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To Ushinatta, the planes of space and time are a familiar course. Every one of us has been scattered to different times and places across existence, little bits and pieces of our home shattered across the void. All that we had, and that we were, gone in an instant. To say that it was disparaging was to grossly understate it. Kisei Ushinatta was devastated, both with the loss of his world and.. friend.. Ai. Even when they were found by the Sunagakure forces, he was despondent. Though over time, he realize that not everything was bad. There were good people to meet here, decent food, bad jokes, a few good laughs. Eventually, finding himself again and becoming a confident ninja.

But everything changed with the night of glassed sands. When the Sunagakure was set on fire, and all too familiar terror set into his heart. Even as he rescued civilians the overwhelming fear wouldn't leave his mind. 'Not again, please not again' he pleaded over and over. Fortunate for the young Ushinatta that this was just a terroristic attack and not space time breaking down.

Now, true to the given to his 'clan', he was finally lost. His brother was dead, he was now invading different lands. It had reminded him way too much of his old home. Before you know it, war will break out, and.. well, he's seen what people with chakra tech could do to each other. Now, imagine a war with people who were chakra tech. These, shinobi, who've trained in combat for nearly all their lives and could cast jutsu directly from the chakra in their bodies? No thank you.

It was just so lucky of him that he had the spacial distortion detector that Alpha had made before he had died. It was about three days after the forced annexation of the Land of Frost that it happened. He was lumbering down to the basement after a long day of processing the video data collected by the Opera House, that B-Ordis called him down quickly to the analysis room. A secondary laboratory adjacent to the main lab which functioned as the storage room for his sensory equipment. So Kisei made his way urgently to the analysis office.

Sliding in front of the door, he rushed the password lock and dashed inside. What he encountered was something he'd thought he'd never see.

"T-T-They- it's... No way." He stammered.

The dozens of screens built into the walls and hanging from the ceiling, rebuilt from the spacial distortion detectors from Alpha's lab, were in constant calculation, re-evaluation, and charting. Using systems of logic, quantum space time, geography, rhetoric, higher order mathematics, and some forms of sarcasm and irony. As it turns out, the universe actually is a dick. But now, now they were still. Displaying a multitude of charts and graphs in repeating code.

"B-Ordis. Can you hear me?"

The mechanical door opened and closed a couple times behind me. Ah right, I couldn't install voice communication in this room with all the computer systems and screens. Mark that to adjust later.

"If these graphs are correct, and I have faith they do because you're a god a cyber security-" The cyber intelligence gave a few happy door slams at the compliment, "If these calculations are correct... Then we can go home." B-Ordis went silent at that. I wonder why.


No, no no!

How did it fail to work! I kicked the side of the failure that was the VR machine. "Kisei, the calculations weren't yet complete-" B-Ordis called, but I wasn't having any of it. "Shut up! Those computers were supposed work, how did they fail? Constant 24/7 calculations run through multiple fail safes, you yourself calibrated them! How have you the gall to suggest that they were incomplete?!" I stormed out of the VR cube and towards the spacial distortion calculation room, slammed in the code and yelled out to the Intelligence, "The screens themselves say everything! Look-" I went to point at the room full of computers, but then realized something; they were all back to measuring again. "Wait, no! What?!" Furiously I reached out to a tap screen on the wall and pulled up the graphs and geolocator. Scanning to see what was happening. "Ah, I see... You'll have to forgive me B-Ordis. I was too hasty to blame."

Outside of the room I could hear B-Ordis talking. "That's alright, we had to take a shot while it was open, but now we know that-"

"-That there is a regular interval of spacial distortions located in Konohagakure. Too bad that we barely missed the dead line on this one." I dragged a hand across my face, sullenly frustrated. All that build up about finally going home, and nothing. "You know Master Kisei, in light of this particular failure, I think it would do you good to do a mission today. To relieve -VIOLENTLY PURGE- your stress. I believe you actually had one scheduled for today." B-ordis glitched. I turned my head. Curious and actually genuinely concerned. B-ordis never broke up like that before, and while I wanted to immediately go in, pull out my power tools, they were right. I wasn't in a good state of mind to do such mechanical things right now. A mission didn't sound like such a bad idea anyway either. Though I was originally planning on doing it after the trip into another plane, seems that I was going to have to do it sooner, rather than later.

"Fine, but as soon as I get back I'm going to come right back down here and take a look at that glitch." I promised.


So it was with a slow, slouching walk and his signature umbrella and pinwheel that he headed out to meet up with whoever his partner was supposed to be for this mission. Though, not really caring, he didn't really make it a high point to speed up and would probably end up late. "Well, whatever, not like the world is ending." As he walked outside the door he was surprised to find them waiting right outside his shop.

"Howdy. How do you do, you ready to get started?" I asked monotonously.

(P.S: I'm entering from here feel free to poke me if that's any problem and I'll edit.)

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"Leave it to Konoha Shinobi to just take it easy" I heard whispered while I approached, but didn't say anything. Still a little pissed that years of research and preparation just went down the drain. As he approached he gave a simple greeting which was returned. Check.  This so called Hina, gave a curt introduction and asked what was going on with him. "I'm trying to break the space time bridge gate so I can get some peace in the wreck of my life. Thanks for asking." A beat later she jumped into a whole segment about human emotion and girl did she choose the wrong person to ask. I stopped being human when the Sunagakure burned down. She seemed rather eager to have her heart broken? Whatever I couldn't understand teenage girls no matter the generation, this was probably some kind of game or something. Cause seriously, who looked out to get their heart broken? (You, you dumb Kisei). Fair point.

"Look, I don't know about you, but I don't need to look for heart breaks and tragedy. It just comes for me. Seriously, if an Uchiha lived my life, I have no doubt they'd have all three tomoe and some to spare when they reach my age." I replied, half sarcastically. "But for real, if you're a real masochist for hurt. Let someone into your life, let them become the center of the universe. Then murder them. Can't have tragedy without joy can't you? If not it just ruins the whole point of tragedy. If everything is so hard all the time then what's the point of hurt?" The advice was more genuine this time. Even if it was a bad idea, why tell people what not to do if they already are going to do it anyway?

It was a decent speech and it yielded a decent one sided conversation, but it really was time to get to work. So I followed behind Hina as she lead him on to a gang that were roughing up, and stripping(?) some poor guy. Something started stirring in his gut, and it definitely wasn't his hormones. The attempt that Hana gave went downhill extremely fast and she ended up getting pinned against the wall. Oh great. A hostage. This night was really starting to piss me off.

So when they told me to move along, I was having a pretty easy time going along with it. With my usual monotone I shrugged a "sure." and walked away slowly. Reaching subtly into my pocket and opening the scroll there just enough to channel an unsealing jutsu through it. What appeared though, was invisible. At least to anyone there but me. Connecting my puppet strings to the skull, I then turned around and started, "Oh, by the way, I think you forgot something." I spoke sternly. Then, charging my puppet with the static sabre technique, shot out twenty different chains to ensnare all the gang members simultaneously. The chains binding them, while the electricity paralyzed them all completely. I roughly pulled the one assaulting Hana and drew him up into the air, before slamming him hard against the ground. I walked up to him, umbrella in one hand, puppet strings in the other and leaned down to him.

"You really should learn how to treat a person the right way." Then I aimed my umbrella down at his face, and pulled the trigger. As the umbrella charged with power I snapped the weapon towards the sky, where the energy orb whirled out of the umbrella with a hiss before dissolving into the air harmlessly. Snapping the umbrella back I walked up to the man, terrified of the sight before him. I gathered his clothes and wallet and handed it to him with a bow. "I believe this are yours?" I offered. When he took it I would walk away and towards Hana, "Someone will be here to pick those jerks up soon. You ready to go?" My voice a little bit more animated than before.

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Despite herself and the rage she displayed earlier, Hana seemed to be in a better mood once though those things were dealt with. A blink between the eyes and the disappearance of all the bodies said all that it needed too. They'd wake up, disoriented, and in a holding cell until I sent in a report later on about their crimes. But I was thrust out of my reverie when Hana mentioned chains and puppets, I was sure than they were invisible the entire time. Hm.. Perhaps this Hana wasn't all they said they were if they could see GASTER. Even momentarily. All in all I jot down a mental note and left it at that. Though it seems that Hana wasn't quite done with the topic and questioned me continuously after the fact. As I turned to answer them my single working eye caught sight of more hostiles charging from behind them. Checking to make sure that my puppet was invisible, and it was, I vaguely had it extend out it's chains. Getting ready to strike on command. Though I acted as if I didn't know anything, "I'm a scientist as well as the Secretary of Education, so, many things. Primarily quantum physics and fundamental reality, but eh. Sounds boring eh?" I shrugged. Unfortunately, it seems that the gang problem in Konoha was much worse than I had previously thought. Much to my bitter annoyance. I ought to bring this up to Takao at some point, maybe they would have some insight into the social demographics of this particular area.

In the meantime, I had a bunch of mooks to prevent from getting burnt alive. As Hana started forming handseals, I plopped the invisible puppet over her whole body. It was big enough not to notice or jostle her as she made the motions and channel her chakra. Then, when she leased the jutsu, it instead flickered into nothing as it flew barely two feet before disappearing. A disappointing attack from Hana, but a perfect one for me.

For the first time in a while, I activated the chakra cannon from the maw of the skull, a blue light filled the night life and then a blue beam fired into the night sky. Seemingly from Hana. I looked around to both groups, and to my pleasure they were noticeably stunned. Perfect.

Then I sent the puppet into action. Still electrifying the chains and the puppet itself I quickly thrust the puppet towards the group in front of us with a flick of the wrist. The chains from the mouth and horns would dangle outside of their usual slots and loosely make contact with most of the gang members multiple times. Paralyzing them I place. With this I qui not fired a shot from my umbrella into the air, a sign for my department coworkers to begin to gather and pick up these people for assault. However, not all would go so smoothly. In my focusing the front group, some of the braver ones in the back group were throwing objects towards us. I didn't really notice, until a glass bottle shattered against the back of my head. An incinerating pain blossomed from my head and I collapsed on the ground, loosely covering the injury.

"Alright, it seems that mercy is overrated." I snarled. Flipping the grip of the umbrella in my hand I pushed myself up with the metallic weapon. Turning to Hana I gave her a thumbs up. "You take care of those ones. I'll go help up with the clean up blokes in front of us frozen in place." I said blankly, as I moved towards the paralyzed victims. Hana was taking this job too, so giving her a little bit of spotlight is only sensible after all.

Besides, my head felt like it was splitting.

So it was with a splitting headache that I used my puppet's chains to gather and then throw my immobile victims into the shady alleyways. Where they would be within the good hands of Root to be transported to proper care. When that particular job was finished I turned toward Hana to see how they were doing. Hopefully not getting groped against another wall. I was quickly plummetting towards my limit for saving people tonight and I wasn't sure I'd have the patience to deal with saving that one again.

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