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Mission name: Patrol Duty (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Patrol your village.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300
Mission description: You've been pulled for Patrol duty. Your job is simple, you are to patrol the area you've been assigned looking for any sort of danger or anything that looks out of the ordinary.
Mission details: Your village is a little short handed and so you've been pulled for patrol duty. Your shift is from eleven at night to seven in the morning. You're to patrol the area you've been assigned, which is to your choosing, and ensure that everything is okay. About halfway through your shift you'll come across an Academy student breaking curfew and have to send him on his way, but other than that you won't run into any trouble except for maybe a 'ninja' attack from a local street cat.

From here:

Hana, a trouble making hoodlum at the worst of times, had taken it upon herself to go on a C rank patrol mission at night. She’d taken the mission under the agreement that she’d be paired up with someone that was of equivalent rank… meaning she would be paired up with another ronin or a genin if her memory served her correctly. They were supposed to meet outside a shop that Hana was very keen on checking out. She’d leave a note on the door telling whoever her partner was that she would be inside for the time being. She ventured inside and started looking around. It was a large store for such a small part of town which made sense because of the lower property cost.

Hina observed the wares cautiously and looked around for movement. She wanted to take a little something for herself, not because she wanted to steal in particular, but because she wanted to see what the limits were in this village. Was this the kind of place where she would get a hand cut off for this kind of thing? She doubted it… she guessed she would be put in jail for some time at the very least. She lacked a weapon which was probably the stupidest decision she could have made today. She twisted her head left and right until he came face to face with a group of employees that had picked up on her shadiness. “Hi there,” one said in a low voice, “you need some help over here? You weren’t thinking of stealing one of these were you?” The ring leader stepped forward and the others stepped back. He would be the one to make the call as to what was about to go down. “No,” Hina said instinctively, “I was just checking it out. I don’t think I can take all of you on if it came down to it anyways.” “Good, smart bird you are, now run along and let us get to work.” Hina sulked away.

She was getting pretty damn impatient. Why did it take so long for a mission partner to come along? It was almost starting time and she for one wanted to hurry up and get things started so that she could take a nice long nap. Work ethic aside, she really was just doing this mission for the sake of doing a mission. It’d been forever since she’d taken on an actual mission and that had been all the way back in iwagakure before she’d quit being a shinobi with an allegiance. To pass the time Hina cycled through some handseals and thought about the best way to speed them up. It was monotonous and she didn’t put any chakra into them, but she practiced all the same. She needed to do something while she waited, especially if these stingy shopkeepers were going to be stopping her from stealing something. “Oh great, now I just want to set this place on fire,” she muttered as her pyromaniac urges started to creep into her mind. Her partner needed to show up soon or she was going to freak!

WC: 525

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