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Note: The first post is for the Soaring aim jutsu and the second is for the Compound jutsu

’Lightning, Earth, how can I make a powerful jutsu that uses both?’ thought Shibirin, as he made his way towards the Fissure training grounds. The training grounds seemed like the perfect place to practise new jutsus at. Shibirin got new ideas for jutsus by going to empty places, doing things alone and experiencing all different types of weather. He didn’t sit down at a table and think, to come up with great ideas for jutsus. He didn’t watch other people’s jutsus, to work out his own. He didn’t friends to ask or books to read to get ideas of jutsus, he just went to strange places and ideas came naturally for him. Today, he felt like going to the fissure training grounds. He had his three katana: Genko, Sai and Nora with him, all sheathed by his left hip in their designated sheaths. He had woken up early to meditate for 30 minutes, before deciding to head on to the training grounds.

Along the way, he thought about how he was going to combine his two elements into one jutsu. He had read history books on legendary shinobis who had combined their two elements to form a third, mixed element. Like mixing doton release and katon release to form lava release, or futon release and ration release to form storm release. At his current level, Shibirin couldn’t come about doing the same thing with his two elements. The only combination he could form with the two elements he has is magnet release, but that was thought to be an impossible compound to form or use. Still, Shibirin wanted a jutsu that not necessarily uses his doton and raiton as one new element, but uses the two separately at the same time. It seemed as if this was his most challenging project yet, but he was determined to make his vision a reality, he just needed some time to think. Very soon he would reach the fissure training grounds, so he decided to pick up the pace a bit.

When he arrived at the training grounds, the place seemed empty: that meant that no one was training today. Shibirin made his way into the training grounds and picked the flattest part of the grounds to train on. He was just about to take his swords off of his hip and set them on the ground, when he decided to do a bit of Kenjutsu training. He had been so concentrated on his ninjutsu training, that he forgot that his primary specialty was kenjutsu. He made a choice to practice one kenjutsu move he had been thinking about, before learning another jutsu. Drawing his Genko katana, he began practising for the kenjutsu move he had been itching to learn.

The kenjutsu move he wanted to try out, was called,’ Blinded Slice: Soaring Aim’. He had imagined the kenjutsu move to be a way for him to use his sword in combat as a large, throwing knife. He now sheathed his white katana, Sai, in its sheath and now only had the use of his blue, Genko blade. He stabbed it into the ground in front of him for a second, for he needed a few training dummies to work with. He performed the required hand signs, before chanting out, ”Earth style: Earth changing Terrain” and with that said, two large pillars (5 meters tall and 2 meters wide) emerged in front of Shibirin, about 10 feet away. He then took hold of his Genko blade and pulled it out of the ground. He took 3 steps back, pointed it towards the first pillar before tilting it behind him. He waited for a few seconds, before swinging the sword forwards again, towards the first pillar at fast speeds and letting it go when he couldn’t swing it any further. The sword flew right out of Shibirin’s hands and began spinning like a giant shuriken in mid air, hurtling towards the fist pillar. All seemed to be going well, but then the katana reached a point in mid air, where the sun’s rays reflected off of the blade and reflected onto Shibirin’s eyes. He saw nothing but a bright light for about 3 seconds, but when it had cleared; his sword had pierced its way right into the second pillar instead of the first. Shibirin made his way towards the pillar, confused as to why the sword attacked the second pillar instead of the first pillar.

When he reached the pillar, the sword hadn’t made a straight cut through the pillar, but a diagonal cut. Shibirin must’ve let the katana go with his hand tilted on an angle. That would most likely explain why the sun’s rays were able to reflect off of the sword and onto Shibirin’s eyes, but it didn’t explain why it hit the second pillar diagonally instead of the first. Shibirin pulled the sword out of the pillar and went back to his spot to try this same move again. Firstly, he aimed his Genko katana at the first of the two, stone pillars, but decided to aim slightly to the left from it because If he had aimed straight at it like last time, it would head towards the right a bit and hit the second pillar instead of the fist, so this time he was going to aim slightly to the left of the first pillar, so the blade would head towards the right and hit the first pillar as planned. If this hypothesis of his was true, Shibirin would have created yet, another blinded slice technique. He swung the sword back over his shoulders, and then he jerked it forwards, slightly to the left of the first pillar. It soared through the air and like before, the sun reflected off of the blade and blinded him for about 3 seconds, but then later when he got his vision back, he saw that the katana had cut into the first pillar as planned. It was an unexpected success, but then again, that’s how Shibirin came up with his greatest techniques yet.

Shibirin now wanted to practise this kenjutsu move once more, this time he was going to work on drawing his katana, aiming it and throwing it faster than before. He needed to do it fast enough to give his opponent less time to dodge it, so he walked over to his Genko blade and pulled it out of the stone pillar, before heading back to his original spot to try the move again. Now sheathing the Genko blade, he took note of its position on his left hip so he’d be able to easily draw it without looking. He counted three, slow seconds in his head, before making a quick grab at his Genko blade and pulling it out of its sheath. He didn’t stop there: after pulling it out of its sheath, he swung it behind his shoulders, then jerked it back over and aimed it sightly to the left of the first pillar. Again, the sun shone on the blade’s metal and the rays reflected back into Shibirin’s eyes. He couldn’t see anything but a bright light for 3 seconds, then when his vision cleared, he saw the katana stabbed into the first pillar, just as he had hoped. He then took hold of his Sai and Nora blades, one in each hand and drew them out from their sheaths: now to try this kenjutsu move with two swords at the same time. He wanted to throw one towards the first pillar and the other at the second pillar. If his calculations earlier were correct, he’d need to throw the katana in his left hand a bit to the right of the first pillar, then he’d throw the other katana in his right hand aimed towards the first pillar and it’ll instead, hit the second pillar. Now bringing both of the katana behind his shoulders, he waited for a few seconds before jerking them both at the same time towards the direction he had planned in his mind. He was again blinded by a bright light for 3 seconds, though this light was much brighter than the one before. When his vision returned, he saw his Sai katana (the one he had in his left hand) stabbed into the first pillar and his Nora katana (the one he had in his right hand) stabbed into the second pillar. It was a success, now he was able to do this same kenjutsu move with one sword or two swords. He now decided to name this new technique of his, ‘Blinded slice: Soaring aim’ and he’d make an effort at using it in battle when he got the chance. He walked up to the two pillars, pulled out his Sai and Nora blades and sheathed them in their sheaths. He then looked over to the position his Genko blade had been thrown at, but it had fallen off. He didn’t bother to go and pick it up, for there were more important things to do.

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”Now, to practise that jutsu of mine. I want use both my earth element and my lightning element, so where to start?” he said to himself, as he submerged the pillars he had earlier summoned from the ground. He thought about how he could use his two elements together in one jutsu or technique. ”Hmm, I need an earth based jutsu that will trap my opponent(s) quick enough for me to electrocute them almost instantly” he spoke to himself. Normally, he’d use his earth changing terrain jutsu to trap his victims in a large, earth dome, but eve that gave the victim too much of a time to escape and it could easily be broken. Frankly, Shibirin wanted a jutsu he could use instead of the Earth changing terrain. If he were to use gthe earth changing terrain jutsu, then use the electric impulse jutsu, the attack would take longer than expected and would give his victims far more time to escape than wanted. If he made a jutsu that uses both the same principles as the earth changing terrain jutsu combined with the electric impulse jutsu, he would be able to perform the same jutsu, but this way his victims will have far less time to avoid the attack or counter. ’Hmm, why not trap the victim in something quicker to form than a large dome, maybe something underground, that way I need only change the state of the earth instead of terra forming it. Now, the only other state earth can be in, is mud. Yes, mud is a perfect trap: I’d be able to change the earth quickly into mud, giving the victim the very least amount of time to escape and it’s more surprising than forming an earth dome over them’ thought Shibirin. ’Ok, if I’m going to use the changing the earth into mud idea as the trap, I need to practise quickly changing the earth into mud, then back to stone so that I can do it almost instantly’. Shibirin’s mind was set: he was going to focus his doton chakra around the ground in front of him, to change it into mud. Mud was an unusual way to trap an opponent, but this only gives more of a surprise attack that the victim won’t foresee. He started by taking a few deep breaths, then he closed his eyes before opening them again. He performed the required hand signs for the Earth style: changing terrain jutsu, then chanted out the words, ”Earth Style: Changing Terrain” and after three seconds, a small patch of land (5m by 5m big) turned from earth to mud. Shibirin wasn’t satisfied: he needed to do the same thing, but faster. He needed to do it in the blink of an eye.

He performed the same hand signs, said the same words and again, the 5m by 5m land changed from mud, to earth and then back to mud, all in 4 seconds. This meant that, it took him 2 seconds this time, to change from one state to another. He had improved the speed of the jutsu by one second, bow to speed it up once more. He repeated the same pattern: threaded the hand signs, chanted the jutsu’s name and then changed the state of the 5m by 5m piece of land from its mud state, to its earth state and then back to its mud state. He counted how many seconds the jutsu took: 4 seconds, he needed to do this in 2 seconds. He did the same thing over and over, but he was still only able to do the jutsu in 4 seconds. He changed the mud back to earth: it took him 2 seconds to do that. Instead of improving the speed, he decided to improve its range and the area affected. 5m was too close; he needed to be able to cast the jutsu from 10 meters away from the victim and at the same time cover an area of 25m squared around the victim’s location. He took his katana Genko and marked his current position with a small circle. He then walked 10 meters away from this spot and marked where he stopped with an X. He then drew a 5m by 5m box around the X and went back to the spot he marked with a circle. He re-sheathed his Genko katana and concentrated his chakra on the spot marked X. It took him a while to focus his chakra on a spot 10 meters away from him, but eventually he got it. He then performed the required hand signs for the changing terrain jutsu and the area marked X turned from earth to mud. Shibirin then repeated this same sequence, until he could do it in 2 seconds. Now, he was able to change the state of an area of 25m squared from a distance of 10 meters, from earth to mud in 2 seconds. If Shibirin repeated this, but also changed the area back to its earth state after changing it into mud, he would’ve done the jutsu in 4 seconds in total. Now, the quickest ninjas in the world have reflexes no faster than a second, so virtually, his jutsu would only give the average person 2 seconds to notice the jutsu then avoid it in time before sinking into the mud. If the victim fails to notice and avoid the jutsu within those 2 seconds, he or she would then be left with only one second to get out of the mud before the user changes the state back into mud, quickly trapping the victim until the user changes the state back. Now onto phase 2 of the technique: after the victim is trapped in the earth.

’Hmm, now all I need to do is electrocute the trapped victim with enough electricity to paralyse for 2 posts or more and I would’ve won the battle, but that means i have to continue feeding the ground with raiton chakra so i can only use this jutsu when fighting a person one on one, or have someone to cover my back whilst i do the jutsu’ thought Shibirin, as he performed another set of hand signs before slamming both his palms on the ground. A shockwave of electricity spread out from his hands and made its way towards the X marked spot. He continued to feed the ground with electricity for about 30 seconds (2 posts) before stopping. His jutsu was practically done, now all he had to do was figure out the right hand signs required for the first and last part of the jutsu. For the first part, he needs 3, quick and easy hand signs, so he’ll use the boar, rat and sheep hand signs, then for the last part of the technique, he’ll use the dragon and serpent hand signs. ”I think I’ll call this jutsu, Ninja arts: Electronic compound” he spoke to himself. Shibirin dropped to the ground and sat on one of the graves by accident. He had trained for a long time and now he was exhausted. Today, he had learnt 3 new jutsus, well 2 kenjutsu and one ninjutsu. Sitting down on the ground had never felt so good. Shibirin was breathing heavily and was starting to get thirsty. ”Well...that was, a lot of time for a training session, but it was...worth it” Shibirin told himself, still breathing heavily. He looked around the graveyard: he had changed the terrain a little bit, but at least he hadn’t disturbed anyone’s grave. He decided that it’d take up what’s left of his chakra to fix it, so he’d have to come back another day, or later on today, but another day seemed better than coming back later on today.

Now getting up from his spot, Shibirin dusted his bottom off and made sure all of his 3 katana were safely sheathed in their sheaths. He felt one handle after another and counted in his head 2, one was out of its sheath. He looked around the cemetery and found that it was his Genko blade that was missing. He looked around the training grounds and about 10 seconds later he found the blade on the ground behind him. He walked up to it and picked it up, before resheathing it in its sheath on his left hip. He stared up at the clouds and said, ”Dad, I wish you were here with me. I am sorry for leaving your home, but I will make it up to you in the future”. He then made his way towards the training grounds’ entrance. He left the training grounds that day, knowing he had gotten stronger. Still, he wasn’t near the level he wanted to be at, he was just going to have to train harder, longer and faster than today. Just the thought of such a day made walking back to the village such a drag, but at least he knew when he got there he’d take a long nap. The next day he’d wake up early to walk around the village, greeting all of its Shinobis.

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