep which was suspicious. Hina threw her hands up and yelled in frustration which caused a couple of lights to flicker on from within houses. An angry woman stuck her head out the window and started shouting, “keep it down out there, some of us are trying to sleep!” Hina pressed her curvy body against the side of a building and tried to remain hidden. She didn’t need to be reported for misconduct or else they might start docking her already pitiful salary. She scowled at the woman after she went back to bed and then Hina started to wrap up her patrol. It only took another hour or so and then she got the pleasure of walking all the way back to the missions office to get paid. She took the small stack of bills and counted them to see if she had been paid the right amount. Then, she slipped a single bill out and headed to get some late night food. This was going to be her reward for wasting a night on a dumb patrol duty mission. Her stomach growled in anticipation and urged her to get a move on.

Hina ended up walking past the training area before she got to the ramen shop. She thought that she might as well tire herself out before eating, so that she could really make a profit off of an all you can eat buffet. She licked her lips hungrily in anticipation of the amazing meal she was going to get soon. Then, she walked to the center of the training area and started picking up where she had left off last time. She performed handseals, pushed chakra into the ground, and tried to move it with raw force. She shouted, hunched forward as if challenging the wave knowing that size was out of the question. This wave of chakra coming from her body was massive, compared to what she was doing before. She turned sharply her hair whipping herself in the face, and ran away from the own wave of chakra and earth she had created. It looked rather marvelous, flinging earth and dirt everywhere like nothing mattered.

It only took her a couple tries of this to get so tired that she even stumbled and fell. Though this was not useful in learning any jutsu, burning up her chakra was a good way of tiring herself out. It meant she was going to burn calories too, which was always a good thing. She wasn’t like Sunadokei who could just shed all her body fat whenever she wanted. Hina wasn’t paying any attention to the ground anymore but then suddenly a wave of chakra that she had shot into the ground came back up. Her body was struck by the chakra, which began to push her up and then back into the ground, her body screaming with pain, she tried to scream out, but her lungs were emptied.

The chakra expanded at such a rapid rate, that everything around her was changing due to the heat, and all she could do was just shout. With one more massive pulse, the ground around her erupted with a massive explosion and it left her lying still on the ground. She coughed and thick gooey phlegm leapt from her mouth in the process. With what strength she had left, she tried to roll onto her side, but when she couldn't, she gave up.

“What in the world do you think you’re doing,” called a voice from afar. It was another shinobi who shunshined to her side and started looking her over. Aside from the good view he noticed how injured Hina had made herself. “This isn’t good,” he said as he hoisted Hina up and marched her right to the doctor’s office. It was looking like she wasn’t going to get to eat that buffet like she wanted to after all.

Hina didn’t wake up until late in the morning when she was rudely shaken by a nurse who was ready for Hina to get out and make way for new patients. Hina glared at the nurse and wondered who had brought her to the hospital. Nobody left a note and the shinobi didn’t even leave a name. It was oddly suspicious. At least she knew not to be so reckless and to keep track of the chakra she expended. If she had remembered how much chakra she had put into the ground she might have been able to dodge the explosion all together. Oh well, now Hina got to limp on home and skip out on that meal. Maybe next time she would have better luck.

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