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Mission name: Babysitting
Mission rank: D
Objective: Simply look after the kid while parents are out.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The parents need to leave for the afternoon to run errands and do things that they cannot bring their children along for. You will watch them until they return.
Mission details: The kids are 3, 4, and 7 years old; and they will mostly entertain themselves. Just make sure the oldest brother doesn't pick on the babies, and that they get lunch by noon and a nap by 1:30, and they'll be fine. Be warned, the baby LOVES to play in the mud and climb into high places, and will almost certainly end up dirty and scrapped up if you're not paying close enough attention.

from here:

Hina stared blankly at the mission she had just been handed. Babysitting. She thought back to all the missions she had done in the past and realized that none of them had ever required her to look after children. So what could go wrong? Then she turned to the next page. Holy… there were so many instructions in here that it made her head dizzy. There were three kids, one was three years old, another was four years old, and another was seven years old. There were pictures of each of them, as if she really needed that. It was written that the eldest was not responsible at all but liked to do dangerous thing with the younger kids.

That told Hina not to let him anywhere near the others and separate him entirely. The youngest was reported to love to get into mischief too, which told Hina that that the problem was probably genetic. Nothing was said about the middle child, which could have meant anything really. Then there were instructions to feed them lunch and noon and make them nap at 1:30 in the afternoon. That was probably going to be the hardest part, in Hina’s opinion. She didn’t know much about taking care of kids, but nap time seemed to be something that was universally hated by kids.

Hina stood there taking up space while her head went through the million different ways things could play out. Well, she wasn’t going to have enough time to think through all fourteen million five hundred and six possibilities so she got a move on and headed towards the house. The house itself was pretty extravagant and it was clear that the people that lived here were loaded. That would explain why the kids were supposedly such little brats. Just walking up the paved entryway gave Hina a certain rage for her financial situation. Why was she doing so poorly while these people lived in luxury!?

WC: 326

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Hina pouted all the way to the front door where she saw a number of suitcases lined up. As soon as she approached, she was welcomed in by a butler and an enterage of maids who were guiding a group of people out the door and to a carriage. Even the carriages were luxurious and lined with gold. They were just left out there too with no security, making Hina think that she could probably make a fortune scraping some of that luxurious metal off of there when nobody was looking. She had to mentally slap herself to make sure she didn’t have such heinous thoughts though. She wasn’t a criminal, she was a shinobi!

“No time to explain. You have the mission details no?” the butler said. The only people that stayed behind in the house were three kids while the rest of them piled into various vehicles and quickly made their way. Even the butler left and it was clear that nobody else was going to be here except for Hina. She was left scratching her head as to why they had been in such a hurry to leave, but that wasn’t really her deal. She was off the hook before dinner time, according to the mission, which was when she assumed someone else would be taking this whole deal over. Hina closed the doors and figured she would get to work and set the ground rules early. If she could just get these kids to behave then this would be an easy day… Or so she thought.

Before Hina could even get a word out, the seven year old pushed her to the ground with surprising strength and waddled off like some kind of evil demon. The three year old was nowhere to be found, and the middle child just stood there and cried. What a baby. Hina squinted her eyes and looked around but she knew this house a lot less than the kids did. She couldn’t see anything, but she could hear the three year old crawling around in another room. She was going to deal with that one first. She ran over and scooped him up before he put his fingers where they didn’t belong and then ran back to grab the four year old. They both squirmed in her arms so she tied them with some fabric to one of the stair posts. They weren’t getting away anytime soon. And if they did, she would simply perform a sealing jutsu on them to make sure they didn’t get into any more trouble.

WC: 429
Total: 755

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Hina turned around to start looking for the seven year old and the next thing she knew was that she was on her side, coughing, her sweat marking the ground. She couldn’t believe that a kid could be this strong. The overwhelming power that he possessed was enough to force her to her knees. Now she knew what to expect, she need to control this one’s actions or she’d be just like this. A strong hand was placed on her head. her eyes dropping, but she forced to stay awake. The will of fire burned within her, her body feeling like lead, her head was swimming with starts and bright colors due to the loss of consciousness and now she need to force herself to fight back with this kid.

She acted quickly and swiftly. She swept the seven year old off his feet and tied him up like the rest. “Okay you bunch,” she announced, “since nobody here wants to behave, you’re all going to sit there tied up until it’s time to eat. Then, after lunch we are going to take a nap. Is that clear?” They all whined and hollered but it wasn’t like they could do anything about it. Hina had been perfectly fine just supervising these kids but they had been a hassle so she was done with them.

Hina sat there, just as bored as the kids until lunch came then she fed them by hand. The eldest simply refused to eat, so Hina was going to let him sit there hungry until he complied. The younger ones were easier to force feed. Hina knew all about forcing stuff down into a human throat so it was easy for her to make the kids eat. Then she just sat there. Feeding only took thirty minutes and they had an hour until nap time. Eventually the eldest got hungry and asked for food so Hina fed him as well. None of them had managed to wiggle free, so Hina was somewhat satisfied with how things were going.

WC: 342
Total: 1097

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Nap time came and Hina ordered them all to sleep. None of them listened and just continued to squirm around. Hina couldn’t blame them because she had tied them vertically and it was pretty hard to just fall asleep like that. She took them one by one and put them on a bed before strapping them down snugly. There was no way they were getting out of this binding of hers. Hina laughed maniacally as they squirmed around even more and she turned off the lights. It was time to take her own nap. God supervising these kids had been a headache. She couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if she had let the roam free and do whatever they wanted all day. Hina plopped down right next to them on this monstrously huge bed and took a nap, ignoring the constant whines and complaints that the kids had. She could care less if they wet the bed or whatever. The rules were, put them to sleep and that’s what she was going to do.

The smell of smoke woke Hina from her slumber, and then the violent coughing happened. The sky was a blood red, and at first she thought she was in an illusion or worst death, but then once the sounds zoned into tune, she soon realized that it was late in the afternoon already. She groaned, her head throbbing painfully. She rolled onto her knees and then when she hit something hard, she gasp and shot up until the whole world was spinning. She looked down and the first thing she saw was a fire dying by where she was laying. And then she saw all the ground. As she bent over to try and stop the dizziness, she vomited and fell to the ground landing in the thick contents. Why was this so painful?

Hina then remembered that she had been asleep in a bed. She turned her head and saw the eldedst kid holding a handseal and laughing like crazy. Hina realized she had been put under a genjutsu that made her smell fire and that had given her a mini panic attack. You know, being told that the kid could perform jutsu would have been a really good thing to put in the mission description. Thankfully, the mission was over and Hina left the kids in the care of the next sucker who took on this mission.


WC: 406
Total: 1503

Ryo from mission reward: 150 ryo for 750 words
Ryo from extra WC: 175 ryo for 700 words

Total ryo requested: 325

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