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Mission name: Patrol Duty (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Patrol your village.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300
Mission description: You've been pulled for Patrol duty. Your job is simple, you are to patrol the area you've been assigned looking for any sort of danger or anything that looks out of the ordinary.
Mission details: Your village is a little short handed and so you've been pulled for patrol duty. Your shift is from eleven at night to seven in the morning. You're to patrol the area you've been assigned, which is to your choosing, and ensure that everything is okay. About halfway through your shift you'll come across an Academy student breaking curfew and have to send him on his way, but other than that you won't run into any trouble except for maybe a 'ninja' attack from a local street cat.

Hana peeked around a corner as the moon started to rise above the horizon. She was in the middle of a bustling marketplace in Konoha and she was up to no good. She’d been contemplating committing some crimes to boost her income but she really hadn’t quite committed to the idea. Still, it couldn’t hurt to scope things out. She focused her eyes, and tried to look into nearby stalls and shops to see how well guarded the money boxes were. She cursed her inability to look more than a short distance and wished she had the ability to use her damn eyes properly. Still, she couldn’t complain that much, seeing as though she was half hoping she’d fail.

It wasn’t thirty seconds before Hana’s eyes slowly transitioned from theif mode to casual mode and she then stopped looking like she wanted to commit a crime altogether. “Ugh, this is hopeless,” Hana said with a sigh. She shook her head and sweat dripped from her short white hair. She wasn’t even dressed for the occasion, wearing a tight fitting red dress that accentuated both her chest and butt, her most powerful weapons as a shinobi. Her headband was backwards on her forehead and the only other thing she had on her was a thin wallet that was tucked somewhere within her dress, pressing tightly against her skin.

“Well, I guess thievery is out of the question,” she muttered as she turned her eyes to see what else there was to do here. She was “technically” on a patrol around the area so the least she could do was look out for trouble if she wasn’t going to be causing any. So she stood there, with her arms folded under her breasts and turned her head side to side. Perhaps there would be someone who would draw her attention…

WC: 308

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